If we check the stats, the sneaker app market has witnessed a considerable hike with about 20% in monthly active users (MAU) and monthly downloads since 2020’s summer. 

Two key trends have identified the enhanced popularity of sneaker apps:

  • Why could only the top brands grab a considerable portion of the market share?
  • A 3-way tie between veterans, GOAT, StockX, and NIKE SNKRS. 

The pandemic has led to a shift in customer behavior as they have caught up with online shopping habits. 

In 2020, the monthly downloads of the top sneaker apps globally reached about 6 million, and in 2021, it was marked close to 7 million and is likely to grow more in the coming years. 

So, akin to other products and services, sneaker apps will also likely catch up with increased downloads and sales. 

This article will exhibit the names and descriptions of top sneaker apps, their needs from different perspectives, whether you are a business person or a customer, the best and most profitable way to develop a successful sneaker online store app, and much more.

Let’s start then. 

Why Do You Need Sneaker Apps?

Everyone needs sneaker apps, whether a customer or a business person; only the perspectives vary. 

Here, we will discuss both the outlooks to make it clear for you:

Sneaker Apps

1. Business Point Of View 

COVID-19 and pandemic is something that everyone knows about and is unforgettable. Because of the global lockdown, when brick-and-mortar stores were shut down, people of every generation, new or old, started shopping online. It was the time when more and more business owners stepped into the eCommerce world and converted their businesses into online stores. 

This period influenced the growth of sneaker apps also. Many people started participating in grocery app development, online payment app development, eCommerce app development, etc, besides, sneaker apps development. 

2. Customer Point Of View

Obviously, the pandemic led customers to buy online, whether for their everyday essentials or other requirements. 

Everyone needs shoes, so online sneaker stores appeared to be useful for those who prefer buying almost everything online. 

As more and more customers are interested in purchasing sneakers online, customers would need sneaker apps of distinctive brands where they can meet their footwear needs, like pattern, budget, comfort, etc.

Top Sneaker Apps For iOS & Android

Now, let’s discuss some top names in the sneaker app market:

1. GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel

GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel

Maintaining its top position in the world of sneakers, GOAT is offering the best and vast marketplace to its users where they can grab their choices from about 125,000+ pairs of sneakers. 

Buyers can purchase speakers at sellers’ nominated rates or may also leave a bid with the hope to catch it up at the desirable cost. Post grabbing a deal, the pair of sneakers are sent to a free-of-charge GOAT verification before shipping it to buyers’ addresses for an authenticity check. 



It’s a confirmed app that releases exclusive products and is a perfect spot to buy high-heat collabs and drops from Adidas. It offers everyone a fair opportunity to pick the latest sneakers releases. It’s different for the Adidas app as it’s a part of the Adidas community holding access to a fantastic collection of designer sneakers. 

Users can set their profile on the app to receive alerts and notifications on the exclusive release dates of their favorite sneakers design.

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3. Nike SNKRS


With Nike SNKRS, we can catch up with app-based retail experiences. Moreover, it offers the users exclusive access to the new launches with various product storytelling. It arrives with a best-ever collection of Air Force 1s, Air Jordans, and OFF-WHITE collabs. Also, this app showcases an engaging design and alluring editorial content.

4. Kixify – Buy & Sell Sneakers

Kixify - Buy & Sell Sneakers

The globe’s largest sneaker marketplace, Kixify, has started its app a few years back. 

This app uses a commission-based sale framework, according to which sellers from all over the globe use it to flip sought-after drops. People need to think twice when it comes to authenticity. 

Kixify has released the ‘Select’ option that ensures you pick the legit ones. The products you buy from Select are directly acquired from the platform’s inventory, performing product checks with an in-house team. 

5. Mr.Shoes


With the target of offering the finest wellness and beauty, Mr. Shoes provide efficient, fast, and accurate service. You can choose from the catalog it displays holding a wide range of running shoes, sports shoes, and more. 

6. SNKRDUNK Buy & Sell Authentic


Japan’s #1 sneaker app, SNKRDUNK, is known for selling authentic items. Moreover, it permits anyone to buy and sell such items. App users will find it easy to shop for alluring designs. They will catch up with new things that they haven’t seen anywhere and get worldwide shipping. 

7. JD Sports

JD Sports

The best app to buy exclusive sneakers, shoes, and fashion, JD Sports is counted among the top sneaker apps. You can catch the latest offers, deals, and updates on the newest collection. You can find running shoes, basketball sneakers, kids, men’s, women’s shorts and casual wear, and more. 

8. KicksOnFire


A most downloadable sneaker app, KicksOnFire, comes with the release date of the upcoming sneakers collection. This app covers most brands, like Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Supra, New Balance, Vans, etc. 

9. StockX


A cult favorite, StockX holds the caliber to track sneakers’ value in real-time easily. The red and green interface will remind us of the stock tickers. It permits sellers to place asks and the buyers to place bids. When both meet, the sales are executed instantly and automatically. It holds a verified authentication process and increased customer engagement, making it a solid pick. 

10. Adidas 


This app brings the users a wide range of sports picks, like football boots, tracksuits, t-shirts, etc. The users buy the items and earn points by completing their profiles and leaving reviews. These points let them catch up with exclusive rewards. 

11. Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods

It showcases the world’s vast collection of top-class sneakers. The buyers can choose from 200,000+ product inventory from the top brands like Adidas, Nike, Jordan, etc. You will get well-hand-inspected products with guaranteed authenticity. 

12. Laced


An exclusive new auction app to win rare sneakers, Laced asks for 50-75 cents for purchasing each bid. You just need to pay the winning amount if you win, and your bids are returned to your account. 

13. Suplexed


An all-in-one marketplace for verified sellers and stores, Suplexed is known for its hottest collection of sneakers and streetwear. The users catch up with new releases, release reminders, release links, price alerts, and more. 

14. BUMP Shoes


An ultimate spot to buy and sell authentic sneakers, luxury fashion, and streetwear, BUMP users are allowed to build their profiles, message, and follow anyone on the platform, and also create and share their group chats. You can browse many brands, like Adidas, Nike, Supreme, etc.

Top Other eCommerce Apps for Buying and Selling Sneaker

More eCommerce apps where you can buy and sell sneakers are:

1. eBay


It’s a pathway connecting millions of buyers and sellers in 190+ markets globally. It’s an online shopping website widely known for its auctions and C2C sales. 

2. Amazon

amazon app store

Primarily known for selling books through its site, Amazon has crafted a customer service, shipping, and inventory spot that allows the website to offer everything from fashion to furniture to electric appliances. 

3. Flipkart


Flipkart is an Indian eCommerce company, a customer-focused innovation that makes top-quality products accessible to Indians. Besides, it makes the online shopping experience easy, seamless, and intuitive for customers. 

4. Myntra


Online shopping spot for fashion and lifestyle in India, Myntra brings you a wide variety of clothing, footwear, lifestyle products, accessories, and more. Besides, India’s most prominent eCommerce store targets to offer an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience to shoppers across the country.

5. Aliexpress


A popular online store for purchasing products at much lower prices, Aliexpress is a B2B eCommerce retail giant. 

6. Walmart


It’s a global retailer selling merchandise at low prices at about 10,500 stores and its eCommerce websites. It helps communities save money and live better globally. 

How To Start A Sneaker Online Store App?

Start A Sneaker Online Store App

While kick-starting a sneaker online store app, you need to:

1. Have A Trending Product Idea

  • Start with market research and understand what is going to work and what’s not. 
  • If your target is to sell any type of shoes, then let you know that it’s not a smart move. 
  • Obviously, everyone needs shoes, but it would be risky to target everybody. 
  • So, it’s better to pick a niche product that focuses on specific market requirements. 
  • Also, to stand uniquely in the crowd and build a loyal customer base, you should prefer offering shoe customization options. People are increasingly looking for a personal touch for their shoes. 

2. Online Show Business Prerequisites

You need to check the below checklist of business prerequisites before you start.

  • Store Name
  • Business License
  • Brand Logo
  • Product Pricing

3. eCommerce Website

Obviously, you would need a home for your shoe store; you need to launch a website. You can choose an eCommerce development platform suiting your business needs, like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

4. Know What Consumers Want From The Online Shoe Business

Well, you can keep a check on the below aspects that customers usually want from their online businesses:

  • User-friendly Store
  • Engaging images and videos
  • Mobile-friendly experience
  • Better return or exchange policy

5. Make Your Store Unique With Product Customization

After developing an online shoe website, you would need to attract visitors. 

You can integrate a product designing tool with your store holding various features to help your customers craft their customized designs. This way, they can emerge with personalized designs they want on their shoes. 

6. Find A Way To Manage Supplies For Your Store

You need to consider below three options to manage supplies for your store:

  • Allow creating DIY products that will demand sourcing materials, renting space for inventory storage, hiring a shipping service, or running the courier service yourself. 
  • Hire a wholesaler or manufacturer who can make products for you. 
  • A dropshipping method lets you buy from vendors and list the products on your online store. 

7. A Marketing Plan 

Once your products are set up, you can start attracting traffic to your store. You can craft a marketing strategy to put your business on every platform where your prospects are hanging out and, next, use distinct ways to connect with them.

How Can We Help You? 

We have years of experience in building sneaker apps and websites. You can connect with us to develop the best sneaker mobile app for your business. We will help you in every aspect that can meet your business needs. 


We would like to wrap up now. We hope you find this article valuable and helpful for you. 

So, if you want to develop an online sneaker store like the few listed above, you can follow the steps mentioned above. For more assistance, connect with us; we will help you app development in any way. 

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