We must spend a lot on maintenance and other aspects to launch an online business. You should start holding enough funds to take an applauding initiation and pay for the expenses for at least six months. Post the launch, you must also invest in the promotion to increase brand awareness and attract customers

An online business demands a sufficient budget for a site, eCommerce platform, software, and social media. It’s essential to pick a host for your site and all the technicalities that are important for an online business, like:

  • Web hosting/ domain
  • eCommerce platform
  • Web content development
  •  Social media
  • PR on press media
  • Promotion
  • Paid advertising, etc.

So, targeting such issues and requirements, papmall® emerged as a savior, an eCommerce platform that arrives, including such expenses. 

Founded in 2019, papmall® was launched with a motto to back startups in their entire career development. It supports the expenses of online business startups and freelancers costs too. 

“At papmall®, we want to focus on creating more innovative and powerful ways for businesses. To those who tend to join the global e-commerce markets, not just domestic fields, papmall® is here to make all the impossible possible.”

Hung Anh Le

Benefits of Choosing papmall® eCommerce Platform

papmall® WEBSITE

Future of papmall® eCommerce Platform

The papmall® eCommerce platform aims to build a fantastic eCommerce environment. By 2025, this marketplace platform will likely become an essential B2B & B2C eCommerce platform for global markets in the service-providing industry. 

In the future, we can expect this platform to grow the entire eCommerce platform model and add more delivery locations. Also, it is predicted to integrate the BNPL (Buy now, pay later), e-wallets, and crypto-currency payment features. 

So, choosing the papmall® eCommerce platform for your startup business will help you save money and build your brand identity. 

You can also adopt this eCommerce platform by taking the help of eCommerce development companies and crafting your customizable apps for buyers and sellers to enhance their purchasing experience. 

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