At Shopify, we believe in the infinite game. That means we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for entrepreneurs

Tobias Lütke, the founder and CEO of Shopify

With this statement Shopify, announced a gift in their recent Shopify Editions to their users on Wednesday, 22 June 2022. The go-to place for online merchants and consumers for online commerce is introducing 100+ new features and updates to the platform. 

According to the Shopify editions, the new updates and features of the platform are focused on expanding the consumer base, converting the shoppers, making online moves easy for local merchants, building stronger relationships with the consumers, and scaling & building the store even more efficiently than ever before. 

Among 100s of features and updates, Hydrogen+Oxygen ecosystem, a new stack for headless commerce, grabbed the industry’s attention. To be simple for now, the Hydrogen tool is going to help in the fast and effective development of the storefronts. Oxygen tool is the new hosting solution that aims to distribute storefronts to locations wherever customers shop. 

With this announcement, the e-commerce giant has also focused on retaining the consumers as well as maintaining and surging the performance of online merchants. So, Shopify has decided to provide cashback rewards to their customer segment for their purchases through the platform. 

NFTs and Tokengated commerce remained another point of discussion. With this feature of Shopify, the users can now connect their crypto wallets to the store and thus can easily unlock the personalized benefits with their NFTs. The benefits will include exclusive merchandise, cool collaborations with other brands, and IRL experiences. 

Other features that will enhance the merchant and customer experience on the platform are discount combinations, shop pay enhancements, Shopify checkout, B2B on Shopify, Twitter Shopping, Online Store: Editor and Theme updates, customer engagement tools, and tens of other features that you can read below in descriptive form.   

Shopify Edition Features 

No matter if you are a merchant or a consumer, the new features announced by Shopify are going to alter your shopping experience to some extent. Most newspapers and websites provide limited information on the features updated by the platform. So, we are here to provide you with complete insight into the overall features launched by the firm. 

To make it easier to understand for all of us, we are going to talk about distinct features based on new experiences and benefits that it will provide to either a consumer or the merchant. Continue your reading, and after 10-15 minutes, you will be carrying more knowledge about this platform than half of the population. 

1. Explore Customers 

When you are a merchant, you seek nothing but customers. Shopify has introduced a range of features that will help merchants explore the undiscovered customer segment. The platform believes that exploring the new customer segment will automatically bring the new and local merchants to the platform and boost the online commerce transactions. 

Features Illustration Expected benefits 
Shopify AudiencesFinding new customers can undoubtedly be the key to success and growth. Shopify Audiences is the new app from Shopify which is going to help you find new customers. By identifying customers’ purchase intent, the platform will bring the customers to your store. * Higher conversion rates
* Better performing ads
* Integrated to ad platforms as well as Shopify
Shop CashMerchants can create new offers for their customers as Shopify is going to offer Shop Cash Rewards to the buyers for their Shop Pay Purchases. The e-commerce giant has decided to put millions of dollars into the same. * Reach shop’s 100M+ audience
* Higher conversion rates Free shop cash
Twitter Shopping Now the platform allows you to sell the products directly on Twitter, explore the hundreds of millions of users on Twitter, and convert them into customers.  * Meet new customers on Twitter
* Highlight the products on an additional platform
DoveTale Connecting to creators can be a significant way to drive sales and attract new audiences. DoveTale is a unique creator management tool that will help you find new customers, manage relationships, and track affiliate sales. * Find new creators
* Selling more products
* Building the community 
LinkpopWith a new feature of Linkpop, you can create a link to your website, blog, playlist, or any content and thus promote the products and services you are providing. Share the link on the social media handles and convert the audience into customers.  * Create the link
* Track the audience and traffic
* Convert audience into customers 
Marketplace KitThis is the new feature of Shopify that helps you to connect with millions of brands and merchants. The Marketplace Kit of Shopify is entrusted by a number of global platforms, including Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, and others. * Number of new APIs
* Building the shopping experience on new platforms
Sell where you Tweet with the Twitter sales channel: Shopify

2. Convert Shoppers 

Shopify has always been famous for connecting sellers to buyers. The new announcement of Shopify focuses on introducing the Business-to-Business model where one merchant can connect to another merchant or seller. Moreover, the Convert Shopper concept of Shopify is also focused on expanding the global reach and serving the customers wherever they are located. Please have a look at the following features and understand them better. 

Features Illustration Expected benefits 
B2B on Shopify  Other than the retail business, Shopify now provides you the opportunity to run your wholesale business as well. All in one place, harness the power of Shopify to run your business. 
* Run wholesale business as well 
* Set different pricing for a different audience
* Sell from one storefront Customize the themes and discounts  
Shopify Point of SaleWith POS hardware, sell your retail products in any location in the national and international market, totally in person. It allows you to accept the payment right from the iPhone. (available in the US only) * Tap to Pay on iPhone (the US only)
* More locations to serve products
* Google local inventory sync 
Shopify Markets Increase your conversion rate by focusing on international customers. Shopify Markets helps you target the global audience by customizing the experience according to the country.  * Sell worldwide
* Set pricing and language according to respective markets
* Collect duties and import taxes at the checkout 
Shopify Checkout The firm now provides the option to the merchants to offer Shopify Checkout. The feature has a 70% higher checkout-to-order rate than any other checkout option.  * Higher conversion rate
* Easy checkouts 
Checkout Extensibility Merchants will be able to add branding, loyalty programs, recommended products, and many other things to their checkout procedure. Along with that, it is speedy and secure.  * Customizing the checkout
* Powerful branding app and tool
Discount Combinations Merchants can now combine the discounts on the same orders and effortlessly attract new customers.  * Making the deal more cost-efficient for buyers 
Shop Pay Enhancements With new updates in Shop Pay, the average order volume has been enhanced with a flexible buy-now-pay-later feature. Complete payment protection is being provided by Shopify.  * More secured transactions
* Bulk quantity orders
Pre-orders and More The platform is integrating the “try before you buy” apps. The customer will be able to pre-book a new launching product, subscribe to the new product, or even try it before buying.  * Range of purchase options
* More conversion rate  

3. Create Your Story 

People are highly influenced by the stories. So now, don’t just build the store but also build the stories with Shopify. The e-commerce giant allows you to share your story online and attract new customers via the same. Taking a step further toward the technology, the platform is focusing on giving a complete new experience to their merchants and buyers via different features. 

Features Illustration Expected benefits 
Hydrogen+OxygenWith the new ecosystem of Shopify, build fast and headless storefronts with React-based framework. Hydrogen tool accelerates the store development process. Once the store is developed, Oxygen tool helps to distribute the store on every location where people buy.   * Launch the store faster
* Hosting included in the Shopify plan
Tokengated Commerce The new feature is going to let the customers connect their crypto wallets to store and unlock the personalized benefits with their NFTs. The buyers will get access to exclusive merchandise, early access to drops, and IRL (In Real Life) experiences as well.  * Tokengate in your store
* Create Tokengate experiences
* Buyers breeze through checkout  
Online Store: Editor and Theme Updates In its massive gift to merchants, Shopify has included 8 new themes and 10 new premium themes to enhance the presentation of the store.  * Powerful themes
* More conversion chances 
Metafields Describe your products more effectively to your target audience and help them make the best decision.  * Manage the customer fields
Search and Discovery AppMerchants can now provide the option for search, filtering, customization, as well as product recommendations to their shoppers and enhance their shopping experience.  * Make it easy for customers to search for the products
* Shorten the order time for customers

4. Build Relationships 

Shopify believes attracting customers is not enough as the competition might stop them from visiting your store next time. So, it is going to provide several tools so that you can maintain a strong relationship with your customers and thus ensure the competitive advantages. The vision of Shopify behind the launch is to convert the buyers into lifelong fans

Features Illustration Expected benefits 
ShopifyQL Notebooks Don’t rely on data scientists to know inside and out of your business. The new feature of Shopify gifts you the access to query language and write your own story. Build your own path to business opportunities.  * Combine the data and business context
* Uncover the business insight by yourself
Customer Engagement Tools Build a personal connection with your customers with the new Customer Engagement Tool. Increase your conversion tool by using automating emails and a 24*7 chat option.  * Email automation
* Shopify inbox
* Shopify email
* Customer segmentation 
Re-engage Customers Provide the post-purchase offers, personalized product recommendations, and prioritized search options to convert first-time customers into loyal customers.  * Establish a loyal customer base
Shopping made better on Shop With a new app strategy, provide an outstanding shopping experience. Customize your store and get a chance to be featured in curated collections in the home feed.  * Get highlighted on the home page
* Stronger customer relationship

Build Your Own eCommerce Store with Shopify

Hire Shopify Developers

5. Run Your Business 

Logistics are your fundamental working unit, and managing the inventory plays a significant role in running the business. With new logistics superpower, Shopify provides hundreds of ways to manage your back officer easily and efficiently. 

Features Illustration Expected benefits 
Admin Enhancements The platform has launched a dozen features to enhance the way you upload, edit,set up, and organize your products on store.  * Bulk editor tools
* New app navigation
* New staff and partner permission  
Shopify Fulfillment Network Store your products free for six months with Shopify and provide a two-day delivery guarantee to your customers. Enhance the shopping experience.  * 2-day delivery
* All-in-one pricing
* Free storage for 6 months per item 
Widespread shipping Deliver your products to different corners of the world with the enhanced shipping services of Shopify. Don’t let boundaries decide the reach of your products.  * Access the unexplored markets
* Enhance the customer base
Shopify Flow The new update by Shopify helps you automate several commerce-specific tasks such as fraud detection, inventory tracking, email campaign, etc.  * Automates the workflow
* Better tracking of inventory
* Efficient order fulfillment 

6. Scale and Build 

At the end of the day, it’s all about growth. With its recent announcement, the platform has introduced a number of features and functions that will help the merchants step into the online market and explore the new customer segment. Let it be retail or wholesale; give a push to your business with Shopify. Go through the following features and understand the statement more efficiently: 

Features Illustration Expected benefits 
Built for Shopify Shopify has cut the ribbon for its new program, “Built for Shopify”. The new program is going to provide the tools, functions, and documentation to build an app like it is something apart from Shopify itself.  * A better commerce app ecosystem
* Integration with Shopify admin
* Enhanced performance and usability
Data Protection Data protection has always been the biggest concern for customers. The merchants will have complete control over which apps carry the access to the personal information of businesses and customers. So, merchants will be sharing the data only when it is crucial.   * Enhanced security
* More control over information 
Shopify Functions The new tools of Shopify allow the developers to build apps that can customize discounts, payment settings, and shipping. It will help to conduct the major sales event.  * Customizing the apps according to individual needs 
Shopify balance The new feature on Shopify provides you with a free money management account for your business. Skip the bank and store the money in your own Store’s admin.  * Get paid faster
* Use the card everywhere
* No monthly fee
Shopify Capital The firm has increased the funding for first-time borrowers. The decision aims to help them grow faster and farther.  * Hassle-free and quick funding 
Planet It is a new app from Shopify that helps you to make your business transaction completely carbon-free. Go carbon neutral and enhance the brand image by telling it to customers.  * Make business processes carbon neutral
* Enhance brand image


So, the surprise box of Shopify has opened up with a number of gifts both for the merchants and customers. The new features and announcement of Shopify are going to help the merchants significantly to explore an entirely new customer base and business landscape. The platform is now going to support both retail as well as wholesale transactions. Moreover, the funding for first-time borrowers has also increased to support their online business. The connecting process between the local retailers and buyers is getting stronger with new customer relationship management tools. The new tools and features of the firm are going to provide enormous support to merchants. 

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