Yoga being exaggerated as the ultimate practice on a global pace inspirited YogiFi, a smart yoga mat maker, to launch the second generation of their AI mat. The YogiFi Gen 2 and the YogiFi Gen 2 Pro offer a broad-ranging collection of asanas and bodyweight workouts with a more integrated experience. Wellnesys Technologies’ second flagship device is the YogiFi Gen 2. The company announced on Yoga Day 2022 that the Gen 2 version of its yoga mat offers improved posture tracking. This smart yoga mat’s second version is meant to assist users with yoga practice sessions, asana, and postures. The YogiFi Gen 2 will cost Rs 8,999, and pre-orders are currently being accepted on the company’s website.

The YogiFi Gen 2 Pro version is available for pre-order for Rs 18,999. The mat will come with step-by-step instructions, real-time corrections, and feedback when synced with the company’s specialized software. Users of YogiFi Gen 2 will be able to engage in live, one-on-one sessions with certified coaches from anywhere in the world. New mats include therapy programmes for diabetes and hypertension, full-service advice, and real-time assistance from trainers, therapists, and dietitians. As part of the eighth International Yoga Day, YogiFi’s mobile app will host a virtual “Sun Salutations Challenge.” This is accessible during free sessions on iOS and Android apps.

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