In his recent statement, the founder of the Indian startup Dukaan, a company that assists merchants in the early stages of developing online stores, revealed that the company is spreading its platform all over the world to take the helm over established players like Shopify. Currently, Dukaan uses Stripe and PayPal to give a payment solution to the businesses, and they are using Shippo for their logistics.

Facts About Dukaan

Submit Shah, co-founder, and chief executive of Dukaan, said,

We had the commerce platform, but to launch Dukaan outside of India, we needed to work with payments and logistics players. We have spent the last few months working on the plugins ecosystem,”

‘said, in an interview. He further added,

Lots of third parties have started to build plugins on top of Dukaan.

Choudhary believes this made-in-India commerce, payment, and logistics stack can be “easily replicated” in developing and developed countries. He told Quartz,

The only thing we have to solve is how do we replace the payment players (in India) with their payment players and how do we replace the logistics players with their logistics players.”

Since everything we’ve built is plug and play, we just have to change some APIs, which is easy for us to do.

The online shop builder for e-commerce businesses, Shopify, has been around for about sixteen years, making it an industry leader. According to Dukaan, such longevity is a mere liability. Dukaan, which could be born as late as 2020 amid the pandemic, is already convinced that it can defeat Shopify anyplace around the globe. Subhash Choudhary, co-founder and chief technical officer of Dukaan, stated that the Canadian behemoth was experiencing a “severe performance issue.” He said that Shopify’s performance looks particularly sluggish in India compared to its native country of Canada, and he believes this is true worldwide. In addition, Dukaan relies on feedback to develop its product and does not wish to do it slowly, over several months, by focusing on one country at a time. It seems like the young competitor of Shopify is all ready to dethrone the multinational and take charge of the global market.

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