eCommerce, as we know, is the process that includes buying and selling goods and services or funds and data transfer over the internet. 

A trending way of shopping, online shopping, since its birth, has kept apart the digital and real world. 

Until now, we all were moving on the standard pathway to buy things online, but the emergence of Metaverse has instilled hope in us regarding advancement in online shopping. 

According to 70% of customers, the ability to see, touch, and try products is still the chief aspect of an in-store or offline shopping experience; a survey showcases.

Metaverse holds the caliber to connect the virtual and physical world, which may link online and offline commerce. Metaverse is a combination of a series of technologies, like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and more. It facilitates multi-modal interaction with virtual environments, digital items, and real people. 

As most customers still believe in buying products post seeing, touching, and trying them in real, metaverse can be a savior here, and it can give a real touch to this thought of customers. 

Metaverse can meet the businesses, as well as customers’ perspectives. Whatever locations, this latest technology may allow them to buy, trade, and sell goods and services. Various companies would reap benefits from the metaverse. It can expand their customer base, increase the possibilities of getting genuine reviews on their products, and offer them a way to increase income.

Benefits of Metaverse – How It Will Change eCommerce

  • It will make online shopping more immersive.
  • Offer a personalized touch to online shopping.
  • Make digital commerce more social.
  • Create virtual words for brands.
  • Companies and creators can trade as metaverse will offer a global reach.

Future Plans of eCommerce Giants Considering Metaverse

  • Amazon has rolled out an AR room tool, known as ‘room decorator,’ that facilitates users to witness how furniture or other decorative items would look in their offices or homes.
  • In fact, top clothing brands Gucci and Adidas are exploring metaverse stores.
  • Also, Flipkart declared the launch of ‘Flipkart Labs,’ crafted to “develop metaverse and blockchain apps.” 
  • One of the retail chains, Warby Parker, has developed virtual fitting apps, permitting the users to try all the pairs of glasses mentioned in its catalog before buying. 

These steps by eCommerce giants give a personalized touch to online shopping. 


Metaverse holds the strength to enhance and transform current eCommerce practices, offer a personalized and unique experience to its users, and increase sales and profits

Altogether, Metaverse will flip how we learn, communicate, and learn. It will make users capable of experiencing the physical world digitally.

Now, the ball is in companies’ and brands’ court; everything relies on how they play and craft ‘wow’ experiences for their customers in the future. 

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Shankar Jangid has worked with Emizentech for over a decade and oversees eCommerce's overall strategic and operational development. He is a seasoned professional capable of offering stringent standards, team leadership, and on-time, within-budget projects.