The journey of motherhood is a life-time experience for any women, where they feel plethora of emotions of love, care and at times worry for the safety of their baby. And this very much starts as soon as one gets to find get the big news. The sudden surge of so many feelings for the unborn baby and so many unanswered questions. And without even realizing the thought of keeping the baby safe inside the womb for nine month starts making the people so jittery. However, today with the progression of technology and arrival of many pregnancy tracking apps, there is a 24*7 companion during the whole pregnancy journey and even afterwards in the form of Pregnancy Tracker mobile apps.

Pregnancy Tracking Mobile App

These apps make it easy for the users to easily access all pregnancy-related information like daily health tips, recommended supplements, medications, vitamin schedules, weekly baby updates, and a lot more. There is a lot of personalized information offered in these apps as well, such as days and weeks of pregnancy, baby’s development, due date of baby’s arrival, personalized advice, etc. Hence, these apps serve as a dedicated companion during the entire pregnancy and meet every requirement all along.

How These Pregnancy And Baby Tracker Apps Serve The Purpose?

With the help of these apps, things get a lot easier during all three trimesters of pregnancy as on every way there is personalized help available. All the users require is to keep scrolling to receive a plethora of information, such as baby names, right position to sleep, sit, how to stand up correctly from sitting, baby’s development in the utero to what is the best food to consume each trimester-wise. These apps cover them all basically, even a lot of information on post-partum and baby development afterwards. This way, the app grows as the baby grows.

A lot of pregnancy and baby tracker apps also offer a lot of tools, such track the appointments, vitamins schedule, constantly checking with the doctor remotely, tips concerning the preparations for baby’s arrival, and a lot more. In a way, these apps offer a lot of assistance by delivery the right knowledge.

How Pregnancy Tracker App Works?

To start the pregnancy journey with the pregnancy and baby tracking apps, all the users are required is to install the app, complete the registration process, enter due date, and the fun ride begins. The users can visit daily and track information daily, weekly, monthly, or trimester-wise. As per the due date, there is a lot of personalized content (like articles, videos, etc.) shown to the users, like it might consist of latest pregnancy news & health information, and at the same time the users get the opportunity to get in touch with the fellow preggos and share insights with one another.

The best part is that the app keeps offering supports and a lot of useful information even after birth, hence assisting the users in their new journey as parents.

Increasing Popularity Of Pregnancy Tracking Mobile Apps

Pregnancy Tracking Mobile App
Source : GrandViewResearch
Pregnancy Tracking
Source : GrandViewResearch

Popular Pregnancy Tracker Mobile Apps

We can very much give credit to the pregnancy and baby tracker apps for making this beautiful yet too often dreadful journey of pregnancy pretty easy with lots of information from the experts available to them 24*7. Whether the baby is size of an apple (as per the weeks) or a coconut, the app can tell in all. Now among the many apps available out there, the most popular ones are:

1. What To Expect

What to expect

This great app offers a lot of useful and relatable information to the app users with personalized tracking that offers details on where they have exactly reached in their pregnancy journey. There are week-by-week videos about how the body and the baby are developing with loads of other info on pregnancy, nutrition, exercising and how to prepare for the labor. There are many doctor approved tips & articles offered to the users.

2. The Bump


This app has a lot to offer to the expectants as there are functionalities to plan appointments, real-time answers to pregnancy queries, daily tips and articles and also a photo album feature to record development at each stage.

3. Sprout


The Sprout Pregnancy app has a lot of exciting and modern-age functionalities, such as 3D interaction which allows its users to see lifelike interactive movements, and kicks as well as heartbeats for exact representation of what happens inside the bump. The users can record the belly pictures and also the memorable events experienced during the pregnancy in the pregnancy journal feature. Besides that there is daily & weekly information about the baby and changing body, personalized timeline, weight tracker, contraction timer, kick counter, and a lot more.

4. Ovia


This is an entirely customizable app, where the users can enter in baby’s gender, due date, name, and overall pregnancy goals and health information. Accordingly, the users receive personalized information as their pregnancy progresses. The users can see several illustration displaying the baby’s current hand & foot size and also allows to browse many pregnancy tips, articles. It also enables its users to connect with other moms-to-be and track their pregnancy milestones.

5. Peanut


This one is a community app for thousands of pregnancy women so they can connect with the others, and do not feel alone during this magical period, where often people struggle dealing with the stress and anxieties that often come with the joys of pregnancy. The users can connect with the other users in their geographical area, join the conversations, ask questions, and stay connected with the chat functionality.

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Basic Features Of Pregnancy Tracker Mobile App

  • A daily tip about pregnancy
  • Q/A community regarding pregnancy
  • Daily updates about baby growth cycle
  • Track contractions and send results to a doctor
  • Keep track of baby kicks
  • Keep track of baby sleep
  • Gentle music for babies sleep
  • Complete guide about breastfeeding
  • Articles & videos on baby health & safety
  • Mom & baby activity tracker
  • Advice about baby care
  • Scheduler & tracker: scheduler lets you know the current week of pregnancy and tracker provides appointment details or any recommendation provided by your doctor
  • Health assessment:Unlock more tips and tools to get help during pregnancy days
  • Join birth clubs & community groups and get connected to world
  • Bumpie photo diary, simple pregnancy tool to capture weekly belly pics and turn them into an amazing time-lapse Bumpie video to share or keep as your personal pregnancy journal

Basic Features Of  User Application

  • Register/ Login for complete privacy
  • Pregnancy calendar app
  • Maintain childbirth club
  • Keep track on your pregnancy week by week
  • Manage & track weight and belly growth gain goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI
    get information & tips about health fitness, beauty- styling, travel, nutrition & weight
  • Manage your Profile

Basic Features Of Pregnancy Tracking App Admin Panel

  • Sign In/Sign Out
  • Manage patients/Users database & profile
  • Add Experts to interact with users
  • Manage Experts
  • Add/Edit/View/Delete Application Content
  • Tools Manager
  • Involve Father: It can be used by the father as well to monitor the mother?s and baby?s
  • It will allow the father to support the mother for appointment scheduling and management.
  • Vitals Monitoring: The mobile application allows to enter various test data noticed from
  • Personal health devices (PHDs) advised by doctor and data is monitored at another end by

Pregnancy Tracking

Advanced Features Of Pregnancy Tracker Mobile App

Offline Access

In this app functionality, users would be able to access the app content even when there is no internet connectivity. This way they will have 24*7 access to the app and its content and it also promotes user engagement with the app.

Chat With Experts

The app can weekly organize an expert chat session with the gynecologists or pediatricians, so the users can put up their queries directly there and get an expert advice. This increases app’s reliability and at the same time engagement of users with the app.

Trimester & Due-Date Progress Bar

A pregnancy tracker mobile app can have a functionality where it offer the daily and weekly progress each trimester wise and countdown for the due-date.

Pairing With Gynaecologist

With the integration of this functionality, the app can get a connect ID from their Gynae and pair with them via the app.

Graphical Trends

This is a one-touch tool that keeps both the pregnancy lady and her doctor connected as here they can monitor the trends.

Pregnancy & Baby Songs

In pregnancy it is advised for the women to listen to calming music and baby songs, hence it can be a nice functionality to have for the pregnancy tracker apps to offer functionality which allows the users to listen to soothing music.

Get weekly Baby updates

This functionality will allow the app to share baby size information and weekly development updates.

Social Sharing

This functionality will allow the app users to share the in-app content with the other people via their social networking handles.

Meditation Safety Lookup

Here the user can check how safe a certain medication is for it to be taken during pregnancy.

Symptoms Lookup

In the search bar, the users can seek information regarding certain symptoms that they might have during their course of pregnancy. They can check for which symptom is normal to have during pregnancy and which is not.

Informational Videos

The app can display a lot of womb videos and also read childbirth videos, in order to prepare themselves for the upcoming event.

Monetization Strategies For Pregnancy Tracking Mobile App

One of the main reasons behind the development of an app is to make money from it, hence it is vital to make a decision over its monetization model. Now while deciding over the monetization strategy, consider a few things like type of app and the features included in it. Now every strategy can either is implemented alone or it can be combined with one more or many strategies. Meanwhile, for a pregnancy tracker app, these are the monetization models that can be considered, such as:


Here two versions of the app can be offered to the users, one is free and another paid. The free version give access to basic features while the paid version offers some advanced features, which are not available in free version. Also, in some cases, paid app version is ad-free as well.

Certified Content

Apps offering peer-to-peer services can consider this strategy of promoting certified content. Here the care providers can be offered to view a fixed amount of content for free and would require paying a subscription fee to get access to more content that is updated regularly. Hence, they are likely to pay recurringly in order to stay subscribed for the certified content.


Ads are a great way of monetizing the app and earning a lot of money through it. But, for the matter of fact, the app users usually dislike advertisements, mostly when it comes in between of informational content. Hence, it can helpful that the app owners localize the advertising with the use of Wi-Fi, GPS, beacons. These technologies enable real-time targeted mobile ads connecting to on-the-spot user experiences.


In this model, the users can choose subscription plan that suits them best. They can subscribe to the app by paying fixed monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fee.

In-App Purchases

In this monetization model, the app owners can allow in-app purchases for the app users, like they can choose to pay for online pre-natal yoga class, or meditation class, or directly order the vitamins from the app itself.

Among the many money-making strategies, an app owner can consider the app features and several other aspects to finalize on the strategy.

Hire mobile app developers

Technology Stack For Developing A Pregnancy Tracker Mobile App

  • For Push Notifications- Twilio,
  • For Nutrition Feeds- NutritionX, MyFitnesspal
  • For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification- Nexmo, Twilio
  • For Payments- Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • For Powerful Programming- GWT
  • For Data Management- Datastax
  • For everything related to emails- Mandrill
  • For the Universal Operating System- Debian
  • For Database- MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • For Cloud Environment- AWS
  • For Real-time Analytics- Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • For Integration with Wearable- Fitbit, Garmin, Apple-watch, jawbone

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Cost To Build A Pregnancy Tracker Mobile App

Several factors need to be considered in order to determine the cost for apps like pregnancy tracker mobile app, such as:

  • App Platforms (Android, iOS, or Both)
  • App Design
  • App Features
  • Location of the app development company
  • App Complexity
  • Duration of the development project
  • Size of the development team (Project Managers, Designers, Developers, Testers)
  • Tools & Technologies used in the development

Now once all these factors have been considered, to give a rough estimate an app with basic functionalities and for a single platform (either iOS or Android) should cost around $25000-$35000, whereas an app with additional features and third-party integrations and created for more and one platform should cost around $50000-$70000.

Wrapping Up

So, we hope that reading this post must have answered the question “how to develop a Pregnancy Tracking Mobile app”. So, creating a mobile app for Pregnancy Tracking is a profitable business idea. If you plan to capitalize on such an idea then Emizentech can prove to be great help as we have an adept mobile app development team. We have created hundreds of mobile apps for  Health and fitness IT solutions all over the world and we have expertise in building scalable and innovative mobile apps.

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