The global pharmaceutical industry had a revenue of $1.27 trillion in 2020, which clearly indicates the health condition of people around the world. So, keeping oneself healthy might not be as easy as it seems to be. It requires physical exercise, meditation activities, and good eating habits. But again, who has the time or knowledge for all this? Most people don’t have either of them. 

But, technology has never failed to amaze us by providing innovative solutions to our problems, whether it be calling a cab on the doorstep or keeping us connected with our loved ones 24*7. Similarly, the health apps solve both the problems by saving time and offering the knowledge to keep ourselves healthy. Kudos to these apps; you don’t even need to remember about having a glass of water. The app will do it for you. There are apps to track your running, monitor your heart rate, calculate your calories in-take, guide you through yoga poses, recommend your diet, measure the time you sit, stand or sleep, learn about new gym exercises, and many more. 

Global digital health market size between 2015 and 2025, by major segment (in billion U.S. dollars): Source

According to the statistics, the global mobile health and fitness apps market is projected to achieve a valuation of USD 236 billion by 2026. The first quarter of 2020 witnessed 593 million downloads of health and fitness apps

There is an ocean of such apps on the various app download platforms. Some of them might change your life, while others will just eat up your device’s storage. So, to help you find the most suitable health app according to your needs, we are enlisting here the 20 best health apps for different types of exercises. If followed with discipline, these apps can be your fitness coach, always available at your fingertips. 

Projected global digital health market size from 2019 to 2025 (in billion U.S. dollars): Source
Being Healthy & Fit isn’t a Fad or a Trend, It’s a lifestyle. 

Most Popular Health Apps for iOS & Android

1. MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter


If you want to lose weight, MyFitnessPal can be your all-time companion. Being your fitness diary, it will keep a complete record of your calorie intake and burn. You can simply search for the complete nutritional value of your food in this diary. It will tell you about the calories you burnt in a specific exercise. 

Rating  4.2/5
Total Downloads  1 hundred million +
Revenue  $128 million (in year 2020)
Subscription  In-App PurchasesMyFitnessPal Monthly Premium- $19.99MyFitnessPal Yearly Premium- $79.99
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Biggest Food Database
2. Calorie Tracker
3. Personalized Dashboard

2. Headspace: Mindful Meditation


Health is not all about the physique. So, Headspace is going to be the buddy for your Mind. The application helps you develop a life-changing meditation habit to lower the stress and anxiety in your day-to-day hectic lifestyle. To make sure that you don’t get bored of the routine, the application will change the exercise according to your mood. Numerical says that the platform has reduced the stress in users by 14% in just 10 days. 

Rating  4.9/5
Total Downloads  10,000,000+
Revenue  $100 million (in year 2019)
Subscription  In-App Purchases$6.49 – $119.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Daily meditation 
2. Sleep meditation 
3. Stress and anxiety relief 
4. Meditation music for focus

3. Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts


Having a personal trainer to provide guidance is always a good idea. However, it might not be a good idea for everyone’s pocket. So, Fitplan brings the personal trainer to your smartphone at a fraction of the cost. It makes the personal trainer both healthy as well as pocket friendly for you. Fitplan allows you to choose your plan as per your goal and follow the sessions provided by the trainers. The video training session length ranges from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. 

Rating  4.8/5
Total Downloads  1,000,000+
Revenue  $9.9 million 
Subscription  In-App PurchasesFitplan Monthly subscription– $15.99Fitplan yearly subscription– $83.99
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Personal trainer 
2. Repetitive video sessions 
3. Cost-efficient 

4. Sleep Cycle: Sleep Recorder


The human body needs sufficient rest to keep working. Sleep is the best way to make the body relax and thus lead a healthy lifestyle. But, the stressful life has disturbed the sleep cycle of mankind. When we wake up, dizziness and tiredness are still on our minds and body. So, this app called Sleepcycle records your every activity when you are asleep. The best feature is that the app wakes you up in the morning when you are in light sleep. It helps to give a fresh and charming start to your day. 

Rating  4.7/5
Total Downloads  10,000,000+
Revenue  Net revenue of 159 million
Subscription  $0.99 – $59.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. The detailed daily sleep tracker 
2. Carefully selected alarm  melodies 
3. Analyze different habits that affect your sleep

5. Aaptiv: Fitness for Everyone


If you want to live fit and healthy but don’t have access to any fitness class or gym in your neighborhood, then this app is just for you. The audio and video sessions in the app guide you all the way around in running, Yoga, gym exercise, meditation, bedtime meditation, and many other activities. The app designs the fitness program according to your fitness level, your goal, and other preferences. 

Rating  4.7/5
Total Downloads  1,000,000+
Revenue  $12.2  Million (in 2020)
Subscription  In-app ProductsOn-demand subscription- $9.99Unlimited on-demand classes- $14.99
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. 30+ classes added every week
2. Structured weekly and monthly programs
3. High-intensity interval training 

6. Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

Charity Miles

Nothing can be better if your exercise confers a good life to you as well as someone else. Charity Miles turns your every move into charity, and thus, your exercise is going to help you as well as someone else to lead a happy and healthy life. For each mile you run, bike, or walk, the app will donate 10 cents to charity.

Rating  4.8/5
Total Downloads  500,000+
Revenue  $1.8  Million (in 2020)
Subscription  Free 
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Motivate you with a good cause 
2. Provide double benefits of your exercise 
3. Excellent tracking features 

7. Fooducate – Eat better. Lose weight. Get healthy


Fooducate is going to make sure that you know about what you are eating. As a diet companion, Fooducate informs you about the nutritional values, which most manufacturers don’t reveal about their products. Just scan the barcode of food products and know all about the additives, sugar, color, and other non-nutritious, and then choose the right one. 

Rating  4.4/5
Total Downloads  1,000,000+
Revenue  $4.87 Million (Est. Revenue 2020)
Subscription  In-app Products$1.99 – $69.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Nutrition and Health Tracker 
2. Huge Food Database
3. Best Diet Tips 

8. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner


To help you give a good start to your exercise journey, this app provides you with a diet and exercise plan. The platform aligns your exercise plan to your fitness goal and offers you complete guidance over hundreds of exercises. Whether you go to the gym or not, the app keeps you conscious about your health 24*7. 

Rating  4.0/5
Total Downloads  1 hundred million +
Revenue  $16 Million (Est. Revenue 2020)
Subscription  In-app Products8fit Pro – Workouts & Meals- $59.99
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Offers 350 variety of exercises 
2. Time-efficient HIIT workouts
pedometer/step counter synced to Google Fit

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9. Happify


According to the studies, stress is one of the main reasons for the leading causes of death such as heart disease, lung ailments, cancer, liver cirrhosis, accident, and suicide. So, Happify is designed specifically to keep the focus on stress management and encourage better emotional health. The app does so by offering science-backed games and activities paired with relaxation audio and meditation. Statistics claim 86% of frequent users get happier in mere 2 months. 

Rating  3.5/5
Total Downloads  500,000+
Revenue  $100K to $5.0M
Subscription  $11.99 – $139.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Activities to build your self–confidence
2. Simple and effective exercises for mental well-being 

10. Fitbit


Fitbit takes your health a step ahead with its smart bands and watches. Every activity of your day determines your fitness. So, this smart band of Fitbit tracks your activity throughout the day. By syncing the device with the smartphone app of Fitbit, you can track your steps, count your time, measure your distance, and know about the calories you burnt.

Rating  4.2/5
Total Downloads  50,000,000+
Revenue  $1.13 billion in 2020
Subscription  $7.99 – $399.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Exercise tracking
2. 24*7 Heart Rate Tracking
3. Guide about nutrition
4. Track sleeping pattern 

11. Telehealth Online by HealthTap


You must have searched about the ache or pain you got in your physique on Google and got scared about the result it showed. No offense, but mostly the sources on Google are not able to communicate rightly about the problem we are having. So, instead of relying on a machine algorithm, communicating directly with a doctor will be more effective. HealthTap enables you to ask your query to a real doctor and get better solutions. The conversation remains as private as you to yourself. 

Rating  3.1/5
Total Downloads  1,000,000+
Revenue  $27.5M per year.
Subscription  $45 – 3 months, HEALTHTAP BASIC — $99 per Urgent Care visit
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Ongoing care from a personal doctor 
2. 24*7 services 
3. Senior health, women’s health, children’s health, Fitness, Wellness & 4. Lifestyle, Mental and Behavioral Health, Urgent Care, primary care, and many more. 

12. Clue Period, Ovulation Tracker


The app is designed specially to solve the menstrual issues faced by women. The clue is basically a period tracker app that alerts the user about the time they are likely to ovulate and the time they will probably be getting their periods on. It tracks your mood and sleep and thus helps you be better prepared for the PMS symptoms etc. 

Rating  4.8/5
Total Downloads  10,000,000+
Revenue  $70k per month
Subscription  $0.99 – $74.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Period tracker, ovulation tracker, and fertility tracker
2. Period prediction 
3. Log menstrual symptom 

13. Runkeeper-Distance Run Tracker 


Running has always been a popular exercise from ancient times. The reason might be the positive impact of running on the whole body as well as the mind. If you also have a running schedule in your day, this app is going to make your running more effective and fun. The app allows you to set the goals, have practical training for the same, and enhance your performance. You can know about the distance you covered, the time you took, the track you followed, the calories you burnt, and many more. 

Rating  4.8/5
Total Downloads  10,000,000+
Revenue  $400k
Subscription  $0.99 – $39.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Guided Workouts
2. Activity Insights
3. Goal setting
4. Monthly running challenges 

14. MySwimPro: Swim Workout App


Whether you are a swimmer or someone who wishes to add swimming to their daily routine, this app will help you both ways. If you have just started swimming, this platform will provide you with a beginner training session. But if you already know swimming well enough, you can learn several new techniques, stunts, and strokes through the app. Swimming has been proven as one of the best exercises to keep the body and mind active and healthy. So, this app makes sure you enjoy this exercise and achieve your fitness goal. 

Rating  4.4/5
Total Downloads  100,000+
Revenue  $1.1 million in annual revenue in 2019
Subscription  $7.99 – $179.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Personalized workout for 365 days a year 
2. Build your own custom workout
3. Personalized swim training plan 
4. Drill & Technique Video library 

15. Talkspace Counseling & Therapy

talk space

Therapy has been a popular way of dealing with physical and mental illnesses. A therapy finds the root cause of illness and then provides the cure to eliminate this root cause. However, therapy is popular as an activity that can be performed only in a psychiatrist’s office or a doctor’s clinic. Talkspace brings this practice to your palm via their smartphone application. The platform offers therapy for several needs such as depression, Trauma, productivity, Anxiety, stress, and many more. 

Rating  4.7/5
Total Downloads  500,000+
Revenue  $29 million
Subscription  $175 – $500 per session
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Therapy from a certified health professional 
2. Cure for a range of needs 
3. Complete privacy 

16. Waterlogged 


The human body is made up of 75% of water. We have grown up hearing this statement from our childhood. Everyone knows the standard need for water for their body, but this busy lifestyle does not allow one to intake enough of this liquid. So, Waterlogged is an application that keeps reminding you to have a glass of water. This app protects you from diseases like dehydration, constipation, dull skin, and fatigue just by alarming you about water intake. 

Rating  4.5/5
Total Downloads  100,000+
Revenue  $8 per month
Subscription  ₹200.00 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Records water intake
2. Scheduled reminders 
3. Integration with other health apps

17. SleepScore™


The importance of quality sleep for our health can be realized by the fact that we have included two apps just for healthy sleep in this short blog. Everyone takes a nap, but very few take quality naps. You might take a nap for 12 hours but still, feel tired the next day. However, the other person is full of energy just after 6 hours of sleep. Sleepscore helps you be the second person. The Sleepscore tells you everything about your sleeping pattern, including sleep duration, time taken to fall asleep, time of light/deep sleep, wake time, REM sleep, etc. Using this data, the app provides you with personalized advice to improve your sleeping. 

Rating  3.1/5
Total Downloads  50,000+
Revenue  $5 Million
Subscription  $5.99 – $59.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Daily SleepScore
2. Smart alarm clock
3. Guidance to improve all stages of sleep

18. Lifesum: Healthy Eating & Diet


We are the result of what we eat. So, eating healthy is the first need for a healthy and fit body. Lifesum tells you about the fundamental ingredient you are consuming in the form of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It helps to make and follow a simplified meal plan according to the need for nutrition in your body. The app offers hundreds of nutritious recipes to make your meal even healthier and tastier. 

Rating  4.5/5
Total Downloads  10,000,000+
Revenue  kr217. 8 m in FY, 2019 which is a 109.2% increase from the previous period.
Subscription  $3.75 – $52.56 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Meal planner
2. Hundreds of new healthy recipes 
3. Barcode scanner for packed food items 

19. Yoga | Down Dog

Yoga Down Dog

If your day starts or completes with Yoga, you must have experienced its benefits. This app takes your Yoga experience a step ahead. To the beginner, the app introduces what Yoga is, and for the experienced ones, it teaches the new yoga postures. Users can choose the level of experience, style of Yoga, and class duration. The app provides you with customized and different routines, so you don’t get bored.

Rating  4.9/5
Total Downloads  5,000,000+
Revenue  $10 Million
Subscription  $2.99 – $249.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Introduction sessions to Yoga
2. Guidance for both physical and mental health exercises
3. Mentorship in Yoga, HIIT, Meditation, Running, etc. 

20. Remente: Self Care, Wellbeing


Now, when we are done talking about eating habits, drinking enough water, having a quality sleep cycle, and engaging in Yoga, it is time to focus on self-improvement. Rather than focusing on a specific area of health, Remente ensures that we are doing good in our everyday lives. On this platform, you can set your daily and long-term goals and your daily schedule and activities. The platform will give daily coaching sessions to keep you motivated and productive toward your goals. It ensures the mental well-being as well as enhanced productivity of the user. 

Rating  4.3/5
Total Downloads  1,000,000+
Revenue  $5 Million
Subscription  $4.99 – $279.99 per item
Available on iOS & Android
Features 1. Day planner
2. Self Care Journal
3. Goal Setting Guide
4. Expert Goal plans 

How Can We Help You 

In 2020, users from around the globe spent $269 million on in-app purchases of different health applications. The reason is simple, people are conscious about their health, but this consciousness doesn’t come with free time to visit the gym and fitness classes. So just like any other domain, fitness is also being managed online. 

As one of the leading app development firms, we have helped many of our clients develop their fitness apps and monetize their knowledge about fitness and health. If you also carry good knowledge about dietary plans, physical or mental exercises, Yoga, meditation, or any other activity, put this knowledge to work. You might not have time or resources to open a fitness class or gym, but you can easily invest a couple of hours a week to generate content for your app and collect a good sleeping income from it. So, start your coaching journey and get significant returns for the knowledge you carry. 

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