Shopware is a great platform for developing an online ecommerce store that can meet the changing expectations of the ecommerce store. This platform can help you to create interactive shopping experiences and unlimited connection possibilities for the owner. Shopware is a German ecommerce development platform, open-source in nature, and highly focused on improving customer experience. The company was established in 2000, and now they have more nearly 80,000 happy clients. The company has been consistent in upgrading its platforms, and now its latest version is Shopware 6. The businesses are loving it as they can customize the storefront as per their industry niche and standards. You can sell any product using Shopware 6. There are social media broadcast options, and you can also sell products on other ecommerce platforms like Amazon.The Ultimate Comparison Of Shopware Editions for ecommerceThis article will help you learn about the different editions that Shopware offers and compare their features, pricing, and much more. There are five different editions of Shopware. These are:

  • a. Shopware Community Edition
  • b. Shopware Cloud Edition
  • c. Shopware Starter Edition
  • d. Shopware Professional Edition
  • e. Shopware Enterprise Edition

We will discuss each of these in more detail.

Shopware Community Edition

Shopware community editionThe Shopware community edition is an open-source edition that is free of cost. Therefore, you can set up your ecommerce store and operate it in a hosting environment. However, there is no manufacture support in the Shopware Community edition. The main features of the Shopware community edition are:

1. Shopping Worlds Presets

Shopping Worlds will help you reach your customers emotionally and motivate them to make a purchase. You can choose from many free Shopping Worlds. The plugin makes working with this feature gives you a considerable competitive advantage. These preset come with images and text snippets perfectly enclosed and customized as per your back-end requirements. Furthermore, these images are license-free, and thus you can use them at no cost.

2. Customer Streams

You can create new customer streams and offer them individualized products. You can filter the customers with a pre-defined criterion and offer them products as per their best interests. Whether newsletter, vouchers, landing pages, etc., the content will be shown on streams considering the customer’s interests. Customer streams work closely with product streams.

3. Product Streams

These streams caught the customers’ attention for particular assortments which you have already defined. E.g., you can display the products of a specific category (1st condition), of a particular manufacturer (2nd condition), in a particular price range (3rd condition) with just a few clicks of a mouse. Moreover, you can display product streams at decisive points like category pages, product detail pages, etc. Also, these streams can automatically update themselves.

4. Sub Shops Inclusive

This is a part of Shopware’s core and integrated free of cost. Using this, you can develop large-scale ecommerce stores with different language shops or quickly and inexpensively target groups, making it easier for you to build your ideal online shop.

If your business grows at a good pace using the community edition, you can also, later on, upgrade it to the Professional or Enterprise edition in the future.

Shopware Cloud Edition

Shopware cloud editionShopware Cloud edition is the perfect choice for future ecommerce as it opens new opportunities for growth without any risks. There is no charge to launch your ecommerce store with Shopware cloud edition. You have to pay only when you start making sales that too in the form of small revenue share. Also, you can upgrade or cancel monthly. Some of the features of the Shopware Cloud edition are:

1. The Heart Of Your Store

Shopware cloud comes with highly intuitive navigation, a clear interface, next-level user experience, and a consistent design. In addition, there is very little complexity in the admin panel. Thus you can easily manage things independently and focus on what is most important for you, i.e., your core business.

2. Hit The Ground Running!

Shopware cloud has everything that you may require while launching an ecommerce store. Everything is placed in the groundwork, whether you need highly captivating themes, secure payment integrations, or reliable shipping methods. Mollie is powering Shopware payments for easy online payments. Soundcloud’s all-in-one shipping tool is used and has responsive & modern themes.

3. Unity Of Content and Commerce

No worries if you don’t have any experience in designing or programming. You can still advance shopping experiences on your every sales channel and create engaging marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. Shopware Cloud edition has intuitive usability, creates pages using drag & drop editor, easily customize the content for landing pages, category pages, etc., and creates targeted promoted campaigns.

4. Social Selling

Whether you are using an online shop, point of sale, or social media platforms, with Shopware 6, the sales channel can be easily controlled from just one solution. You can easily promote the products on the most relevant channels.

5. Store Visibility

There are integrated SEO features such as rich snippets, breadcrumbs, and meta & canonical tags. So your store is perfectly prepared for organic search.

The cloud edition is free of cost for the Starter Edition, but you have to share 3% of revenue, or you can also pay €29 per month and share just 1.5% of revenue. For professional edition, it costs €199 per month and 0.5% revenue sharing.

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Shopware Starter Edition

starter edition shopwareShopware Starter edition gives you the ability to develop your idea quickly, easily into a next-level ecommerce store. With Shopware Starter Edition, Start smart, initiate new sales channels, and turn your brand into a memorable shopping sphere. You can easily develop a Shopware Starter store in just three steps:

  • Decide the name of your shop: Think of a simple yet attractive name and make it your domain
  • Design your store: Choose a design template and set up the products & categories
  • Ready to go: Use your preferred sales channels to reach your customers wherever they are

Shopware Starter edition has the right tools to define the success of your ecommerce store. With Starter edition, you can sell anything from fashion to electronics, art to books. Here the sky is the limit. There are comprehensive Shopware 6 features for ecommerce and marketing tools.

1. Easy To Start

Usually, in an ecommerce store, you have to focus on hosting, availability, maintenance, and updates. Naturally, this increases the time to reach the market and also the cost. However, with Shopware Starter Edition, you don’t need to focus on all this stuff. It already has to host. Thus, you need to focus on your business practices.

2. No Need For Programming

For running a cloud shop, you don’t need to have good coding or programming knowledge. You can start right away. With the various integrations, you can access all important features. Whether it is payment, shipping, or designs, you have a lot of options.

3. Responsive, Beautiful Designs

To get the perfect design of your store, you don’t need to be essentially a web designer. You need to choose a perfect design from the set of templates. All these designs are mobile responsive as well. Thus you can serve the customers operating on any device, including smartphones, tablets, or computers. You can customize using drag & drop.

4. Highly Secure

There are compliant features in Shopware Cloud for ensuring that the store is GDPR compliant. All the features adhere to the current legal environment. The Shopware community also uses modern security standards and multi-level encryption.

5. Connect With Popular Payment Methods

The default payment options in Shopware are advance payment, invoice, and cash on delivery. After partnering with Mollie, a reputed payment service in the European region, it now offers other major payment methods. E.g., you can allow the customers to pay by credit card, Apple Pay, etc. You can integrate these payments directly into the shop. It also reaps benefits like transparent pricing and guaranteed security.

6. Shipping Providers Integration

Using SendCloud, the number 1 shipping tool of Europe, you can integrate several shipping providers easily. Process your orders, print the return labels with just one click, and process returns smoothly. In addition, you can send automated tracking e-mails to your customers to keep them up to date about their orders.

The Starter Edition is free of cost, and you can start right away.

Shopware Professional Edition

Shopware professional editionIf you gain success in the ecommerce industry, you must opt for Shopware Professional to retain this success in the long run. Shopware Professional Edition aligns your business with your needs, desires, and possibilities. In the professional edition, you will get the comprehensive Shopware features and the additional ecommerce tools for defining the success of your store. In addition, there are features such as Social Shopping, Custom Products, and CMS extensions are present in the Professional edition.

1. Social Shopping

With Social shopping, you can reach your customers on their favorite platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest to get more sales.

  • Display your products on the popular social shopping channels
  • Manage sales from all social shopping channels from one central solution
  • Use API to connect with any other sales channel
  • Adapt perfectly for your target groups
  • Increase your brand revenue and awareness

2. Tell Your Customers Our Story

You can create intuitive shopping experiences, and the customers can discover your products in a user-friendly manner. Using the Shopware Professional Edition CMS features, take your customers on a journey in your store and let them discover about your brand, company, products, etc.

  • Simple to design CMS pages
  • Quick view of your products for landing pages, category pages, and shop pages
  • Use scroll navigation and optimally guide your customers

3. Products Customization

You can offer your customers the ability to customize the products just the way they like – DIY and customizing are more on-trend now than ever.

  • Customers can customize the products in your shop
  • Maintain prices for each customizable option
  • Multiple configurable options such as Check box, date field, text area, text field, number field, and time selection
  • Real-time updates in the product prices
  • Clear and concise shopping cart logic

The Shopware Professional Edition is the perfect choice for your individual brand with comprehensive services. Also, in the professional edition, you can decide whether you will like to set up your business on a cloud or self-hosted solution.

The Professional Edition will either cost you €199.00 per month, or you can buy once at €2,495.00

Shopware Enterprise Edition

Shopware Enterprise EditionShopware Enterprise is the most powerful edition for every business model. With this edition, you can easily map B2B and B2C business processes within a solution. You can implement classic as well as specific sales solutions with its modular software architecture. It can also handle demanding and complex ecommerce projects with full security, stability, and the highest performance.

1. Unbeatable Total Cost Of Ownership

The direct market comparison shows that Shopware has an unbeatable TCO with a huge range of functions. In addition, it has a “one-time purchase license model,” and state-of-the-art technology makes this possible.

2. Scalable And High Performance

The enterprise edition comes with a scalable architecture for meeting the performance requirements. Thus, the ecommerce solution can grow alongside your business. Also, the API-first approach provides a basis for completely new business models.

3. Shortest Time To Market

With the reduced project cycles and costs, the business processes can be mapped from the standard solution. In addition, experienced Shopware enterprise partners are also available to help with project implementation.

4. High Investment Security

With Shopware, you always have a back for security. In addition, the enterprise clients have personal support throughout the project. It also offers a network of international partners who specialize in Shopware projects.

5. Quickly Access Specific Knowledge

You will also get online certification in the application areas, development, and templates. The customer service team is also available for project implementation and onboarding.

There are 400 technology partners of Shopware Enterprise, 800+ certified distribution partners, and 180 countries. Shopware Enterprise Edition costs €2,495.00 per month, or you can make a single purchase for €39,995.00.

Shopware Starter Vs. Professional Vs. Enterprise Edition Comparison In A Nut-Shell

Starter Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Pricing: €0.00 per month Pricing: €199.00 per month Pricing: €2495.00 per month
No minimum contract period with monthly cancellation Includes all features of Starter Edition Includes all features of Professional edition
No initial setup costs It comes with additional sales channels & social shopping Key account manager
GDPR compliant and fully secure Multiple languages and multiple currencies support High-performance clusters
No prior technical knowledge required Multishop functionality Multishop and multi-client abilities
Features & Extensions
Use an existing domain or your unique shop URL Easy to set up sales promotions Functional for Complex B2B models
Integrated marketing & SEO tools Drag & drop functionality for store design Elasticsearch
Seamless connection to social sales channels Easily create landing pages, and other CMS pages Extended CMS functionality.
Service & Support
Automatic Updates & Maintenance Technical support from the Shopware team Get a reply from support within less than 2 hours
Free SSL certificate Various Support options also available 24 x 7 Emergency support
Upgrade anytime to Advanced or Professional Edition Onboarding and migration support
Available as Cloud Available as Cloud & Self-hosted Available as Self-hosted

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have gone through every edition or version of Shopware, which you can choose to take your business online. Emizentech, the best Shopware development agency, has highly experienced Shopware 6 developers who can develop a custom Shopware store as per your requirements. We will give you complete consultation of which edition will be perfect for your business. To hire Shopware developers, contact us now!

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