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If you are lucky enough then you will get nice rankings on the Google Page Search Results, and get nearly 36.4% of the search traffic due to the awesome SEO of your site. But whether or not you are on the top Google search rankings, you shouldn’t forget that a typical user spends just 15 seconds on a web page. Hence, if the customer lands on your eCommerce store there are some points by which the customer can engage with your store. One such point is Popups on the eCommerce store. In this article, we will discuss the different types of popups that you can use in your eCommerce for driving sales in your eCommerce store. Let’s begin…

1. Abandoned Cart Popups

You hate it. We hate it. And almost every eCommerce retailer on this planet hates it. Yes, we are talking about the scenario when the customer added the product into the cart but doesn’t proceed with the payment. Cart abandonment is not improving in fact, it is getting worse. As of March 2020, the abandoned cart rate was nearly 88 percent in almost every industry. The automotive industry is observing the highest cart abandoned rate of 97%.

The reasons due to which people abandon the cart are also haven’t changed. A major portion of these people cited the shipping rate as one of the major reasons for leaving. The other reasons are:

abandoned cart stats

So what to do? Well, one way to reduce the cart abandon rate is to remind them through a popup that they are able to get free delivery.

You can take the example of Kate Spade which increases its free shipping policy’s perceived value. When the customer adds a product into the cart, they remind through a popup that they qualify for free shipping. However, you don’t have to show the free shipping popup to every visitor as we understand that there are tight margins in the business. You can use a third-party plugin like SiteMap which will show popup to the relevant customers only.

2. Mobile Popups

Do you have a greater mobile audience than the desktop? That’s the question we asked of ourselves when we analyzed more than a billion website popup views. As it turns out, it is true. If we check the customers with a mobile popup with those who don’t, then we realize that mobile popups outperformed desktop by a huge percentage of 86.49%.

Based on this result, it would be wise to say the mobile-specific popup would be more profitable for you. You must avoid duplication of an existing desktop campaign while focusing on the mobile responsive site. The conversion goal might change on the basis of the device.

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3. Sales Promotion Popups

One of the most common misconceptions of the website popups is that you think you can only use them for capturing leads. However, a few know that this is not the complete scenario.

Let’s take the example of Black Friday. It is one of the busiest days for online retailers during the whole year. As so many people visit your online store, it would be obvious that you inform them about your best deals.

WOOL AND THE GANG, an eCommerce store of wool and woolen clothes, did the exact thing in 2019. They have developed a very captivating design of the website and benefit-driven headline, they get a lot of business by offering a 30% massive reduction on all its products.

You can also add a countdown timer so the customers will know how much time they have for getting a discount. It can increase the conversion rate by more than 100%.

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4. Social Proof Popups

There are many different ways to show social proof on your eCommerce store. Some of the common ones are:

  • Social Proof by Customers: Written Reviews
  • Social Proof by Real People: User-Generated Content
  • Social Proof by Fellow Writers: Real-Time Activity
  • Social Proof by Experts: Ask Us Anything
  • Social Proof by Community: Questions & Answers
  • Social Proof by Organization: Trust Badges
  • Social Proof by Authority: Brand Collaborators

Among all these mentioned proofs, there are two very important social proofs. The first one is of course customer reviews. Zapier a software automation company uses this well. When you will go through the page for one of its articles, you will find a testimonial from Bryan Harris, the founder of Growth Tools

Another and less common method is to use social proofs in website popups for informing that the items that they have considered for buying are quite popular with other buyers too. You can also give a figure of how many people have purchased that item and have recently ordered.

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5. Slide-In Popups

If a customer or user is complaining that popups are annoying then they must have encountered the gimmicky popups which are intruding the reading experience. For e.g. like this:

Brooklinen comes with a reputed brand but a very irritating popup.

A better and user-friendly way to use a pop-up is to use it through a slider. It will engage more visitors and would be based on the visitors’ browsing behavior. It would be a two-fold popup that would be less intrusive. Secondly, it will have limited space hence you have to be more concise and creative as well.

6. Discount Popups

One of the best methods for incentivizing customers through a popup is to giving discounts, as we discussed earlier. But that’s not the only way.

There are proper time and moments to offer discounts. Also, discount popups will not only help in recovering lost sales but they are also helpful in getting lead data.

7. Nonprofit Groups

Until now, we have gone through the different types of popups that were utilized by the profit-making organizations for boosting up sales and getting more subscribers. But you would be surprised to know that non-profit organizations are having better expertise than anyone in using popups.

Think about it. For non-profit organizations, email drives nearly 40% of their donations. It is essential for them to get as more as more leads for funding.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned about many different types of popups that you can use in your eCommerce store for driving sales and maximizing profits. However, that’s not the only thing you need to focus on. There are many other customizations that you can do in your eCommerce store. We, at Emizentech, the best eCommerce development company in India, is having expertise in developing eCommerce stores from scratch. Let us know your requirements.

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