Shopware is ready again this August with its new roll-out. Shopware is out now! This new release will include various upgrades like dynamic linking for images, the bulk edit feature extension, and much more. 

Developers can now append an extra field to the customer profile in the storefront to find additional data from the customer. 

A Brief Review – New Updates & Improvements

General Updates

In its last update, Shopware implemented its bulk edits with Shopware It allows you to edit varied data sets simultaneously with only a few clicks. 

This time, this launch has expanded the edit again:

  • You can craft various documents at just one time.
  • Download multiple documents with one click. 
  • Send many status emails with just a few clicks. 
  • Also, from the Flow Builder, you can enable or disable actions to avoid actions from duplicate executions. 

Payment Method Modules

  • After deepening the payment method module in both variants, Shopware has merged both worlds. 
  • So now, you will get a unified payment method module that would be easier and more intuitive. 

Better SEO & Shopping Experience

  • You can assign products to multiple categories setting one category as the main one that you can see on the product detail page. 
  • This way, the main category will display the breadcrumb that would be useful for SEO. 
  • The main category will be set as an ‘active’ category through automatic selection, a step towards an improved shopping experience. 

Automatic Store Category Assignment 

  • Whenever you used to create a new layout from a category, you needed to save it, come back to the category, and assign it there. 
  • But, this release will automatically let the new layout be assigned to the category you created, saving a lot of time and clicks. 

Dynamic URL Fields for Images

  • The earlier release improves the linking process, letting you set links faster and more precisely. 
  • Now, with the latest release, you can craft dynamic text links and dynamically link images so that on changing categories or products after linking them through an image.
  • The linked URL will change automatically and reach the desired link target. 

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Identify Purchases via Social Media 

  • You can use your social media as a sales channel by connecting them with your online store. 
  • You can now mark the customers coming from these channels to get a quick overview of sales generated via social channels. 
  • It would help you in your analytics and business approach. 
  • You can separate social media channels to get an order overview and find stats about each order, customer, and sales. 

The brand is thankful to all GitHub contributors who offered their pull requests that Shopwre can merge into this latest version. 

You can also reap the benefits of this new Shopware release for your online storefront by connecting with a Shopware development company and improving your customer experience.  

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