Today, in this transformed digital age, customers are found to be more connected, having everything at their fingertips. This has expanded online commerce and caught the eye of all-sized businesses.

Looking back in 2023, you will find internet usage expanding swiftly, with 5.18+ billion users globally. By the end of this year, in 2024, the number will likely reach 5.5-6 billion. 

These statistics indicate that businesses should explore online business ideas to start their business venture, build a robust online presence, and maximize the advantages of increased reach.  

But how to find online business ideas for beginners? 

This blog post will exhibit the best online business ideas from which you can choose to suit your interests and budget. We assure you that by the end of this write-up, you will be caught up with an idea, choosing which you can start successful online businesses. 

Let’s get started. 

Why Start An Online Business?

As we discussed, the rise of the internet is the chief reason behind the surging online business and tailoring business operations. 

This is not the only aspect that grounds starting an online business. Let’s unveil more factors that may explain why you should start an online business. 

1. Seamless Entry 

Online businesses demand cloud-based infrastructure and essential digital products that reduce the initial cost. In fact, with no extensive technical knowledge and leveraging eCommerce platforms and website builders, one can create an online presence. 

2. Insights-based Decision Making

The marketing tools and eCommerce platforms you consider offer complete data analytics on website traffic, customer behavior, and marketing campaign performance. Businesses can use this data to optimize their marketing strategies and enhance product offerings to increase conversion rates and sales. 

3. Scalability and Growth Potential

Online businesses have no dependency on physical space. Only digital products are enough to let businesses grow with less marginal costs. By targeting global audiences, online marketing strategies can boost the reach compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. 

4. Automation and Efficiency

Online businesses hold the caliber to automate varied business jobs, such as customer service interactions, order processing, and marketing campaigns. This makes your time and resources accessible for other business development objectives and strategic initiatives. 

5. Lower Operational Costs

Considering overhead costs, online businesses are lower than traditional businesses. Also, no other expenses are associated with the physical store maintenance, a large-scale staff, or utilities. 

6. Global Market Reach

The internet invades geographical boundaries, helping online businesses reach a broader audience, giving a more comprehensive way to new customer segments, and emerging market opportunities that may demand more effort to access with a physical location. 

These are the reasons you should start an online business and maximize the benefits with increased sales and ROI. 

Top 100+ Online Business Ideas

Looking to start a lucrative online business? Dive into our top 100+ mobile app ideas or website ideas that capitalize on current trends and consumer needs, ensuring your venture’s success in today’s digital landscape.

1. Become a Resume/Cover Letter Writer

Resume/Cover Letter Writing

A resume or cover letter writer writes about a one-page document that an employee can submit as a resume to express his interest in a job opening. The resume aims to introduce you, provide your experience and skills, and provide more job-relevant details. 

  • Earning: Around $60,000 (negotiable).
  • Examples:, LinkedIn ProFinder, iHire

2. Create SaaS (Software As A Service)

Create SaaS (Software As A Service)
Source: financesonline

An online software service that needs payment to get access is a SAAS. A SaaS revenue model is linked with regular, constant payments over a defined period in exchange for the software app or other tool usage.

You can find an online paid service that people want in exchange for an amount. It would be profitable if it worked perfectly. 

  • Earning: $50,000 average for Customer Success Associate 
  • Examples: Dropbox, Google Apps, Leadpages

3. Assist With Lead Generation

Create SaaS (Software As A Service)
Source: financesonline

The success of a business relies on the lead that’s generated and converted. 

So, you can be a lead generator and generate leads for businesses. You need to follow the required steps and attract prospects to the company.

  • Earning: Approximately $5 – $50 per lead. 
  • Examples: CIENCE Technologies, Belkins, Martal Group

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4. Start Your Consulting Business

A consulting firm offers actionable strategies and feedback to brands to enhance their effectiveness or efficiencies in a particular area, like advertising and technology. 

A consultant needs to hold the required skills, knowledge, and experience in a particular field to assist your clients in resolving issues. 

  • Earning: On average, $23.88 per hour 
  • Examples: McKinsey & Company, Accenture, Bain & Company

5. Become A Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer
Source: financesonline

You don’t need to be an excellent graphic designer; just be a good visual thinker. 

A graphic designer always stays in demand, whether it’s a small business or MNCs. The designed graphics are used in media products, like advertising, labels, and signage.

Starting a graphic design business will facilitate you to grab unique opportunities. 

  • Earnings: $57,410/yr (approx.)
  • Examples: Fox (Fox Tail Designs), Lux (CreateLux Designs), Parchment (Parchment Design Co.)

6. Sell Products Online

Yes, you may know this type of business for years, but you should believe that it will make a lot of money if conducted in a better way. 

Well, an online seller performs a plethora of tasks. They capture products, write descriptions, and put the relevant information online to sell them. 

You can sell anything according to the latest trend and the demand of online buyers. Also, you can start small and then scale later. Many small businesses started this way and now have transformed into billion-dollar startups.

  • Earning: About $100+ per day
  • Examples: Studio (Studio 88 Graphics), Hexagon (Hexagon Creative), Lux (CreateLux Designs)

7. Be A Dropshipper

Global Dropshipping Market

You can also create an online store to sell other products and earn commission on each sale. 

The best part of the dropshipping business is there’s no need to risk stocking products and losing if they are not sold out. So this is one of the easiest online business to start.

A dropshipper manages or pays for a warehouse, pack and ship orders, track inventory for accounting reasons, and handle returns and inbound shipments.  

You can also start a dropshipping business to clutch a profit margin of about 20% and more. 

  • Earning: Up to $100,000 per year. 
  • Examples: Shop that Dropship, Dropship Mastermind, Aide Dropshipping

8. Buy And Flip Domains

Overall sales volume of Domains

A practice of buying a domain name at the best price is domain flipping. Next, you can sell it to an interested party to earn a profit without doing anything with that domain. 

Whether you have your domain or are looking to buy someone interested in buying or selling a domain, buying and flipping a domain business would prove beneficial for you. You can start a domain-flipping business and make extra money hassle-free. 

  • Earningdepends on how much you scale
  • Examples: Namecheap, Afternic, GoDaddy

9. Become A Copywriter

Why You Need an Effective Copy Writing Service

A copywriter writes a concise and clear copy of marketing materials, ads, and websites for any industry and audience. 

If you have a passion for writing, copywriting will prove the best online business for you. You can also start a copywriting business; it demands the art of writing sales copy for any type of announcement and advertising. 

  • Earning: $35,1000 per year
  • Examples: Helpful Headlines, Clever Copy Co., Quirky Copy Co.

10. Start with Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising CTR

Facebook advertising is expanding and will grow constantly. Therefore, more and more businesses are spending on Facebook ads. 

You can also be a Facebook ads specialist.

A Facebook advertiser performs his job within clients’ budgets to attain exceptional results. He is responsible for developing and managing clients’ Facebook Ads Management accounts. 

A Facebook advertisement business will prove to be profitable for you. 

  • Earning: About $5 and more per day.

11. Become A YouTuber

YouTube channel trends
Source: financesonline

Nowadays, online videos are gaining popularity and will constantly grow. If you have always dreamt of standing in front of a camera, then you can opt to become a YouTuber. 

You can start with a vlog and get ad revenue or sell products to your audience. Also, you can make a YouTube channel to engage more traffic to your site. Starting a home-based business has never been easy, although scaling it requires lots of effort and constant learning.

  • Earnings: Around $5 per thousand views. 
  • Examples: T-Series, SET India, PewDiePie

12. Self-Publish Your Book Online

Global online book services market size and market share
Source: GrandViewResearch ( market size and market share of bookstore app)

Have you ever planned to write a book but didn’t know about the starting edge? 

Do not fret; you can make this happen. 

Amazon is the best way to start. You can self-publish your book quickly and earn from it using this website. 

You can even check out the guides available online, which are inexpensive and straightforward. 

  • Earning: around $3-$4k per month
  • Examples: The Psychology of Money, Atomic Habits, DO EPIC SHIT 

13. Start With Affiliate Marketing/Referral Marketing

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
Source: financesonline

The process of earning an amount as a commission for promoting other products is known as Affiliate Marketing. 

There are two main ways you can opt to perform affiliate marketing:

Information Products

Such products are video series, ebooks, membership sites, etc. You can promote these types of products and earn a commission. Such a way comes with comparatively low obstructions to entry, and you will find such products easier to promote. 

Amazon Partners

With Amazon, many affiliate marketers have attained success. You will get millions of products to choose from for a promotion. Also, this way is pretty profitable. 

  • Earning: About 50% and more commission per product.
  • Examples: Top affiliate marketers are Finch Sells, Shawn Collins, Pat Flynn.

14. Start a Tech Support Business

Tech Support
Source: financesonline

The workers who maintain, manage and repair IT systems are tech supporters. They locate and repair faults, install and configure hardware and software, and resolve network issues. 

A tech-savvy would find this business idea pretty easy to start. Various companies and individuals need technical support as many jobs demand technical expertise to be achieved. 

If you have technical skills that virtual tech support should hold, you can offer troubleshooting services over email, phone, or an online chat facility. Moreover, you can pick clients on an hourly basis. Many companies prefer freelance technical support; you can start from there. 

  • Earning: $17.47 per hour
  • Examples: AskPCExperts, Geek Squad, 24/7 Techies

15. Become a Technical Writer

Technical Writing Jobs
Source: idratherbewriting

The skilled writers who typically craft product manuals, website help sections, how-to guides, journal articles, and more surface the technical information quickly and clearly, are technical writers. 

If you love writing the technical side of different things, you hold that part that a technical writer needs to include. 

  • Earning: Approx. $1,17,491 per year
  • Examples: Cherryleaf, InfoPros, ProWrite

16. Get Sponsored on Instagram

Instagram Sponsorships
Source: financesonline

On Instagram, a sponsored post is a paid post that helps you reach a wider audience. 

There are two sorts of sponsorships:

  • The brand crafts a post and pays Instagram to get access to a custom audience. 
  • In the second, a brand sponsors another Instagram user, usually known as “Influencer,” who builds a post featuring the brand. 

17. Start A Paid Private Facebook Group

Facebook social trends

An exclusive community that a business or entrepreneur creates an exclusive community for marketing purposes is known as a paid private Facebook group. The interested people who want to reap the benefits of this group need to pay a lifetime or monthly fee. 

You can also build a group like this that will offer you a chance to craft a highly engaged community. 

Moreover, it offers you a spot to deliver your content, permits your community members to interact with each other, and facilitates you to limit access to qualified members. You can even hold control of that group and can moderate it. 

  • Earning: An average of $8.75 per 1,000 views. 
  • Examples: Local SEO Ballers, Never Paid for advertisement again, Facebook Advertising Experts

18. Build Niche Sites

Build Niche Sites

A website that targets a broader market’s small part holding monetization objection is a niche site. Various paths can help you earn money with niche websites, including ads, affiliate marketing programs, online courses, consulting, digital products, sponsored posts, etc. 

You can also start with a specific niche rank higher on Google for the keywords relevant to that niche. Then you can convert the traffic into earnings by selling your products or through affiliate offers. 

  • Earning: $500+ a month
  • Examples: Top niches that are pretty popular Personal Finance, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle

19. Become A Web Developer

Become A Web Developer
Source: Kinsta

A web developer designs and develops websites. Typically, they control the website’s appearance and technical aspects, like site speed, website capability to handle traffic, and more. 

If you also have talent in developing the best website, if you are a coding expert, you can start working as a web developer if you are a coding expert, and it will pay you quite well. 

  • Earning: On an average $1,03,060/year
  • Examples: Monterail, CodigoDelSur, Netguru

20. Become a Freelance Pay Per Click Consultant

Freelance Pay Per Click Consulting
Source: onwardsearch

A freelance PPC consultant manages Facebook pay-per-click advertising campaigns, including the design, strategy, implementation, ad performance analysis, and SEO. It’s pretty challenging as it demands a specific skillset to make a PPC campaign a success. 

The active PPC advertising lets the ads appear at the top of Google search results. It’s an internet marketing form that demands an amount from advertisers every time the ads are clicked. 

You can be a PPC specialist if you know you hold the caliber required; you can be a PPC specialist. 

  • Earning: Around $1-$2 per click 
  • Examples: Google AdSense, Revcontent, AdPushup

21. Start A Podcast

Start A Podcast
Source: Forbes

Original video or audio recordings, such as podcasts, can be the recorded broadcasts of a radio program or television, a performance, a lecture, or other events. Usually, Podcasts offer every episode in the same file format, like video or audio. This way, subscribers can enjoy the program exactly, in the same way, every time. 

A podcast can also be a fantastic revenue generator. As your podcast attains popularity, you can also offer paid promotions and sell your products and services. 

You can not earn money but the trust of your listeners. This way, they are much more likely to purchase whatever you will offer them.

  • Earning: $500 – $900/episode in affiliate sales.
  • Examples: You’re Wrong About, This American Life, The Daily (at the time of writing this post)

22. Start Your Skype Coaching

Skype Coaching

While working remotely, it’s pretty challenging to train an employee as you cannot meet the person in person. However, you can try to communicate excellently to meet your objective. 

You can use Skype, a good platform for interacting online with your coworkers. To do that, you need to know how to operate it. 

Also, with Skype, you can offer coaching on almost everything, like health classes, life coaches, and more.

  • Earning: Around $200+ per hour (for beginners)

23. Learn And Master SEO

SEO Salary Comparisons

An SEO specialist just reviews, analyzes, and implements modifications to sites to make them optimized for search engines. 

You can be an SEO expert and help your clients with positive user experiences, increase brand awareness, grow website traffic, and a lot more. 

When a site attains a higher rank, it catches up with more traffic, which assists with more revenue. 

If this sounds interesting to you, you can always be on the leading edge by learning and testing Google’s new strategies. 

So, be an SEO master and get paid by brands by helping them with SEO stuff. 

  • Earning: Approx $47,752 per year.
  • Examples: HigherVisibility, Ignite Visibility, OuterBox

24. Develop an App

Ios app developer salary

With time, more and more mobile apps are gaining popularity. If you are all set with a helpful idea for your mobile app, you can start your mobile app development journey. 

Starting with some coding skills would be an add-on, but it’s unnecessary. You can connect with software developers looking to collaborate with interested app creators. If you need inspiration, you can go through our extensive list of app ideas to build in 2022.

  • Earning: Ad revenue on an app approx. $581.9 billion (as of 2020) 
  • Examples: HBO Max, Disney+, Pandora Music

25. Create Paid Apps And Market Them

In-App Purchases
Source: sensortower

A paid app offers things such as syncing across devices, offline access, and no ad access. With the premium model, you can monetize your app. Once the users pay for the app, they are likely to get more engaged with it and get their money’s worth. 

Obviously, paid apps lead to higher revenue for every download. Also, they hold higher perceived value, and the users are more loyal to the apps they buy. 

You can also develop a paid app and earn through ads and in-app purchases. Yes, you read it right. In-app purchases and ads are the best ways to increase your app revenue. 

  • Earning: Around 0.3 – 0.5$ a day for about 1000+ downloads. 
  • Examples: Netflix, Pandora Radio, Tinder

26. Become a Creator of Digital Product Or Course

Create A Digital Product Or Course
Source: elearningfeeds

A software-enabled product or service offering some usage is a digital product. 

In simple words, all digital products, whether a website experience or an app, try solving issues of a group attempting to attain something. 

A digital course is an online educational program that is performed using an online platform. It upsells or down-sells to your one-to-one coaching. 

  • Earning: Around 100k+ per month
  • Examples: Skillshare, Udemy, ebooks, streaming media

27. Set Up An eCommerce Site

ecommerce sales stats 2022

One of the best ways to earn money online is to set up an eCommerce website.

A site that facilitates people to buy and sell goods and services online is an eCommerce website. A business can process orders, accept payments, manage logistics and shipping, and offer customer service using an eCommerce website. 

Holding an eCommerce site, you will be competing against the other online stores in the market that may or may not be experienced in internet marketing. You can learn from their ups and downs. 

You can follow a pathway towards developing an eCommerce website or online store. By executing the proper marketing technique and filling a unique niche, you can create an eCommerce store that can succeed. 

  • Earning: Around $150,000+ revenue per month
  • Examples: Amazon, The Alibaba Group,

28. Start A Blog And Monetize

How Bloggers make money
Source: firstsiteguide

An informational or discussion website published on www holding unique, usually informal diary-style text is a blog. 

In this new era, it’s pretty easy to start a blog compared to the past. In fact, it can be a source of high income for you. 

You can also start your blog development journey. But don’t start keeping an income factor in your mind. You need a considerable amount of time to craft content constantly that can help educate, inform, and entertain your audience. In simple words, you need to grab their interest in any relevant way. 

Additionally, you can use your blog to sell products, ad space, sponsored posts, digital products, ebooks, coaching, etc. 

  • Earning: About $50k+ per month
  • Examples: Moz, HuffPost, Mashable

29. Social Media Marketing

Source: assetdigitalcom

SMM demands social networks and social media to market a brand’s goods and services. 

Social media marketing offers companies the best ways to engage with current customers and reach a new audience while facilitating them to promote their objective, culture, and tone.

Social media marketers are marketing experts who promote a company’s offering using social media. 

You can also offer such services to clients or top brands and earn a handsome amount. Also, you can manage their social media profiles, roll out their content on the web, keep them on track, and respond to customer queries. 

  • Earning: $20.53 per hour
  • Examples: Neil Patel Digital, Pan Up Productions, Social Media 55

30. Become a Freelance Researcher

Freelance Researching
Source: clockify

One more smart online business idea, freelance researching, allows you to work remotely on your terms. You don’t need to be a creative designer or a skilled writer; you just need to be a hard worker and conscious enough to find what you want. 

You can do the same job for your client. You can accumulate research documents for market research or competitor research, respond to tough technical questions on forums, or analyze statistics to find trends. You will offer exceptional work and get a good amount in return. 

  • Earning: Approx. $58,777 per month. 
  • Examples: Dr. Jennifer George, Eric Ndungum, Kirti Kabra

31. Start with Software Development

Software Development Statistics

A software developer, computer programmer, or programmer is a person who develops computer software, and he’s a specialist in writing computer programs. 

You can become a software developer if you hold coding knowledge. Through your attention, accuracy, problem-solving skills, and more, you can enjoy a high salary and many opportunities. 

  • Earning: $109,000 per annum
  • Examples: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM

32. Become a Business Coach

A collaborative link between a CEO or business owner and a professional coach targeting building a successful business is known as business coaching. 

A business coach assists businesses to clarify their business vision, enhancing performance, helping identify the company and individual strengths, and empowering them to excel.

  • Earning: On average, $64,773
  • Examples: Noomii, CEO of Your Life, Business Success Solution

33. Start with Photography

Photography Website platforms

If you are blessed with photography tactics or are passionate about this segment, you can opt for photography to earn profit online. 

You can take exceptional pictures and sell them to stock photo websites, like Shutterstock, to get a commission. This way, you can get a pathway to your online source of income. 

  • Earning: Around $0.30 and $99.50 per sale
  • Examples: You can sell your photos to Shutterstock, Alamy, Fotomoto

34. Online Tutoring And Selling E-Learning Courses

e learning market size and future growth assumptions

The process of teaching in a virtual, online, or networked ambiance is online tutoring. The teachers and learners interact from different physical locations. 

The eLearning courses permit students to interact with their tutors through the internet. 

If you find yourself talented or well-experienced in offering tuitions to students, then the virtual business idea of online tutoring could prove to be a good revenue-making side hustle.

Besides, you can opt for selling eLearning courses and earn a profit. 

  • Earning: Around $500 to $50,000 and even more by selling online courses and $14/hr through online tutoring
  • Examples: Wyzant, Chegg Tutors, Udemy, Byjus

35. Become a College Consultant

College Consulting

A college consultant, also known as independent education counselors (IECs), works with the students and their parents to know the right schools to apply to. They guide through the essay-writing processes or the application. 

You can also become a college consultant if you hold the required knowledge and experience to succeed in your career. 

  • Earning: Approx. $58433 per year
  • Examples: Admissionado, Accepted, Prep Expert

36. Start a Virtual Thrift Store

Virtual Thrift Shop

A store where you sell used items is a thrift store. 

There are different types of thrift stores:

  • Non-profit thrift stores
  • Consignment shops
  • Flea market

Running a thrift store will prove to be profitable for you. The virtual thrift store is likely to attain growth in the upcoming years. You can also opt for this business idea to make money online. 

  • Earning: Approx. $100 to $200 a day 
  • Examples: ThreadUP, Depop, The RealReal 

37. Become an Online Telemarketer

States with the highest employment in telemarketing
Source: Statista

Direct marketing of the goods and services to potential consumers over the telephone, fax, or internet is known as telemarketing. It is also known as “inside sales” or “telesales.” 

The startups usually opt for this way of marketing their goods and services. 

If you are also thinking of such a business idea, you can go ahead as in the beginning; you can market your goods and services at a minimal cost. 

  • Earning: Approx. $29,986 per year
  • Examples: DialAmerica, Squeeze Media, Flatworld Solutions

38. Start with Accounting Or Book-keeping Services

Accounting Or Book-keeping

However, it can be pretty tough to enter the industry as an accountant or a virtual bookkeeper as you have to compete with foreign contractors. Various firms offer such services. 

If you are already working as an accountant, you can catch up with clients and offer them services cutting their costs remotely. 

  • Earning: Around $55,777 per year
  • Examples: Deloitte, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) LLP, Grant Thornton LLP

39. Become a Virtual Assistant Online

Online Personal Assistant Annual Salary

Usually, a virtual assistant is self-employed and offers professional administrative, creative or technical assistance to clients remotely, even from home. 

You can become an online personal assistant, but anything you do relies entirely on your experience, skills, and the network of your contacts. You can expect various jobs in this segment, from data entry to research, customer management, scheduling, etc. 

  • Earning: Around $19.68 per hour
  • Examples: Time etc., Fancy Hands, Prialto

40. Stock Or Foreign Currency Trading

Stock Or Foreign Currency Trading

Stock trading can be a career or a casual online hobby. If you are also willing to give time to this business idea and are talented at conducting deep research and emerging trends, you can turn to this site. 

Well, stock trading will not come with much flexibility as we find in other business ideas in this post. Although, you can work remotely if you trade stocks or foreign currency. It’s a high-commitment job demanding long hours and a steep learning curve. You need to offer some time to understand all the distinct trading needs, regulations, and systems you will be interacting with. 

  • Earning: Around $50+ per trade
  • Examples: CMC Markets, Saxo Capital Markets, London Capital Group (LCG)

41. Start Online Data Entry Services

Data Entry job

A person who enters or updates data into a computer system is a data entry clerk. 

Moreover, data entry professionals use data processing programs and computers to enter information into documentation platforms or databases. The description of this business idea also includes data transcription from phone conversations to recordings. 

  • Earning: $16.03 per hour
  • Examples: Hitech BPO, WNS Global Services, Infosys BPM

42. Start an Online Travel Agency

Travel Planning

When traveling is the topic of discussion, our imagination starts reaching beautiful destinations worldwide. Yes, travel planning also occupies a list of top online business ideas. What if your passion for traveling becomes your profession, and you would love that and enjoy it. 

You can assist your clients helping them in various aspects of their trip, from means of transport to accommodations to things to do. 

You can work on currency exchange, food tips, itineraries, safety, and more. 

  • Earning: Approx. $25.07 per hour
  • Examples: SOTC, Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings.

43. Become an Online Transcriber


This one is the most simple online business idea that doesn’t demand any experience or background knowledge, despite the caliber to type faster. You may consider transcription and offer the services online in various forms. You can craft captions for videos and TV shows, transcribe audio interviews for the reporters, or build transcribed podcast versions. 

  • Earning: Around $25 to $30/hour
  • Examples: Scribie, TranscribeMe, Rev

44. Cybersecurity And IT Consulting

Revenue of IT consulting in the US

Cybersecurity and IT Consultant protects sensitive data from different digital world aspects. He avoids security risks and evades cyber-attacks. 

Suppose you choose to be a Cybersecurity and IT Consultant. In that case, you can assist individuals or businesses with their technology, help them set it up, troubleshoot any problems, and provide a general operating recommendation. 

You can work remotely also. 

  • Earning: About $91,339/year
  • Examples: SecureWorks, Accenture, Flashpoint

45. Become a PR Consultant

PR Consulting income stats
Source: swordandthescript

PR consultants plan events that promote any product or organization. 

If you have knowledge about business marketing and branding and know the best way for brands to communicate with the audience online, you can become an online PR consultant. 

You can help companies with their online presence by embracing press releases, social media accounts, web content, etc. Also, you can advise them on initiatives, campaigns, and complete public image. 

  • Examples: Golin, Communications Strategy Group (CSG), Edelman

46. Become an Online Therapist

Global mHealth Market

An online therapist offers psychological advice using e-therapy methods, like email, chat, or video on the internet. In this field, a video session is usually preferred as it provides the caliber to observe the patients, match the expressions to tone, and offer more personalized care. 

If you choose to become a therapist or psychologist, you may explore the online therapy space by connecting with companies or starting your business. By conducting counseling online, you will reach more patients and offer them more flexibility and freedom. 

  • Earning: Approx. $80,000/year at 40 hours/week
  • Examples: Talkspace, 7 Cups, BetterHelp

47. Become a Paid Life Coach

Life Coaching Statistics For 2022
Source: coachfoundation

The wellness professional who assists people in moving ahead and progressing in their lives to catch up with their objectives is known as a life coach. Moreover, such coaches help clients enhance their relationships and routine lives. 

If you are also interested in this type of online business, you can craft your brand to offer your clients extra resources other than video chat or phone call meetings. As you hold the internet at your fingertips, you can meet your will to help others easily choose this online business idea. 

  • Earning: Approx. $35 per hour
  • Examples: Green Minds, Achieve ThySelf, Hope And Happiness Coach

48. Start an Online Advertising Business

Also known as Internet advertising, online marketing, web advertising, or digital advertising, online advertising is a type of advertising and marketing that uses the internet to promote goods and services to platform users and audiences. 

  • Earning:
  • Examples: Markitors, MaxAudience, Conklin Media

49. Become a Video Producer

Infographic: Online Video - A Billion-Dollar Opportunity | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

A person who coordinates and manages various aspects belonging to a video production process from start to finish is known as a video publisher. In simple words, a video producer crafts and builds multimedia content for customer stories, external promotional social videos, internet company announcement videos, recruiting videos, product marketing videos, etc. 

However, video production can be a technical business idea but can offer you an ultimate chance to explore exceptional storytelling mediums and use your creativity. Also, if you don’t have video experience, you can learn using various online resources and help yourself all through the process. 

  • Earning: A video editor makes approx. $19.84 per hour
  • Examples: Kyro, SocialSEO, BX Films

50. Become an Online Marketing Consultant

U.S. industry market size for Marketing Consulting
Source: anythingresearch

The professional service that qualified and experienced experts offer in the marketing field is marketing consulting. While marketing agencies and teams target implementation and execution, marketing experts focus on auditing, strategy, and analytics. 

You can also choose to offer guidance on a broad range of topics in the marketing consultation field, relying on your particular experience, and assist businesses in executing their marketing campaigns and strategies. 

  • Earning: Around $58,768 per year
  • Examples: Equibrand, NoGood, Seedx

51. Start a Recruiting Business

Online Recruiting Stats
Source: financesonline

e-Recruitment refers to web-based technology for accessing, choosing, recruiting, and onboarding candidates. Through e-recruitment employers, one can reach a more significant number of potential employees. 

The best part of the recruiting process for businesses has become online-based; the demands for such services will go high, especially for small-sized firms that don’t hold a large HR team or required resources. 

You can connect with such companies and serve them by recruiting suitable candidates for their companies. 

  • Earning: Around 20% of candidates’ first-year salary.
  • Examples: Monster, Indeed, Engage2Excel Recruitment Solutions

52. Become a Culinary Instructor

Online Cooking
Source: foodnavigatorusa

A cooking instructor teaches the cooking art, embracing food preparation, cooking techniques, and many cuisines. Such an instructor is also known as a cooking teacher, culinary instructor, and culinary arts professor.

If you hold cooking skills, you can start offering virtual cooking instructions and earn money for that. You can craft your cooking business in many ways. 

  • Earning: $21.61 an hour
  • Examples: The Chef & The Dish, Rouxbe Online Culinary School, ChefSteps

53. Start an Online Voiceover Business

Voiceover Work market stats
Source: voices

A type of employment that uses your vocal caliber to record audio for varied purposes across various industries. The voice-over professionals use the script to speak and express their ideas utilizing audio recording devices to edit, save, and share their work with the clients. 

To start this business, you need to sign up for a freelance voiceover profile on top freelance websites and begin searching for an appropriate chance. Also, after you start, you will have fantastic clips to exhibit to your potential clients. 

  • Earning: Around $37 per hour
  • Examples: Showtime Productions, PitchWorx, LMB Productions

54. Offer A 3D Printing Service

Statistic: 3D printing market size worldwide from 2013 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Also known as additive printing, 3D printing is an industry that constantly innovates and grows by offering various opportunities for the ambitious entrepreneur to print the designs on demand. 

This online business idea that can turn your hobby into profit-making is 3D printing. Prospective clients will connect with you holding a 3D model; you just need to model and post it to profit. 

  • Examples: AutoDesk, Desktop Metal, Proto Labs

55. Create A Digital Product Store

Number of digital buyers worldwide
Source: statista

You can start a digital product store; that’s a better way to earn profit. This business runs online, and the most prominent investment it’ll demand is your time. 

Anyone can download the physical products. You can opt for the most cost-efficient and time-efficient way to sell your products through PDFs in varied formats. Also, you can make a template that holds a little information. 

  • Examples: Sellfy, Podia, PayHip

56. Become an Online Project Management Consultant

Project Management Consultant market stats

A project management consultant offers professional project management consultancy to the external business. He plays the chief role of an advisor, planner, and project management team leader to brainstorm and implement solutions that meet the process improvements and quality. 

If you want to earn some money as a remote project management consultant, you need to have a few years of relevant industry experience and some relevant connections. 

  • Earning: Around $59 – $74 per hour
  • Examples: Bechtel, CSL Consulting, Anser Advisory

57. Become an Online Financial Planner

A person who offers financial advice to clients is known as a financial adviser. He assesses the financial requirements of individuals and assists them with investment, insurance, and tax laws decisions. Moreover, advisers assist the clients in planning for short and long-term objectives. 

If you belong to a financial background or hold experience, you can try your luck opting for this online business idea. If you have experience in the related field, you would also have many connections in the same industry. All such factors are favorable for starting as a freelance financial adviser. For that, we can craft a webpage and choose to invest in a paid advertisement or buy mailing lists for email campaigns. 

  • Earning: Approx. $30k to $80k (For beginner)
  • Examples: Dana Investment Advisors, NewSouth Capital Management, Salem Investment Counselors

58. Start A Lead Generation Business

Lead Generation Business market stats
Source: HubSpot

The marketing process of capturing and simulating interest in goods or services for building a sales pipeline and lead generation permits brands to nurture their targets until they become ready to purchase. 

The best part of the lead generation business is that it demands a setup at once, and after that, it’s completely automated. It’s relevant to accumulate people’s data interested in specific products to attract your business. 

If you plan to pick this business, you can start with Facebook. It’s a fantastic way to generate leads as it can reach more people and know how to customize the ads for likely consumers. It’s easy to find clients; you can opt for online advertisements or email campaigns. 

  • Earning: On average, $174 cost per lead (just by video marketing channel)
  • Examples: Callbox, LeadGeneration, CIENCE

59. Build A Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension stats
Source: debugbear

The expert individuals hold the caliber to monetize their expertise by developing a Chrome extension. 

A Chrome extension holds the caliber to customize a user’s browser and perform as an add-on permitting users to customize their browsers to perform certain functions. Moreover, they improve user experience by increasing Chrome’s capabilities. 

If you hold such an innovative idea, you can develop a Chrome extension that can help you earn money. Be sure that it attracts lots of users and provides a universal function. 

  • Earning: Around $10k per month
  • Examples: Loom, Wordtune, Forest

60. Sell Logo and Design Work

Logo designer market stats
Source: financesonline

Creative graphic designers can earn money by selling logos and designing work online. You can also start with just a website and some best design software if you find an artist within you. 

To kick start, you just need to have your portfolio, work samples, etc., that your potential customers can review to find a hidden gem in you. You can target startups and new entrepreneurs by advertising on related websites. 

  • Earning: Around $300-$1300
  • Examples: Fiverr Logo Designers, Tailor Brands, Wix Logo Maker

61. Create And Sell Recipes Online

Food Recipes market stats

Now, foodies can sell their kitchen creativity online and earn money. A chef can craft and sell recipes through an online site or by producing an eBook and selling it online. 

There are different health crazes and diets that come and leave. But the latest trend includes low-sugar and vegan diet recipes. 

Producing recipes meeting the latest eating trends will grow your business.

Moreover, you can hire a professional photography service to take your dishes’ clicks and showcase them on your social media account. 

  • Earning: Approx. $250 to $600 per the original recipe

62. White Hat Hacking

cybersecurity market worldwide
Source: statista

An ethical hacker, also known as a white-hat hacker, uses his hacking skills to recognize security vulnerabilities in software, hardware, or networks. Unlike black hat hackers, also known as malicious hackers, white hat hackers follow the hacking rules in their job. 

This type of online business demands a very specialized skill set. It can be a pressurized job that requires strong technical caliber and clear communication skills to reassure the clients and make sure both parties are clear on what they test and to what degree. 

Because of the sensitivity of the work, various clients will demand proper credentials. Holding an Ethical Hacking certification course can assist you in boosting your credibility and magnetizing clients. 

  • Earning: About $15,000 to $45,000 per short-term assignment or contract. 
  • Examples: Charlie Miller, Greg Hoglund, Tsutomu Shimomura

63. Trade-In Cryptocurrency

Infographic: 2021: Year of the Cryptocurrency | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Trading in cryptocurrency is different from trading in traditional currencies as it cuts the middleman. You can trade directly from seller to buyer in cryptocurrency. 

If you choose cryptocurrency trading to earn money, you need to know the market, study cryptocurrency trends, and have a robust understanding of the stock market. After that, you can invest, and the best way to make money is by buying and having methods. 

You can stick to the top four currencies while trading in cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin. These are the shining stars of the crypto market and, therefore, are a safer option. 

  • Examples: Coinbase, Robinhood, Webull

64. Become A Systems Integrator

Systems Integrator Market stats
Source: grandviewresearch

A firm or company that’s expert at planning, implementing, scheduling, coordinating, improving, testing, and maintaining a sputtering operation is a system integrator. 

A system integrator combines digital components and subsystems into an overarching system where every former function performs together. It embraces tasks like automating past manual operations and data migration from old systems to offer customized software solutions to meet company requirements. 

You can also offer such a service anywhere if you hold the essential specialized skillset. This job demands profound knowledge of hardware, software, coding, and programming to integrate every type of computer system. 

  • Earning: About $42 per hour
  • Examples: ANDRITZ, Wood, RoviSys

65. Online Mailing List Broker

Online Mailing List Broker stats
Source: financesonline

A list broker is an agent who wants to conduct direct marketing campaigns through email, direct mail, or telemarketing. Moreover, list brokers offer lists that hold a prospect’s name and physical address. 

To start your job as an online mailing list broker, you need to know how this industry performs and have experience in advertising or sales in this area. Additionally, you should understand this industry and interpret consumer research reports to know the demographic your clients are likely to target. Also, you need to use such analysis to recommend the right mailing lists that you can either rent or sell to clients.

66. Freelance As A Database Consultant

Database Consultant
Source: statista

An expert computer professional who maintains computer database management and information systems is a database consultant. This role’s job duties include implementing computer databases, testing modifications made to the databases, and evaluating the stored management details. 

So, suppose you hold specialized IT and database knowledge. In that case, you can earn a considerable amount working from home by offering consultancy services to the brands by assisting them in dealing with their databases. You can also take some training to expand your expertise and service. 

  • Earning: Around $40 per hour
  • Examples: Boston Consulting Group, Logic20/20, Analytics8

67. Become A Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer
Source: businessinsider

People who hold a large audience base of followers on their social media accounts are social media influencers. They use this to influence the followers to purchase certain products or services. 

To become an influencer, you can choose something you can constantly create content. The top areas that people usually decide to become influencers are lifestyle, fashion, and exercise. It may demand hard work but will lead to more money every month. 

If you want to attract paid advertisement deals, you need to have a lot of followers. For that, you need to generate a large following by posting frequent content, constantly updating your social media channels, and keeping engaged with your audience. 

  • Earning: Around $10 – $200 per post
  • Examples: Chtrbox, Doblas Gundersen, Cristiano Ronaldo

68. Provide A Legal Writing Service

Legal Writing Service stats
Source: financesonline

The analysis of presentations and fact patterns of arguments in legal memos and briefs is legal writing. A legal writer crafts legal documents and conducts legal research. The target is to assist people in creating legal briefs, contracts, and other legal documents. 

This online business idea is easily accessible and demands minimum startup costs. Legal writing requires a specific skill set, and you should have a law background as the clients will ask for such as your relevant experience. Also, you should have seamless writing skills and command over grammar. 

69. Become an Online Advertiser

Advertising Management services stats
Source: financesonline

A planned managerial process crafted to control and oversee various advertising activities of a program to communicate with a company’s target market is advertising management. It is chiefly designed to influence the customer’s purchase decision. The advertising managers work with sales staff and others to develop successful advertising campaign ideas. 

To choose advertising management as your business idea, you need experience in either advertising, marketing, or sales. Next, you can start your agency even at home. It would be cheaper to outsource production and graphic design. You can make various contacts to connect with different media outlets you want to use for your campaigns. Also, stay updated with the industry to keep an eye on your competition. 

  • Earning: About $110,221 per year
  • Examples: Lowe Lintas, Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett

70. Website Theme & Plugin Seller

Website Theme & Plugin
Source: kinsta

Various companies and websites purchase plugins to append certain features to their website, and some buy themes for their site to enhance the appearance of their website. 

You can develop web themes and plugins if you have the particular technical skill set it demands. You need to be seamless at coding and have extensive industry knowledge. You can produce general plugins yourself and sell them or get a commission for developing specific plugins for specific features for any website. The same is applicable to web theme production. 

  • Earning: Plugin – Around $10-20k per month & Theme – $500 to $30,000 a month

71. Become A Freelance Illustrator

freelance illustrator salary
Source: waveapps

The designs and drawings a client commission an artist is a freelance illustration. Various industries depend on illustrators to design marketing content and product packaging, and companies need graphics to organize the goods and services and market them.

If you want to choose this business idea, you need to market yourself. For that, you can start with a site featuring samples of your designs and reach various businesses and magazines. Also, you can use a mailing list to get more prospective customers. 

  • Examples: Madein, Daeron

72. Create An Online Travel Website

Online Travel Website

A keen traveler with tourism industry experience can start an online travel business to make money. One of the constantly growing industries, the travel and tourism industry, is not likely to fall in the upcoming years. 

As the industry is expanding, you have a chance of catching up with a successful startup, but you will face a lot of competition. So, try to offer innovative services that others fail to deliver in the market. 

You can start with a log to go with your website. Here, you can share your past experiences and engage your target market. 

  • Earning: Approx. $3,000 – $10,000/month
  • Examples: HomeAway, Airbnb, Kayak

73. Become An Online Editor

Online Editor Income
Source: elnacain

A process of revising, planning, and post-editing written material, like magazines, books, and websites, is known as online editing. 

Editing is explicitly used in film, literature, video, and creative industries such as marketing, public relations, and advertising. 

If you plan to become an online editor, you will work with the writers to assist in producing the structure and stories of their ideas to make their message come across. Also, you will check for errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Editors change the structure, flow, and tone to achieve full effect. That’s why this industry is quite competitive. 

  • Examples: Wordvice, Get Proofed, Enago

74. Set Up A Daily Deals Website

Daily Deals Website uk market stats
Source: supermetrics

As the name indicates, a daily deals website is where customers find heavily discounted goods and services just for one day. You need to source various merchants and brands to make the website successful, which can be pretty time-consuming. 

As you are going to start this type of website, you would be a middle man, so you don’t need to deal with the goods or delivery of the services. You will just need to purchase web hosting and a domain that would prove to be a cost-effective startup. This way, you will make money on a commission basis by marketing a merchant’s products. 

  • Examples: LivingSocial, Groupon, Newegg

75. Test Digital Products

Digital testing market stats
Source: gminsights

A technique that helps evaluate a digital product by allowing users to try its features for free is a usability technique. Moreover, it records the process while users are trying its features. This process offers direct information on how real-life users operate a system and reveals whether its features need some improvements or are user-friendly. This type of testing also assesses the parts of sites, products, or apps. 

If you want to earn money through user testing, you need a microphone and a computer. You can emerge with products to test through various websites, like TestingTime, etc. Even vendors send you products to try, like apps, websites, or software. 

  • Earning: Around $5 to $250 per product (for testing)
  • Examples: BzzAgent, Brooks, Influenster

76. Buy And Sell On Online Auctions

Source: anythingresearch

Through online auctions, vendors can sell products to competing consumers, each trying to outbid the others to purchase products. The listings stay live for about 30 days on some platforms, increasing bids. 

Selling through online auctions is the best and easiest way to earn money, as you can begin with the items you don’t need anymore. You can invest it in other online products and resell them to profit when you have an amount. The online auction places engage huge audiences that attract fantastic exposure to your products. 

  • Examples:, eBay, Copart

77. Selling Audiobooks Like Audible

Audiobooks market stats
Source: grandviewresearch

An audiobook is a voice recording of a book’s text that you listen to despite reading. You can tune in to audiobooks on any tablet, smartphone, home speaker system, computer, or in-car entertainment system. Usually, users purchase audiobooks and download them simultaneously with digital video and music. 

Well, you can also make money by choosing this online business idea. You can sell audiobooks and make money, and it relies on the distribution rights that Audible, publishers, authors, and other rights holders grant. Besides, studio professionals, narrators, and other Producers can also catch up with royalties of about 40%. 

  • Earning: Royalties are paid according to the revenue generated from the purchase price. About $2-$4 per audiobook
  • Examples: Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman, Dune, by Frank Herbert, The Hunting Party, by Lucy Foley

78. Selling Music Online via Subscriptions like Spotify, Apple Music

online music market stats
Source: grandviewresearch

It can be profitable to sell and lease music online with minimum risks. Also, many websites are easy and free to sign up. 

It takes time to make new music. If you put the effort needed to sell your music online, the love and hard work you invested in creating your music will repay, leading to more sales. 

The one who loves making songs may choose this business option. You can sell your music online on your website or online retailers, such as Apple Music and Bandcamp. 

The best way to sell your music is through a streaming platform, or you can sell them online through digital retailers, such as iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Various music fans listen to music using services like Spotify. An artist can make an amount through such streaming platforms and attain more sales over the long term. 

79. Gated Content or Membership Based Content like Medium

Membership Based Content

Any content that the visitors’ access just after offering their details is known as gated content. In many cases, such details may be email addresses, social media likes or follows, etc. Such a strategy is used less but is helpful. 

If this business idea magnetizes your interest, you can kick start with a membership website. It would be pretty profitable, but only when people will join. There are many ways to market a gated content or membership website. First, you would need to interact with your potential customers anywhere. Ahead, you can emerge with ways to attract them to your membership website. You can monetize your site by selling your membership or course product, promoting affiliate offers on a commission basis, and more. 

  • Earning: $200 million/year
  • ExamplesAppsumoPlus, Medium

80. Digitally Distribute Online Games like Steam

Online Games market stats
Source: visualcapitalist

The delivery of any digital content through downloading, such as ebooks, audio, video, software, pictures, PDFs, and games, is known as digital distribution. When a platform such as Steam permits its users to buy and download a game on their computer system, it is an example of digital distribution. 

You can make money by distributing games in two ways, one by digital copies and the other through physical ones. 

You just need to sell games directly to retail and wholesalers at the “sheet price,” The sheet price is the dollar value charged for a specific product. 

81. Become a Freelance Proofreader

Proofreader market stats
Source: smallrevolution

A freelance proofreader is a person who reviews and locates the mistakes and inappropriate wording in digital or printed materials. 

If you find yourself best at proofreading content, you can try your luck in this online business. 

  • Earning: $15-20 per hour
  • Examples: Grammarly, Ginger, Thriving Writer

82. Produce And Sell A Diet Plan

Diet Plan selling market stats
Source: anythingresearch

Today, there’s a vast market for selling diet plans, and the awareness of following a healthy diet chart is becoming popular nowadays. More and more people are becoming aware of health and fitness-relevant factors. 

You can also sell a diet plan to earn money from the health and fitness industry. You need to consult related professionals and perform enough research before trading a product claiming health boosting.

83. Become An Online Translator

Online Translation Market
Source: businesswire

An online translator can work in online interpreting, teaching, and bilingual telephone calls. Some companies hire online translators who work remotely, and some hire them on an ad hoc basis. 

To become an online translator, you need to research and pay attention to the details. The biggest challenge in this job is to set the exact tone in the target language for every test type. Translators also use software tools that are the best at translation, like Ginger, Babylon, etc.

  • Earning: $20 per hour
  • Examples: Google Translate, DeepL Translator, Bing Translator

84. Statistical & Data Analyst

data analyst salary
Source: careerfoundry

Also known as statisticians, statistical and data analysts perform in almost every area of the private and public sectors. They conduct their tasks using specialized software, databases, or proprietary programs. Employers need such statistical analytics to advance their goals and solve issues. 

  • Earning: Around  $65074/year
  • Examples: Accenture Analytics, Fractal Analytics, Tableau

85. App Tester

App Tester
Source: freelancermap

An app tester performs with an app development team to test the entire app’s functionality in every area, like usability and performance. App testing reveals the areas that need improvements.

Many app testers work from home, and it doesn’t need a startup cost or experience. People use some websites to start their app testing from home, like Userlystics, UserTesting, and TestBirds. 

  • Earning: $25/hour testing products
  • Examples: Appium, Test IO, Espresso

86. Design Newsletters

Newsletters Stats
Source: supsystic

A simple business that you can kickstart with just a laptop is newsletter designing, which demands creative software to produce drawings and a system to start. You can cut the printing process by offering email newsletters. 

Some companies want professional newsletters with the decided format and templates and offer enormous amounts for bespoke designs. 

If you are software savvy and need to start a fully automated business, you can consider producing a site that offers online newsletter design tools. Your customers would need to pay a small fee and create their newsletter. 

  • Earning: Between $300 to $2,000/month
  • Examples: MailChimp, 99designs, CakeMail

87. Offer A Rewriting Service

content Rewriting Service
Source: Semrush

You always need a compelling copy to build client trust in a company. Many brands that need to enhance their brand’s professionalism employ rewriters to improve the content quality of their website. Moreover, they hire rewriting services when they want content that is similar to current articles on their website.

If you are a keen writer, you can quickly start a rewriting business even from home. You can advertise your services through a site, email campaigns, and social media and directly call the companies.

  • Earning: Between 10 cents and $1/word

88. Customer Service and Support

Customer Service stats
Source: Salesforce

A crucial part of any business offering products or services needs to offer a seamless customer service process to retain customers, revenue, and business. Various brands outsource this service, and here you come in. 

You can start offering customer support and services by listening to customers’ queries and reverting them appropriately. 

  • Earning: $14.12/hour 
  • Examples: Ritz-Carlton, Trader Joe’s, Wistia

89. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing

Also known as pyramid selling or network marketing, multi-level marketing is a controversial marketing strategy for selling goods and services where participants’ earnings come from a binary compensation commission system. 

In simple words, it’s a marketing technique that includes people purchasing a product and then earning a commission by selling it to their known. 

You can also think about such a business idea. 

  • Examples: Amway, Herbalife, Avon

90. Startup Advisor

Startup Advisor

A professional holding related industry or business expertise offers subject or industry matter advice, mentoring, and networking connections to an owner of entrepreneur and startup is startup advisor. 

You can also start with this online business idea if you hold expertise in software development, corporate finance, and other related fields to offer the knowledge the new businesses need to attain success. Your business will get a win as such startups grow. 

  • Earning: between 0.25% and 1% of shares (relying on the startup’s stage of the startup and the advice’s nature provided)
  • Examples: MentorCruise, GrowthMentor, CoFoundersLab 

91. Curate Subscription Boxes

Statistic: Monthly subscription box expenditure among subscribers in the United States in 2020, by category (in U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

The themed packages of many products are subscription boxes. Almost every industry holds subscription boxes, from craft snacks to fitness products and more. 

You can also curate the subscription boxes around any theme that you want. You work with the artisans and brands to buy and resell their products in a packaged offering when you choose this. Usually, customers expect a surprise from what they get in the box; however, some customers choose what they want. 

  • Earning: Around 40-60% profit
  • Examples: Loot Crate, Dollar Shave Club, HelloFresh

92. Bug Testing

Bug Testing

A tester who tests the systems or software apps to locate bugs or errors in software development or other projects is known as a bug tester. 

You can start offering bug testing services if you hold the required skills and resources. It’s a unique business idea to earn profit. 

  • Earning: About $5 per bug
  • Examples: BugHerd, Bugzilla, Backlog 

93. Remote Sales Team

Remote Sales Team

Nowadays, remote work is standard for various salespersons, and they take meetings and exceed their sales quotas while working remotely. 

A remote sales team needs to remotely communicate with clients, build their trust, and keep them happy. 

  • Earning: $30.78 per hour

94. Start an Online Print-ON-DEMAND Business

You can opt for print-on-demand (POD) businesses, allowing enthusiasts to sell online custom products without managing any inventory. You will design the products, like mugs, t-shirts, etc, and your linked printing partner will create and ship them directly to the customers after receiving orders. 

This online business idea will eliminate upfront costs for item stocking and let you aim at designing, marketing, and expanding your brand. 

  • Examples: Printify, Lulu, Gooten, Printful

95. Open an Online Handmade Goods Shop

The handmade goods landscape is flourishing online. Starting your online shop, you can exhibit hand-crafted products to a worldwide audience, winning the edge where physical stores lag. This allows passionate artisans to capitalize on their creativity and make their online business run successfully.

96. Start an Online Bakery Business

Starting an online bakery business would be profitable if you are passionate about baking and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. You must aim at quality, effective marketing, and branding to make your dream a reality. 

  • Examples:  Bakerykart, Chef Bakers, Joseph’s Bakery

97. Become a Ghostwriter

You can become a ghostwriter online, which is a fulfilling career path for skillful writers. You will be a talented behind-the-scenes collaborator who will leverage storytelling expertise to craft engaging writing samples. 

  • Earning: $20 to $45 per hour on average 
  • Examples: Orange Publishers, Write Right, Vox Ghostwriting

98. Create an AI Chatbot Solutions

One more captivating inline business idea is to become an AI chatbot solutions provider. You can develop your custom one, offer chatbot-as-a-service, aim at a specific niche, or build chatbot training tools.

99. Start a Virtual Event Planning Business

Opting for this online business idea, you can organize and execute events conducted online, like conferences, webinars, product launch events, training sessions, workshops, etc. 

  • Earning: Starts from about $22/hour
  • Examples: Sarcon, tiny campfire, Meeting Tomorrow, etc.

100. Become an Online Personal Trainer

You can become an online personal trainer, which can be rewarding for your career. You can make good money as people become more fitness-conscious and increasingly opt for online PTs. 

  • Earning: $25 – $75 and more per hour

101. Start Online Dance Classes

If you are a passionate dancer and want to start your career in dance with limited to no budget, you can start your online dance classes. You can create your dance curriculum and sell it online. To do so, you should create paywalled content for your dance course. 

  • Examples: Steezy, Ballet, Dancio

102. Start a Clothing Line

The fashion industry is ever-evolving and will constantly expand with the surge of the eCommerce landscape. It would be a better option to start your online clothing store. Aim at quality, customer feedback, and market trends to stay successful in the fashion business. 

  • Earning: Profit margin – 30-60%
  • Examples: Prinful, Printify

These are the top 100+ innovative online business ideas in 2024. You can consider any from this list based on your budget and timeline.

Benefits of Starting an Online Business

There are multiple benefits of having an online business. Some of the top reasons are mentioned below.

1. Increased Income 

Traditional businesses often focus on an area and only reach a few people. Going for an online business can improve this and can help companies to grow all over the world. As the market size increases, the audience will automatically increase, resulting in a better ROI for the business. 

2. Flexibility 

Starting your Online business provides flexibility to customers as well as business owners. Unlike the brick-and-mortar system, there is no opening timing for the store. Thus, the user can access your services at any time of the day. This also helps businesses to grow more without worrying about time. The owners do not have to worry about taking off in the online companies; they can take as much as they want, and the online site will remain working 24*7 in their absence. 

3. Low Cost 

The traditional offline store needs to make sure of multiple things such as furniture, shop for the setting things, and many more things that require prior cost. On the other hand, the online website is straightforward to set up and only contains the time cost of building the website, licenses, and marketing costs. There are some costs that are applied on a period basis, but they are lower than setting up an offline store and are accessible to 80x more users than before. 

4. Easy Financial Transactions 

There is no worrying about the payments in the online businesses nowadays. There are multiple services present that can help you with the easy and secure payment system integration in your business. This also provides multiple options for the users, such as cash on delivery, online payments, and pay later. 

5. Customer Support 

One of the significant benefits of having an online business is that it allows one to answer consumers’ queries. This helps you to know the difficulties and the concerns the users face and can improve that. This can be done in two ways: either use the online chatbots and prepare questions, such as Where is my parcel? How much time is there for delivery? However, if an individual has a specific question, they can switch to manual chat and provide a detailed response.

How To Start Your Own Business?

Starting an online business can be a daunting but exciting process to initiate. 

Not to worry. Here, we have showcased key steps to witness an actual project. 

1. Find a Niche and Create a Plan

First things first. 

Start with addressing the issues you are looking to resolve. Research the market, target audience, and competitors to know about the landscape. Build a business plan underscoring concepts, marketing strategies, and financial objectives. 

2. Secure the Legalities

Pick a legal business structure that fits your business needs and liability choices. Obtain essential permits and licenses to work legally in your area. Connect with a lawyer or accountant to ensure you follow the right track. 

3. Fund Your Business

Start your online business with your personal savings (if any) or find loan possibilities from small businesses or banks. 

4. Create Your Brand Identity

Choose a catch name for your business with a captivating logo that can mirror your brand’s essence. Ahead, build a professional website and create a robust business presence on social media platforms. 

5. Promote Your Business and Reach Your Audience

Establish a marketing strategy aligning with your budget and target audience. Leverage the strength of online advertising, content creation, and social media marketing to instill interest and create brand awareness. 

Note*: Starting a successful business demands enough time and determination. The key is to adapt to well-decided strategies as you learn and expand.

How Can EmizenTech Help You?

It’s more than a one-person job to start an online business. You can build a successful online business with proper guidance and assistance from a reliable company. 

Without second thoughts, you can choose EmizenTech. This leading tech consulting company can help you build a robust foundation for the ultimate success of your online business. 

Key Highlights of EmizenTech 

  • Trusted Technology Partner
  • Award-Winning
  • Industry Expertise
  • Seamless Communication & Collaboration
  • Robust Partnership
  • Portfolio and Reviews


After taking a walk-through of this blog, you have 100+ online business ideas on your table. You can choose any of your choices based on the abovementioned timeframe and budget. 

Remember to hire a tech consulting company like EmizenTech and find a seamless pathway to establishing an expandable online business.

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Shankar Jangid has worked with Emizentech for over a decade and oversees eCommerce's overall strategic and operational development. He is a seasoned professional capable of offering stringent standards, team leadership, and on-time, within-budget projects.