Made in Germany, and after gaining massive popularity in the UK, Irish, and US ecommerce market, Shopware is considerably rising with every upcoming version. It is giving an edge-to-edge competition to every other ecommerce development platform. The Shopware platform has become completely open-source since 2016, and its active installations have been increased rapidly. This article will go through a complete guide based on developing a stunning Shopware ecommerce store that converts.Developing An eCommerce Store With Shopware

Topics we will cover:

  • Shopware Introduction
  • Hiring a Shopware Development Agency
  • Choosing a theme with mobile responsive
  • Configure Catalog with Filtrable attributes
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Setup of Payment and Shipping Method
  • Checking Website Performance for mobile and desktop
  • Security setup at the server

We will discuss each of these in more detail.

1. An Introduction To Shopware

ShopwareShopware is a German ecommerce development platform, open-source in nature, and highly focused on improving customer experience. The company was established in 2000, and they have more than nearly 80,000 happy & satiated clients. The company has been consistent in upgrading its platforms, and now its latest version is Shopware 6. It comes with new capabilities and fulfilling new goals. It has a flexible API approach by which it can handle multiple ecommerce advances. The businesses love Shopware 6 as they can customize the storefront as per their industry standards.

It is a community-driven platform in which the plugins will be automatically updated, and new ones will come up as per the latest demands in the market. The API-focused platform lets you choose a sales channel or a custom-favored device. It can easily integrate with any ERP and CRM. It also facilitates decoupling of frontend and backend i.e., headless ecommerce.

2. Hiring A Shopware Development Agency/Shopware 6 Developers

You must hire a reputed Shopware development agency with experienced Shopware 6 developers, as this will impact the quality of development and the time taken for development. While considering the team, check out their previous experience in your industry niche, feedbacks from the previous clients, cost, timing, etc. An ideal Shopware development agency like Emizentech provide these services in Shopware:

  • Developing Custom Shopware Store
  • Shopware Theme Customization
  • Shopware Store Plugins
  • Shopware Maintenance and Support Services
  • UI & UX Design Services
  • Shopware Payment and Shipping Integration

The agency shouldn’t be strict in any particular payment policy and have the flexibility to pay services. At Emizentech, we can work at:

a. Hourly Cost

The billing will be done based on the number of hours spent on the project. It is ideal for short-term projects with small teams.

b. Fixed Cost

This method will analyze the project requirements and give you a fixed cost for the complete project. It is suitable for standard requirements and larger projects.

c. Dedicated

The billing will be done periodically (one month, three months, etc.), and you will get a team of developers only working for you.

3. Choosing A Theme With Mobile Responsiveness

shopware responsive themesWhen it comes to developing a Shopware ecommerce store, the look and feel of the store depends upon its theme. A beautiful theme will attract users to purchase on the ecommerce store. As per research, the first ten seconds of a website visit are critical for users’ decision to stay or leave. Here are some essential things that you must consider while choosing a theme for your Shopware store:

  • The chosen theme should create an excellent experience for your customers so that they will come again and again
  • Highly intuitive interface for all pages, especially checkout, homepage, and product details pages
  • Since a significant portion of the users accesses your website through mobile devices, the theme should be highly responsive.
  • The speed of the theme should be fast enough that even Google will fall in love with your Shopware store
  • A great theme works for SEO and improves the search engine positions
  • Social sharing should be trouble-free within the theme
  • Ability to customize the theme as per your brand and industry niche

At Emizentech, we do next-level Shopware theme development while considering your industry niche and best practices.

4. Configure Catalog With Filterable Attributes

shopware catalogConfiguring a catalog with filterable attributes allows the customers to search products by category or by attribute. Generally, it appears on the left column of search product results or category pages and the homepage.

The catalog configuration with filterable attributes gives your customers a fast and efficient way to find their desired products instead of wandering through the store.

5. Google Analytics Setup

google analytics tracking shopwareAfter creating a Shopware store, you will want to know how visitors interact with your store and how you can serve them better. This is possible using Google Analytics. It gives you detailed information regarding your online store’s traffic and sales. Regardless of which industry you are serving, Google Analytics will monitor and grow online conversions. Here are the different ways by which you can use Google Analytics for your ecommerce store:

Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Using Google Analytics, you can track any of your store’s online marketing campaigns. Find out on which landing pages maximum visitors are landing. Such details will let you know which are the most effective funnels and need A/B testing.

Track Sales & Revenue

Every business owner must track sales and revenue accurately. Google Analytics can help you accurately calculate sales. There is a “Conversion” tab where you can view your “Goals,” “Sales Performance,” and Transaction reports.

Track The Website Traffic

Google Analytics is an undisputed champion in measuring website traffic. You can get highly detailed information on how many users visited your site, which pages they landed on, demographic details, browser details, device details, etc.

Understand Your Target Audience

Google Analytics, if properly used, can help in knowing who your target audience is. E.g., you can find out whether the majority of the users are male or female or from which devices they are coming. Thus, you can serve that audience in a better way.

Know Customer Shopping Behavior

You can also learn more about your customers through their shopping behavior. Find out what products they mainly check, click on, and add to the cart while tracking checkouts and transactions.

6. SEO Friendly Website

If your Shopware store is SEO friendly, popular search engines such as Google or Bing can crawl each web page on the website efficiently, interpret the content effectively, and index it in their database. In Shopware, there are unique SEO settings for landing pages, likes its SEO description, and a freely selectable SEO URL by the landing page name. Thus, you can place your shopping worlds and landing pages optimized for search engines.

7. Setup Of Payment & Shipping Method

There are specific settings in the Shopware by which you can add, edit, activate, or deactivate payment and shipping methods on your Shopware store.

Shipping Method

Shopware gives you the flexibility to depict both standard delivery costs as well as complex delivery cost calculations. With specific conditions and accounting, it is possible to realize almost any constellation of delivery costs calculation. There are many different delivery types in Shopware. The major ones are:

Standard Delivery Type

In Standard delivery, you can define the key delivery types and also the surcharge delivery type.

Alternate Delivery Type

This delivery type generally functions as an alternate delivery type whenever the standard delivery type is not available for the shopping basket constellation.

Surcharge Delivery Type

In this method, you can save different surcharges, such as pallet delivery or bulky goods surcharges.

Discount Delivery Type

In this method, you can offer to save different discounts, which then apply on the same basis as a surcharge delivery type.

Payments Method

There is a column of Available Payment methods in which you will see all active and inactive payment methods. The number in brackets after the selected payment type is the internal system ID of the payment type. The different kinds of payment methods in Shopware are:

Fallback Payment Method

If there is no payment method for an order, then Shopware uses the Fallback payment method. You have to set up the ID, which is filled with “debit payment”. You can easily find the ID in the settings of the payment types. You can see the ID in brackets after the name of the payment type.

Standard Payment Method

Please fill in the ID of the payment type you want to offer your customers in default. It’s not related to the fallback payment type.

8. Checking Website Performance For Desktop &  Mobile

We all know the worth of speed and performance in ecommerce. A 3-second delay in the speed can lead to the loss of more than 50% of your potential customers. Speed is one of the most critical factors of any web application, especially an ecommerce store. The users will go to your competitors. As per research, nearly half of the online shoppers say that they are less likely to buy something if a site loads slower than expected. Here are some other vital stats:

  • 79% of customers “dissatisfied” with web performance are less likely to buy again
  • 64% of smartphone users expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less
  • 47% of online shoppers expect web pages to load in two seconds or less

Shopware comes with the best level of performance and speed, which you can further optimize.

9. Security Setup At Server

shopware security pluginShopware is a robust ecommerce platform with utmost security. With every new release, there are updates and fixes of security loopholes. Suppose you are not able to update your system to the latest version as recommended. In that case, you can use the Shopware Security Plugin to ensure that you have the latest security updates. The plugin closes current security gaps in your system if it is activated in the backend. Please make sure to update this plugin to the latest version continually.

Wrapping Up

This article has gone through the complete guide of Shopware theme development, Shopware web store development, security, performance, and much more. At Emizentech, the best Shopware development agency, has highly experienced Shopware 6 developers that can develop a custom Shopware store as per your requirements. To hire Shopware developers, contact us now!

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