If you are an online shopper, you might have bought shoes, clothes, electronic devices, household, books, or any other items from an online website. The number of purchases can even be multiple. But, have you noticed that the same products are available in a store next street to yours. Most of our online orders are fulfilled either by the brand itself or some massive stores and showrooms. Where do all the small business owners go? They are not able to sell despite having the same inventory with them. The COVID pandemic further acted as the catalyst of this situation, where small store owners were not open to make a single penny. 

Dukaan App shows up here as the savior of all these store and shop owners. 

What is Dukaan App?

Dukaan app is basically the platform that helps small and medium-sized store/shop owners to list themselves on the online marketplace and get orders from various contact applications. In the Dukaan app, the shop owner registers the store name, address, and products. The very own e-commerce store is opened on Dukaan App, and store owners can share the link to the dashboard via their social media contacts. Customers can follow the link to visit the online store and place an order. 

How Dukaan App Started?

Suumit Shah ceo of Dukaan

So, the Dukaan app is the brainchild of Suumit Shah from the town of Satara in Maharashtra. In his early days, Suumit used to work in a small shop owned by his uncle. With his love for technology, Suumit completed engineering and learned the skill of web designing from his college roommate. Further, Suumit also enrolled in digital marketing courses to start his own business, Risemetric. Having become a successful entrepreneur, Suumit worked with corporate giants such as McDonald’s and Cred. 

The idea of Dukaan App hit when Jockey announced that their customers could now place orders on WhatsApp. Suumit was assured that this kind of app would significantly help small shop and store owners to start their online journey. To ensure that this app doesn’t end up being too complicated for the small business owners, they kept the working principle of application very simple. 

How Does Dukaan App Works?

Dukaan app ios

The vision of Dukaan App is just to provide an online platform to small businesses and store owners so their customers can access the store online and place orders. It has been ensured that the app is not equipped with high technology principles. It makes it easier for store owners to work with the platform. 

By entering the store’s name with its address and product, the store owner can open the online store within a couple of minutes. Once the store establishment has been completed, the store owner will share the link to that store via WhatsApp, Facebook, text message, and other mediums. 

Customers can visit the online store via the link and place an order. Store owners will receive the order and deliver the products to the doorsteps of their customers.  

What is the Target Audience of Dukaan?

The significant difference between Dukaan app and many other e-commerce apps in the market is their target audience. Most of the apps operating in the market target extensive showrooms and departmental stores to invite online. The reason is simple. These departmental stores have an extensive customer base and thus provide more users to the app. 

On the other hand, Dukaan app is primarily targeting small store and shop owners. A household person doesn’t care much about the store he receives his ration from. All he is concerned about is that ration should be at the doorstep, as soon as possible, without any extra charges. So, by connecting customers to their local kirana shop owners, Dukaan app manages to fulfill the orders within hours or even minutes without any additional charges. 

Following is the list of target audiences for Dukaan app:

  • Grocery stores 
  • Restaurants 
  • Fruits and vegetable stores
  • Clothes, Jewelry, or Furniture Stores
  • Electronics and mobile stores
  • Shoe stores
  • Real estate brokers
  • Travel agents
  • Book and stationery stores
  • Automobile and second-hand cars 
  • Pharmacy and medical stores
  • Handicrafts and homemade items
  • Home decor and interior designers 
  • Private tutors 
  • Event decors  

Latest Statistics of Dukaan App

Dukaan app has been a massive success from the very beginning. Once the idea struck Suumit, he created the app within the next 48 hours. Within just 20 days of the launch of the app, more than 150.000 stores listed themselves on the app. Moreover, more than 500,000 products could be ordered from the app in this period. The first 20 days of app successfully covered more than 400 cities of the country with more than 75,000 orders. 

According to the recent data, more than 2 million stores have been created on the platform, with around 7 million products listed to order. The app has received more than 700,000 orders from 2000 cities in the country.

How to Start Your Online Store With Dukaan?

As we said earlier, the developers of Dukaan App have ensured that the user experience and interface are simple. The target audience of this app is the shopkeepers who might not be that educated and familiar with the technology. So, the app has listed the following simples steps that shopkeeper has to take to establish and run their very own online store: 

  • After installing the app from the play store or app store, the business owner feeds the business name, and address and adds the products or catalogs. 
  • Once this information has been fed, Dukaan app will automatically open your online stores in a fraction of minutes. 
  • You will be directed to the dashboard of your store with a link to the same. 
  • The link can be shared on your social media handles to inform people about the store. 
  • The customer can follow the link to reach the store and place an order. 
  • Every time a customer places an order, you can deliver it to their doorsteps and receive the payment. 

For more details check out Dukaan support article

Competitors of Dukaan – Platforms Offering Similar Services

The idea for this kind of app is good but not very fresh. Other than the market leaders like Amazon and Shopify, there are a number of small platforms as well that provide services similar to that of Dukaan app. You can consider the following data to analyze the competition for Dukaan app:  

Factors Dukaan Bikayi ShopUpUdaan
CEOSumit ShahSonakshi NathaniAfeef ZamanVaibhav Gupta
Number of employees 15040500+11,678
Funding $17M$12.8M$202.4M$1.5B
Revenue $10M$5MRs 5,919 Cr

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Dukaan App and Shopify- A Brief Insight 

dukaan going against shopify

Shopify is the industry giant, holding its position for more than one and a half decades, while Dukaan App was born as late as 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. However, the CTO of Dukaan App has clearly stated that the app carries the potential to defeat Shopify in any market around the globe. Other statements interpreted about some of the performance issues being faced by the users of Shopify in India and various other markets. 

The fact can’t be denied that Dukaan app has marked significant success in its early days, but Shopify has been operating in the industry for a long time. It might not be that easy for Dukaan app to transform these statements into reality. The stats of revenue and registered business also convey the big difference between both the platforms. Shopify carries more than twice the store than that of Dukaan app. Moreover, the user base is also significantly more prominent. Shopify is already well established in a number of markets, while Dukaan app is preparing and planning for the same. 

So, it might not be a good idea to punch a statement right now. The Dukaan app has acknowledged a great beginning, but there is still a long way to go. 

How Much Will It Cost to Start a Store with Dukaan?

Let’s check out the pricing plans to develop a store on Dukaan:

Starter GrowthInfinity (New Plan)
Best ForA beginner (starting a business)Small businesses and influencersScaling businesses
PriceRs 1,499 per monthRs 3,899 per month

Some Alternate Plans:

1. Free Forever

For: Starting a business

Price: Rs 0 per month (plus 4.99% Transaction Fee)

2. Dukaan Enterprise

For: Scaling D2C business on Dukaan’s infrastructure with custom-built features.

Price: On request

Note: The in-built plugins of Dukaan are included in the plans. You can get everything you need to meet your business needs. 

Well, Dukaan is an emerging e-commerce platform that is gaining traction with time. You can connect with an online store development company for easy onboarding. Also, building an e-commerce store on Shopify is a good starting option. Expert Shopify developers can help you with this.

How Can Emizentech Help You?

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Wrapping Up

Dukaan app is an emerging platform based in the Indian market, having the vision to bring small shops and stores to the digital market. The user interface and user experience of the app has been kept simple to ensure that the store owners who might not be very familiar with the apps and technology can easily access the app. The firm has marked a significant growth in its beginning and is looking forward to competing with the global giant Shopify. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dukaan App

What is the revenue of Dukaan App?

After discontinuing the free plan completely, the ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) of the firm crossed $1.7 million in January 2022.  

Is Dukaan app profitable?

So far, the Dukaan app has been profitable for both the developers and users. The platform has managed to list millions of stores nationwide. Moreover, according to the Google Play Store Reviews, the app is making the local businesses and stores more profitable for their owners. 

How is Dukaan different from Shopify?

Dukaan is more like a hosted ecommerce solution which is made in India. On the other hand, Shopify is a subscription-based software that allows the user to set up their online store to sell the products. 

How do you order on Dukaan?

The customer can open the link to the store shared by the owner. Once reaching on the store dashboard, the customer selects the products to purchase and places the order. 

How do I make an online Dukaan account?

Just enter the name of the business, address of the business with the product catalog and you are ready to go. 

Which is better: Shopify or Dukaan?

Both the Shopiffy and Dukaan have managed to attract a huge user base. However comparison of both the platforms can not be performed on one factor. Shopify has been operating in the markets for more than 1.5 decades while Dukaan is comparatively very new. However, Dukaan has succeeded in achieving early success and growth in its domestic market. So both the platforms are performing well in their own markets. 

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