SaleYee, one of the top professional dropshipping platforms,  officially announced the launch of the SaleYee Dropshipping App in the Shopify store. 

SaleYee is serving 10+ thousand merchants worldwide using professional dropshipping solutions, and now Shopify will acquire this dropshipping platform. 

SaleYee, a trusted Shopify partner, engaged with Shopify in discussions and emerged with a robust integration to serve the eCommerce dropshipping business. 

Connectivity of SaleYee apps to Shopify will allow all the dropshipping users to reduce time and effort, thereby enhancing profits. 

We will continue to work closely with Shopify to provide better services and more exceptional experience for dropshipping sellers.

Cici Chen, marketing manager at SaleYee

Benefits of SaleYee Dropshipping App

  • Using the SaleYee dropshipping app, dropshippers can easily choose top products from a pool of 30,000+ best-quality and profitable SKUs that reliable factories provide, with which SaleYee is partnered. 
  • Post importing exclusive products to the Shopify store, the SaleYee app helps with one-click automation that leads to easy synchronization of orders, inventory, and tracking numbers, 

About SaleYee

A global dropshipping platform, SaleYee gathered the elite sellers who conduct cross-border commerce. With deep business insights, the brand offers worldwide online retailers with premium products, free and fast delivery from its 630,000+ square meters of local warehouses, and additional professional services. Best-quality dropshipping services help promote the success of your business. 

With a global warehouse, SaleYee permits dropshipping sellers to offer super-fact order delivery services. It may take 48 hours to dispatch orders and 2 to 8 days to be delivered to the customers. 

Furthermore, the professional support team of SaleYee facilitates all the eCommerce sellers to have a one-to-one sales consultant who plays a crucial role in the selling process. 

You can use SaleYee at no cost as it doesn’t charge any membership fee. You can start working with SaleYee in just a few minutes. 

SaleYee empowers sellers worldwide, making selling easier without inventory, earning enhanced profits, and helping them expand their businesses at low costs and risks in broader markets. 

If you, too, want to start your business with a limited budget, you can make a move with a dropshipping business. For more assistance, you can connect with an eCommerce consultant team; it will guide the right pathway ahead. 

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