In this technological era, feeling connected with our favorite games and sports has become easier than ever. Gone are the days when you could only watch the game on television or in a real stadium; now, you can even play the game when those selected players are performing on the field. All thanks to fantasy sports apps, fans now create their teams, choose players and receive awards as per their knowledge in the league. 

In this scenario, fantasy baseball apps have emerged as one of the most popular kinds of e-sports fantasy software. With more than 500 million baseball fans in different countries, baseball fantasy apps are among the most downloaded fantasy apps around the world. Similarly, developing one and making it available for this huge target audience can be a tremendous business idea with the least competition. But, before going that deep, it is important to have a basic idea of fundamentals. So, today in this blog, we will talk all about fantasy baseball apps, their scenario in the world, and their development process. 

What is a Fantasy Baseball App? 

Just like any other fantasy sports app, this is also a concept based on baseball sports. Fantasy baseball apps have an interface that allows the users to form a digital team of real-time players and rank them according to the expected performance. Moreover, the software also provides the live performance of these players playing the league in any of the country, tournament, and ground. The more accurate the prediction of the users, the bigger the prizes they win. This concept has been a proven way of enhancing the knowledge of people toward the game as well as generating more interest in the fans regarding the sport. 

Moreover, some of the popular fantasy baseball apps even allow users to create private contests where they can form a team and compete against their own friends. 

Why Building a Fantasy Baseball App is a Great Idea?

Building a fantasy baseball app requires investment. At the same time, it might be one of the most unusual kinds of investment you would have heard of in your life. So, you might be thinking about the benefits of developing such an app by putting your money into it. Here are some reasons why building a fantasy baseball app can bring fortune to you- 

1. Growing Popularity of Fantasy Sports

According to Straitresearch, the global fantasy sports market size has been valued at $24 billion in 2021 which is estimated to climb to $78.5 billion by 2030. The market is forecasting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% during the forecasted period. The craze of baseball fantasy apps doesn’t seem to be taking a pause and attracting millions of users each time with a new tournament. So, the business of fantasy sports apps is set to thrive in the upcoming years. 

2. High Engagement and Retention Rates 

People who use fantasy sports apps are already fans of particular games. So, it is not much harder to keep them engaged in the app by providing the necessary features. Customer loyalty can be achieved easily as there is also not much competition in the baseball fantasy app landscape. 

3. Potential of Recurring Revenue Streams 

There are numerous monetization models that help bring handsome revenue on the fence. Once the app has managed to attract a broader user base, the monetization models like subscription, advertisement, sponsorship, in-app purchases, and more help convert popularity into money. 

4. Targeting a Niche Audience of Passionate Baseball Fans 

When running a baseball fantasy app, one is targeting a niche audience that has a serious interest in the game. So, as long as the software is providing the necessary support and feature, the audience will not hesitate to leverage the services against a couple of dollars. Moreover, the retention rate drops gradually when working with a niche audience.

5. Opportunity for Data-Driven Insight and Personalized Recommendations 

When a large audience base is using the platform, surely it will gain heavy data about the fundamental information of users as well as their preferences. This data can be used efficiently for different purposes. First of all, providing personalized services and experiences becomes much easier with data. At the same time, by using the data masking strategy, one can provide this data to an advertising agency which can help generate a good income. 

6. Competitive Advantage in The Crowded Sports App Market 

When compared to other fantasy sports apps, baseball is away from that much of competition. For example, talking about cricket or soccer, you might have to overtake a number of well-established players in the industry to show your spark. On the other hand, you can easily do the same in the baseball segment by providing good features and functionalities. 

7. Potential for Expansion Into Other Fantasy Sports Markets

Having entered and performed well in the baseball segment, one can easily expand to other fantasy sports markets. Moreover, when an app has already established the brand in one of the sports segments, moving to a more competitive sports segment and performing well becomes easier. 

Types of Fantasy Baseball Apps 

Carrying a fanbase of millions of people around the world, each of them has got their preferences, habits, and interests. A range of fantasy baseball apps is developed to meet these habits and interests. Following are some of the popular types of fantasy baseball apps

1. Fantasy Baseball Draft-Based Apps

This is one of the types of fantasy baseball apps focused on managing the different tasks and providing a more seamless experience to its target audience. Using draft-based apps, the users take better and more measured decisions. It will be helpful to understand this concept with help of the following examples- 

Type of apps Description 
Draft Simulator Draft simulator app helps create a simulated actual fantasy baseball draft where users can practice for the real game and ensure better results. At the same time, it also helps the users to learn the game more efficiently. 
Draft Assistants Draft assistance apps provide recommendations and advice during the live fantasy baseball draft. For the same, the software uses algorithms and data analysis based on players’ previous performances. 
Draft trackers With the app in this category, the users can track their own drafts as well as those of others to make better decisions. 
Cheat sheets These apps consist the user-friendly player ranking and their performance that helps the users to make more measured decisions while selecting the players.
Draft analyzer The draft analyzer app allows the users to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their formed draft. It often includes the features like player evaluation and roster breakdown, along with suggestions for potential trades or waiver wire pickups. 

2. Head to Head Fantasy Baseball apps

This is one of the fundamental types of fantasy baseball apps where users choose to compete against their friends and other known ones, away from the pool of multiple opponents. In head to head fantasy app, the player with the most points is declared the winner of the game. 

H2H Fantasy Baseball is the best example of Head to Head Fantasy Baseball app. 

3. Daily Fantasy Baseball apps 

This is the most common type of fantasy sports app. In this type of app, the user creates a team of different players on the basis of their past performance in matches and tournaments. Points and scores are credited whenever the prediction goes true. At the end of the day, the user with the most scores or points is considered the winner. 

DraftKings Fantasy Sports is among the most popular daily fantasy sports apps. 

4. Round Robin Fantasy Baseball apps 

Many fans wait for this type of fantasy baseball opportunity as it goes for a complete session. Fans get the chance to make points throughout the session and the players with the maximum points are declared the winners. 

ESPN Fantasy Baseball is one of the platforms where fans can experience round-robin fantasy gaming for baseball.

5. Single Elimination Baseball App

Here, a tournament follows the single elimination format. The team that loses the match is eliminated from the tournament, and the one who remains to the last is declared the winner. However, if a player performs poorly in this type of tournament, the chances of losing the whole tournament increase significantly. Similarly, if the team wins, the player’s position moves upward in the table, bringing enormous prizes. 

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino is a renowned name taking part in a single elimination fantasy baseball app. 

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Fantasy Baseball Super Apps: One app for Everything 

People engaged in the game to the next level might not be satisfied with just one of the above apps. However, downloading tens of apps on the device might also be inconvenient. So, here comes the concept of super apps, which carries the features and functionalities of all the above-defined apps and software. 

These kinds of apps mainly contain different portals for different purposes. The user can access different tournaments and leagues in this type of app. Moreover, the live tournaments are made accessible when the real-life tournament is about to start. Similarly, the session tournament is also available in super apps. 

How Does Fantasy Baseball App Work?

Defining in the most straightforward words, the fantasy baseball app allows users to create virtual teams by selecting a professional player before any tournament. At the same time, these players are ranked according to their expected performance in the upcoming leagues. If the players perform according to the prediction, users get to win exciting monetary and non-monetary prizes. 

Turning toward the technical operations, it mainly involves a database that stores all the information about baseball players, including stats, positions, and teams. The data is obtained from third-party APIs such as Major League Baseball API. Moreover, the fantasy app also carries a scoring system that assigns points to the players according to their live performance in the game. Here, users interact with the app with an interface that allows them to view the player’s live performance and their progress in the game. Similarly, this interface allows users to make changes in their virtual teams. 

So, the overall technical working of the fantasy baseball app consists of technologies like a database of real-life baseball data, a scoring system that assigns players according to their live performance, and a user interface that provides access to all the app features. 

Monetization Model of Fantasy Baseball App

Not one, but there are several monetization strategies that help to make money through the app. However, these monetization models can provide efficient ROI only when you have a broad user base. Some of the best monetization models that can bring good revenue to your pocket via the app are but are not limited to 

1. Advertising 


Advertising is one of the best monetization models for any kind of app. Displaying the advertisements of third-party businesses on your app can bring good revenue to the owner. At the same time, one doesn’t have to do much in the app when earning through advertisements. 

2. In-app purchases 


This monetization model enables the users to leverage the essential services without any charges or fee but provide some extra features with additional access against particular charges. However, these in-app purchases are entirely optional. 

3. Subscription-Based Model


It is another monetization model in which the user is charged periodically for using software services. These charges are paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. To secure a good income via a subscription-based model, the application must effectively meet the requirements and needs of its target audience. 

4. Transaction-Based Fee


Moving ahead, one can also earn good revenue by charging the user each time they make a transaction. For example, you can charge a commission when any user makes a prediction or starts the game. Similarly, you can charge the user every time they win a prize. 

Must-Have Features of Fantasy Baseball App 

Features are the core determinant for the capabilities of any app or software. The more are the features, more time it will take to develop the app and, similarly more it will cost. However, this statement doesn’t state that software features should be compromised to save cost and time. 

We have enlisted some of the user panel and admin panel features that can enhance the  capabilities of your fantasy baseball app to the next level- 

User Panel Features 
User registration and login The feature allows the users to input their personal details and create a profile. Having set up the login credentials and passwords, one can log in to the app to take part in any tournament and league. 
Create and join leaguesCreating and joining leagues is the feature that allows the users to create new leagues among friends or participate in the existing leagues to win exciting prizes. 
Team creation With the team creation feature, users create their virtual teams of digital players and rank them according to their respective predictions. 
Player draftingFantasy baseball leagues hold a draft in which all the teams draft MLB players. The players are kept on the roster of the team as long as they are not traded for other players or are dropped. 
Live scoring Live scoring feature provides real-time updates like the score and performance of each player in the live game. 
Trade playersTrade players mean the owner of one team can exchange the player/s of their team from the owner of another team if both parties agree. 
Waiver wireIn this feature, unclaimed players are temporarily frozen and everyone is given a chance to add that player to the team. In case of multiple claims, one with the highest waiver priority gets the player. On the other hand, if no claims are made, anyone can have that player without waiting. 
Player stats Fantasy is all about making predictions. So, player stats makes the past performance and records of different players available to users. One can use this information to draft their team. 
Chat and Messaging Chat and messaging feature allows the users to talk to their friends in the middle of the tournament without exiting the app.
Push Notification Push notification provides all the alerts and important updates to the user when they are not active on the app. 
Admin Panel Features 
User Management Admin of the app has access to manage all the users using the application and make sure they are adhering to the rules and regulations of the app. 
League managementLeague management feature enables the app owner to handle all the private and public leagues to make sure that everything goes according to the defined rules. 
Player management The admin of the app has complete access to manage the digital players and the offline players taking part in the game. 
Scoring and point system Admins have complete control over the scoring and point system in tournaments to eliminate the chances of hacking and breaching. 
Transactions management Admin can manage all the transactions happening on the platform which includes adding funds, winning the prizes, and transferring them into the bank account. 
Analytics and Reports App admin can easily choose to generate reports and analytics on user activity, player trends, league performance, and other metrics. 
Payment integration Admin can select the payment integration platforms that should be used for different types of transactions.
Security management The feature provides the ability to control access to app’s data and resources while at the same time, ensuring the security measures such as authentication. 
App settings Overall app settings such as themes, colors, designs, etc. are managed by the admin of the app. 
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Benefits of Fantasy Baseball App Development

Technological advancements in the field of fantasy baseball app development is providing a range of benefits to its stakeholders. For the same, developing such an app is considered as a good investment or business idea. Some of the major benefits that fantasy baseball software development delivers are- 

1. Increased User Engagement 

User engagement in fantasy apps has increased recently with the technology exposure of people around the world. Today, a big portion of the worldwide population owns a smartphone and has access to this software to feel more connected with the game. 

2. Improved User Retention 

User retention in fantasy apps is not a tough task. As long as the users are getting the right and useful features, they don’t think about switching the app or choosing another app. So, user retention is easier in fantasy baseball apps. 

3. Revenue Generation Through In-App Purchases 

A good app can easily generate good revenue by providing in-app purchase features. With this model, the app can offer some exceptional and advanced features to the users against particular charges which brings a good income to the app owner. 

4. Enhanced User Experience 

Ensuring a seamless user interface and including all the required functionalities in the app enhances the user experience in the app which elevates their loyalty towards the brand. Better user experience results in increased popularity of the app. 

5. Real-Time Updates and Notifications 

The app provides real-time notifications and updates to the users about the live games happening in different cities at different stadiums. So, it helps keep baseball fans up to date about their favorite game. 

6. Customizable League Settings 

Fantasy sports apps nowadays provide customizable league settings in which the users can customize the price and format of their personal leagues. It enhances the overall user experience with the app.

7. Integration with Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, fantasy sports software are providing features where users can connect their social media accounts with the app so they can create or join a league with their existing friends. 

8. Access to Player and Team Statistics 

Fantasy sports apps provides access to statistics of teams and players regarding their score and performance in real games. 

9. Fantasy Team Management Tools 

Fantasy team management tool helps the users to create a team, manage the players, trade the player, and much more to form a team according to the prediction and increase the chances of winning. 

10. Competitive League Play

The app allows the user to create a local league and enjoy the game with their friends and known ones. There is no interference from any outsider user, and thus they can have their match. 

Step-By-Step Process to Build Fantasy Baseball App 

Before committing to a development partner, it is a good idea to have basic knowledge about the development process of a fantasy app. So, the following is an ideal process for the development of a fantasy baseball app-

1. Define the Requirements and Features of The App

First of all, define the requirements and features of the app to your app development partner. It will help you as well as the company to determine whether they can fulfill the needs and requirements of your project or not. 

2. Choose the Platform and Programming Language 

Once you have communicated with your app development partner, it is the time you make decisions about the technological framework of your app. For the same, choose the right programming language for your software that should be used by the developers. 

3. Create the User Interface Design for The App

First impression is generally the last impression and the user interface is the first impression of an app. Create a well-organized and easy-to-use interface for the app where users can easily find the portals and features they want to use. 

4. Develop the Backend of The App

Backend consists of the overall support of features that delivers the real purpose of the app. Backend developers use the technologies like server-side languages, databases, APIs, and frameworks to complete the backend development of the app. 

5. Develop the Front End of The App 

Once the backend development has been completed, it is time to develop the front end of the application. Front-end is the one that faces the users and navigates them toward the functionalities of the app. 

6. Testing of The App 

Testing of the app is performed once the development phase of the project has been completed. The step helps ensure that the final outcome doesn’t carry any bugs and is running smoothly. 

7. Deployment of The App 

After you are satisfied with the outcome, the app is deployed to its respective platform (Android or iOS) to make it available to the target audience. 

8. After Deployment Support 

Deploying the app is not everything but you will also have to ensure that your app is receiving the update continuously according to the needs of users and that bugs are being removed as soon as anyone identifies a new error. 

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Tech Stack for a Fantasy Baseball App development

Tech stack is the technological framework that helps to build the overall framework of the app. A good tech stack for fantasy baseball app development can be- 

Front-end development CSS, HTML, and JavaScript 
Database Management HBase, PostgreSQL, MailChimp, Cassandra, MongoDB, and MySQL
Cloud Infrastructure Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services
Payment Integration Paytm, PayPal, e-banking 
APIsSports Statistics Databases 
Back-end development Ruby, Python, and Java
Mobile Development iOS and Android 
Push Notifications Twilio, and Apple push notification 
Real-life Analytics Google Analytics, Gleam IO

How To Choose A Tech Stack For Developing A Mobile App

Team Required to Develop Fantasy Baseball App 

Having a perfect team working on your project can be one of the best things that can happen to your project. A perfect team helps ensure that your project is in safe hands carrying all the necessary skills and expertise relevant to the app-

Project Manager The person who manages the overall development process as well as set the milestone of the project. 
UI/UX Designer This profile takes care of the overall user interface and how the app looks like. 
Front-end developer Front-end developer codes the visual elements like user interface and user experience. 
Back-end developer The developer codes the behind-the-scene elements of the app, which include server-side logic and database interactions. 
QA TesterQuality Analysis tester helps ensure that there are no bugs or errors in the application and that outcomes matches the needs and requirements of the target audience. 
Database administrator The person manages the database, which stores all the app data, including user profiles, game statistics, etc. 
Server administrator Server administrator manages the servers which host the app. 
Content Creator This profile keeps your app updated with new content about your services and informs the target audience about your offerings. 

Fantasy Baseball App Technology Trends

Technology continuously changes the scenarios as new trends outperform the old ones. Integration of new technology enhances the features and capabilities of the apps, delivering even smoother and enhanced experiences to the users. Some of the technology trends that have reshaped the smartphone app scenario are- 

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is enhancing the way such apps connect with their users and provides a streamlined experience to their customers. Integration of AI in chatbot features helps the app owner resolve users’ feedback and queries in no time. 

2. AR/VR Integration 

Integrating the AR/VR experience in fantasy gaming enables seeing the players and their statistics in augmented reality. For example, one can see the player standing in front with all the statistics roaming around the player. 

3. Cross-Platform App Development 

Cross-Platform App Development

Users’ preferences on devices have changed, and now they are not stuck to mere smartphones and mobile. The devices like tablets, PCs, and laptops are being widely used, which has given rise to cross-platform app development trends. It helps to develop software that can be operated on any device and operating system. 

4. Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has changed the way one store and manage data. Fantasy apps nowadays are synced with the cloud technology that keeps streamlined data synchronization between the stakeholders. 

5. Cryptocurrency Support 

Cryptocurrencies, or can be called digital currencies, can substitute real-world money in the upcoming times. The same technology is also fostering monetary transactions in the app for different purposes. 

Top Fantasy Baseball Apps and Websites in The Market 

Fantasy baseball app is not a new concept, and there are several existing leaders and names in this segment. Some of the top fantasy baseball apps in the market are- 

1. DraftKings App

Android/ iOS

It is an American fantasy app that allows users to play multiple sports on a single platform. DraftKings is one of the primary and most known fantasy sports contests and betting operators renowned for its vast winnings. Users can access fantasy gaming for different sports, including basketball, golf, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, CFL, NASCAR, and MMA. 

2. ESPN Fantasy Sport App

Android/ iOS

Users who are mainly interested in the private league or public leagues of baseball fantasy gaming, ESPN Fantasy sport is the best choice for them. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. ESPN Fantasy Sports carries a lot of features like tracking user performance, player ranking analysis, mock drafts, making projections, and much more. 

3. FanDuel App

FanDuel is one of the biggest competitors for DraftKings and more like an alternative of the Yahoo fantasy app. However, the only difference is that FanDuel charges users for its features as it collects money from the users and collectively uses the amount to give winning prizes. One can access different fantasy sports with this app, including NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, Golf, NHL, CFB, Tennis, CBB, NASCAR, and WNBA. currently, there are more than 8.5 million users of this app around the world. 

4. Fantasy Baseball DraftKits


This app’s core feature enables users to do accurate research before any tournament. This research allows the users to select the best players in their fantasy team and thus win exciting prizes. This app is available for both stores in its paid version. For Google, it costs $4.99, while for Apple, it costs $7.99

Estimated Cost of Fantasy Baseball Mobile App Development

A fantasy baseball app has no price tag due to the fact that the overall cost of any mobile app or software development depends on a range of factors. One can add or remove the digits from the cost of app development by choosing the features and technology wisely. First, let’s have a look at the factors which define the cost of fantasy baseball mobile app development- 

  • The country you are hiring the developers from
  • Features you want to instill in your app
  • The time it takes for the developers to develop the app 
  • The platform you want to build your app for (iOS, Android, or both)
  • The time to launch the app
  • Type of theme you want to use (free or paid)
  • The experience and pricing of the app development team 

However, to have a rough estimate for the cost of fantasy baseball app development, it can range anywhere between $15000$100,000 according to your particular requirements and needs. 

How Can Emizentech Be a Helping Hand to You?

Emizentech is a known name in the app and software development landscape. We have been operating in the industry for more than a decade and have explored A-Z of the industry. Whether you are looking for a regular and basic app or an advanced software solution, Emizentech covers everything for you. Our long journey has enabled us to confront various challenges in developing an app and its mitigation strategy.                                       

We have exclusive experience developing the fantasy sports app with in-depth knowledge of its market. Emizentech is not just an IT firm but a team of more than 200 dedicated developers that work continuously to bring the best out of your project. So, Emizentech can be one of the best development partners for your fantasy sports app idea to bring it to reality. 

Final Words 

Having a fantasy baseball app can be a good idea from an investment as well as a business perspective due to the increasing fanbase of the game. Fantasy sports apps have been the core medium for fans to feel connected to their favorite games, and thus these types of software have achieved popularity from the very beginning. Providing smart and innovative features can help you easily bring a broad target audience into the fence. Being a leading app development company carrying the vision to help businesses go digital, Emizentech invites you to share your idea of fantasy baseball app development and transform it into a functioning reality. 

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