It is the most revelry moment for us when a cute kid joins our family, and we have already started dreaming of enjoying parenthood. But along with enjoyment and happiness, your responsibilities also increase as parenthood. The early days of parenting are always challenging. It is an experience you have never encountered, and you are trying to adjust a life with a new baby. There will be a lack of sleep with a plethora of crying and maybe surging hormones. There are many things on your table, and it is hassling for you to track everything independently. This is where technology steps in. This article has created a roster of the best baby apps or baby tracking apps that will help you in every phase of child nurturing from pregnancy to postpartum.

What Is A Baby Tracker App?

A baby tracker app gives you a simple, streamlined way to track the daily habits, health, and exciting “firsts” of your newborn in those precious early days and months. These apps can track feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns. You can also track all of your child’s important information for doctors and caregivers, as well as the exciting milestones of your baby.

Baby Tracker App

Why Do You Need A Baby Tracker App?

Many parents are stressed out because the baby isn’t sleeping, and there can be many other chaotic things. A baby tracker app can help you with many such things. It will give you a clearer picture of your baby’s health and can be a great problem solver. It is a great memory keepsake that lets you know your child’s habits and remove plenty of stress alone.

Best Baby Tracking App In 2022

1. Feed Baby – Baby Feeding Tracker App

Feed Baby – Baby Tracker

More than 1.2 million parents are using the Feed Baby app for logging and recording all the aspects of their children. You don’t have to write anything down again. It has a very simple UX of logging and documenting your newborn’s breastfeeds so that you have some time for your care as well.

Top Features Of “Feed Baby – Baby Tracker

  • Easy tracking of feeding, bottle, solids, diaper, nights of sleep, etc.
  • Device-to-Device synchronization so that mom and dad are on the same page
  • Support Twins as well
  • Comprehensive charts, graphs, and reports
In-app ProductsAndroid – $0.99 to $4.99
iOS – $5.99 to $6.99
PlatformsAndroid & iOS
Published ByPenguin Apps

2. The Bump – Pregnancy & Baby Milestone Tracker

The Bump – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This is one of the best baby tracking apps for first-time moms with exceptional features. There is a planner for doctor visits, interactive 3D visualization of baby’s growth during pregnancy, pregnancy & parenting-related articles, the largest store of baby products and reviews, and much more.

Top Features Of The Bump – Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

  • 3D interactive visualization of baby’s growth week-by-week
  • Fresh and relevant content specific to your week of pregnancy
  • Suggestion for baby names
Rating Everyone
In-app Products No In-App Purchases
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByThe Knot Inc.

3. GLOW. Newborn Baby Tracker & Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log

GLOW. Baby Tracker & Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log

Whether breastfeeding, diaper changing, teething, or tracking anything else, the GLOW app is the best app for these purposes. In this app, you can log all the milestones of your baby and track infant development. The app is also user-friendly, making it easy to build up your family album with beautiful photos.

Top Features Of “GLOW. Baby Tracker & Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log

  • Easy logging of milestones
  • Close-knit community
  • Capture your family moments
  • Tracking of baby activities such as tummy time, indoor and outdoor play, and bath time
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – $0.99 to $99.99
iOS – $15.99 to $59.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByGlow

4. Baby Daybook – Child Breastfeeding & Sleeping Tracker

Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Sleeping Tracker

This is an all-in-one baby tracker app with full family sync, reminders, photo albums, and much more. Every aspect of this app is specially curated for the care of a newborn baby. It can track breastfeeding, bottle time, food, diaper changes, potty, sleep, health, and much more.

Top Features Of Baby Daybook – Breastfeeding & Sleeping Tracker

  • Real-time synchronization
  • User-friendly search
  • Easy to read charts for monitoring your newborn’s schedule
  • Capture precious moments in a photo album
  • Record your child’s weight, height, and other important metrics
  • Easy reminders for the upcoming routines
Rating Rated for 3+
In-app Products Android – ₹50.00 to ₹2,600.00
iOS – $1.99 to $29.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByBaltapis

5. BabySparks – Development Activities & Milestones

BabySparks – Development Activities & Milestones

Especially designed by child development experts and used by more than 1 million parents worldwide, BabySparks gives you thousands of activities and milestones for children between 0-3. The customized daily play program of BabySparks’ can help you do the right things at the right times in the right way.

Top Features Of BabySparks – Development Activities & Milestones

  • Daily activities for supporting development, cognitive development, language, motor skills, and much more.
  • Brief videos for each activity
  • Adaptive technology that learns and adapts as per your child requirements
  • Hundreds of parenting articles with easy searching
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – $1.49 to $119.99
iOS – $3.99 to $37.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByBabySparks Inc

6. Baby Connect

Baby Connect

This is a comprehensive baby tracking app with comprehensive graphical reports, trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, emails, vaccines, .csv export, and much more. It lets you exchange information in real-time with your partner, babysitter, nanny, or daycare. It is available as a mobile application as well as a web application.

Top Features Of Baby Connect”

  • 7-day free trial
  • Easily track feeding (bottle, nursing, solid food), diapers, sleep, activities, mood, milestones
  • Track pumping and expressed milk
  • Track medicines, vaccines, sickness, weight, height, head size.
  • Automatically synchronize data between accounts over the Internet
  • Display graphical charts of the baby’s activities
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – $4.99 to $14.99
iOS – $4.99 to $14.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published BySeacloud Software

7. The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks

Your baby is suddenly crying all the time, clinging to you, and you are wondering what is wrong. Well, it is a good sign as it indicates that your child’s brain is developing. This app is handy for you as it can all the development of your child.

Top Features Of “The Wonder Weeks

  • Know about 10 mental leaps with tips, tricks, and mind-blowing thoughts
  • Tracking of baby’s development and milestones
  • Additional options of e-book, audiobook, etc.
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – $0.99 – $31.99
iOS – $0.99 to $12.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByThe Wonder Weeks

8. Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding Tracker App

Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding Tracker App

This app is specially curated for breastfeeding mothers who want to track and for how long their baby feeds and gives a reminder when the feeding is due. It even tells you which breast to start on. This app can track breastfeeds, bottle feeds, breast pumps, nappies, sleep, weight, etc.

Top Features Of “Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding Tracker App

  • Personalization options for your baby
  • Log breastfeeds bottle feeds, breast pumps, solid food, etc.
  • Reminders for feeding
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – $1.49 to $7.99
iOS – $0.00 to $19.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByFehners Software Ltd.

9. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout is one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Apps of the Year. The app can guide you through every aspect of pregnancy and keep you organized about your newborn child’s many exciting changes and developments. Sprout Pregnancy app has every feature that a new parent may need.

Top Features Of “Sprout Pregnancy

  • Daily information about your developing baby
  • Personalized Pregnancy Timeline
  • Checklists
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – No In-App Purchases
iOS – $4.99 to $9.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByMed ART Studios

10. UrbanSitter: Find A Local Caregiver You Can Trust

UrbanSitter Find A Local Caregiver You Can Trust

Are you looking for the best babysitters or nannies that you can trust? Then this is the right app for you. On UrbanSitter, you can book a local babysitter, nanny, or caregiver. These sitters are passed through safety and background checks and will take care of your baby whenever you need it. You can find, interview, book and pay your caregiver with this babysitting app.

Top Features Of UrbanSitter: Find A Local Caregiver You Can Trust

  • Find a local and trusted sitter in your existing networks
  • Highly safe and transparent
  • Every type of caregiver is available
  • Easy payment system
  • Last-minute bookings
Rating Everyone
In-app Products No In-App Purchases
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByUrbanSitter Inc

11. Sittercity: Find Child Care

Sittercity Find Child Care

Sittercity is connecting millions of families with caregivers. Just like UrbanSitter, this app also lets you find caregivers or babysitters. The child care providers on this app can help you with things like after-school, date nights, full or part-time care, etc. The caregivers get an instant notification if a family in their locality is looking for a babysitter.

Top Features OfSittercity: Find Child Care”

  • Post a job mentioning either childcare, school help, or even tutoring needs
  • Get instant notifications when caregivers apply
  • Check the detailed profiles of caregivers with photos, availability, background checks, reviews by parents, etc.
Rating Everyone
In-app Products Android – No In-App Purchases
iOS – $69.99
Platforms Android & iOS
Published BySittercity

12. What To Expect: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

What To Expect Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

What to expect is a globally recognized and most trusted pregnancy & parenting brand. It offers a pregnancy app by which you can be prepared for parenthood, and it guides you through your journey. You just need to enter the baby’s due date to start tracking the baby’s growth. Based on the baby’s birthday, you will get personalized info about the baby’s development along with videos, articles, and tips.

Top Features OfWhat To Expect: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

  • Due date calculator for figuring baby’s due date
  • Weekly pregnancy tracker detailing your baby’s development
  • Videos related to each week of pregnancy
Rating Everyone
In-app Products No In-App Purchases
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByEveryday Health, Inc.

13. Blueberry Pediatrics

Blueberry Pediatrics

This app gives you 24 x 7 access to pediatricians who can provide advice, urgent care, treatment, and even prescriptions when required for hundreds of childhood illnesses and symptoms.

Top Features Of “Blueberry Pediatrics

  • Easy schedule appointment
  • Expert advice for every child-related issue
Rating Everyone
In-app Products No In-App Purchases
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByBlueberry Pediatrics

14. KidPass


Are you looking for an app on which you can discover and book online classes and activities for kids within the age group of 0-18? Then KidPass is the best app for you. There are more than 10,000 online kids classes for various subjects such as art, music, dance, yoga, language, etc.

Top Features Of “KidPass

  • Many free classes are also available
  • Save up to 70% on drop-in activities
  • Browse schedules, see photos, read reviews from other parents
Rating Everyone
In-app Products No In-App Purchases
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByKidPass, Inc

15. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Last but not the least, this app lets you track pregnancy milestones, log symptoms, and learn what to expect using this app.  More than 15 million women have used Ovia app on their path to parenthood. It is a pregnancy tracker, baby development calendar, due date countdown, baby bump tracker, and much more.

Top Features Of “Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

  • Due Date Calculator
  • Weekly Videos
  • Symptoms Tracking
  • Safety Lookup Tools
Rating Everyone
In-app ProductsNo In-App Purchases
Platforms Android & iOS
Published ByOvia Health

How Do You Choose the Best Baby Tracker App?

When you choose a baby tracker app, you need to consider the below factors. 

1. Features

Choose an app that includes essential features like diaper change, feeding, growth tracking, and sleep tracking. 

2. Cost

First, look for free apps that offer basic features. But, if you find them insufficient, choose for a paid one. 

3. Compatibility

Go for an app that is compatible with your device and OS. This way, you can easily access your baby’s details quickly from anywhere on your smartphone, smartwatch, or any device.

4. Reporting & Analytics

The baby tracking app you choose should offer detailed reporting and analytics to help you understand your baby’s habits and patterns. It will help you identify potential issues if any, or trends and facilitate you in making informed decisions relevant to your baby’s care. 

5. Ease-of-Use

Your baby tracking app should be easy to navigate, especially when you are busy with your baby. 

6. Data Security

Ensure that the app you choose should maintain proper privacy and security of your baby’s data.

Cost Of Developing An App For Tracking Your Baby’s Development

Developing a Baby tracking app or any app like the above best baby apps, things will depend on the requirements and the complexity of the app. The cost will also depend on the number of team members require along with their experience level.  The physical location of the developers also matter. For instance, US-based developers cost $100-$250 per hour, European Developers cost $80-$180 per hour. On the other side, Indian developers with the same level of expertise costs around $50-$80 per hour. In a lump sum, the app will comprise 4 different phases namely:

The cumulative hours of these stages will be multiplied by the hourly rate and it will be the net cost.


As technology advances, millenniums are increasingly looking for parenting and baby care apps, putting them in high demand. If you want to make your own mobile app, such as a baby tracking app, you should work with the best mobile app development company that is expertise in such apps. Who can turn your app concepts into a reality with a user-friendly design and an intuitive interface? 


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