Well, earlier, it was pretty time-taking to pause your Salesforce Marketing Cloud journey. 

We have come up with a post that will guide you to attain your objective by following various steps to help you manage your goal while saving money. 

The ability to stop the journey in Marketing Cloud is now available as standard functionality! Announced in the May 2020 release, Marketing Cloud users can now temporarily stop Journey Builder processing contacts within Journeys; Until then, you had to stop the trip entirely first and then create a new version, which was messy and time-consuming.

Pause a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey

Why would you need to pause a trip? It is sometimes necessary to stop messaging temporarily to avoid conflicting marketing messages, give your team time to re-strategy, or save some portion of your marketing budget (for example). for, in this period of COVID-19 disruption).

Let’s see how to Pause Journey Builder in three steps.

Step 1: Choose the Pause Option

To stop processing contacts, you can choose “Pause this version” or “Pause all versionsx

Pause this version

Checkout Journey Builder Interface:

When selected, contacts processed during the trip no longer receive communication. However, the contacts queued for sending continue to be processed normally.

Checkout Journey Builder interface

One travel version, or all versions thereof, can be interrupted for a maximum of 14 days. When configuring pause options, it is possible to choose whether to resume travel at the end of the pause period or to stop altogether. You can manually resume the interrupted journey at any time.

If your travel has wait activities, you can only extend the time for ‘Wait duration’ activities (maybe other travel activities are part of an upcoming release?).

Step 2: Take Action on Your Path

Whether for strategic reasons (limiting your marketing campaigns to focus on promoting your event) or operational reasons (to avoid overlapping multiple campaigns), pausing a trip gives you ways to optimize it. opportunity to be identified. This is an opportunity to work on your journey by adding or removing activities to make it more relevant to your contacts.

Step 3: Resume the Journey

Resume the Journey

As soon as the journey resumes, all contacts are evaluated according to the target defined within the journey. If the contact matches the exit criteria set by you, they will be removed from the trip.

Stop a Journey

1. Go to Marketing Cloud.

Go to Marketing Cloud.

2. In marketing cloud Journey Builder and choose Journey Builder.

Stop a Journey

3. Click in the Journey you want to stop

Journey you want to stop

4. Click on the Pause button at the top right. If you have multiple versions of the journey, You can see the option to choose a single version or all versions of your running journey. All contacts of the journey will be excluded.

Click on the Pause button at the top right.


Through this feature, Marketing Cloud allows marketers to better manage stopping Journey Builder. It was recommended to make a far more travel version (or sometimes to make another trip), which comes with difficulties in retrieving contacts in the previous activity in which they were engaged.

We hope you find this post helpful to pause your Marketing Cloud Journey. Connect with our certified Salesforce developers to get your job done for any query or to clear any relevant confusion. 

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