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Home services, handyman services, food, and cab services are amongst the greatest beneficiaries of the evolving on-demand economy. Whether it is grocery shopping online or hiring a cab, the next-gen consumers are constantly looking for solutions that make their life easier and simpler.

Laundry Service mobile app development

One such wonderful addition to this list is an on-demand laundry mobile app. These apps offer a complete chain of washing and dry cleaning services, right from easy-booking, pick-up, and doorstep laundry delivery to choosing your detergent and the type of washing system. These incredibly-efficient and amazing apps save the customers from the arduous task of dealing with filthy laundry and use the time to do absolutely anything they desire.

Why Invest in On-demand Laundry Service Mobile App Development – Market Size

By taking away the need to perform grueling tasks such as laundry and offering dedicated time for other pleasant activities, on-demand laundry service apps have tremendously grown in popularity.

As per a study, it is revealed that the majority of the millennial population today doesn’t wish to invest their valuable time in everyday household chores like washing the clothes as they have other important things to attend. They often consider it as a tedious and monotonous job that is immensely time-consuming. Hence, the popularity of on-demand laundry business apps can be easily expounded.

United States

According to the, in the US, the market share of laundry and dry cleaning services will amount to $13.8 billion by 2025. Also, the anticipated revenue from these services will reach $7,660 million by 2020. And by the year 2024, the global online on-demand laundry services market will amount to over $96 billion.


  • Revenue in the Laundry Care segment amounts to US$80,030m in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.0% (CAGR 2020-2023).
  • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$12,333m in 2020).
  • In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$10.75 are generated in 2020.

The market size of laundry and dry cleaning services in the US from 2014 to 2025

Market size of laundry Apps in USA

The global laundry and dry cleaning service business is said to increase at a CAGR of over 4% during the forecast period of 2019-2023.

So, if you are running a laundry business and looking for ways to grow in all directions, this post is for you. Here, we will talk about how you can tap the potential of mobile and reinvent your business model in terms of the on-demand sector.

Types of Laundry Delivery Mobile Apps

Aggregator Laundry App

This type of laundry delivery app is most suited to startups that don’t have their own laundry business. Such apps primarily deal with developing a common platform where users can connect with different laundry services in their local area.

If you develop an aggregator app, you need to partner with the laundry services in your area. They pay you for listing their name on your app and that is all. The laundry, delivery, and pickup services are all taken care of by the local laundry service providers. Your app is simply the aggregator and your primary source of revenue is the commission of businesses you receive form the laundry service providers. The laundry shop benefits from this model in a way that their services become known to all the people who download your app.

Laundry Marketplace App

This model is also like an aggregator, except that in this, you also handle the pickup and delivery services. Your on-demand laundry app will list all the local laundry service providers. When a customer places the order, you will obtain their complete information and coordinate the logistics between the customers and the laundry service provider to deliver the required services.

This is just like the typical service providers who charge a specific amount of commission for doing the service both from the laundry shops and the customers.

Dedicated Laundry App

You can opt for a dedicated laundry delivery app if you already own a laundry business.  You can develop an app or website where the users can schedule laundry pickup and delivery of washed clothes at their doorstep for an affordable price. This is an excellent business model if you are struggling to scale your business operations.

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Understanding How On-Demand Laundry Services Operate

Laundry Mobile App Process

Before delving into the development of a laundry app, it is important to understand precisely how these apps operate.

The key stakeholders in the process are the rinser, the delivery personnel, and the user.

1. Ordering

The process begins with the customer placing a laundry order on the app itself. He also schedules a convenient time for pickup.

2. Picking Up

After the order is placed, the laundry service provider will send a delivery person to collect the clothes. He then packs the clothes in special containers and takes them to the laundry.

3. Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Here the laundry clothes are washed, dried, and ironed by professionals. The entire process is carried out as per user requirements.

4. Delivery

When the clothes are ready, they are delivered to the user’s address at an appointed time. Throughout the process, the users can easily track the goods, pick up place, and time.

Laundry/ Dryclean App Business Model

Laundry Service Mobile App development

Laundry Delivery – Monetization Opportunities

Featured Listing

This is an effective and fail-proof method of generating huge sums of revenue. In this model, aggregator apps can feature a few laundry service providers on the top section of their app and in return, charge a specified amount of money. Typically, the service providers that feature on the home page of the app receive maximum sales.

This is an extremely popular monetization strategy that is the primary source of income for many on-demand laundry apps.


This monetization technique allows the laundry app owner to charge a definite amount of commission for every order placed through the app. This is another highly prevalent revenue model that is also used by


The on-demand laundry apps can also make money by advertising-related and relevant products and other services to the customers. For instance, by showing advertisements of cleansers, soap powders, etc. these apps can keep their customers engaged, and in return, charge a pre-decided amount from the advertising businesses.

General Features of laundry Delivery App

Customer Panel

  • Social Login
  • Find nearby Laundry
  • Select laundry type
  • Cost Calculation
  • Schedule Pickup and Delivery Time
  • View order status
  • Track Delivery Boy
  • Give Review & Feedback

Laundry Panel

  • Manage laundry charges
  • Accept /decline Order Request
  • View Order history
  • Manage Referrals
  • View status users,
  • View earnings and commission paid
  • View and Manage Profile
  • Manage Orders and their status
  • Manage Offers and discount
  • View Reviews and Ratings

Admin Panel

  • Category Management
  • Payment Management
  • Content Management
  • Customer Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Commission
  • View Analytics
  • Run Marketing Campaigns
  • Sent Push Notification

Delivery Boy

  • View Pick Up Orders
  • View Delivery Request
  • View Delivery & Pick-up History
  • In-App Navigation Route
  • View Commission, Earnings
  • Collect COD

Advanced Features of Laundry Delivery Mobile App

Laundry Mobile App Features

Social Login/ Sign Up

This feature is for the customers, where they can sign up for the app either by entering their details or by using any existing social media account. A quick and straightforward sign-up page is a must for attracting customer loyalty.

Picture in Picture Mode

Customers can check laundry delivery and pickup status in real-time through a floating window while using other applications.

Laundry Delivery App Development

In-App Chat

Once the customers place the order, they can chat with the laundry delivery personnel in case of any issue. Alternatively, the delivery agent can also reach the customers in case he is unable to track their location.

In-App Camera

An in-app camera can be a useful function in a laundry service mobile app that allows the customer to take pictures of an item of clothing and highlight where a stain requires special attention from the laundry.

In-App Camera

In-App Calling

Just like the in-app chat, the customer and delivery agent can also communicate via in-app calling with number masking options.

Push Notifications

This feature allows the customers to receive notifications regarding the status of the order, time of laundry pickup/ delivery, and promotional offers, etc. It is an essential tool to keep the customers engaged.

Cost Calculation

After the customer specifies the number of clothes as well as the specific services required, they must be able to see an estimated cost of availing the indicated assortment of services. A break-up of the total cost showing the individual service price of each garment should also be available on the app.

Delivery Tracking

This feature allows the customers to track the delivery and stay updated about its status in real-time. This status is altered periodically by the admin team or the laundry service personnel.

Feedback Rating

This feature allows the customers to share their experience with the laundry service provider and give reviews and ratings.

CRM Integration

An efficient customer relationship management software helps the customers get in touch with the support team of the app who can listen and act upon their queries at any point of time.

Marketing & Promotion Tool

When you have an efficient CRM software integrated then it comes with a number of marketing tools such as mail marketing, Push Notification, Calling, Message, offers, discount, and more.

CMS Integration

With CMS integration, the app owner as well as the laundry service providers can manage the content available on the app. For instance, service providers can update users with any special discount offers. Besides, they can also list any new washing and dry cleaning technology to draw more customers.

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Loyalty Programs

The laundry service app can run new loyalty programs from time to time, in the form of new discounts, schemes, and vouchers for loyal users. This helps to retain the customers while motivating them to use the app in the future as well.

Behavior Tracking

Driven through AI, Behaviors tracking keep a record of individual uses behavior and offer relevant offer and content.

Real-Time Analytics

This feature is meant for the entrepreneurs to clearly identify the business services which are most profitable. The real-time analytics dashboard shows detailed insights into aspects like user base, most-used services, sales, etc. This helps to monitor the performance and progress of the on-demand laundry business app.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time tracking enables the customers to track the progress of their order. The app is GPS-enabled that displays the exact location of the delivery agent when he comes to pick up and deliver the laundry. At the same time, it gets easier for the agent to locate the address of the customer.

Blogging Options

We can integrate blogging CMS for publishing blogs and articles educating customers about clothing care, fashion trends, wardrobe tips tricks, and more. It will buy more app engagement and customer loyalty.

In-App Navigation

In-app navigation option helps the delivery boy to map done pickup and delivery destination and allow customers to find nearby laundries and track delivery boy as well.

Multiple Payment Options

The app should offer multiple payment options to the users at the time of checkout to make the payment process convenient. Besides, it should also offer direct access to funds using credit/debit cards, net banking, and various APIs, such as PayPal, PayTM, Google Pay, etc.

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How to Attract More Customers to You Laundry Delivery App?

Make your app eco-friendly: As a part of your corporate social responsibility, you must try to develop an eco-friendly app. You can do this by establishing your reputation as a toxin-free laundry that only uses environmentally friendly cleaning technologies. For instance, you can promote wet cleaning instead of dry cleaning to eliminate the use of chemical solvents like tetrachloroethylene. Additionally, allow the customers to go for biodegradable packaging as well as D-5 silicon dry cleaning solvents.

Offer special offers from time to time: Retaining customers is not easy. Thus, you must try to turn your existing customers into loyal app users by offering special discounts and schemes. You can also use this technique to attract new customers. For instance, you can offer discounts on further orders or a small gift for new customers who use your app.

Go the extra mile to please your customers: Small things that show your customers how you care about them is a great way to keep them engaged. For instance, you can offer them complimentary items like dry cleaning accessories, hangers, cloth bags, special covers for expensive garments, free buttons, etc.

Make your service convenient for the users: A lot of laundry apps provide pickup and delivery service during limited hours only. On the other hand, some services don’t separate the clothes and ask the users to do it. All this can be very frustrating for the users, dissuading them from ordering laundry again. So try to offer services that please the users and not disgruntle them. After all, the end goal of these apps is to provide a satisfying customer experience.

Keep Your App UI/UX User Friendly: A well-designed and clean interface speak to the user’s eyes. At the same time, a structured and self-explanatory look and feel enhance the user experience, letting them spend more time on a specific page. So, make sure your on-demand laundry app has an ideally designed UI/UX for increased retention.

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Required TechStack

Push Notifications – Twilio,
SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress,
Email – Mail Chimp Integration
Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark,  Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
Map Navigation – Google Map


App Architecture

How Much Does it cost to develop an On-demand laundry mobile app

To find out the app development cost, you need to first understand the factors that impact the cost of your on-demand laundry app development.

The platform you choose for your laundry app development: Most aspiring business entrepreneurs opt for a native mobile app for either one of the two: Android or iOS. If you have budget constraints, you must opt for the platform that is widely prevalent in your business domain.

The development and testing of the laundry app: The development stage consists of three phases: front-end development, back-end development, and interface design. Besides, the amount of testing you do also regulate the overall cost. Proper testing ensures that your app is free from all bugs and glitches.

Full version and or an MVP: The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) comprises only the basic features and thus costs less. On the other hand, a fully-functional version contains an extensive list of features for the users and costs more.

Hourly rate of the laundry app development company: Mostly, all laundry app development companies charge on an hourly basis. The project managers, developers, designers, testers are all paid based on the number of hours they commit to the laundry app development. An approximate cost is anticipated, depending upon the total number of hours needed to compile the entire project.

Location of the laundry app development company: The location of the app development company also plays a vital role in discerning the total app development cost. For instance, in the USA, any local app development company will charge $50 to $250 per hour, making the cost go up between $50,000-$65,000.

However, if you are familiar with your precise requirements, you can also go for a good laundry mobile app development company in South Asia. Such a company will perform a skilled job at a much lesser rate. You can easily get a functional app between $10,000-$25,000.

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