In March 2019, Adobe launched its Commerce cloud platform which is a fully managed cloud-based version of the Magento platform. The platform is fully integrated with the other Adobe tools such as Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is the result of the amalgamation of Adobe Experience Cloud and Magento Cloud. This is due to the Magento acquisition by Adobe company in June 2018. As an ecommerce store owner, you would be able to provide a different level of customer experience and services through Adobe Commerce Cloud. Apart from the availability of the above-mentioned tools you can connect the platform with Document Cloud and Creative Cloud, hubs of data, and other content. You will also get features like Commerce Dashboards and the Amazon marketplace integration. This level of control on the ecommerce store is quite intriguing. You can track inventory status and other key business metrics through this feature. And all these integrations can be controlled from the Admin panel of Magento.

You can leverage all interaction of your content with your customers and how your customers behave and what features they try or want to avoid.

Can you afford Adobe Commerce Cloud?

The operating model of Adobe Commerce cloud and Magento commerce is almost similar i.e. their edge cost is not available. However, you can estimate the pricing of this platform by the general information available.

You will require a development team or an in-house team or an agency for creating, launching, and maintaining your Adobe Commerce cloud store. The agency will build the store and upkeep it. The setup of Magento (and thus Adobe Commerce Cloud) is quite complex which increases the development cost. The development of an enterprise-level store will definitely reach the figure of five digits and can scale with the complexity of the build, extensions, and other add-ons.

The licensing fees of using the Adobe software is completely separate.

Features of Adobe Commerce Cloud

magento commerce cloud featuresAdobe Commerce Cloud is built to meet the demands of both B2B and B2C online business. You can build multiple sites, brands, using this tool. It is designed to meet every possible demand for commerce across every channel. Using Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can manage, personalize, and optimize the shopping experience in every possible way. Here are some of the important features of the Adobe Commerce Cloud:

1. Cloud Nature

There is no doubt in accepting that the cloud feature of Adobe Commerce cloud is the most important feature. Even its name contains the term “cloud”. Therefore, you can manage your ecommerce store from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, Adobe Commerce Cloud is offered as an Adobe Managed Service. You can introduce better performance, agility, and security through Adobe Commerce Cloud vis-à-vis Magento Commerce and Open-source.

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2. Analytics

As we told you there are Commerce Dashboards in the Adobe Commerce Cloud, and other tools required for monitoring the business metrics. The analytics of Adobe Commerce cloud will help you in better marketing, merchandising, and delivery aspects of your online store. High-level AI is also implemented which can predict the health of your business and futuristic events.

3. Omnichannel

There are core features and order management to give an omnichannel experience on the platform. Hence, you can host the catalogue of your products across the different channels but you will require heavy lifting for this. It isn’t a native functionality, therefore, you may require 3rd party extensions for this, which can also raise some issues. Additionally, Adobe Commerce doesn’t have any native social integration.

4. Headless

The integration of Adobe Commerce with the Adobe Experience Manager is highly exciting. If you have chosen it as a frontend, then Adobe Commerce is definitely a good fit. Adobe Commerce takes use of Progressive Web Applications. Beyond that, it’s up to you as the merchant to develop your own extension or vet third-party solutions.

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5. Agile and Flexible

With the cloud nature of the platform, you get a good level of agility and flexibility in Adobe Commerce Cloud. There are also advanced APIs, microservices, enterprise systems, and headless models by which you can make most out of the platform.

6. Content Personalization

You can deliver relevant to the right shoppers using Adobe Target. The campaigns are easy to test with automated behavioral targeting. Using Adobe Target, you can convert the new visitors into regular patrons and build loyalty among the existing ones.

7. PWA Studio

You can leverage the PWA studio of Adobe Commerce Cloud to build lightweight yet fast and engaging digital experiences for your mobile audience.

8. Google Shopping Ads

You can enable your brand to register for Google Smart Shopping campaigns by integration with Google Merchant Center and Advertising Channels. You can decide the products for your ad campaigns, budgets, shipping rules, tax rules etc.

Benefits of Choosing Adobe Commerce Cloud for your eCommerce site

Here are some of the benefits of Adobe Commerce cloud:

1. Faster time to market

We have already told you about this. Probably this is the forte of the Adobe Commerce cloud over other platforms. It supports all models whether it is B2B, B2C, hybrid, etc. and are supported by multiple integrations by the marketplace.

2. Frequent Innovations

Adobe commerce cloud comes with a high level of flexibility and extensibility. Being based on the opportunities of our favorite platform and its huge ecosystem, it introduces the reliability of a market giant and continuous flow of innovations.

3. Scalable

You can do global scaling as well as a local adaptation by the Adobe Commerce cloud. The multi-site structure of the platform is able to get customers from all over the globe and can adapt to every target audience.

4. Top-Notch engagement

There should be no qualm in accepting this that adobe comes with high-quality content creation. You can connect with your customers on every channel delivering the best possible experience in the easiest possible manner.

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How Adobe Commerce Cloud is better than other eCommerce platforms?

There is not just a single aspect which is making the Adobe Commerce Cloud the most flexible, and unified platform for ecommerce, order management, and predictive intelligence. Here are some of the ways by which Adobe Commerce Cloud is better than other ecommerce platforms.

1. Flexibility and Agility

Adobe Commerce cloud can manage your brands across different nations, using a single cloud solution and have the flexibility to scale as required.

Others: In other platforms, you can’t get a single cloud solution for managing all business models. The technical overhead is highly complex and expensive.

2. Support

There are more than 315,000 developers which are certified, highly experienced, and dedicated to helping you for smooth commerce experience stand up.

Others: The support network on other platforms is limited and you can’t get that level of experience which you required at the moment.

3. Extended Capabilities

You can access the advanced level technologies using our commerce marketplace whether you need to implement new payment services, marketing services, or campaigns.

Others: Others have fewer extensions available, making it hard to integrate new capabilities quickly.

4. Multiple Business Model Support

Adobe Commerce cloud supports multi-site architecture. So you can opt for any business model – B2B, B2C, or both.

Others: You can’t get support for more than one business model on one platform by other ecommerce platforms.

5. Time and Cost

More than 75 percent of a project of Adobe Commerce Cloud was delivered in less than six months and there are more than 4,000 out of the box extensions. Extensions lower down the cost of development making it time efficient and affordable.

Others: Not every platform comes with out-of-the-box features. This makes the deployment time consuming and more expensive.

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Best Adobe Commerce Cloud Development Companies

This article is not limited to just telling you about the Adobe Commerce Cloud and how it is beneficial for your online business. But we have also included the roster of the best adobe commerce cloud development companies.

1. Emizentech

emizentech adobe commerce cloud development companyEmizentech is a reputed ecommerce development company having expertise in almost every ecommerce platform including Adobe Commerce Cloud, Magento Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and others. Whether it is implementing multiple stores channels, Amazon marketplace integration, Google Ad Campaign channel, or anything else, the company is having expertise in almost each and every functionality of Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Address: 116-118, Okay Plus Spaces, F-45, 302017, Jaipur, India;
276 5th Avenue, Ste 704 -1141, New York, NY, 100001

2. Elsner Technologies

Elsner technologiesBased in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Elsner technologies is having vast experience in developing ecommerce stores on the Adobe Commerce cloud. The company is having skilled ecommerce developers having expertise in varied ecommerce platforms. An expert team of Certified Google, Magento, and ISO developers is ready for your perusal to solve all kinds of your online business problems. The company is also an official Magento partner and has certified Magento Developers. Being a reputed Magento development company, Elsner develops high-quality eCommerce stores with high maintenance and support.

Address: Iscon Center, 305, 306, Shivranjani Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

3. Magneto IT Solutions

magento it solutionsMagneto IT Solutions is one of the most experienced ecommerce development companies in the world. Being a top-rated ecommerce development company reputed Solutions partner, and Premier Extension builder, they develop advanced level Adobe Commerce cloud ecommerce stores. The company is having 10 years of experience in developing ecommerce stores. Magneto IT Solutions is a web and mobile product based organization and crafts softwares for enterprise-level ecommerce businesses

Address: 1202, Landmark, 100 feet Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad, 380015

4. Brainvire

BrainvireBrainvire is a Digital Enabler and an IT consultancy firm that has fuelled Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Its core expertise lies in developing ecommerce web applications and industry 4.0 technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain. Brainvire offers top-notch eCommerce web development services with the best software and development plans catered to every client’s unique requirements.

Address: Sheth Corporate Tower, 9th Floor, Next to Hotel Fortune Park, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380009

5. RAVE Digital

rave digitalRave Digital Inc. is a quality-oriented ecommerce development and IT consulting firm that provides end-to-end IT solutions to the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors. Rave Digital is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida. Ever since its inception Rave Digital has actively pursued assignments that have a high degree of technical content, cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and application value.

Address: Rave Digital Inc. 193 – 193 A, Greater Brijeshwari Pipliyahana , Indore- 452016, India

6. Commerce Pundit

commerce punditLocated in Atlanta, Georgia, Commerce Pundit is a Web Service Agency specialized in Design & Development, eCommerce Solutions, Inbound Marketing, and Marketplace Management. From custom-designed full-fledged eCommerce websites to data entry on online marketplaces such as or Commerce Pundit with its extensive portfolio has marked its identity as a one-stop-shop for all your online business needs.

Address: 752 Winer Industrial way, Suite G Lawrenceville, GA 30046

7. Brihaspati Infotech

brihspati infotechBrihaspati Infotech is a Top-rated ecommerce development company based in India serving global clients for 9+ years. They employ 150+ in-house team of professionals working round the clock to deliver quality Web-based services.

Address: F – 169, Sector 74, Phase – 8B, Industrial Focal Point, Mohali (Punjab), India

Wrapping Up

You can’t build a top-notch ecommerce store on a top-rated ecommerce platform without a top-ranked ecommerce development company. Henceforth, we have ended this article by enlisting a few companies who are having a niche in Adobe Commerce Cloud.

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