Shopify is constantly improving for its users. Maybe that’s the reason why people are shifting to online stores from their offline stores. However, June 2022 came with so many surprises from Shopify that it should be written with golden words in the history of the platform. The app introduced new and exciting features almost every day. With each sunrise, the firm has tried to enhance its platform more than what it was yesterday. 

Insights of Shopify New Features & Improvements in June 2022 at A Glance

1. Connect Balance Account with Any Financial App like Venmo & Wise

Shopify stepped into June with a present for their merchant users. On the very first day of the month, the ecommerce giant announced that Shopify Balance merchants in the US can now connect their favorite financial apps to Shopify Balance accounts as per their partnership with plaid. 

2. INR Billing with Local Currency and Cards for India 

Having done with the US audience at the beginning of the week, Shopify ended the first week with a present to their Indian merchants. Shopify announced the new INR billing where Indian merchants can pay their subscription cost in Indian rupees. It will be easy for merchants to work with the local currency, and it will help save the currency exchange charges from bank or card providers. 

3. 11 New Staff Permission

The firm stepped in the second week of the month with an update to its platform. As per the update, the firm provided permission for 11 new staff for the store owners. The consent will help the store owners to make better use of their time and delegate the tasks among the staff. However, the confidential information of the owner will still be kept confidential. 

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4. Low Balance Alert

On the very same day, Shopify announced a new feature that will help the merchants to maintain a minimum balance in their account. The feature will alert the merchant whenever the account balance declines below the preset value. 

5. Introduction to Shopify Protect

The third week started with an enhancement in the payment security by Shopify. The platform announced their new feature “Shopify Protect”. The feature is dedicated for fraud protection while using Shop Pay. With this feature, the firm will cover the cost of fraud which comprises cost of order as well as the chargeback fee. 

6. Metafield Definition Increased to 200

In the very same week, the firm also introduced an improvement by increasing the limit of their metafield definition from 100 to 200. The users can now create up to 200 metafield definitions per resource type. 

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7. Shopify Payments for France Audience

The firm ended the week by introducing Shopify Payments in France. According to the new announcement of the platform, merchants in France can now accept credit cards and Cartes Bancaires by using Shopify’s integrated payments system. 

8. Connect the Store with Twitter Handle

With the very next sunrise, Twitter allowed its merchants to sell their products via Twitter to attract a broader consumer base. Merchants can now showcase their product range on Twitter but can manage the product on Shopify only. 

9. Introduction to Shopify Flow

On the same day, the firm decided to take the automation a step ahead and introduced Shopify Flow. The new ecommerce automation solution allows the users to build workflows and automate tasks, campaigns, and various other store processes. The feature is included in every plan of Shopify. 

10. New B2B features

In the end, the firm gave a marvelous farewell to the month by introducing the B2B features for the online store. With this Boom, merchants can now make business-to-business deals on the same platform where they make retail sales. 

With the above features and updates, June was nothing less than a Christmas month for Shopify as Santa Claus showered the gifts on their users. 

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