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This blog post will help you understand the key benefits of using the Salesforce commerce cloud for ecommerce business.

In the age of cloud computing, it is not very wise of an organization to rely on mainstream sales and distribution channels to go head to head with competitors. The essence of perennial growth for any organization is the continual evolution of business planning, organizing, marketing, and sales strategies.

According to a meticulous study conducted by a leading digital agency, by 2021, more than 2.6 billion people will be online shoppers. This staggering number is one-third of the earth’s overall population and a figure to be contemplated over by businesses of all scales.

The number of customers making the online purchase has grown by leaps and bounds. It lucidly indicates that not only your business has to have a rock-solid presence on the Internet but also incomparable product and services to mesmerize customers. The platform you choose to develop your digital business plays a pivotal role in your overall growth.

When we talk about the platform’s agility, scalability, operations, salesforce commerce cloud is the leading name in the market. It is one of the best commerce cloud platforms for ecommerce businesses with innumerable benefits. Salesforce commerce cloud cuts down the need of using multiple tools to track sales, analyze marketing efforts, scale up operations, and allows you to manage all activities at one single platform.

But Why Salesforce Commerce Cloud? And What Does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Do?

Salesforce commerce cloud is not merely a medium to run online business seamlessly, it is a comprehensive and future-rich cloud-based ecommerce platform that emboldens businesses to create intelligent and thought-provoking shopping experiences for customers across all channels like mobile, web, social, store, etc.

On a broader picture, the salesforce commerce cloud offers a pack of potent attributes that allow a business to connect with buyers or potential customers well at every stage of sales funnel and provide them par excellent support across all channels. As the consumers’ behavior is getting intricate with each passing day, organizations need omnichannel insights to painstakingly discover and analyse users’ behavior, engagement, across all channels.

What separates the salesforce commerce cloud from the rest of the cloud-based ecommerce platforms is its built-in predictive intelligence. Salesforce’s Einstein AI is one of the most advanced built-in predictive intelligence system that helps to deliver unrivaled shopping experience by garnering and giving you smart insights on customers’ behavior, purchasing patterns, and identifying opportunities to sell across different untapped channels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B & B2C

Be it organizations or individual retailers, Salesforce offers what it takes to put your business on the top of the business chain. Salesforce provides two full-fledged ecommerce solutions namely Salesforce B2B commerce and Salesforce B2C commerce that allow businesses and retailers to manage content, marketing, order fulfillment, customer service management, data management, and analysis, and the list goes on.


B2B users and B2C users both harness the benefits of Salesforce commerce cloud solutions. Now, keeping the long story short, we are hopping on to benefits of using the Salesforce commerce cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Ecommerce Business

The Numerous Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

A great chunk of the B2B and B2C users are not aware of the complete benefits of utilizing salesforce commerce cloud for running an ecommerce business. Let’s review all the benefits one at a time.

1. State-of-the-Art Marketing Tools

Salesforce commerce cloud comprises some of the best marketing tools that empower merchants, content creators, and brand marketers like never before. All the prevailing marketing tools allow merchants to pitch the right product to the right customers with the right price at the right to take the sales and conversion rate to the zenith.

To find out what works best with your customers, you can run A/B testing or splitting testing without prior technical knowledge and launch the most effective and productive campaigns.

Merchants can also adjust and optimize search queries according to the customers’ search intent and boost the visibility of your products and services.

The best part about the Salesforce commerce cloud platform for ecommerce businesses is, you can run, manage, and track all the marketing campaigns like social media, email marketing at one single place and experience the growth of your brand.

2. Predictive Intelligence – Salesforce Einstein AI

To augment the usage of artificial intelligence of the platform for ecommerce businesses, Salesforce embedded Einstein AI, a next-generation artificial intelligence platform that exterminates the need of using third-party extensions and manual data analysis.

Earlier, merchants have to use third-party integrations to inculcate new attributes and manage various activities on the platform. These integrations are closely connected with each other and the downfall of one extension can also lead to the performance happening of others.

The key attributes of the Einstein artificial intelligence system –

  • Saves a lot of your valuable time and money by automating merchandising tasks.
  • At every touchpoint, it suggests the best products to customers.
  • It provides data-driven insights that help in boosting sales and conversions.
  • For every shopper visiting your online store, it generates real-time predictions.

3. Internationalization of Storefronts

Except for the Salesforce commerce cloud, no other cloud-based platforms allow organizations to manage multiple storefronts for multiple locations across the globe from a single back-end platform. By harnessing salesforce commerce cloud attributes, you can effortlessly manage multi-currency, multi-language, and multiple processes.

With salesforce commerce cloud for your ecommerce store, you can effortlessly manage product data sets for different stores without any impediments and also manage numerous intricacies like billing, product availability, pricing, etc.

4. Focus on Rich Mobile Experience

It is not a hidden fact that the number of users shopping through smartphones is increasing exponentially. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly or better say mobile-responsive ecommerce store is the need of the hour. Moreover, Google has also made mobile-first indexing, mobile responsiveness, and page load speed crucial ranking factors.

To keep your business ahead of competitors, you should have a mobile-friendly ecommerce store. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Salesforce commerce cloud is, it lays great emphasis on the mobile-first approach. Salesforce commerce cloud is all about providing optimal shopping experience to mobile users.

5. Omni-Channel Functionalities

If there is one functionality or attribute on which the Salesforce commerce cloud has laid profound emphasis, it is empowering merchants to run their business across multiple channels from a single platform.

Merchants can streamline multiple operations such as sales, order management, inventory management, conversions, marketing campaigns at a single SaaS solution. Not only it offers flexibility to merchants but also Omni-channel functionalities save a lot of your precious time and efforts.

6. Top of the Line Customer Support

Salesforce offers round the clock and undivided support to all its merchants and ensure their business run seamlessly and grow expeditiously 24/7. Moreover, the support provided by the Salesforce commerce cloud covers comprehensive issues ranging from code fixes to upgrading security patches, and the list goes on.

Some More Alluring Functionalities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • You can spread business reach with full-fledged social extensions.
  • Simplify merchandizing efforts by integrating pricing, catalogs, and products.
  • With state-of-the-art in-built SEO functionalities, you can boost ecommerce store online presence.
  • Merchants can guide and engage customers in a better way by connecting customers’ data with Salesforce commerce cloud CRM.
  • You can integrate data from first, second, and third party sources like ERP payment system.
  • Knowledge exchange platforms for developers to discuss key issues and further possibilities.
  • ML tools powered product recommendations and advanced customer segmentation attributes to escalate shopping experience.

This is all about Salesforce commerce cloud platform and its mammoth benefits. If you want to migrate your website to salesforce commerce cloud to harness its jaw-dropping benefits, you must hire certified salesforce commerce cloud developers to get the job done impeccably.

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An acclaimed IT solution provider and a leading Magento 2 development company with its expertise lies in delivering top of the line e-commerce solutions, Salesforce commerce cloud services, mobile app development and many more verticals.

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