Being an online business owner, it’s imperative to stay updated with the advanced trends that are molding the future of eCommerce.

Today, we are here with top eCommerce trends that are covering the stage in the online retail world. We will use online shopping statistics from various recent reports.

eCommerce Statistics of 2020

  • Worldwide, 21.8% of people shop online.
  • Also, retail eCommerce sales are anticipated to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021.
  • When deciding what to buy, 85% of the shoppers depend on research and reviews.
  • Active online stores on social media have experienced 32% enhanced sales.
  • 69% and more shoppers leave their shopping carts before checkout.

As per the survey, the number of online shoppers is growing. By the year 2021, the experts expect mobile commerce to rule the eCommerce industry with a 54% increment in sales.

In eCommerce, the mobile eCommerce shares the percentage of:

percentage of mcommerce

In the past few years, the eCommerce industry has experienced remarkable growth all over the world. In 2019, retail eCommerce sales were $3.53 trillion all over the world that is predicted to be $4.92 trillion in 2021. This easy stat exposes the entire tale of the eCommerce industry’s success all over the world. This fascinating growth is magnetizing many sellers to root e-stores for selling online. Therefore, eCommerce development services are spreading worldwide.

Top eCommerce Trends 2022

As 2021 is around the corner, let’s check out which eCommerce trends are going to rule the world.

If you wish to develop an eCommerce website, then you should use eCommerce development trends that are going to dominate in 2021. You can implement such trends in eCommerce web development to build an out-of-the-box eCommerce website.

PWA (Progressive Web App)

pwa for ecommerceOne of the chief eCommerce trends, Progressive Web App, is gaining fame in the eCommerce industry. Online businesses always seek the best ways to enhance their sales and improve the customer experience in their online stores. A PWA is a perfect way to attain both of such ends.

A Progressive Web App is a site that holds the face of a mobile app. Despite building and rolling out high-cost native apps, eCommerce businesses can reap the advantage of PWAs to offer a perfect mobile experience.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

augmented reality product navigator ecommerceToday, many people all over the globe are familiarized with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. The emergence of both such technologies has transformed various industries. And, AR/VR technology is a boon for the eCommerce industry. With online shopping, people face an issue according to which they find them unable to view the products. AR and VR technologies are performing like bridges to pluck such hurdles in online shopping.

With AR technology, shoppers can see products in this real world that permits them to understand whether a product fulfills their demands. On the contrary, virtual Reality links the real world with the virtual one offering a virtual experience. With VR technology, online stores hold the caliber to provide an in-store experience and offer greater details to assist customers to make perfect decisions. The use of AR/VR is an amazing trend for eCommerce that will dominate in 2021 also.

Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce

integrate artificial intelligence in ecommerce mobile appsAI has already been in use in eCommerce for smart product recommendations. Also, technology has caught up with the high speed in a few years with the emergence of better algorithms. Apart from being a winning eCommerce trend in 2020, it will appear to be one of the major eCommerce development trends in the upcoming year also.

With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce websites can make intelligent product recommendations and improve the customer experience. AI will also help eCommerce businesses to understand the trends along with buyer behavior and sales channels to discover the best price, time, and place to list their products. So, AI is going to boost the marketing efforts and sales of businesses.

Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling is becoming imperative for online businesses as nowadays is not dependent on a specific channel. These days, people can purchase on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and various other online platforms. Therefore, in the eCommerce industry, picking multichannel selling has become the new normal. This is the chief trend that you should incorporate in your eCommerce development approach. Following are some ways to improve the omnichannel experience:

  • Provide personalized customer experience.
  • Optimize the website for mobile devices and if you have a budget then, attempt investing in a PWA.
  • Use tools to offer a personalized experience.

Social Commerce

social ecommerce platformsAnother chief eCommerce trend, Social commerce, can’t be missed to attain the maximum advantage of your eCommerce website. These days, shoppers are holding integrated experiences on social media platforms that offer them the chance to catch up on the best deals. On social media platforms, with the enhancing intensity of online ads, people are knowing more about the products and that too easily, and follow the respective links to purchase the desired products.

In the upcoming year, 2021, social commerce will become one of the top eCommerce market trends that influence the eCommerce web development industry. Therefore social media integration is an advisable step towards successful eCommerce website development.

Automated Bidding In Google Ads

Constantly, Google Ads marketers are tweaking and adjusting keywords, campaigns, and bids to attain the most of that you spent on advertising.

All of such tweaking is attained at a cost of increased hours and the higher management price. Automated bidding is entered that permits Google to automate before the moves, to adjust your bid in real-time.

Well, automated bidding has been in trend since the past and has made its debut back in the year 2016. Our automated bidding tricks and ever-enhancing reliance states that we can dedicate our time to optimize other PPC performance aspects that finally delivers a better result at a lower price to our clients.

Omnichannel Approach

What is OmniChannel eCommerceOmnichannel approaches include offering a smooth experience to the customers all across distinct platforms, networks, and channels. For mobile commerce, omnichannel channels hold a cross-platform app and a mobile website. These strategies will clarify and will drive towards the development of a holistic shopping experience ahead.

Omnichannel strategies hold customers across various platforms, increasing their chances of purchasing from a mobile commerce store. Such mobile commerce solutions assist in improving their sales revenue.

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Voice Commerce

voice processing in ecommerceIt is predicted that the number of users of smart speakers will increase to 18% in the upcoming year. This indicates the increasing popularity of smart speakers and offers hints on the upliftment of voice commerce all over the world. This advanced way of shopping will set a trend next year, and smart speakers will become the best way to online shopping ahead. So, when you make your mind to craft an online store, you can incorporate voice commerce in the eCommerce website development approach to attain greater ROI.

Following are some of the ways to develop an eCommerce website for voice search:

  • Make sure the flow is simple to purchase your products via voice search.
  • Optimize content to be fetched in the voice queries.
  • Offer voice-based navigation on your website or app.
  • Append new expertise to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants.

AI-powered Chatbots

AI chatbot in ecommerceMost often when people implement digital marketing strategies, we can underestimate the role of Artificial Intelligence. It is an imperative digital marketing tool, which molds your customer service with instantaneous and customized AI-powered Chatbots.

Chatbots can perform much beyond just reverting the frequently-answered questions. The AI can analyze the real search intentions of customers, consider past conversations, and reply to new queries with natural language processing.

In 2021, your business will get benefit by upgrading to an AI-powered Chatbot, strengthened with conversational and deep-learning abilities.

Be sure to pick one that can run all your digital channels – messaging apps, website, and customer support tools.

Google Listings and Local SEO

If you are an owner of a small business, one of the key things that you can do is make sure that your local listings are kept current and verified on many search platforms.

This is because for B2C businesses that primarily attract customers on a local level, the Google My Business listing offers valuable information relevant to your services, hours, geographical location, and many of which are in flow constantly because of COVID-19.

It is one of the imperative factors in search, and brands often find it hard to know the directories that exist there.

Video Marketing Trend

You can’t ignore a fact that 60% of customers make their decision to buy after watching product videos. It offers them a clear picture relevant to the product that makes them more sure about purchasing the product. When it’s the matter of eCommerce digital marketing trends 2021, video marketing is the base supporting the digital marketers.

Crafting an experience through great content will be of interest and value to your customers. It is all related to indirect selling and is being employed to develop your brand.

Before purchasing, lots of questions surround you like, what is it? How much does it cost? When should I buy it? Why do I need it? and more. So, to get the answers to all such questions, a video will help you out. Making videos relevant to your product or service can be perfect for you to ease the customer and make them satisfied mentally before making payment. Hence, you’ll need a reliable video maker to produce engaging content.

Marketing Automation

You can surely expect businesses to utilize more software, fused with a strong eCommerce growth approach, to automate the marketing activities.

Robust marketing automation will improve the lead management to accumulate leads and nurture them with the best quality experiences that will assist in converting them into customers, and ensure revenue and brand loyalty. Moreover, it helps in ensuring a better user experience, more-focused customer communication, and messaging delivery.

Smart Home Assistants

Google Home and Alexa have been perfect for telling you about the weather, turning on the lights, and playing your cherished radio stations. But they have also been ruling the eCommerce industry quietly.

About 20% of the owners of smart speakers use them for shopping-relevant activities, whether that is for ordering the products, conducting the research, crafting a reminder, or tracking deliveries. This number is predicted to rise to 52% within the upcoming four years.

Mobile-Optimized Websites

mobile friendly ecommerce websiteWith the emerging trust in online shopping among the buyers, now they are becoming comfortable when it comes to online shopping via mobile devices. The users of mobile devices have been increasing swiftly as compared to past years that has resulted in a mobile dominant world. Today, when it’s about eCommerce web development, no business can ignore mobile optimization because of the increasing use of mobile.

Developing mobile-optimized websites has been one of the top trends of 2020 and will be the same in 2021. eCommerce website development provides a pleasing experience on both mobiles and desktops and has become important to stay competitive and achieve enhanced revenue.

Wrapping Up

Online shopping is meeting new heights with increasing buyers who are feeling comfortable in purchasing online. You can pick the best eCommerce development company to develop a top-notch online store for starting selling online. By choosing online selling, you can make your business attain new heights and reap the benefits of eCommerce websites to increase your revenue from the retail business.

To ensure that your website is fully updated, you will need to implement the advanced eCommerce trends on your site. You can also follow the latest eCommerce development trends in 2022 to build a strong website that necessitates all perfect functionalities.

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