Not just Shopify, there are other players also, like Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more, that are performing on the eCommerce stage and crafting millions of eCommerce stores. 

We always fail to identify behind-the-scenes software, nurturing eCommerce stores. Every eCommerce platform appears to be the same for customers; they can’t figure out any difference, be it Magento or Shopify. Even they can’t spot the similarity between the two Shopify stores. This way, no eCommerce platform will get a commendation.

Witnessing the entire scenario, this time, Shopify decided to flip this tradition and emerge with something that can let the consumers recognize the Shopify brand effortlessly. 

So, Shopify is developing a consumer-facing ecosystem, incorporating the below features specifically for consumers.

Features in Shopify Ecosystem for Branding in eCommerce Industry

Shoppers consumer facing ecosystem

Shop App – Free Digital Assistant by Shopify

Shop App

In 2017, Shopify developed Arrive, a tool that helps track customer packages from Shopify merchants and retailers. In 2020, when Shopify updated Arrive, it renamed it the Shop app. Both are similar, but the Shop app includes a lot more features. 

The chief target of Shopify behind the development of the Shop app was the digital landscape transformation where customers were moving increasingly to mobile commerce.  

The Shop App is available on Android and iOS and offers some handy online shopping insights. Post the checkout, when customers need to track their order; they can do that easily by downloading the Shop app directly from their Order Status Page. And then, at checkout, they just need to add an option, the ‘ Track with Shop.’ 

Essentially, the Shop app is acknowledged as an online shoppers’ companion that eases finding the brands and products they want. As customers can track their orders, this paces up the checkout process, offers a better shopping experience, and incorporates all the latest features of the Arrive app and Shop Pay. The customers get push notifications on trending stuff using the Shop app. 

Shop Promise

Shop Promise

The product tagged with the Shop Promise badge promises reliable and fast deliveries within two days and hassle-free returns. 

Let you know that the Shop Promise feature is free with no membership fees or subscriptions required. 

Items holding a Shop Promise badge are stored in Shopify’s fulfillment network. 

So, this is to inform the consumers that Shopify promises such particulars; merchants will not play any role on this edge. A fact to highlight here is that Shopify is the brand to trust. 

Shop Pay 

Shop pay

A payment gateway, Shop Pay is a one-click checkout that’s been serving customers for ten years and today empowers Shopify’s GSV with about 50% and even more strength. 

Shop Pay performs everything a wallet should, allowing one-tap checkouts, end-to-end security, flexible payment options, and carbon-neutral deliveries. 

Also, with Shop Pay, you can decide whether to pay now or later as it allows four-way to pay, two-weekly or monthly.

A thoughtful way to pay online, Shop Pay holds the caliber to recollect and encrypts your details to help you accelerate your checkout in a single tap. 

Shop Cash

Funded by Shopify, Shop Cash is available to some Shop app consumers and nowadays can be used towards purchases you make through the Shop app. 

In the Shop app, a payment method is placed for the order. 

When a consumer uses Shop Cash towards purchases, their Shop Cash is first applied, and ahead, the balance (if left) is paid with Shop Pay. 

Shopify funds Shop Cash, so when a customer redeems Shop Cash, the store owner is paid the full amount for the purchase. Whether the customers pay using Shop Cash or Shop Pay, the store owners get the full payment of the purchases. 

Here, the “Shop” tag indicates Shopify’s consumer brand.

These three, Shop Cash, Shop Pay, and Shop app craft a notable cycle. 

A brief explanation – the customers can use Shop Cash by purchasing on the Shop app, which will increase the traffic. With the growing traffic, more brands will emerge to equip a space in this shop, enabling Shop Pay payments and boosting cashback. Witnessing this, more shoppers will shop from the Shop app.

Expected Outcomes of Introduction of Shop App

If Shopify’s consumer-facing ecosystem attains success, it will, in turn, make more brands join. 

You can acknowledge Cashback as a short-term investment for now, as other benefits will likely participate in the expansion in the long run. eCommerce stores will benefit from this ecosystem without crafting a centralized marketplace like Amazon. 

It’s not like Shopify’s customer-facing ecosystem will aid in letting consumers know which platform they are using; on top of that, they will still not care about it. They will get magnetized towards varied Shop features that will make them choose Shopify over other eCommerce websites. 

Well, as we know, Shopify will not stop here; soon, it will sprout out with more Shop-branded features that will accelerate the Shop app growth. 

Wrapping Up

Until now, Shopify was invisible to its users, but the expansion of such an ecosystem and its benefits to consumers and brands will be a win-win situation for Shopify. 

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