Shopware 6.4.5 was released on 4th October 2021, and it has come with many powerful features opening new opportunities which will let you run your store more comfortably. Some of the best new features are Bulk Edit, Added conditions for the Rule Builder, and optimized Sales Channel handling. In this article, we will go through all these important features.

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General Updates

a. The Bulk Edit Feature

Now, you can edit various data sets within a few clicks

This feature was quite in demand within the Shopware community, and Shopware has included it in this release. The Bulk Edit is a handy feature for the operators of online stores who often process a lot of data manually in the admin. This feature will save a lot of time. Now you can edit numerous data sets within a few clicks instead of calling and editing them individually every time. It is available for two sections in this iteration: Firstly for products, and secondly for orders. It will let you adjust multiple fields for different products or orders simultaneously. The Bulk Edit allows you to select up to 1,000 products at once and change, for instance, the stock level, descriptions, or properties with just a few clicks.

The Shopware community is planning to expand this feature even further. Maybe the users will be able to edit customer data and order documents using this feature in the future.

b. New conditions have been added in the Rule Builder

The Rule Builder is an essential feature of Shopware 6. It lets you create rules especially curated for your needs by using defined conditions. There are limitless possibilities from simple price promotions to complex scenarios – and even more with this release.

Earlier, you could create rules in the admin panel of Shopware by navigating to Settings > Rule Builder, which is linked to single or multiple conditions. Along with these existing conditions, the Shopware team has added three new conditions in this release:

Customer E-mail Address: You can mention whether an e-mail should include a certain term in this condition. For instance, if you want to give discounts to customers of a particular company.

Line item available stock: You can link a new rule, for instance, to whether the stock of product is higher, equal, or less than the value of X.

Volume of cart: If you have mentioned the products’ measurements, Shopware can calculate the shipping basket volume. You can use this condition in the shipping rules to determine the shipping costs.

c. Optimized Sales Channels handling

If you use multiple sales channel and find arduous to move among these channels, then this hassle will be removed in this release. In this release, the new admin of Sales Channels, you can quickly overview and manage all your Sales Channels. You just have to click on the 3-dots menu in the admin sidebar and select Manage Sales Channels. Here you can get an overview of all the Sales Channels. You can also check the number of assigned products along with their status. You can also add new Sales Channels, edit the existing ones, and search for Sales Channels. Thus, a better way of managing Sales Channels.

d. Better clarity for admin users with different time zones

In the latest, Shopware release, it is possible to set user-specific timezones. It is highly beneficial when there are multiple users who administer the store from different time zones. You just need to click on the administration on the bottom left of Your Profile to change the timezone. Here you will find the Timezone field, select the country. The change will automatically get reflected in the times being displayed.

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Developer News

a. Localized feedback for apps

The app developer will now get localized feedback in the default or the user language for things like webhooks that have no admin interaction.

b. Isolation of error handling in admin

Now there are certain error boundaries for the isolation of error at certain levels. The error messages will be logged to the console before they can have an impact on any functionality or software. Thus, you can catch and fix them at the module level.

c. Isolated extensions in admin

Shopware extensions will now be completely isolated from each other and from the admin core as well. Thus, extensions can’t break the core build or they will neither affect any other extension.

In addition to this, each extension can even use its own Webpack configuration and install its own dependencies. Using Webpack externals, you can import the dependencies from the core.

Edition & Service News

This news is about those extensions or functions which are not part of the Shopware core.

Dynamic Access: A new feature of the Shopware Professional Edition

Shopware Professional Edition users should be happy as they will get a new user. The new feature isn’t included in this release, but it is in the pipeline and is highly valuable for B2B and B2C businesses.

Dynamic access will allow the ecommerce store owners to display categories, landing pages, and products as per specified rules. For example, these can only be used for specific customer groups or based on other customer properties.

Wrapping Up

Shopware is an excellent platform for developing an ecommerce store. It regularly comes up with new features to easily manage your online business and better serve the customers. At Emizentech, the best Shopware development company, we have expertise in developing Shopware ecommerce stores from scratch. Let us know your requirements.

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