Shopware has come with its regular monthly release. We will also be keeping you updated with every release of the Shopware on our website. It is greatly beneficial for the retailers, partners, as well as developers who can use these features directly and make improvements in the existing as well as in their current Shopware project. In this article, we will give you information about the general updates, and then the news highly important for the Shopware developers.

General Updates

The feedback of the whole Shopware community is highly important. If you are facing any issue in Shopware or something is not working as per your expectation then you can raise a ticket on Shopware’s Issue Tracker or you can vote for an existing ticket. Tickets with a high number of votes are given priority. Hence, they have released many of these tickets with this release:

1. Better Admin Search

The search functionality in the admin panel is a core control for online retailers. Now it is possible to search for media, orders, or customers in the admin panel as like never before. It is because the search is taking more fields into the consideration than it used to. It includes fields such as part of an address, tags, order values, names, etc.

2. Smooth display of pictures without interruption

If you are using Shopware CMS you can use the picture galleries or picture sliders on your shop pages. Earlier, the users have to load these pages in the storefront due to which some complications of image size used to occur. This lead to temporary leaps in the display of pictures. But now it is no longer. Thanks to an initially determined height for picture galleries and sliders, pictures are now displayed to your shop visitors without interruptions.

3. Lasting Product Reviews

There are many benefits to product reviews. It can give you more customers, higher revenue, and better Google rankings. When a single product on your site gets a first positive review, it can strongly influence other customers. As positive feedback is like a seal of approval and inspires trust.

In this new release, the product reviews would be visible even when the author’s customer account gets deleted. In this manner, important or valuable reviews will not get lost.

4. Customer Data for Receipts & Documents

The invoicing issuing process of the Shopware is highly regulated. In countries like Germany or Austria, these regulations are mentioned in the UStG (Turnover Tax Act). In Switzerland, the MWSTG (Value Added Tax Act) explains the requirements for each invoice. Hence, every country has its own set of rules regarding the invoices holding information.

But it is not only about this information. It should be accurate and applicable to the relevant business transaction. To ensure surety in the customer receipts or documents in your Shopware shop, the information will be gathered from the relevant orders, not the customer account. It is because the documents contain relevant information related to the order. They will be valid even if the information is frequently changed in the customer account.

5. Importing Product Properties without ID

Now you can import products with their properties with an import/export module using a CSV file. The process will be easier for you with the new release. It is due to the increase in fault tolerance and now missing IDs are longer a problem.

6. Simplified Breadcrumb Navigation

This is a link path that offers guidance to online shop users. It can also display elements without content and will serve only for providing structure or grouping elements. Many retailers don’t want those elements to be displayed in the breadcrumb navigation.

7. All Cookies Within a Click

Using cookies, e-commerce retailers can gain valuable data from the customers and use it for meaningful purposes. For e.g. the surfing pattern of the users can be used for providing better user experience. The cookies are also responsible for ensuring the basic features in a site works smoothly.

As per the verdict of the European Court of Justice passed in October 2019, website operators have to ask their users if and to what extent they are agreed to have cookies processed. There is a compliant consent solution by default in the Shopware. When a user will visit your online store for the first time, there will be a window where they can give their permissions for different types of cookies. You can also make changes in the setting to let the visitors accept all cookies by just a single click. This will increase usability as well. You can make this simple setting by accessing the administration under Settings > Basic information.

8. Email will be sent to order updates only when requested

There are some scenarios in which the store owner updates the status of the order, but don’t want the customer to receive a mail about it. Now it is completely possible. The store owner can decide whether the customer gets notified in these types of cases or not.

9. SEO: 301 Redirects or Canonical tags?

Let’s first know about 301 redirects and canonical tags.

301 Redirect

These redirects need to apply when then requested URLs are not present or moved elsewhere. In short, using the status code 301, the webserver communicates to the client that the requested URL is not valid and it can be found with a new URL. Such redirects are SEO-friendly as the already existing rankings can be transferred to the new URL. In this release, you have a choice whether you want to use a 301 redirect or a canonical tag automatically for updated URLs.

Canonical Tag

Also known as the Canonical link, a canonical tag is a source code that makes sure only the original source is indexed. It can prevent a search engine from recording duplicate content.

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Developer News

There are two important news particularly for the developers:

10. Better Custom Fields Assignment

The custom fields have been transferred to the storefront for ensuring plugin producers can work.

11.  Sales Channel API Deprecation

The sales channel API will get replaced by the store API in the next release. Shopware developers who were rebuilding their apps on the store API can now make sure that it will be compatible as quickly as possible.

Wrapping Up

We would be updating you with the every month Shopware version release. If you have any requirements related to Shopware upgrade or want to develop an ecommerce store from scratch then we are here for you. Let us know your requirements.

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