Widely known as the most captivating Salesforce automation and cloud CRM vendor, Salesforce, has popularized the SaaS model, at the beginning of this millennium in the process, also has interrupted the business tech industry. As grown since ahead of Salesforce automation and CRM, the company now provides a broad range of cloud business solutions crafted to meet your required business role, type, industry, and need.

What is Salesforce?

An innovative and new cloud computing company, Salesforce.com, Inc. holds the expertise in its CRM product, well-recognized in its industry. Furthermore, along with CRM for Sales and Marketing, Salesforce bestows a comprehensive customer success platform solution to handle all the interactions with your customers and prospects to enhance customer growth and drive success. Holding a good grip on all of them is slightly alarming for the newbies.

Thus, today, we are here with a list and we will sit for a discussion on various offerings of Salesforce to date. Here, we will group the products by the category and also by a type of factors, such as business size, user roles, feature sets, and specific needs. So, after going through this, you would attain a notion of how the top Salesforce products like Einstein, Marketing Clouds, and Service Cloud, can assist your search and grow. Hopefully, our analysis will assist you in lowering down your search and aid you in determining which products meet your business needs.

Salesforce Products – An Introduction

Salesforce CRM

The products of Salesforce run completely in the cloud. Therefore, the companies don’t need to fret about costly maintenance and setup charges. Additionally, cloud technology allows the employees to perform from any device, from anywhere, and at any time, as long as they hold an Internet connection. With such, the company revived the way the enterprise software is employed and delivered. Also, it made the solution handly for all sized companies and enterprises.

Salesforce built a wide variety of products to provide an end-to-end solution, particularly for what they are looking for according to your business type, industry, need, or role. Keeping that in track, let’s move ahead to the explanation of Salesforce products so you can also find the right solution that fulfills your business requirements at its best.

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Salesforce Products – Well Explained

The primary offering of Salesforce is Salesforce CRM. It performs more than just handling contacts, also it tracks all your sales activity in every opportunity, customer, and lead. It holds a pay-as-you-go model that diminishes the cost of the system implementation. At the same time, cloud technology doesn’t need any installation of costly in-house computer servers and hardware.

As salesforce revamps its products to end up with a complete customer success platform, it developed a variety of CRM systems and categories to meet all your requirements at the best.

Salesforce’s products are also integrated deeply and generally share the same modules and tools. Following are the major Salesforce products that you need to explore:

Salesforce Products by Category

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is to find new ways for selling and understanding the business health with the top CRM. It renders personalized buying experiences to all your customers. Also, Sales Cloud makes longtime and loyal customers to all the interactions, links marketing finance, sales, service, and billing teams to drive every prospect all through a personalized customer venture. Sales Cloud crafts a personalized sales venture for all the customers. It makes every moment count, be it process to standardize, automating manual tasks, and accessing data on any device, even offline. It boosts the team impact with outlooks, forecasts, and guidelines from in-built AI. Also, it spreads your reach, and best fits your approach on-the-fly. It makes your sales approach emerge, whether you are planning to move into a new market, a new industry, or only a new neighborhood. It plans the territories, observes the team performance, tracks the rep execution, etc.

  • Sales Cloud aids in growing your accounts, finding new customers, and win more. It deals rapidly by tracking customer details and interactions at one spot.
  • Also, it enhances conversion rates by nurturing, finding, and converting enhanced sales-ready leads.
  • Furthermore, Sales Cloud speeds-up productivity with AI, automatic capture of data, and process automation, the entire pack within one console.
  • Sales Cloud comes up with smarter decisions at a faster pace and from anywhere along with the latest information.
  • Additionally, Sales Cloud puts the light on top leads and also suggests the next steps employing AI that detaches successful deals from lost deals.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesfroce Service Cloud

This product of Salesforce responds swiftly to the customer requirements on any channel, in fact, also from home. Service Cloud is proficient in being a customer service application. It assists you in delivering more personalized assistance all through many channels, like live chat, email, or phone. Its console exhibits your agents’ all related details to a case to enhance agency productivity. A self-serve portal along with a custom-branded community allows the customers to look for replies with no dependence to lower down case volume.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud backs customers everywhere employing service features that make the conversation flow constantly.
  • It solves the customer issues and closes the cases rapidly from a sole console screen.
  • Service Cloud also offers rapid service by assisting customers in finding the replies they require in self-service communities.
  • It personalizes customer care and anticipates the requirements utilizing visions from customer behavior.
  • Also, it offers conversational service over MMS, SMS, and group service along with live messaging.
  • Moreover, Service Cloud drives the agent productivity meanwhile rendering intelligent, linked, and personalized service from the phone onto the field.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud links data across various sources and devices to attain a unified look of the customer. Also, it catches and activates the first-, second-, and third-party data to better know your customer and enhance the growth by catching-up with new audience segments.

  • Marketing Cloud personalizes intelligence in which it leverages Einstein and data to coordinate every interaction with the strength of AI. It listens, interprets, and reverts to customer intent, and renders personalized communications, reliably.
  • It engages all across the entire venture. It crafts real-time, two-way engagement from the awareness to the advocacy. Dynamically, Marketing Cloud delivers the best action ahead for every individual at scale.
  • Moreover, Marketing Cloud analyzes the impact. It measures end-to-end marketing effectiveness all across the digital channels and devices offering AI and an exceptional partnership with Google Analytics 360. Next, it takes action on those outlooks and renders personalized, data-driven experiences all across each stage of customers’ bond with your brand.
  • Furthermore, it manages B2B and B2C. Whether your customer is a consumer or a business, utilize one top-class digital marketing algorithm to consolidate data sources, personalize on all the channels, engage in any phase of their relationship with your brand, and evaluate the performance of all the campaigns.

You can develop and handle customer ventures with Marketing Cloud. It renders the right message at the right clock on the apt channel. Also, it drives customer engagement by employing CRM and other data to personalize and automate your email marketing at scale. Marketing Cloud extends the digital marketing by appending mobile to your social and email campaigns. You may also craft 1-to-1 customer trips across social, email, ads, web, and ads that link across sales, marketing, service, and more. Additionally, Marketing Cloud handovers exclusive social experiences by linking them to sales, marketing, and service and also by analyzing data from more than a billion sources.

Products of Marketing Clouds

  • Journey Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Audience Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Datorama
  • Interaction Studio
  • Data Studio
  • Pardot

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud

A platform where you can develop a community for everyone related to your business ecosystem is Community Cloud. This states that apart from collaborating and connecting with employees, customers, and partners, you also get connected with job agencies, applicants, suppliers, vendors, and retail locations. Being an online social platform, it enhances communication, collaboration, sharing of data, files, and records using any device from anywhere. Also, it provides a business solution namely, Salesforce Partner Relationship Management. It aids you in onboarding partners, offering assistance, driving the demand to your channel.

  • Community Cloud assists your customers to find answers themselves, on their own time frame and terms. Whether you require a knowledge base, a forum, or a self-service portal, this got you covered.
  • Also, it sketches a comprehensive channel management solution for your partners and you along with a dynamic PRM site.
  • Community Cloud offers the users a responsive portal where they can access the articles, renew their accounts, and build and manage claims and cases.
  • It go-ahead the built-in solutions and develop something for your specific business requirements with the Lightning Community Builder.
  • Additionally, Community Cloud smoothly links your experience with your customer data.

Features of Community Cloud

  • It integrates data from any source.
  • Develop personalized experiences.
  • Craft for every device.
  • Also, it enhances onsite engagement.
  • It tracks and also optimizes your website.
  • It holds answers accessible and organized.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform Services

A platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Salesforce Platform offers you all the necessary tools along with the services you require to develop apps. Built on the cloud infrastructure of Salesforce, CIOs can simply and rapidly develop apps in any language for any device. Also, it holds a unified, single, and enterprise cloud environment where the IT teams and businesses can carry out app development without any code builders, in-built enterprise services, and the pro-code tests. This allows you to spread the traits of your sales and service solutions by sketching apps for any departments. Every department and role gets access to the apps that automate their processes of business with more perfection.

  • The Salesforce Platform builds meaningful experiences and navigates the change rapidly on an intelligent and trusted platform. It puts the customer at the heart of your digital transformation.
  • It connects every customer by building linked customer experiences on an Agile application development platform that is combined with your CRM.
  • Also, it empowers all the employees by offering you access to the workforce to a customizable platform, self-service learning, and engaged ecosystems.
  • Additionally, it delivers continuous innovation. It crafts a culture that renders constant innovation with sustainability at its center so that you can mount your business on a carbon-neutral cloud.

Platform assists in harnessing the in-built technology and services so that you can target on transforming your business.

  • Mobile
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Vision
  • Security
  • Voice
  • Privacy & Identity
  • Builder
  • Communities
  • Flow

Platform Services

  • Salesforce IoT Cloud
  • Salesforce Shield
  • Einstein Analytics
  • Salesforce Bolt
  • Salesforce Identity

Salesforce Lightning offers a cluster of technologies for the Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Lightning
  • Lightning Experiences – New UI for Salesforce
  • Lightning Design System- For developing Lightning-styled applications in CSS framework & Component Library
  • Lightning Framework – For developing Lightning Components and single-page apps
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Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Eienstein

Salesforce Einstein is picked when you require a business analytics solution. This mobile-first analytics platform performs with any data from any source. It includes three chief features:

  • An appealing data visualization & user-friendly mobile interface
  • Instant data exploration
  • Fast cloud speed

It performs intelligently with AI that is developed right into Salesforce. It renders AI benefits limitlessly, like your data.

  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Next Best Action
  • Einstein Language
  • Einstein Bots
  • Einstein Vision

Salesforce Collaboration

After its acquisition in 2016, a subsidiary of Salesforce, Quip is a content collaboration Salesforce’s product that strengthens the teams to perform together in a cloud-based technology employing mobile or desktop. It fuses deeply the sharing of spreadsheets, documents, and slides with real-time chat and Salesforce. Developed for any team, this tool guides efficiency and productivity by performing intelligently and from anywhere.
The collaboration solution allows you to import available documents directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Microsoft Word, and email accounts. Also, it permits you to craft your Quip documents and spreadsheets. Salesforce provides the tool in two easy pricing plans for limitless integrations, storage, and customer support.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

B2C Commerce is crafted to convert shopping experiences, strengthened with AI, in all digital channels. It’s solutions target on developing digital commerce experiences, merchandising with promotions and campaigns, overseeing marketing, and personalizations with AI.

B2B Commerce, a cloud-based commerce solution to attain the online purchasing requirements of the business buyer. The solution doesn’t need a data scientist to customize purchasing recommendations for every customer.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud fuses the buying experience by connecting with B2C customers all across all touchpoints, supported by a sole, 360-degree vision of all orders, activity, inventory, etc. Also, it converts mobile shoppers for which it masters the mobile commerce art with our suite of mobile-first calibers, embracing optimized micro-moments, responsive design, and one-touch payment. Furthermore, Commerce Cloud conquers personalization as it inspires and converts the increased number of customers with much personalized, AI-powered experiences. Additionally, it exceeds customer anticipations by rendering constant innovations rapidly and easily along with a multitenant, scalable cloud that is always secure, on, and fast. Also, it reaches our targets with our assistance. The proven success model states that it helps at every phase, from planning to the launch and ahead with website readiness assessments, on-call strategic guidance, and success managers.

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Salesforce Integration Cloud

Salesforce holds an integration platform to link SaaS and enterprise apps. MuleSoft Anypoint Platform by Salesforce assists users craft connected customer experiences and connect any system, whether it is Salesforce or not. It was appended in the Salesforce Integration Cloud post-Salesforce’s acquisition of MuleSoft to allow enterprise to surface data anywhere it lives and to render linked experiences all across touchpoints and channels.

The API-led linking future records your integrations so you will not be stuck with inflexible custom code. Teams can reuse the integration assets that allow developing upon previous projects and unconventional for new approaches. Its features embrace advanced protection configurations and policies, prebuilt assets, and runtime engine, among others.

Salesforce Industry Products

Salesforce also provides industry-specific products. These are crafted to transform every aspect of your business processes and attain specific challenges employing built-in Salesforce. For example:

  • Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
  • Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud
  • Salesforce Government Cloud
  • Salesforce Banking Cloud
  • Salesforce Communications Cloud
  • Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud
  • Salesforce Insurance Cloud
  • Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud
  • Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud
  • Salesforce Media Cloud
  • Salesforce Non-profit Cloud
  • Salesforce Retail Cloud
  • Salesforce Travel and Hospitality Cloud
  • Salesforce Wealth Management Cloud
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud
  • Salesforce Apps Cloud
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud

How Can Emizentech Help You?

Whether it’s sales, service, marketing, or any cloud, Salesforce products are beneficial for meeting every business need. Besides, perfect guidance is essential regarding Salesforce products and services. Hiring a Salesforce development company will surely help you with your requirements. 

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Wrapping Up

Well, now almost all big Salesforce products are all here. We hope this assists you in understating these business solutions providers in a better way. You should go deeper investigating the features so that you can simply find the best track. There are various perfect Salesforce tools that one can employ to run his business successfully in this linked world. This article is just to guide you. For more detailed knowledge, you can connect with a leading Salesforce development and salesforce consulting company today.

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