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How to Create Survey with Salesforce Surveys

How to create a survey

  • Click on the icon to open menu options. Select Setup. Type Survey in Quick find box.

    Salesforce menu option

  • Click Survey Settings.

    Salesforce survey setting

  • Enable Surveys. If you want to create public invitations select an existing Community. Enable Survey Owner Can Manage Responses.Click on App launcher and search Surveys. Click on Surveys option.

    Enable surveys

  • It opens the Surveys tab and shows a list of surveys.

    App launcher and search Surveys

  • Click on New to create a survey. You should see a screen like this.

    opens the Surveys tab

  • Name you survey for example Crowley NPS Surveys. Enter a welcome message Thanks for using our services. Please tell us about your experience with us in this 30 second survey. Your feedback helps us create a better experience for you and for all our other customers.

    opens the Surveys tab

  • Click on Add Page. Set the page name to NPS.Set page name to NPS.

    Crowley NPS Surveys

    Set the page name to NPS

  • Click on Add Question. It gives you options to create different kind of questions. For ex – Picklist, text, Date, NPS, Rating, Multiple Selection.

    Set page name to NPS

  • Select Net Promoter Score (NPS) type question. Add the question text – How likely are you going to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

    Set page name to NPS

  • Similarly, you can add questions of different types.Add new page and name the page Want Notification. Add a question Do you want to get updates on New Products and Features? with Picklist type on the page. Add choices Yes and No.

    Add the question text

  • We can change next questions based on answer of the current question. For example, if customer want to get updates from us, we can ask him to choose the products on which he needs notifications and if he does not want any notification, we can skip the next question.
  • Add another question Please mention the products you are interested in of type Multiple Selection in the same page Want Notification. Add choices Crowley 365, Crowley Outlook. Click on Display Logic button of this question.

    Add new page and name the page

  • In the opened dialog Question display logic. Select condition when All the conditions are met. For criteria select question Do you want to get updates on New Products and Features? Select equals operator and Yes in response. So, if user select Yes for the selected question only then the current question appears.

    Add choices Crowley

  • We can also change the next page on response of an answer. Add new page named Overall Experience. Add a question of type Rating. Add question text – How was the overall experience with our Company services?

    dialog Question display logic

  • Add another page named Low rating reason. Add a text type question with question text – Please tell us the reasons for low rating.
  • Go to Overall Experience page and click on page branching icon.

    Add new page named Overall Experience

  • It opens a Page branching dialog. Select Based on conditions checkbox. Select Page Low Rating Reason. Select the condition All the conditions are met. Select Question How was the overall experience, operator is less than or equal to and response 3. Click on Create Rule button.

    Overall Experience page

  • Add another rule on this dialog. Check Based on Conditions checkbox. Select page Thank You Page. Select condition All the conditions are met. Select question How the overall experience. Select operator is greater than and response 3.

    Page branching dialog

  • So, now if the Overall experience is less than or equal to 3, we redirect to Low Rating Reason page otherwise redirect to Thank You page.
  • Go to Thank You Page. Add Thank you text.

    Page branching dialog

  • Click Save button on top and right on the page.

    Page branching dialog

  • Click preview to see the preview. Activate it. You cannot edit the pages after the activation. But you can create copy of the survey or create a new version of survey.


  • We can send emails directly from Survey builder. Go to Send tab. It gives you two options Get Link, Send Email.

    Page branching dialog

  • Select Get Link tile. These links can be copied and sent to users for filling surveys. There are multiple settings available with links – Anonymize responses, Auto Expires, Don’t require Authentication. Check the Don’t require Authentication checkbox.

    Share Surveys

  • Select Send Email tile. Choose Survey link on Select Content picklist and send it to any internal user, contact, lead record. Before sending emails, you can set few settings on invitation link.

    Anonymize responses – Participants can take the survey without revealing their name or other identifying information.

    Let participants see their responses – Participants with Salesforce accounts in your org can access their response record in Salesforce after completing the survey.

    Don’t require authentication – Lets a participant who receives a link take the survey without logging into Salesforce or a community.

    Unique link (NOTE Use only when you send an email invitation) – Each participant receives a unique invitation link. The participant’s name is associated with the participant’s response record.

    Share Surveys

    Share Surveys

  • Go to Analyze tab to see the reports related to Surveys. You can also click on Export Responses button to export responses as CSV.

    Share Surveys


  • Go to Setup again and type Translation in Quick find box. Select Translation Language Settings. Select the Language and select users who can be translators.

    Share Surveys

  • Go to App Launcher, type surveys and select surveys to open list of Surveys. Open the NPS Crowley Surveys. Go to Languages tab.

    Share Surveys

  • Click on Translate button for Spanish. It opens a dialog. Give your Spanish translations for each label. Click Save and Next.
  • After finishing adding translations go to right side of the page. Click on the arrow icon to show all options. Click on Open Latest Version.

    Share Surveys

  • It opens the latest version of the survey. Go to Send tab. Click Get Link tile. Choose Participants outside your company tab. Check the Don’t require Authentication checkbox.

    Share Surveys

  • Copy the link and paste it in browser. You will see that now before starting Surveys it asks for your preferred language. Then, you continue surveys. Note, you could have sent an email to yourself like we did before in this post. You go to Send tab and click Send Email tile. Then, choose Survey Link in Select Content picklist. Set recipient and send email.
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