What are Lightning Flows?

A flow is a process that performs any of the tasks given at the time of record creation, updation or on any other action, it is a new version of workflow rules in salesforce classic. It’ll reduce the use of code in many cases. It will automate business processes and manual data entry.

The automation saves your user’s time and make sure the required tasks are being done and also improves the quality of your data. There are four types of flows:

  • Autolaunched flow: Automate repetitive tasks
  • Screen Flow: Collect information from users through screens
  • User Provisioning Flow: Create a user account and link it to a third-party service or app
  • Contact Request flow: Create self-service forms to collect contact details

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To create the flow, follow these steps:
Go to Setup -> Quick Find Box -> Search for “Flows” -> Click on Flows -> Then Click New FlowSalesforce Flows

It will open below screen.Salesforce Flows Creation

You can create any of the four flows. Here I am creating Autolaunched Flow which will send an email to the selected users when a lead is created. For that I am creating a flow:Salesforce Flow Diagram

First, I’ll get the record from any of the object using any source of the flow, for that first we need to create a new resource of data type record:

create new resourcecreate new resource Salesforce

Then you need to go to the elements tab:

go to elements tabedit get recordsedit get records

Salesforce create flowsSalesforce create flows

Salesforce create flowsSalesforce create flows
Salesforce create flows
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Now create an Action Send Email:
Salesforce create flows
Then run the flow:
Then run the flow:
The screen goes here, and the mail will be sent to the Lead Owner.
Salesforce create flows
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