We often come across different small chores at home that requires professional assistance. The other handyman works like repairing faucets, electrical works, etc., need immediate attention to eliminate any aggravated damage to property and place. However, finding a handyperson for your daily needs can be difficult. Do you know that 91,210 handyman services operate in the United States only? So why do many people complain about not finding a dedicated handyman for their jobs?

The fundamental problem is the lack of awareness of the nearest handyman services with the slightest knowledge of their rates. So, you may be planning to open a dedicated handyman services business, but do you know the right path for it? All you need is a dedicated handyman app, the on-demand services application. Let us know all about these apps, followed by how to create a handyman app like TaskRabbit and Uber for your handyman services.

What Are On-Demand Handyman Apps?

On-Demand Handyman Apps

The on-demand handyman apps are dedicated applications that offer on-demand services to different places or homes based on requirements. These apps cover small daily chores like plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or any other minor work and offer experienced services for the job. It becomes easy for homeowners to connect to expert services from the on-demand handyman apps.

These apps benefit the local handyman service providers to get some local business. Further, the homeowners can rely on the established service providers in managing different small chores at their place. These apps work as a dedicated platform to bring customers and service providers on the same board. Let us know more about the working of these apps.

How Does The Handyman App Work?

The different daily works at home, like carpentry, cleaning, remodeling, wiring, plumbing, etc., require professional assistance. The handyman apps offer much-needed help for these daily chores by connecting the professionals to the customers. It becomes easy for the customers to select from the affordable and experienced handyman services out of all the available options.

It is easy to understand the working model of any handyman app in the following way:

  • The customer log-in to the handyman app by offering all the necessary details of the expected job.
  • The customer is guided through adding the current location to connect with the regional handyman service providers.
  • The customer can select the type of services, date and time of availability, etc.
  • The customer can see the actual charges before booking the specific handyman services.
  • The customer can process the booking after going through the pricing.
  • The handyman services professional visits the customer at the designated time on their location.

What Are The Benefits Of Handyman Apps?

The advantages of the handyman apps are not limited to the following:

  • It helps businesses create strong customer relationships.
  • It saves time for the businesses and users as it incorporates multiple features on one platform, reduces admin work details, and makes smooth business workflow.
  • It is possible to have multi-location access.
  • It offers a structured system to keep a check on multiple handyman services.
  • It offers convenient payment options for users and service providers.
  • It eliminates paperwork.
  • It eliminates the administration management cost.
  • It is possible to have an online booking form.
  • It facilitates easy job scheduling.
  • It helps handyman service providers create a brand image for their services.

Must Have Features in a Local Handyman Near Me App

While no two handyman apps are of the same type, it is essential to go through the critical must-to-have features to make your handyman app a success. Thus, the main components for any handyman app include:

  • It must help users find nearby handyman services quickly and easily.
  • It must offer appointment scheduling like a book for later, book now, book for tomorrow, etc.
  • It must support multiple payment options like cash on delivery, Google payments, credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • It must have location tracking and GPS.
  • It must support integrated mobile capture.
  • It should offer integrated workflow management.

Market Stats Of Handyman Apps Like TaskRabbit

Let us have a quick look at the trending marketing statistics of the handyman apps:

  • The market value of handyman software, which was at $2,638 million in 2022, is expected to increase to $5,257 million by 2030.
  • This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% from 2023 to 2030.
  • 73% of the homeowners wait to call any handyman services until multiple problems get accumulated at their place.
  • The property managers make up around 4% of the total handyman services customers.
  • The US’s market size of different handyman services units will amount to 4.5 billion USD in 2022.
  • The market size of the handyman services franchise industry in the US remains steady when compared to the overall economy.

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

The quick facts about TaskRabbit are:

  • TaskRabbit is available in more than 70 major metros in six countries, i.e., Spain, Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, etc.
  • TaskRabbit offers more different handyman services in more than 45 categories.
  • More than 4 million tasks have been booked through the TaskRabbit platform till now.
  • Some of the most popular handyman services booked through TaskRabbit include furniture assemblies, moving tasks, home cleaning, minor home repairs, waiting in line services, etc. 

How Do I Make An On-Demand Handyman Mobile App?

Handyman app development services include a few steps from conceptualization to launch. 

Let’s go through the steps to build a handyman app. 

1. Market Research

First, you need to start by identifying your target audience who will use your app, like handyman professionals, businesses, homeowners, and more. 

Also, scan the handyman apps of your competitors and draw out their strengths and weaknesses to emerge with a better app. 

2. Define Your Value Proposition

Consider what can make your app stay ahead of the curve, like real-time tracking, reviews, easy payment options, etc. 

Besides, finalize the services you want to offer customers, such as specialized services, general repairs, and more. 

3. Design and User Experience

Design plays an important role in engaging the users and making them stay for quite a long until they purchase your services. 

Make your handyman app easy to use with a user-friendly interface to let your customers easily navigate through your app and find what they are looking for. Ensure you build an intuitive, simple process to book handyman services. 

4. Technical Aspects

Choose the platform, suitable tech stack, database, and more tools and technologies to build a custom handyman app. 

Decide which platform to launch your app: Android, iOS, or both. Pick the apt technologies and databases that go perfectly with your data needs. 

5. Legal and Compliance

You must ensure the app you build complies with every data protection law. You can consider all the legal aspects relevant to the services you offer. 

6. Development Process

First, build a minimum viable product (MVP), a basic version, to get user feedback. Use an interactive process following an agile approach for continuous improvement. 

Perform rigorous testing for bugs, crashes, and better user experience. 

7. Marketing and Launch

You can shoot a pre-launch campaign to create buzz before launching your app via email or social media marketing. 

A solid plan is essential to get initial users and feedback. So, plan accordingly to witness a grand blastoff. 

8. Post-Launch

Now, collect and include user feedback constantly and consider that to improve your app, update it, and append new features.

Best Handyman Apps In 2022

It is time to have a quick look at the top handyman apps in 2022 to get a quick look at what people like the best about these apps.

1. AllBetter

AllBetter logo

It is a reliable and user-intuitive handyman app with top-rated services providers, multiple replacement services, repair services, etc. Its pricing starts at 590USD yearly.

2. Handy

handy app logo

It is a user-friendly app with features like an easy payment process, flexible planning, read and compare reviews, a 24*7 booking facility, customized bookings, etc. It is free for all users.

3. Thumbtack

Thumbtack logo

 It is a popular handyman app with features like cost estimation, online marketing strategies support, checking reviews or ratings, easy to access multiple handyman services, etc. It offers customized pricing plans.

4. FieldCamp

field service logo

It is effective field management software with top features like scheduling, dispatching, invoice generation, efficient reporting, inventory management, job management, real-time field staff tracking, etc. Its pricing starts from as low as 29USD monthly.

5. Family Handyman

the family handyman

It is a popular handyman app with features like how-to instructions, how-to videos, step-by-step photography, professional ideas, a user-friendly app, multiple home improvement services, etc. Its pricing starts at 32.92USD annually.

6. BrightNest


It has a great database of the local handyman services and has multiple features like quiz options, different deals, task scheduling, customization, reminder options, etc. Its pricing is available to customers on-demand basis.

7. Porch


It is one of the popular handyman apps for multiple services and has features like advanced search options, GPS location options, in-app chat with customers, payment options, easy sign-up, login, etc. Its pricing is available on a direct service basis.

8. TaskRabbit

taskrabbit logo

It is one of the top-rated handyman apps with features like making secure payments, chatting with taskers, different forms of customer support like email, chat, phone, etc., trusted local handyman professionals, and improved customer services. It has a non-refundable registration fee of 25USD.

9. Housejoy

housejoy logo

The handyman app offers a range of services like home cleaning, a salon at home, virus fumigation, plumbing, electrical appliances, pest control services, etc. Its pricing is based on the type of service.

10. Mr. Right

Mr. Right app logo

It is a popular handyman app that offers reliable and verified handyman professionals, transparent pricing, accurate invoicing, hassle-free payment options, etc. Its pricing is available on a specific skill basis.

11. KnockNok

knoknok app logo

It is a popular handyman app that offers appliance repairs, home improvements, plumbing, etc. It is available for free downloads from leading app stores.



It is another handyman app with 24*7 customer services, a reviews section, monitoring work progress, etc. It is 100% free to use the HOMEE app.

How Do Handyman Apps Make money?

Any handyman app can make money based on the following three different models. These are:

  • Service fees or commission: The handyman app takes a specific amount of service fees from the service providers once they’re paid. For example, TaskRabbit charges a 15% commission fee on the job’s total price.
  • Support and trust fees: The handyman app can charge non-negotiable support and trust fees for every transaction on the platform. These charges are for team training, tools addition, support for clients, investing in customer support, operational or safety measures to protect customers, etc. For example, TaskRabbit charges 7.5% support and trust fees on the job’s total price.
  • Registration fees: The Handyman app can charge a non-refundable registration fee from every service provider registered on the platform. For example, TaskRabbit charges 25USD as registration fees.

Cost For Developing On-Demand Handyman Apps

The next big question that comes to the mind of the people looking to create on-demand handyman services is the overall costs. However, no two app development costs are the same, even for similar niche apps. Hence, it becomes essential to understand the cost structure of on-demand handyman apps. 

First things first, the on-demand handyman app development is a complex process. It involves multiple technical experts, and hence the costs include charges of these experts and the use of technology. The complex apps have more features that attract more fees, while the simple apps have minor features.

The key factors that contribute to the costs of on-demand handyman app development are:

  • The project management team, i.e., the point-of-contact between the handyman service providers and the app developers.
  • Compatibility of the app on different platforms, Android, iOS, etc.
  • The main features required in the app, i.e., setup screen, selected news screen, catalogue screen, main screen, etc.
  • Compatibility of the app on different devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Options of landscape or portrait modes.
  • Different backend requirements.
  • Data storage options and third-party integration options.
  • Application testing to determine the errors and bugs and offer quick correction for a smooth customer experience.

The average cost of creating a handyman app like Uber covers the following charges:

  • Back-end API user
  • End-to-end app testing
  • Native application development like Android or iOS
  • Admin panel
  • Other features include a review system, payments, messaging, applying for new tasks, creating new job postings, searching or filtering, registration options, etc.

The average cost of creating handyman app development like Uber ranges from 14,000 USD to 22,000 USD for Android or iOS platforms, and it covers all the prices mentioned above. The actual costs depend on the type of the app that is specific for the features and technology only.

Things You Should Know Before Creating An App like Uber for Handyman

Have you decided to create an app popular like Uber for handyman services? It is essential to go through the critical points that can be helpful in this journey. Let us go through these points to make your handyman app journey a success:

How much time does it take to develop an app like Uber for a handyman?

The time required to develop an app like Uber for a handyman depends entirely on the app’s uniqueness and features. Hence, it is essential to convey the necessary elements, design, and other complexities in the handyman app to the developers to get a fair idea of the final app. The average time of developing a handyman app like Uber is around 90 days.

A) What Does The Development Process Include?

-> Careful planning is necessary to design a handyman app.
-> The app development, preparation of project documentation, prototype creation, etc., comes with high labor costs.
-> The handyman app development process includes different stages that include:
-> Compiling the functional components, non-functional components, analyzing the different features, etc., required in the app.
-> User script specifications, designing API interfaces, writing technical specifications, etc.
-> Different design options.
-> Mobile application for Android, iOS, etc., and server solutions.
-> Testing the application for Google Play or App Store for app publishing.

B) Handyman License & Certification Requirements

Any handyman app needs to obey regional regulations like licenses and other certifications. Hence, it is crucial to know the provincial laws for handyman services according to the area and the type of the services. It is easy to research the local rules and guidelines of the site before starting the handyman app development.

C) Why on-demand services apps are a good investment in 2022?

The on-demand services app is a good investment in 2022 due to the following reasons:
-> Different methods like loyalty programs, discounts, etc., as push notifications to keep the existing users engaged.
-> Essential to have customer feedback and offer critical improvements.
-> A simple marketing technique that allows homeowners to pay for household repairs.
-> Gaining business prospects due to the increase in the handyman services.
-> The absence of ample office space to start the business as the handyman services can be created with zero infrastructure needs.
-> The quick earnings using the different handyman services can be charged on an hourly or skill basis.
-> It is easy to enter the handyman services industry irrespective of the competition due to the increased demand.
-> The need for most negligible investments in handyman services.

D) Who can help me in developing Handyman App?

A dedicated team of professionals can help develop a Handyman app like Uber. All you need to do is get connected to the right team with expertise in delivering modern Handyman apps according to the users’ needs. Not to miss is to get in touch with the team that offers affordable development of Handyman apps.

Handyman Business Myths

Like any other business, handyman services are prone to certain myths that keep many new bees from entering this profitable business. Let us have a quick look at the top myths related to the handyman business:

1. You must know every core in your handyman services

 It is wrong to assume that a single person can handle mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or other works. The lack of skills should never keep a person from starting a handyman business. Any person can begin by offering primary services followed by maintenance services according to their respective crafts. The best way is to remain honest with the customers and tell them straight forward if you’re not an expert in any skill. It will help you gain the trust of customers in the long run.

2. Small handyman jobs are not profitable

This is one of the popular myths surrounding the handyman services even after knowing that the vital handyman works are only small chores. All these chores require specific skills and hence are paid based on skills only. If any handyman is not earning enough from 2-3 tasks daily, it means that he/she has to look at the current pricing of services. Further, remaining close to one region ensures that your handyman services can be popular in the specific area and gains your word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Handyman services can be charged on a job basis

Any handyman services can be charged on an hourly or skill basis. Charging by hour ensures that you get paid for the number of hours devoted to the job while charging by skill means that you offer a flat rate based on the work irrespective of the time taken. Hence, handyman services can be started with both ways of charging. It all depends on the type of the services and the model that is fitting to the person based on region, type of skills, type of work, etc. 

Wrapping Up

After going through all about the best handyman apps, it is genuine to feel motivated to create one for your handyman business. All you need is a detailed analysis of the on-demand handyman apps, their working, key benefits, and the main features. It is important to have a look at the key statistics of popular competitors like TaskRabbit to get genuine data about the handyman apps.

A quick list of the popular handyman apps gives a fair idea of the final product. Further, it is important to understand the business model of these apps, the tech stack required, and the team structure needed to create a powerful on-demand handyman app. The cost of development of these apps makes clear the initial investments, and the quick list of the key points makes the path as clear as it can be for first-timers. Also, if you want to build a similar app then do get in touch with Emizentech’s app development team. We have experienced app developers capable of building robust apps on all platforms.

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