Prominently used all across the world, Marijuana is a recreational drug having scientifically-backed medicinal usage and used by people all around the globe. In several places, it is part of the culture. It is entirely legal in most parts of the USA and partially legal in many countries across the globe. 

Today the medical and recreational marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA, with a market size of over $8 billion, as stated in a report by IBISWorld. Thus, it is the best time to invest in Cannabis apps. Whether you own a medical marijuana dispensary or an entrepreneur keen to enter this industry, we discuss the top Marijuana apps for Android and iOS platforms in this article. 

Best Weed & Cannabis Apps

1. PotBot Medical Marijuana App

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 3.3/5
iOS – 4.5/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Potbotics Inc.
Downloads10 Thousand +

Created by PotBotics, this is a medical marijuana search engine. Potbotics is a data aggregation and technology firm based in New York City. The idea behind this app is to provide personalized guidance on the medical Marijuana best suited for users’ requirements. Hence, this app can be great for the patients enjoying the therapeutic value of Cannabis. The app’s info and guidance are backed by the latest research and user-generated reviews collected using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

  • The app is beginner-friendly, as it guides the new users through complicated marijuana purchasing processes via in-depth information on Cannabis, Marijuana clinic locations, and dispensary recommendations.
  • It offers fully personalized Marijuana recommendations. The recommendations come with specific advice on cannabinoid levels, optimal strains, and consumption methods. Each suggestion is tailored to meet the user’s medicinal needs.
  • Using state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment, the app analyses evaluates and validates Cannabis and cannabinoid-based therapies & treatment. The app’s database collates the information, and this way, it provides the users with precise, tailor-made guidance.

2. Weedmaps: Marijuana, Cannabis, CBD & Weed Delivery

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 4.8/5
iOS – 4.9/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By WeedMaps
Downloads500 Million +

Known as the ‘Yelp of Cannabis,’ this app, in particular, is a well-known veteran in the marijuana world. After establishing its firm in 2008, Weedmaps released its app soon after. Since then, the firm has successfully attracted a vast audience in the USA and beyond. Today it enjoys millions of users who use the app to find the best medical cannabis outlets nearby. 

  • The app offers a simple interface with a great layout and navigation. It allows the users to use map serve to pin their location and explore the legal Marijuana nearby in their area. The app is mostly used in the USA, where Marijuana is legal. It offers discounts, coupons, deals, and recommendations across many trusted licensed dispensaries. 
  • Weedmaps app even recommends doctors who offer medicinal Cannabis to patients along with the latest news & developments on Cannabis law, regulation, and legislation. The app provides personalized cannabis strain recommendations with helpful user reviews. 

3. High There – Social Cannabis

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 3.2/5
iOS – 4.2/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Bon Vert, Inc
Downloads 100 Thousand +

This app allows you to easily connect with people sharing mutual interests. It offers a platform for new people to connect and share their views. This way, it will expand the social networks of cannabis lovers. Users can find like-minded people and hang out with them.

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This app is easy-to-use and allows to find Cannabis experts who can recommend suitable products. Here new people who share the same vibes can connect and share their experiences. The users can also interact with the other community members for a better outlook. 

4. Eaze: Cannabis Delivery

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 4/5
iOS – 4.7/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Eaze Solutions LLC
Downloads100 Thousand +

Among California’s most popular Cannabis delivery service apps, Eaze is a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use app. It serves as a middleman between the marijuana users and legal marijuana dispensaries across Bear Flag State. Here, the users can easily buy hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived products. 

This app is secure and has legal access to thousands of cannabis products all across the state. Here the users can conveniently order the Cannabis and get them delivered right to their doorstep. The users can also buy medical Marijuana and hemp-derived CBD products, as medical Cannabis is only available in select U.S. states. 

5. Duby

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 2/5
iOS – 2.1/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By GetDuby
Downloads10 Thousand +

This app is known to meet all the requirements of retail Cannabis users. It allows the retail Cannabis shop or dispensaries to advertise their service on the platform. This way, the retail Marijuana stores can easily create brand awareness about the services among their target users. 

The app allows searching dispensary outlets, centers, and nearby products. Here, users can create a Duby and let others pass it or try it out, or even find weed strains on their phones. Users can even send private messages to others.

6. Vana | Discover Marijuana, Cannabis & CBD

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 3.9/5
iOS – 4.4/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By Vana Technologies, Inc.
Downloads10 Thousand +

Known to be the little brother of Leafly and Weedmap, Vana is a marijuana app that is becoming increasingly popular. Earlier it was named Mucheez before changing its name to Vana in 2020. The firm has gained immense popularity in the past few years. It offers cannabis store locators, cannabis education, and comprehensive guidance on cannabis brands across the USA. 

  • It is a Marijuana and CBD store locator app that allows one to browse marijuana store locations in the city or nearby areas.
  • This is an app to try. It offers a simple and easy-to-navigate interface and is excellent for newbies.
  • The app offers valuable and comprehensive Cannabis news, info, and education, for instance, research, legalization, legislation, and more.  
  • Offers coupons discounts to save money on the next marijuana purchase. 
  • It frequently sends newsletters to announce the latest cannabis deals in the area. 

7. HiGrade: THC Testing & Cannabis Growing Assistant

Available For iOS & Android
RatingAndroid – 4/5
iOS – 4.6/5
In-app ProductsNo
Published By MyCrops Technologies Ltd.
Downloads100 Thousand +

This is an exemplary Cannabis app entirely different than many other such apps present in the market. Often described as a THC Testing & Cannabis Growing Assistant, the app allows you to test the Cannabis and receive strain-specific growing and guidance on cultivation directly from your phone. 

  • The app is easy-to-use and straightforward, where the users can take three pictures of Cannabis flowers and then upload the photos on the app. Then the app offers an accurate and detailed analysis of its THC levels. 
  • With HiGrade, all results are present in the app for future reference. This makes it easier to track which type of Cannabis flower is best per a particular user. HiGrade app features a Marijuana growing assistance specific to the plants the user is increasing, thus helping them achieve the best results without any guesswork. 
  • To get the most benefits of Hi-Grade, the users can go ahead and purchase HiGrade Scope. It is a separate phone camera attachment allowing the users to take high-resolution pictures of Cannabis flowers for more accurate and better testing results. 

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