Around 27% of online retailers are opting for dropshipping. By 2030, the global dropshipping market will likely be valued at $1,253 billion

With a low entry barrier, dropshipping sites are essential to eCommerce growth. A dropshipping business’s average profit margin ranges between 15% and 20%

Technological advancement, ecommerce platforms, and tools have eased how online stores are set up and run. In relevance to eCommerce platforms for dropshipping, Shopify is the top choice, trusted, and used by most online stores. 

About 23% of the top 1 million eCommerce websites use Shopify. 

It’s worth noting that Shopify is the preferred choice for the world’s top-performing stores, a significantly higher figure than the second-most used tool, WooCommerce, with a 15% usage rate. These statistics might have aced the test, but still, you might be looking for the facts behind them. 

This blog will put forth every parameter showing how Shopify dropshipping is profitable, benefits to know, steps to start, real-time case studies, and more. 

Let’s gear it up!

What Is Dropshipping?

A growing retail fulfillment method for eCommerce businesses, dropshipping allows selling products without keeping them in stock. 

Let’s take a scenario to get it better. 

Suppose you are running an online store with no products in stock. When you receive orders, you forward them to a supplier. On that verge, the supplier packs and ships the product straight to the customer. 

Basically, you play the role of a middleman; the difference between the cost you charge and what you pay to the supplier is the profit you earn. 

In a nutshell, dropshipping is about selling products online with no hassle to maintain an inventory. 

Is Shopify Dropshipping Profitable?

Of course! Dropshipping has proved to be profitable for most ecommerce businesses. But the product you sell decides your profit margin. 

Per Shopify’s record, on average, ecommerce entrepreneurs spend around $40,000 in the initial year they start their business. 

Product-related costs are comparatively expensive, holding almost a 1/3rd of yearly expenses. 

Running a dropshipping business can save you the cost of product and fulfillment. 

Tip*: Selling the right products at the correct prices can help maximize the returns through a dropshipping business.

Why Consider Dropshipping on Shopify?

Is Shopify Good for Dropshipping? One of the most popular dropshipping choices is Shopify, an e-commerce hosting and management leader.

Dropshipping on Shopify can be beneficial for starting an online business with minimum investment. With drop shipping, you don’t need to hold any inventory or worry about shipping products yourself. Instead, you work with a supplier who ships the products directly to your customers.

Shopify dropshipping makes setting up your online store easy with the availability of many apps and plugins to manage your dropshipping business seamlessly. With Shopify’s built-in payment processing, you can start accepting customer payments immediately. Consider dropshipping on Shopify if you’re looking for a low-risk, low-investment way to start an online business. 

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How Does Shopify Dropshipping Work?

By choosing Shopify dropshipping, a unique business model, you can sell products online with no need to handle inventory. 

Let’s check out how it works:

1. Order Fulfillment

When a customer orders from your Shopify e-commerce store, you are not alone in handling it. Despite this, you only have to forward the order to the 3rd-party supplier (usually a dropshipper). 

2. Supplier Responsibility

On the other hand, the dropshipper warehouses the inventory and ships the product to the customers. You don’t need to bother about product storage, packing, or shipping. 

Benefits of Choosing Shopify for Starting a Dropshipping Business

Until now, we have only emphasized how profitable it is to pick Shopify to launch a dropshipping business. This section will discuss the factors contributing to making this e-commerce platform thrive. 

1. Doesn’t Require Advanced Technical Skills

Shopify is beginner-friendly, so people who want to set up their dropshipping store without core skills can easily add, edit, and manage their eCommerce stores. Also, Shopify is a cloud-based platform, so the owner doesn’t need to care for the updates as the Shopify development team will manage updates & all technical aspects of your Shopify store.

Small businesses & entrepreneurs setting up their eCommerce store can handle difficulties & hassles in understanding the CMS deeply with Shopify.

2. Variety of Apps to Integrate Unique Store Functionalities

Many apps are available in the Shopify app store, making it easy for you to manage and offer unique functionalities to your customers. Using these apps, you can maintain clean records, live chat, and marketing campaigns and improve your store’s conversion rate.

Among all these varieties of apps, you will find more than 150+ apps that are specifically for the dropshipping store. These can be precious assets and time-saving elements for dropshipping business owners.

3. Easy Management of Shipping Options

For any dropshipping business, it is essential to manage the best shipping rates depending on the weight & value of the product, delivery time, readily available options, discounted offers, and more. The Shopify platform is flexible in managing these services and options, too.

As Shopify is a DHL & UPS partner, which is a leading shipping company, if you want to buy the products from a manufacturer and like to use your courier service, then with Shopify, you will get the flexibility.

4. Bundles of Payment Gateways

Shopify needs to catch up on every platform regarding payment gateway options. 100+ payment gateway options are available in the Shopify platform for your dropshipping business. Depending on their geographic area, customers can go with third-party providers like Skrill, Amazon Pay, etc. But they need to pay to use their services.

5. Get Your Own E-Commerce Website.

Shopify also offers you their payment gateway, generally known as Shopify payments, for which you don’t need to pay any fee to use their gateway. Also, Shopify payments detect the user’s country and convert the price into that country’s currency based on the exchange rate. However, the limitation is that Shopify payments are only now available in some countries.

6. Low-Risk Factor

Shopify provides extensive dropshipping features, making it the preferred platform choice for the dropshipping store. The best part of choosing Shopify for dropshipping is that it lowers the risks of small businesses trying out their ideas of launching new products without spending money on them in advance.

7.  Focus on Marketing

If a user can’t find your store on the internet, it is a waste for the business owners, as you will not get sales & the benefits of getting to interact with users. Shopify works excellently to improve your store’s search engine visibility. Many SEO functions include meta-tags, titles, alt text, and keywords.

Additionally, Shopify provides integration with Facebook as well. All these features attract Google to fall in love with your dropshipping business store.

After going through this section, we can say that Shopify is a suitable alternative for starting an eCommerce store with minimum expenditure. 

How to Start Dropshipping on Shopify?

You can follow the below steps to start a dropshipping business and mark it as an ultimate success. 

1. Commit to Starting a Dropshipping Business:

First thing first. You should keep track of dropshipping running from a long-term perspective and demand commitment. You must decide whether to give off your time, money, or even both to let your business expand limitlessly. 

2. Come out With a Dropshipping Business Idea

As you have picked drop shipping, you should start with deep research on relevant, profitable niches and scrutinize what’s trending and what can be advantageous. You can peep into top-selling categories and emerge with popular products to boost your business idea. You can refer to Shopify’s curated list of trending products category-wise. 

3. Perform Competitive Research

Go deeper into your chosen niche and explore the top competitors. Understand their costing, marketing strategies, and product offerings. 

4. Select a Dropshipping Supplier

Now, it is time to find trusted suppliers holding an extensive catalog of your products. Consider the factors such as quality, shipping timing, and customer service. 

5. Build Your Ecommerce Store on Shopify

Sign up for Shopify and opt for a free trial. Next, per your requirements and specifications, customize your store by selecting your preferred theme, adding your logo, and organizing your products in respective collections. Ahead, set up your payment gateways and the other required settings. 

6. Market Your Dropshipping Store

Obviously, developing a dropshipping store doesn’t end your job. You should work on marketing your store using social media, advertising, and content marketing to drive customers. Remember to optimize your eCommerce store for increased conversions. 

7. Analyze and Improve Your Offering

Additionally, you should constantly monitor your business performance and aim to improve your offerings based on customer feedback and the transforming market.

This is the right way to kickstart your dropshipping business on Shopify. You can follow the steps mentioned above and ease your store setup process. 

Case Studies and Success Stories

Let’s scan some real-time success stories of some who chose Shopify for their dropshipping businesses. 

1. Cole Turner: Generated $2 Million Within a Year

Success Hacks He Chose

a) Crafted a Lasting Brand

He built his brand identity and unique selling propositions. 

b) Opted for Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising was his core sales channel. He addressed two groups looking to buy a product and aimed ads at them. By accumulating enough data, he noticed which group worked the best and ahead, increasing his budget. 

c) Offered Required Customer Service

With good customer support, Cole built trust with his customers. He ensured every call was answered within 30 minutes, which made his customers feel valued and heard. 

2. Tze Hing Chan: $19,000 increased profit over two months

Malaysian entrepreneur Tze Hing Chan runs the Shopify dropshipping store Subtle Asian Treats. A go-to store for hand-picked cute merchandise and bubble tea plush toys started in COVID-19. In just two months, it gained $19,000 in profit. 

Success Hacks He Chose

a) Built a Professional Store

Tze transformed his store by improving the product photos and writing enticing product descriptions. 

b) Opted for a Winning Dropshipping Niche

Tze researched bubble tea’s demand within Asian communities, so he selected relevant products on AliExpress. He initiated selling related themed photo cases. 

c) Interacted with Customers

Tze’s buying process was transparent, and his product pages included the products’ origins and shipping times. This helped customers have the right anticipation. He chose to interact with customers on Facebook and Instagram, fostering relationships with influencers and people. He kept the response times low to let the customers feel they were dealing with a safe site. 

The above-discussed top Shopify store elected dropshipping in their business. These are the testaments of the success one can attain by choosing Shopify for their dropshipping business. 

Goods Fulfill- Shopify Dropshipping App | Case Study

Trending Dropshipping Products and Business Ideas To Sell for Profit (2024) 

Let’s discuss a few trending ones you can choose for your dropshipping business venture. 

1. Fashion

Some of the popular dropshipping products are clothing and accessories. The category is broad, so you must pick your niche to target your audience, like trendy jewelry, women’s activewear, etc. 

2. Beauty and Cosmetics

Most dropshipping stores go with makeup, haircare, and skincare products. While performing market research, you will find this a competitive niche. So, it’s crucial to emerge with a unique selling proposition, like cruelty-free or organic products. 

3. Home and Garden (and Interior Design) 

Aimed explicitly at homebodies, you can select products that are high in demand and usually purchased to enhance living space. This category includes items like decor, furniture, kitchenware, and bedding. 

4. Phone Accessories

These days, when smartphones are within everyone’s reach, you have a wide variety of headphones, cases, chargers, and other accessories to sell. This can be a beneficial niche for your dropshipping business as the products are comparatively lightweight and inexpensive. 

5. Pet Supplies

Today, pets are treated as family members; they are fur babies to their pawrents. And to express their love, they have started spending limitlessly on their pets. The niche includes toys, beds, treats, food, and other pet care products. 

6. Fitness and Health

With time, people are increasingly becoming cautious about their health and fitness. This surges the demand for workout clothing, fitness equipment, healthy snacks, fitness trackers, and other relevant products.

7. Electronics

Electronic products, whether tech accessories or gadgets, are also gaining traction in the market. This category comprises speakers, phone cases, headphones, and other winning tech items. 

8. Baby and Kids

The need for babies’ and kids’ products, like diapers, toys, clothes, and feeding supplies, will never end. This is one of the most significant niche choices to target specific interests or age groups. 

9. Tools and Home Improvement

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts look for new hardware and tools to handle their house projects. This niche comprises drills, hammers, screwdrivers, drills, and more. 

10. Toys and Games

The toy industry is a big industry that will not experience falling flat. You can aim at a specific interest or age group who looks for building sets, educational toys, or action figures. 

In this world of commerce, there are a plethora of products that you can sell and earn increased returns. But, you must be doubly sure about picking winning products to grab maximum profit share when it comes to dropshipping. 

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Most Popular Apps for Shopify Dropshipping in 2024

On the Shopify app store, you can find a plethora of Shopify dropshipping apps for your business

Have a glimpse at some best shopify apps on the store:

1. Auto DS: AI Dropshipping & POD

Rating: 4.8

Enjoy 24/7 dropshipping app automation with AutoDS, where you can find market-winning products and leave everything from sourcing, import, and order fulfillment to branding and product edits onto the AI store. 

Top Features

  • 24/7 price and stock monitoring
  • One-click imports to your store
  • Find trending dropshipping products
  • Automated dropshipping orders

2. Printify: Print on Demand

Rating: 4.8

A print-on-demand (POS) dropshipping app, Printify is built with Shopify that lets users create and sell their custom products without investing in stock upfront. Besides, it provides a free plan with varied features, like free installation, mockup generator, unlimited product designs, etc, 

Top Features

  • Quick and easy to upload designs
  • Zero risk with no need to buy stock upfront
  • Simple process for creating new items
  • Print and ship services worldwide

3. Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping

Rating: 4.7

With Spocket, you can discover fast shipping and trending products from top suppliers in Europe, the US, India, Brazil, and more in your Shopify store with just a few clicks. 

Top Features

  • Faster shipping
  • Automated AliExpress dropshipping
  • 24/7 VIP customer support
  • Products at significant discounts or wholesale prices

4. CJdropshipping: Much Faster

Rating: 4.9

Get recommendations for winning products with a big-data-enabled CJ system. Also, the 24/7 online support offers swift access to a professional agent. Products are listed at factory price. 

Top Features

  • Automatic application of optimized shipping method
  • Import product reviews to stores
  • Shipping calculation feature 
  • Product import on AliExpress Taobao to stores using Google extension.

5. Zendrop ‑ Dropshipping & POD

Rating: 4.8

With Zendrop, create a big dropshipping business with 1 million products, fast shipping, auto-fulfillment, and top support. Developed explicitly for skilled drop shippers, Zendrop assists in establishing successful dropship businesses and identifying the issues that emerge while working via Amazon or Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers. 

Top Features

  • Automated dropshipping fulfillment
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • World-class support team
  • Custom branding

6. DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

Rating: 5

AliExpress dropshipping solution, DSers process hundreds of orders at once faster than before and discover new products and suppliers to sell more, with increased profits. 

Top Features

  • Optimize suppliers
  • One-click to place bulk orders
  • Multiple Shopify stores in one account
  • Product management 

7. Trendsi: Fashion Dropshipping

Rating: 4.9

Now, adding trendy fashion products to online stores is easy with Trendsi, which allows no need to buy inventory and fulfillment issues. This app is a one-stop fashion supplier that provides fashion dropshipping, private label manufacturing, and one-pack wholesale. 

Top Features

  • Allow seamless sample ordering.
  • Custom packaging and private labeling
  • Pick, pack, and ship to customers directly
  • Dropship fashion products from trusted US brands and overseas suppliers

8. Importify ‑ Easy Dropshipping

Rating: 4.8

With Importify, you can find dropshipping suppliers from the EU, China, and the US, import products from them, and sell them online. The app’s dashboard eases order management, makes your dropship io process efficient, and facilitates scaling businesses and finding suppliers. 

Top Features

  • Spy easily on other stores.
  • Change supplier or migrate from other applications
  • In-built editor for product description, variants, category, pricing, and shipping.

9. Fulfill ‑ COD Dropshipping

With vFulfill, you can accomplish eCommerce success by finding your strategic partner in India. It arrives with a COD drop-shipping option that empowers businesses. This app simplifies operations and eases the journey from managed sourcing to speedy shipping. 

Top Features

  • A unified platform for all ecommerce needs
  • Global COD Payouts
  • Managed Sourcing and fulfillment
  • High-margin winning products
  • Express shipping

10. Roposo Clout Dropshipping

Rating: 3.6

This dropshipping app offers access to the most trending products across various categories. This app lets you choose from varied quality products at unbeatable prices. 

Top Features

  • Source trendy items
  • Reliable shipping
  • Easy order tracking
  • Manage inventory, products, and orders

These are a few; you can find more on the Shopify store and create a big dropping store to kickstart your business. 

Develop A Shopify Dropshipping app

Tips for Effective Dropshipping on Shopify 

Well, the entire world is opting for the dropshipping business. Here, you need to surface with something unique to help you compete in the crowd. 

Let’s check out some tips marked by our experts to attain effective dropshipping on Shopify:

1. Find a Winning Niche

Being just a general store will not make any sense. You need to conduct deep research and finalize a niche with high demand and low competition. Aim at products you are passionate about and can generate excitement while maintaining their quality. 

2. Source Trusted Suppliers

The success of your dropshipping business depends on reliable suppliers. You must prioritize suppliers widely known for offering fast shipping, expected customer service, and top-quality products. 

3. Write Influential Product Descriptions

Effective product descriptions are significant for increasing the conversion rate. Emphasis the benefits features and identify common pain points to craft persuasive and informative descriptions. 

4. Master Effective Marketing

Undoubtedly, organic traffic takes time. You can leverage paid advertising, such as social media marketing or Google Ads, to attract a targeted audience to your dropshipping store. 

5. Prompt Customer Service

You should prioritize your customer satisfaction, respond to customers with prompt replies, and identify their issues more efficiently to foster loyalty and trust. 

Following the tips mentioned above, you can succeed in your dropshipping business and stay ahead of the curve with increased sales and profit. 

How Can EmizenTech Help You With Shopify Dropshipping? 

A company can help you Develop a Shopify Dropshipping Store, making the process seamless and potentially more successful. 

EmizenTech will be a valuable Shopify Partner that will make your Shopify Dropshipping journey smoother. The experts will help set up your store, manage your products and suppliers, drive increased customers, and offer constant support and optimization to let your business attain success. 

Key Assistance from EmizenTech 

  • Store Setup and Design
  • Product Sourcing and Management
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Customer Support
  • Ongoing Support and Optimization

Holding a team of Certified Shopify Developers, the company can assist you in creating a dropshipping store on Shopify. 


Is Shopify for dropshipping right for you? Well, after going through this post, you indeed have the answer to this crucial question that you should know before investing in a dropshipping business. 

You can kickstart your dropshipping business by choosing Shopify. You should contact a Shopify Development Company with a proven track record of building dropshipping stores for clients from varied industry verticals globally to emerge with a successful store on Shopify. 

So, opt for Shopify Development Services and make your dropshipping business survive in this competitive world. 

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