According to the announcement by Salesforce Japan in June, the company would collaborate with Fujitsu Limited, top medical and pharmaceutical data and computing technology brand that builds new digital solutions for Japan’s healthcare sector. 

Fujitsu is the largest in Japan and Japanese multinational information and communications technology equipment and services corporation that’s the globe’s sixth-largest IT services provider by annual revenue, as recorded in 2021. 

First Step After Collaboration

Taking the collaboration ahead, firstly, Salesforce Japan and Fujitsu will create new, transformative digital products for the insurance brands and promote increased usage of personalized insurance products in Japan. 

Both parties aim to commercialize the new digital solutions in the 2023 fiscal year of Fujitsu. 

How Will Both Brands Work Together?

Both the companies will bring their expertise and technologies to stand robustly in the partnership. 

  • Fujitsu will perform on the systems with Japanese medical institutions that facilitate the reliable usage of medical data from EMR, based on patients’ approval. 
  • Ahead, medical institutions with “Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)” will offer a personalized healthcare service that uncovers signs and symptoms of diseases through advanced software and computing technologies, like Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Medical institutions will become capable of visualizing the patients’ entire journey through complete integration and patient medical data analysis. For this, the medical institutions will involve Salesforce’s Health Cloud, a CRM system targeting patient-centric digital transformation. 
  • With MuleSoft, Tableau, and Health Cloud, medical institutions can automate, integrate, and analyze patient data in a single system, offering the patients a more personalized medical experience and allowing patient-centered digital transformation. 

Impact of Transformative Digital Products

  • The main objective of Fujitsu and Salesforce in developing AI solutions is to provide potential policyholders the insurance products with a personalized touch that may help them foresee individual disease risks. 
  • Moreover, their target is to craft a new insurance model for the universal health care system of Japan based on personal data that may help in diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and prognosis in a comprehensive and detailed way.

Benefits of Insurance-Based Solutions

Such products are crafted to resolve economic and societal issues, including health concerns relevant to many diseases, increased costs of advanced medical care, and cost of living post-retirement. 

What’s The Salesforce Perspective?

Amit Khanna, SVP and GM, Healthcare at Salesforce, said, “Care is not just about one moment in time – care is longitudinal.” 

In order to transition to more preventative, holistic care, the healthcare industry needs to embrace more connected, collaborative solutions and start integrating data from across different healthcare platforms to get a full picture of the patient. With this integrated end-to-end view, the healthcare industry can start working towards delivering personalized, tailored care to every patient

What’s The Fujitsu Perspective?

Yoshinami Takahashi, Corporate Executive Officer, EVP of Fujitsu Limited, said, “We are excited to start the collaboration with Salesforce Japan in the healthcare field. By leveraging our respective strengths, I am confident we can develop and provide innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges and tasks.

Further, he added,

Through this collaboration, we ultimately aim to deliver new solutions under our portfolio of ‘Healthy Living’ offerings, contributing to the transformation of healthcare in Japan and throughout the whole world.

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