Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, both are important modules of Salesforce. There exist some similarities between these two, but still, they are different from each other in some specific aspects.

Sales Cloud is the Salesforce module that permits the companies to lay an impact on increased sales, potential lead generation, and opportunities.

Service Cloud affects the services and the cases. It assists the brands to sell their products and services.

Salesforce Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud - Which Tool to Choose

Today, we are here with the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, their significance, features, and more.

Sales Cloud Salesforce Service Cloud Salesforce
Refers to Sales module in Salesforce Refers to Service module in Salesforce
It includes features, like Web-to-lead to support lead capture, along with auto-response rules. It includes features, like Web-to-case, the Self-Service Portal, Call Center, and customer service automation (like assignment rules).
It is crafted to be a start-to-end setup for the whole sales process. It is crafted to permit you to support past, current, and future requests of the clients for assistance with a service, product, billing, and more.
Recommended for – customers from sales-centric businesses. Recommended for – customers from service-centric businesses.
Unique Features – Sales Contracts, Sales Forecasting, Opportunity Splits. Unique Features – Service Console, Field Service, Service Analytics.

Sales Cloud – Well Explained

Salesforce Sales CloudOne of the key Salesforce products, Sales Cloud is crafted for the automation, management, and analysis of the sales process. Both sales managers and sales reps can utilize Salesforce Sales Cloud functionality to perform the tasks holding different priorities with enhanced efficiency.

For Sales Managers

Sales Cloud offers the caliber to sales managers to develop the sales approach and handle it within a single system. Also, it assists sales managers in assessing and controlling sales reps. Utilizing performance data, sales managers become able to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of sales reps to enhance the skills that permit them in improving the performance of their complete sales department. With the assistance of Sales Cloud, additionally, sales managers can deal with challenges, such as process alignment with marketing and disjointed sales process.

For Sales Reps

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers convenient and efficient customer communication through various channels within Sales Cloud UI. With social media and websites of customers, the advanced integration permits the accumulation of huge information relevant to accounts or contacts to focus on their requirements more accurately. Its exceptional automation potentials assist sales reps with various routine tasks, that’s why make them free from nurturing and closing deals.

Features of Sales Cloud

Account & Contact Management

Sales Cloud assists in managing customer communications, business contacts, account discourses, and more such management examples.

Leads Management

With the assistance of the Sales Cloud, you can track closely the potential leads and handle them by upgrading campaigns to increase the sales rate and magnetize more targeted customers.

Reports & Dashboards

The Sales Cloud also takes care of business reports and progress to encircle every detail and every point of the weak and strong points of it. Also, you can attain access to reports and business dashboards anywhere and anytime with the assistance of the Sales Cloud.

File Syncing and Sharing

Now, it’s easy to sync and share files with the Sales Cloud services that are secured and safe. Now, it’s not tough to find any mail as you only need to search and pick the files for storing or sharing.

Work Process Approvals

The visual workflow belonging to Sales Cloud will assist you in making quick plans for your business with less effort. They are inserted with confirmation methods for discounts, sales, expenses, and more attributes.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones will be mini office management stations where one can witness work opportunities, log calls, manage leads, toggle dashboards, check reports, and more, that your business needs using the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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Service Cloud: Well Explained

Salesfroce Service CloudMost of the customers claim that utilizing Salesforce Service Cloud helps them in making customer services more efficient and faster. As customer retention is cheaper as compared to catching up with a new one, Salesforce Service Cloud can be an important tool, strategically, for your enterprise. According to customer service managers, it affects positively customer retention rates and makes sure that your brand is well-recognized for truly caring for customers.

For Customer Service Managers

Salesforce Service Cloud offers the opportunity to construct and manage customer service processes, within Service Cloud. Moreover, Service Cloud permits customer service managers to handle the customer service reps’ performance that assists in many ways, like in identifying the growth areas of employees and organizing the training for them.

For Customer Service Agents

Service Cloud offers integration of various channels of communications with customers. Since communication exists through each channel within Service Cloud UI, customer service agents become capable of serving their customers much rapidly. Furthermore, Service Cloud permits the development and management of knowledge bases that can be a perfect source of information that customers ask for most frequently. The knowledge base assists in lowering down the response time of agents and trains the new agents of customer service faster. Since Service Cloud offers customer service process automation, the service agents resolve the cases swiftly and customers get reverts to their queries without any delay.

Features of Service Cloud

Customer Service

It provides customer service all through social media over a single platform without requesting customers for checking other sites.

Service Console

In this stage, dealing with all the important cases is carried by a professional that helps in organizing all the tasks perfectly to allow the customers to reap benefits sufficiently from your services.

Chat Service

Salesforce Service Cloud provides live assistants for online chatting services to offer online assistance to the customers relevant to products and services offered by the brand.

Email to Case

It is auto-response rules that allow you to send email responses automatically to case submissions depending on the attributes of the record.

Knowledge Base

Salesforce Service Cloud will assist in crafting a knowledge base that is very useful for the agents. It will assist the agent to find all the answers and helps in resolving the cases rapidly. This offers better issue resolution.

Do you need Sales Cloud & Service Cloud, Both?

Well, the customers with complete customer and sales service departments may pick Sales and Service Cloud, both. The best part of this is that the two departments (sales and customer service) will become free to share a common customer base.

Occasionally, if a brand runs sales and customer service, the executive might be attracted to buying Service Cloud for both the teams as it overlaps much with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Mostly, Service Cloud is not recommended to the customers for the sales department, as this may suit the rare cases when a business is excessively more customer service-oriented, and the sales team no longer requires any add-ons and extra features that are available in Sales Cloud.

Wrapping Up

If you are still in a doubt about what Salesforce Cloud to choose, then you should hire a Salesforce development company and ask a Salesforce consultant which one to pick. The company will let you know which will be best for your business suiting its needs.

Apart from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce offers various products that will boost your process, like Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and more. So, pick the one meeting your purpose and the salesforce consulting vendor who is going to customize and implement the picked Salesforce product. This will make it a real driver, not a burden for your business.

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