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Magento Commerce Cloud Development Benefits and It’s Features

What is Magento Commerce Cloud?

Previously known as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, Magento Commerce Cloud was launched in 2016 alongside with Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source. Owned by Adobe, Magento Commerce Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) which gives the ability to scale up your Magento website, customize it, in addition to better security and rapid development process. It is highly managed, and automated hosting infrastructure for Magento applications.

Magento Commerce Cloud provides all features of modern cloud computing such as PCI compliance, high resilience, automated patching, and also comes with the advantage of Magento already established highly successful architecture. In simple words, Magento Commerce cloud is the impeccable move of the Magento to exonerate you from the unwanted hosting baggage for your Magento E-commerce application.

Magento Commerce Cloud Architecture

Magento Commerce Cloud

What are the benefits of using Magento Commerce Cloud?

E-commerce owners have to choose between these three different choices for their exciting ecommerce store.

  • Develop and host on own server
  • To rent hosting from 3rd Party
  • To use cloud-hosted ecommerce platform

The cloud-hosted ecommerce is gaining a lot of popularity because of the high scalability of the cloud-hosted platform. Still, there is a lot of cloud-based hosting provides, but in this article, we have jotted down the E-commerce CMS giant Magento’s Cloud solution, Magento Commerce Cloud benefits.

Better Performance

Magento Commerce Cloud is powered by the AWS infrastructure which is one of the most powerful and reliable server infrastructures globally. AWS has gradually provided an increase in memory and hence delivering a continuous increase in performance. Magento also performs a series of optimizations time to time for features like REDIS Cache, MySQL buffers, ElasticSearch and query cache.

Easy Deployment

The most time-consuming task during the website maintenance mode during deployment into production is the size of the content like images, videos, JS, CSS, and sometimes even the entire web pages. In 2017, Magento released two options which significantly reduce the maintenance time duration.

Switch to Magento

  • Magento improved Minification along with configuration management tweaks
  • Full static content running on demand by the page requests

Improved Security

For additional protection, Magento implemented a Web Application Firewall (WAF), powered by Fastly. It provides protection from the most common security threats commonly known as OWASP Top 10, by cutting off the malicious code trying to enter the site.

Better PageSpeed

High-quality images attract the user and plays an important role in conversion rate. However, the same images are responsible for the website slowdown due to the large size. For resolving this, Magento has released Image Optimization which reduces the image size by more than 60%.

You would be surprised to know that the giant MNCs like Coca Cola, Ford, Nike, Nestle, Canon, HP Inc., JCB, Jack Daniel’s uses Magento Commerce Cloud.

Brands using Magento

Top Features of Magento Commerce Cloud:

Using Magento Commerce Cloud, you can not only provide a world-class e-shopping experience but can also boost up the conversion rate and overall sales on your E-commerce store. It has a wide range of features and services for both B2B and B2C platforms.

Sell across the world

Global Market Place

To compete in the modern commerce marketplace, you need to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Magento Commerce cloud assist you to attain the goal by integrating all the tools you need into a single platform. Magento provides a complete range of services to help you gain new customers and build up customer confidence. It includes SEO, promotions, pricing customizations, inventory management, and much more.

Multiple Stores Channels

If you are selling to both businesses as well as customers, then don’t worry about multiple systems requirement. With a unified platform, you can manage all your customers at a single place.

Mobile Centered

As the world is moving towards mobile, make use of Progressive Web Applications to provide the shoppers app-like experience. PWA not only provide speed but also an easy checkout experience and responsive design.

Google Ad Campaigns Channel

Google Shopping Ads is a free Magento developed an extension which can improve your ROI and sales. You can easily set up ads from your products, automated bid optimization, and can also track the campaign performance.

Amazon marketplace integration

If you want to sell your products not only on your store but also on the world’s largest E-commerce platform, Amazon, you can do this using a free Magento, Amazon Sales Channel.

Inbuilt B2B feature

Provide your business buyers with a seamless experience. Using the integrated B2B capabilities your customers can easily manage their business accounts.

Robust Operational Tools

Robust operational tools

For competing in the saturating e-commerce market, you need to be effective and efficient as much as possible. The Magento commerce cloud brings all require robust operational tools at one place.

Smooth User Experience

You can easily personalize your e-commerce store without relying much on the IT team. Plus also provide your users with a seamless and powerful UX experience.

Page Builder

Easily manage your content using the content-editing tool. One can easily update the content using the drag-and-drop feature, and create a richer shopping experience.

Inventory Management

Smoothly manage the products on your inventory to avoid situations like “Out of Stock” which can turn your customers away.

Manage the orders effectively

Provide your customers with an easy order management experience by giving your customers flexible and cost-effective delivery options like ship-to-home or order online or pick up from store option.

Customer Management

Set different pricing structures, show relevant products to different buyers, provide customize checkout either to business or customers, wish is yours.

Powerful Decision-Making Solutions

Magento Decision Making Solutions

To grow up your business Magento Commerce cloud comes with advanced decision-making solutions which includes a highly advanced dashboard for viewing sales statistics along with reports and visualizations.

Business Intelligence

Using the real-time business intelligence, you would be able to figure out your true profitable customers. The powerful insights harness your data and giving you the results for further business decisions.


Convert your raw data into meaningful visualizations. You can easily customize the dashboards which fit your business requirements including the monitoring KPIs.

Reporting and Visualizations

Reporting and visualizations use your raw data to give you easily understandable insights. It provides data, information, and metrics to keep your business gain new heights.

Scalability and Support

Scalability and Support with Security

Easily scale up your business without worrying about the security of your site. A wide range of support resources is available to help you.

Optimized Performance

With very high-speed performance, exceed your customer expectations. AWS based hosting supports any size of e-commerce deployment.


Customers don’t only require a seamless shopping experience but a security trust also. With PCI attestation of compliance, it keeps your e-commerce data safe and secure.

PCI compliance

Payment Card Industry compliance requires the merchant to safeguard all customer payment information through all policies, software design and network.

Fully Managed Service

The 24/7 dedicated support eliminates all your worries for managing multiple requirements.

Top Magento Commerce Cloud Development Company

We are not leaving you by just giving the details and benefits of Magento Commerce cloud but are also telling you the best companythat can develop and implement magento cloud commerce applications in a very effective manner.

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