The moment the baby arrives into your arm, your job as a mom gets started. Being a mother, you need to take care of your baby in every way, starting from feeding, sponge bathing, making him ready for the day, diapering, feeding, burping, and the list goes on.

You need to take care of various things, like keeping track of your baby’s sleep, diaper changing, his feeding time, and much more.

Among all such tasks, breastfeeding comes to the surface, as feeding is one of the most critical aspects that will propel his growth. For that, you need to keep track of recent feed, the capacity of the last bottle, time of the previous feed, the side of nursing, number of feeds she had today, and a lot more.

Yes, of course, everyone trusts you; you are a mother now and can keep track of every aspect related to your baby. Still, it’s tough to remember everything, as with parenthood, the baby’s responsibility arrives, which pushes you to run on little sleep. Yet, you need to keep the balance of every aspect.

Thanks to various breastfeeding apps available in the market that come with varied essential features to make the motherhood journey seamless and handy.

Breastfeeding app for baby

What Is a Breastfeeding App?

In simple terms, breastfeeding apps offer information and education about breastfeeding to a new mother during her pre-and post-natal care. Moreover, it provides counseling from trained volunteers, health care providers, and support sets for nursing mothers.

Such a kind of baby feeding tracker apps performs exactly as you want. These apps assist you in saving every detail relevant to your little munchkin, like her diet, eating habits, etc.

The best baby tracking app may include the below features and functionality:

  • Tracks breastfeeding sessions, pumping sessions, bottle-feedings, and more.
  • Timer to record the duration of feeding.
  • Noticing the changes your baby is reflecting with the passing time.
  • A memorandum to add notes that you want to remember.

This is not much; these apps come with a plethora of features that ease the maternity phase of every mother.

Breastfeeding Apps

Why Do You Need Baby Breastfeeding Apps?

The usage of the baby feeding app proves to be beneficial in many ways. It keeps the mothers updated with every piece of information related to their babies.

Let’s know some of the benefits that make the life of women trouble-free and calm.

  • It let the moms know whether they are intaking enough or not.
  • Moreover, they can remember which side they need to nurse.
  • The mothers get to know the nap time of their babies.
  • Also, by tracking the baby’s feed, you can conclude whether you need pediatric guidance or not.
  • Furthermore, you can connect with doctors through the best breastfeeding tracker app, despite standing in a queue for your turn.

Ten Best Breastfeeding Apps

Breastfeeding is a choice and also depends on the mother’s health condition. Well, whatever be the situation, breastfeeding has never been easy.

Thanks to the best breastfeeding tracker app. These applications are crafted to assist you in staying well-organized in terms of nursing and pumping and prove to be more useful than you think.

We reviewed the best baby feeding app this year and have prepared a list of the best baby tracking apps based on the content, user ratings, reviews, and a lot more.

Baby Daybook Breastfeeding Apps

Baby Daybook Breastfeeding App
Available on: Google Play & App Store

It’s an important job to feed your baby and ensure you meet their daily needs. This will help you achieve your target. It will allow you to set reminders and create a schedule for your baby’s entire day, from light to dawn. This way, you will forget nothing, whether it’s your baby’s feeding time, his growing milestones, or everything related to him.

RatingFor Everyone
In-app Products$1.99 to $29.99

Baby Connect Breastfeeding Apps

Baby Connect
Available on: Google Play and App Store

This baby tracker app will assist you in recording everything about your baby. You can log the entries with just a tap and use the timer, which will help you with tracking the pumping and nursing sessions. Moreover, you can note the last nursing side to remember which side you need to feed your baby. Furthermore, this app holds varied features, such as reports and trending charts, graphs, weekly averages, night mode, reminder alarms, and password protection to ensure complete privacy.

Rating$4.99 to $14.99
In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published BySeacloud Software LLC

Ovia Parenting Breastfeeding Apps

Ovia Parenting Breastfeeding App
Available on: Google Play and App Store

If you are looking for the best breastfeeding tracking app and want to preserve everything happening in your baby’s life, you can download the Ovia Parenting app. This app provides a plethora of tools to mark and observe your baby’s growth, along with breastfeeding support resources, customizable tracking tools, a massive database of content by baby experts, and a lot more. In fact, it comes with a feature that lets your near ones (whom you want) know the latest update on your bundles of joy, like her photos, posts, and videos.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published ByOvuline, Inc.

Hatch Baby Breastfeeding Apps

Hatch Baby Breastfeeding App
Available on: Google Play and App Store

You can use this baby tracking app to record your baby’s health and growth data, embracing diaper changes, feedings, sleep, and a lot more. Also, you can get insight into your little one’s development with the visual charts. This app comes with automatic sync, which helps sync your baby’s growth automatically.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published ByHatch Baby, Inc.

Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker

Breastfeeding - Baby Tracker Breastfeeding App
Available on: Google Play

This baby feeding tracker application was crafted specially by moms for the mothers to help them monitor their baby’s breastfeeding and complementary feedings. Also, it records the last side with which you nursed your baby, his subsequent feedings that it can take as a single meal, and analyzes your logged breastfeeding duration every day.

Rating$1.99 to $5.99
In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published BySevenlogics, Inc.

LatchMe Breastfeeding Apps

LatchMe Breastfeeding App
Available on: Google Play and App Store

This baby tracking application accumulates helpful breastfeeding resources from other mamas that assist you in connecting with them based on your location. This app is widely used and tracks helpful people, fun support, amazing advice, and comfortable feeding spots for moms and babies, despite tracking their feedings, diapering time, growth, etc.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published ByJonathan Goldfinger

Feed Baby

Feed Baby – Baby Tracker
Available on: Google Play and App Store

This breastfeeding and baby tracking app help the parents of infants by tracking their diaper changing, feeding, sleeping time, and pumping sessions. Also, it holds detailed charts, reports, and graphs that assist in visualizing their baby’s important data.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products$5.99 to $6.99

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker
Available on: Google Play

This breastfeeding tracker app assists the mammas in monitoring their baby’s important information that is enough to know whether they are meeting their breastfeeding milestones or not. Also, mothers can upload their baby’s video, photos, and audio files to maintain a type of logbook of their baby’s nursing.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products$0.60 to $5.95
Published Bybreastfeeding tracker

Baby Feeding Log Breastfeeding Apps

Baby Feeding Log Breastfeeding App
Available on: App Store

Developed to be an easy to use and straightforward app, Baby Feeding Log, features a pause button for feeding, a nursing tracker with a timer, and other options for editing or manually entering data. It permits quick access to the last feeding time, side, and duration. Also, you can use the app to log the diaper change, baby’s sleep time, and more.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products$0.99
Published ByAron Beaver

My Medela Breastfeeding Apps

Medela Baby Tracker app Breastfeeding App
Available on: Google Play and App Store

This breastfeeding tracker app comes with everything you need to track your baby’s breastfeeding routine. A progress tracker ensures you conduct everything on time, pumping and feeding. You can also get breast pumping and breastfeeding tips and even track your baby’s weight, height, growth, and more.

Rating For Everyone
In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published ByMedela AG

Cost For Developing Breastfeeding Apps App.

The app development companies give cost estimates for developing a mobile app that lies between $200,000 to $350,000 holding various features.

Various factors one should consider to calculate the cost of developing a baby feeding tracker app.

  • Type of app
  • Design
  • Infrastructures and features
  • Platform (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Number of pages

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Well, developing a baby tracker app or a breastfeeding app is a profitable decision. Yet, it demands proper research and a well-understanding of user needs, the features you want to include, and the associated cost.

You can hire a mobile app development company to get the relevant details and kickstart the development of breastfeeding apps.

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