Work Order In Salesforce

Represents field service work to be performed for a customer. This object is available in API version 36.0 and later.
The initial functionality is centered around Work Orders. Work Orders is the central object used to track repairs, perform maintenance activities, and other types of service requests that require an onsite visit.

Work Order Items represent a task or series of tasks that are to be performed and related to an installed Asset.

List of Standard Objects related to Work Orders:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Cases
  • Assets
  • Price Book
  • Other Work Orders.

Also, custom relationships can be created with other custom or standard

Salesforce objects. Work Orders are available in all Salesforce Org and do not require any extra licensing.

work order salesforce

work order salesforce 1

Once Work Orders has been enabled for the Org, the details like fields, page layouts, validation rules, triggers, and other components are available just like any other Salesforce standard object.

Work Order Line Items provide specific tasks that are required to be performed in order to complete a Work Order. There can be multiple Line Items for Work Orders and they can be completed one by one.


How To View Work Orders?

Work Orders can be associated with some standard objects described before. Apart from these standard objects, they can also be associated with custom objects. To associate Work Orders with standard or custom objects, the corresponding lookup field needs to be setup in the custom object and also the related list needs to be added to the page layout.

work order salesforce2

Create Work Orders

Create and edit work orders from the Work Orders tab or the Work Orders related list.

When you create a work order, add line items to the work order from the Work Order Line Items related list. Work order line items represent specific tasks that a technician must perform to complete the work order. They can be marked as completed one by one and make it easier to track and improve field service processes. Pricing details like discounts and unit prices are set at the line item level on work orders.

Delete Work Orders

Delete work orders on the work order’s detail page or the Work Orders related list. Deleting a work order moves it to the Recycle Bin. Any notes, attachments, activities, line items, and service appointments associated with the work order are also deleted. If you undelete the work order, the associated items are undeleted.

You Can add the Work Order tab by customizing the tabs and add the Work Orders from available tabs to Selected tabs.

work order salesforce3

Defining Work Order Using a Diagram

work order salesforce4work order salesforce5

  • We will start by setting up an entitlement process to track our customer support performance. Obviously, this is a process that runs on the Case object:
  • We add some basic milestones with their timings:
    work order salesforce6
  • Next up is the entitlement process for Work Orders, with its own milestones and timings:work order salesforce7work order salesforce8
  • To quickly create a Work Order from a case, we will configure a new case publisher action and add this to the case feed layouts. Using the layout and field options, we can set predefined values (optionally).
    work order salesforce9
  • Add the Work Orders related list to the case layout and create a queue for Work Orders (for example define a queue for every back office).

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