A funeral includes a plethora of activities that one needs to perform seamlessly by crafting a perfect plan, such as booking a hall, sending out obituaries, choosing a final resting spot, and so on. 

Let you know that the funeral planner and management app concept is not new but is still unique. 

The cremation industry is always on growth and catching up with increased user engagement, revenue, and a lot more by digitizing funeral services. 

This guide will put forward a complete scenario of a funeral management plan embracing all the essential tasks or activities that you can manage online easily through a death care app, the features of a funeral Obituary app, and the cremation app needs (from a business perspective), why one should develop a funeral management app, benefits, technology stack, steps to develop a funeral management app, and a lot more.

What Is a Funeral App?

Funeral App

A cremation application is a desktop, mobile, or web application that facilitates users to arrange and pay for the death care services of their near ones. 

The funeral app typically embraces engaging interfaces that allow users to choose caskets, burial plots, flowers, and many more funeral services. 

Besides, funeral homes also use such apps to ease the tracking of their customers’ purchases, manage the billing and payments from the deceased families, and keep in sync with the funeral essentials inventory management using other software apps. 

Additionally, the funeral obituary app helps you browse the recent obituaries and say your condolences to your loved ones based on your preferences, such as your cities and contacts. 

A death care app may include various funeral-relevant features that you may catch up with in the face of separate apps also, like:

Cremation AppFuneral Management App
Death Care AppFuneral Online Feed App
Funeral Invitation AppFuneral Obituary App
Death Announcement & Funeral AppObituary & Condolence App
Funeral Planning and Management AppDemise Notices App
Funeral Flowers Ordering AppEnd-of-Life Care App
Funeral Traditions Guide AppFuneral Quotes App
Funeral & Burial ServicesFuneral Homes App
Funeral Services AppCremation Management App

Purpose Behind a Funeral Planner & Management App

1. Funeral App For Customers

Funeral App For Customers

When people find it challenging and tiring to conduct the funeral process, a new and unique concept came to the surface as an ultimate savior, the funeral and obituary app. Such an app eases the deceased family with all the essential funeral services. Digitally, the users can book the funerals and perform every tradition to provide their loved ones a peaceful shore. 

2. Funeral App For Business

Funeral App For Business

On the contrary, the vendors can list their funeral stuff for the customers to ease their purchases. Also, some apps allow vendors to track their customers’ services, like hospital pickup, funeral hall booking, and other customized funeral services.

So, whether it’s a customer or a vendor, both parties can reap the benefits of using death care apps. They need to download the funeral app from the Play Store or App Store and start operating on their devices.  

Such apps offer the users a one-stop solution for many funeral services for businesses and customers.

Also, with the death care apps around us, especially the obituary app, no one would need to subscribe to various newspapers, search funeral home sites, or death notices in various cities on the web to find important announcements.

What Funeral Planning App Consists?

As we discussed above, a funeral app may help you attain varied funeral essentials, like needs relevant to logistics, finance, event management, and a lot more. 

Below, let’s elaborate on varied top funeral services that you may find in a funeral app. 

1. Funeral Event Management

Funeral Event Management

The funeral event management service makes death care services well-arranged for the users so that they don’t need to take the stress and can peacefully bid adieu to their loved ones with no fret. It may incorporate services like a mobile mortuary, coffin & casket, flowers, catering, and more. Besides, the event planners also arrange live webcasts of funeral rites for the deceased family who can’t join. 

The funeral flower arrangement is conducted along with many more related cremation management services to ease the funeral phase of the deceased family. 

2. Funeral Logistics Management

Funeral Logistics Management

The funeral logistic services help you with a pick-up of the deceased person for further cremation or burial. Your chosen funeral home will take charge of the pick-up of the body, preparing it, and transporting it to the cemetery. 

3. Funeral Products and Services

Funeral Products and Services

To help you with easy cremation, online funeral apps offer funeral products and services at the best price and fastest delivery option. The main objective of such apps is to let the deceased families mourn in peace. The products may include electronic or paper items that would be an add-on to the celebration of a deceased person’s life. 

4. Funeral Finance

Funeral Finance

Well, as we know, a funeral expense demands a considerable amount to be spent. If anyone finds it tough to arrange the funeral budget, they may get the funeral finance support from the listed finance partners of the death care apps. 

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Services in Funeral Management App

A mobile application needs to offer every essential feature that may ease the users and provide them with what they expect from an app. 

Similarly, a funeral app should list all the necessary offerings that one needs to conduct a funeral of the loved one.

Let’s check out the top funeral services that an app should showcase:

1. Transport the Deceased

Transport the Deceased

Wherever be the deceased person at the home, hospice, or hospital, this service facilitates the pickup of that person and prepares everything for the cremation or burial. 

After the pickup, the team will take the body to the funeral home you have chosen, where it will offer the other services till the last step of the funeral. 

Ways of Transportation of Human Remains

  • Ground Transportation of Human Remains
  • Transporting Human Remains By Air
  • International Shipping of Human Remains

2. Mortuary Van Rentals Service 

Mortuary Van Rentals Service 

You can use a funeral management app to book well-equipped dead body carrying vehicles that transfer dead bodies worldwide. When a loved one suddenly leaves, the deceased’s family looks for a dead body van service in their nearby areas for hassle-free transportation of the dead body. 

The dead body care apps arrive at this point to provide the users with various options for dead body vans that they may choose. 

3. Choosing a Coffin, Casket, or Urn

Coffin, Casket or Urn

The app will exhibit a wide range of caskets and urns nearby you. You can choose as per your choice for the deceased person.

In the US, two brands are usually picked for purchasing the caskets, Batesville and York. In fact, Batesville is known for selling about 45% of the caskets alone. 

4. Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Service

Undoubtedly, witnessing the death of your loved ones is a harrowing experience. It’s quite tough to deal with your responsibilities along with the grieving process. The situation worsens when the deceased person’s body is away from your home. We can’t depend on the means of the roadway for body transportation if it’s taking more than a considerable time. Post that, the body will start decaying.  

Here, a need for an air ambulance arises. Such services are quite challenging to find, but you can do this. How about online funeral services. Yes, you got it right. 

You can use the app to book an air ambulance to get the dead body to your home faster. 

5. Mortuary Freezer Box

Mortuary Freezer Box

Again, when one needs to preserve the body of his loved ones to conduct the last rites peacefully, a freezer box is necessary. This box is crafted in such a way that the relatives and family of the deceased can view it and pay regard. Also, when it’s going to take more hours to make the deceased body reach his home, this freezer box prevents the body from decaying. 

One can find such products on cremation apps easily. 

6. Post-Cremation Burials

Post-Cremation Burials

The app will allow you to choose the cemetery site, cremation place of your choice, or the deceased person for the interment or burial. 

A funeral home that you choose for the pick-up also offers a burial or cremation facility at their place. 

7. Embalming Service

Embalming Service

A process in which a dead body is sterilized to protect it from decay is known as embalming. It’s essential, especially when the dead body is transported via train or air. 

8. Funeral or Memorial Service

Funeral or Memorial Service

You can book a church, hall, or Shul service using a funeral app or a dead care app. 

A funeral service may include prayers, readings, music, eulogies, and any memorial tribute by the deceased’s family. 

On the contrary, memorial services may be acknowledged, similar to a funeral. Still, as the body is not present, you can schedule this service even after the death at any time, after a month, or a few weeks. You just need to book event centers, community centers, parks, or any place as a venue for performing prayers, reading passages from literature or scripture, singing songs, or delivering eulogies. 

9. Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Pre-Planning Funeral Services

Like you pre-plan other events, you can do this for your funeral also. Well, don’t get this service wrong. People usually don’t like talking about death, but this service is best for those who don’t want their family to face any issues while arranging funeral services. Such a service not only divides funeral planning but also offers a chance to share the financial finances load. 

You can pre-plan your funeral by choosing every essential, like the type of flowers, cremation service, hall booking, van booking, and more. 

This way, you can ease your family and let them mourn the loss peacefully. 

10. Living Memorials

Living Memorials

Living memorials are the areas crafted by people to memorialize places, events, or individuals. 

The death care apps offer such services by easing the users to find landscapes in town squares, forests, community gardens, etc. 

11. Counseling Services

Counseling Services

When you lose your loved ones, it becomes tough to live your life. Anger, sadness, guilt, regret, and frustration start attacking you. It may affect your work, routine, and personal life. 

Well, you can get out of such an unfortunate situation by choosing counseling services. 

Most of the funeral apps offer counseling services from certified and professional counselors who hold the caliber to manage your sadness and emotions. 

12. Online Prayer Meeting

Online Prayer Meeting

To calm the bereaved family and friends, after the funeral, a tradition of funeral prayer meetings is performed. 

Some funeral and condolence apps offer such a kind of service for their users.

13. Funeral Claims and Loans

Funeral Claims and Loans

Various funeral and obituary apps have emerged with a funeral claims option that allows users to submit the claims for the funeral plans easily.

Besides, the funeral app users are facilitated with funeral finance options that may help the deceased’s family with financial support right from the app. 

14. Tombstones


After the burial of the loved ones, their family members sometimes wish to order a tombstone. 

For such a need, the death care apps arrive with a plethora of tombstone options that the users can choose for the deceased person. Also, one can order a customized tombstone adding personalized designs, names, etc. 

15. Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Well, usually, the deceased’s family books transportation services for some of their relatives to help them attend the burial and other funeral services. 

You can find a listing of transportation service providers on a funeral app that you can filter as per your location or other preferences. 

16. Obituaries


Earlier, we used to check out the newspapers to find a person’s obituary or post the funeral information. With time, we started catching up with the pace and began looking for it or announcing it online on websites. 

But again, technology has modified everything. Now, you can find or post the funeral details using your obituary and funeral app. Trust us; you will find this way of respecting and honoring your loved ones best. 

Also, the app will offer you obituary writing assistance for the deceased person. 

17. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

If you want a cleaning service for wrapping up after the reception or after-tears, you can book this service through your funeral app. 

The funeral apps will come with a list of various professional cleaning services available at the best price. 

18. Church/Hall Bookings

ChurchHall Bookings

Obviously, as you will need a venue to conduct all the funeral services, there’s no need to take much stress. You can book a hall or church nearby the cremation or burial space of your loved ones through online mode using your phone.

The funeral and burial app showcases a list of available and nearby Halls, Churches, and Shuls that you can pick as per your preferences. 

19. Flowers & Arrangements

Flowers and  Arrangements

To bestow a token of love for your loved ones, you can book flowers and decor arrangements to adorn their coffin, the gravesite, or the reception or service venue. 

The funeral and obituary app will offer you the details of various florists from which you can pick as per your choice.

20. Photo/Videography


Some deceased’s families wish to book a photographer to record the proceedings as a memory of their loved ones. Even some just demand video streaming to let their relatives witness the funeral in their absence at the venue. 

The apps present a list of photographers or videographers that eases the users with one tap booking option. 

21. Catering Services


For the post-funeral activities, people usually look to book catering arrangements at the venue for the people who took the time to celebrate the life of the deceased person. 

Using the apps, the users can get catering services by choosing from the list of available caterers. 

22. Hiring a Priest

Priest Hiring

Apparently, we can’t conduct the cremation essentials ourselves. For that, we need to hire a priest who holds the experience of carrying such traditions. 

The funeral and obituary apps help the users by offering a list of priests in their nearby areas as per their preferences.

Major Players in the Market – Top Funeral Apps

As we said in this post, online funeral management service is not a new concept, still running on its way to attaining its vogue. 

Below are the top names usually highlighted under online funeral services. 

1. Sendoff Funeral App

One of the top funeral management apps, the Sendoff Funeral App, is best for planning, booking, and managing a funeral from your device. 

Sendoff Funeral App

Available for – Android, iOS

You can book the pickups to the funeral home, order an urn/casket, order flowers, choose a grave or cemetery, order catering service, and every essential to conduct a funeral perfectly with no stress. 

2. MyLife App 

MyLife App 

Available for – Android, iOS

There would be no better spot for the funeral homes other than this app, the MyLife app family. The funeral homes can register here, craft their customer pages, and start receiving bookings from the users. Even the users will receive notifications on choosing a specific funeral home. 

3. Funeral Invitation – Digital Invite

Funeral Invitation

Available for – Android

Using this app, you can craft funeral invitation cards to invite your friends and family to celebrate the life of your near and dear ones who have left the world. It’s easy to customize the cards as per the choices and needs. You can even choose a perfect design from hundreds of available designs. This app is free and safe to download and use. You can make the cards, save them, and share them.

4. Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans

Available for – Android

The Funeral Plans app will help you plan a funeral and guide you through the end-of-life process. You can plan funeral arrangements, burial types, resources, and every funeral essential. 

5. MyObits – Obituary, Memorial, and Funeral Notices


Available for – Android, iOS

This app lets you catch up with affordable obituaries, funeral notifications, information, and floral delivery services. You can create obituaries with this app and send the death announcements and funeral information publicly and privately through social media and SMS messages. 

Why Use Funeral Apps? Benefits of Funeral Apps

Funeral Apps

After reading the entire tale about the funeral app, a question would strike your head, “why use a funeral app? “

Here we will review the advantages of using a funeral app that would showcase a perfect answer to this question. 

1. Convenience And Efficiency

When it comes to funeral management, there are various chores you need to perform. Using a funeral management app, you can easily arrange all the essentials using your device, and this will save the time and effort you invest in visiting door-to-door to get things done. 

2. Trust And Security

Let you know that funeral arrangement includes verifying the right certifications of the funeral homes and their compliance with the regulations. 

Using a cremation and funeral app, you can easily verify all the funeral partners. The app will only perform compliance checking for you and make sure every partner passes the app’s strict rules checklist to let you ensure that you are in safe hands.

3. Social Distancing And Safety

Now you can arrange everything one needs to conduct a funeral anytime and anywhere using your device. You just need to download a funeral app on your device and start choosing different funeral services at home. 

4. Guidance And Community

Obviously, we are not born holding the skills to conduct funerals perfectly. People usually face an issue arranging funerals, choosing funeral parlors, organizing a headstone, claiming a funeral policy, and more. 

Here arrives the community, groups that help with their guidance regarding every funeral essentials.

Risks and Challenges of Building a Death Care Application


Well, every new beginning of anything introduces various risks and challenges. 

Here we will check out the challenges and risks that one can face in offering funeral app development. 

  • A funeral app can meet the legal and reputational risk linked with the management of sensitive information. 
  • A death care app development demands the encryption of information in the cloud. 
  • Also, one needs to accumulate the decade-old and recent obituaries from a plethora of funeral home sites. 

How To Successfully Grow Your Death Care Application?


Other than hard work, dedication, and expertise, you need to follow certain aspects to make your app accomplish its objectives. 

Let’s Catch up With a Few. 

  • To let your death care app grow and flourish worldwide, you can provide varied options of pre-arranged funeral packages available at a competitive price. 
  • Also, if your app is free to download, you can hook enhanced profits through in-app purchases
  • Besides, you need to make sure that you list out every funeral essential that may meet the funeral management requirements and can increase your customers’ trust and loyalty, which would pay you back in terms of repeat customers and recommendations. 

How Long Does It Take to Build a Death Care App?

Death Care App

In general, a funeral app development takes approximately 200 hours to develop. The range may go a bit low and even high. 

The timeline extraction relies on the complexity of the app. Besides, the custom designs, features, and more may increase the time. 

What Is the Typical Cost to Build a Death Care App?

Death Care App Cost

Usually, a funeral management app costs around $15000 to develop. On average, the range starts from $10,000 and goes a long way ahead as per the features and functionalities you want to include. 

A “minimum viable product” or MVP with fewer features will cost you less as compared to a complex app incorporating customized functionalities and requirements. 

However, we can’t estimate a fixed price for building a death care app as it relies on varied factors. 

Below are the factors that affect the cost of death care apps:

  • Business Model
  • Custom/Native UI Design
  • App Development Team/ Freelance Developers/App Development Company
  • Platforms and Devices
  • App Developers’ Location
  • Backend Infrastructure
  • Maintenance Requirements

How Can We Help You?


With eight-plus years of experience in offering mobile app development services in varied domains, Emizentech crafts a process that ensures enhanced efficiency and high productivity. 

Our experts keep track of the latest and emerging technologies and follow them to render forward-thinking solutions and provide top-class mobile app development solutions. 

We can help you with funeral app development solutions from ideation to delivery perfectly as per your custom mobile app requirements. 

Wrapping Up

The death care services market worldwide will reach around $154.5 billion by 2027. On the other edge, the US death care market is likely to attain about $68 billion by 2023. 

Witnessing the statistics, an increasing number of people are coming forward to offer digital/online funeral management services. 

The death care industry is finding its way to digital transformation by developing funeral management apps, obituary and death care apps, and more. Their chief target is enhanced customers and revenue.

Right now, the market is a bit low, but soon it will touch sky-high. 

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