In the past couple of years, the mediums of education have witnessed a sweeping change. With the development of newer technologies, conformist ways of learning are getting quickly swapped with online learning platforms & educational mobile apps. Today, it is not surprising to find many mobile applications on the market offering effective goal-based learning.

And this trend of educational mobile apps was further propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic that made these apps an irreplaceable part of the modern education ecosystem. The pandemic obligated the teachers and students to communicate via digital mediums to conduct the exchange of information. And this led to the development of several eLearning apps across the world.

With the rising influence of technology, eLearning apps have become highly sophisticated. They foster improved learning by making things much more interactive and fun to engage with. These apps have nurtured a new era of learning that enhances students’ productivity while refining their skills in a much better way.

All that being said, innovative educational app ideas are among the most important things to consider in today’s time. An increasing number of schools, colleges, and universities are looking to invest in smart ed-tech solutions to connect students and teachers in real-time.

This article will look at some of the most lucrative educational app development ideas that are worth investing in. So, let’s begin.

Reasons Behind The Quick Growth Of Online Educational Platforms

The education sector has always been at the vanguard of change and innovation. The rapid penetration of mobile technology has been a game-changer in the modern-day educational industry.

In today’s digital era, many learners who belong to the millennial generation are well-versed in new tools and techniques. Consequently, they prefer to use mobile applications for various reasons, especially studies. Whether to quickly search on a topic, get a new stock of words, or simply learn about a new subject, they typically follow the practice to browse apps and get instant help.

Furthermore, the adoption of eLearning and mLearning apps gained momentum, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic that forced educational institutions worldwide to shut down for an indefinite amount of time. During the lockdown, leveraging remote video conferencing became the only existing practice for students and teachers.

Lastly, the integration of smarter technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality has led to highly interactive learning apps. With these apps, the educationists have been able to nurture smarter learning environments, a feat that was unimaginable even until a few years ago.

How Is eLearning & mLearning Revolutionizing The Education Industry?

In a conventional educational setup, the learning mechanism is more or less the same. Every learner has to match the pace of the classroom and learn as per the curriculum. However, in the case of mLearning apps, the learning mechanism can be highly personalized to meet the precise needs of every pupil. This helps to accelerate the learning process and promote the cognitive development of learners.

Moving on, several eLearning apps seek to improve the learning experience through gamification. This refers to integrating highly competitive and engaging game-like activities within the app to make learning more entertaining. With such gamification techniques, the learning process is enhanced. The learners get an opportunity to concentrate on their content and educational curriculums better.

mLearning Apps Also Facilitate Corporate Training

Corporate training is one of the key benefits of mLearning apps. These applications are helping big corporate enterprises across the world to provide their employees with access to resources and courses they require to understand the business processes in depth. This, in turn, greatly improves business performance and augments employee productivity.

Besides, these apps help corporates to reduce their cost associated with training practices immensely. With traditional training modes, enterprises need to bear the per-hour trainer cost, their food, accommodation, venue, etc. All these app development costs can be diminished by employing a mobile app in the process. The cost of building a corporate training app will just be a one-time expenditure.

Corporate training mobile apps also help attract and retain new-age employees and unite the global workforce. They bridge any skill gaps and make sure to keep the employees updated with the industry-first practices.

Why Invest In Education & Learning Mobile Apps?

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Before we jump in to identify the various educational app ideas, let’s look at some statistics. These stats and numbers will help you understand how developing an eLearning mobile app may prove to be a lucrative option.

The global eLearning market is anticipated to reach $80.1 billion by 2027. Last year, this market was valued at $22.4 billion.
This mLearning market in the U.S. is expected to reach $6 billion this year. At the same time, China, the world’s second-biggest economy, is anticipated to reach a market size of $18.8 billion by the end of 2027, marking a CAGR of 25.1%.

Talking about the Asia-Pacific region, increased smartphone penetration, affordable data plans, and enhanced awareness due to government initiatives are boosting the mLearning market share quickly. Additionally, the introduction of 5G networks is further propelling this market.

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Mobile App Ideas In Education & eLearning To Invest In

eLearning Mobile App

eLearning apps are an excellent educational app idea that helps to promote the holistic development of the students. These apps can serve as a platform where all educational video content created by institutions, academicians, and learners can be uploaded. The students can search for any topic and find tons of valuable content on it.

eBook Reading App

Gone are the days when students had to rush to the library to find their favorite book to read. With eBook reading app development, you can make it possible to read their favorite book on the online platform.

This is a great educational app idea that can help students learn and grow without purchasing or carrying different books. They can access the books online and read them at any time without having to download them.

Audio Book Mobile App (AOD)

Yet another outstanding app idea, audiobook mobile apps can enable the users to listen to books instead of having to read them. Like listening to songs, the users can start any audiobook and listen to its content through the app. Such apps can also be used for visually impaired children to listen to their chosen authors with ease.

Audiobook apps enable the users to listen to the entire book while on the go. For instance, students with a hectic schedule can use the app while traveling or driving and listen to any text, making most of their valuable time.

Live Video Classes Streaming

Live video classes streaming apps have elevated to an altogether new level after the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the lockdown restrictions, all teaching in schools and colleges has been shifted to the online platform. These apps provide students the opportunity to learn from a distance. Besides, these apps offer an excellent platform for teachers who can teach their students from the comfort of their homes.

VOD (Lecture Streaming)

This is also a great educational app idea to make education easily accessible to all. Such apps can enable the users to live to stream various educational offerings such as live lectures, live events, webinars, virtual classrooms, etc. Thus, VOD apps provide a comprehensive online education solution that promotes engaging learning experiences.

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Dictionary Mobile App

Dictionaries are like directories that provide meanings of different words. They are used by people belonging to all age groups and professions. So, building a dictionary mobile app makes a lot of sense.

With the increase in smartphones, people can quickly browse the dictionary app and find the meanings of all complex words. You can also build a dictionary app that includes features like incorporating idioms and phrases that help improve the user’s vocabulary.

Preschool Mobile App

A preschool app is a blessing for parents who can help their children learn the basic concepts fun. Since most kids love smartphones these days, they can easily benefit from such apps and learn about alphabets, colors, numbers, animals, and much more.

Typically, preschool apps incorporate features like game-based IQ development, storytelling, small-problem solving, logic development, and more. They help kids quickly clear entrance interviews of a kindergarten school.

Rhymes Or Poem Learning App

Rhymes and poems help to increase retention in little children. However, the poems taught at primary schools are not enough. So, in that case, parents can use such apps to teach new rhymes to their children.

Such apps can be great for kids aged between 3 and 8 years. They can learn through animated poem videos and improve recall.

Corporate Training App

Corporate training is the most effective way to educate an organization’s workforce and inform them about the company’s policies. With traditional mediums, corporate training is a huge task that requires a large number of resources. However, with a smart corporate training app, the entire process can be carried out rather easily.

Corporate training mobile apps present an excellent opportunity for organizations to train their employees while reducing the cost involved efficiently. These apps can help to bridge any skill gaps and attract and retain a talented workforce. Besides, with these apps, training can be provided to all employees irrespective of time and place.

Educational Games And Quizzes App

Another notable education app idea is to create an application that includes interactive games and quizzes for the users. Such apps make the learning experience highly engaging and fun by indulging the users in contests and puzzles related to their education.

Gaming and quiz apps are in great demand. These apps make it easy for the students to test themselves and check their preparation levels. It is a great idea to develop quiz apps related to general knowledge, mathematics, and English grammar.

Tutor Finder Mobile App

This incredible app idea enables students to find the best private tutors in their area and communicate with them through the digital platform. This way, the students can easily clarify their doubts and understand significant concepts with the help of an experienced tutor. Also, the students can get notes from the expert and schedule more sessions, if required.

Language Learning Mobile App

Language learning apps are perhaps one of the best and most lucrative eLearning app ideas you can pursue. These apps can make it extremely easy for students to learn different languages, such as English, Spanish, German, French, etc. The app can come in handy when a child wants to learn a new language as a hobby, for general knowledge enhancement, or while immigrating to a new country.

You can also include simple assessment tests and quizzes to enhance the learning experience of children.

School App Tracking

This is yet another educational mobile app idea that is particularly beneficial for schools and colleges. These apps can help monitor every child’s performance, including their attendance and academic and creative development.

Even parents can use the app to communicate with the teachers and discuss their child’s performance. They can find out updates on examinations and even pay the school fees online.

Attendance App

Attendance apps are meant for use by school or college teachers. These apps make it easy to mark the attendance of every child. Managing the attendance manually on a registered notebook is quite a task.

With such apps, the teachers can easily note the attendance every day. At the end of the month or quarter, they can evaluate the child’s attendance and make their jobs a lot easier.

Student Community App

This is another remarkable app idea to bring students of the same age group together to interact easily and collaborate. Regardless of the school or university, these apps may help to connect students and enhance their learning experience.

Using community apps, the students can connect and chat with each other and share their queries regarding studies and other extra curriculums.

Competitive Exam Apps

Indubitably, the maximum amount of assistance required by students is during their competitive exams. An app designed to help students get through various exams can be a brilliant educational app idea.

These apps can help the students to stay on top of their preparation and evaluate their performance from time to time. Some features of these apps that may help the students include limiting their social media use so they focus on their studies, assisting the students in finding out if they are on schedule, etc. Such features may help the students to get more productive and study in a better way.

A Career Guidance App

A lot of students struggle to find the right career path in life. They don’t get adequate guidance, because of which they fail to make the right decisions and carve a career they want.

To help out such students, building a career guidance app can be a real game-changer. With these apps, the students can seek the expert guidance of professional career counselors and build their dream careers. They can ask questions and get the right answer to all their queries, helping them make an informed decision. Thus, a career guidance app is a remarkable educational app idea that can be highly beneficial and lucrative.

Trending Technologies In mLearning Industry

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the leading technologies that possess an immense potential to shine in the education sector. The incredible technology helps to offer interactive and responsive learning environments by turning objects into several computer-based layers. In simple terms, augmented reality makes complicated topics easier by creating 3-dimensional models. This helps the students to understand the topic better and improve retention.

One of the best aspects of using AR technology in educational apps is that it does not require the users to buy any special hardware. They can simply experience these apps using their smartphone.

As per statistics, by 2023, there will be 2.4 billion mobile augmented reality users across the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another technology that promotes personalized learning paths. mLearning apps that utilize AI can customize their content profile based on students’ existing knowledge and needs rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

AI-powered apps can help to track each student’s performance and tailor content to match their expertise and requirements. For instance, if a student is trying to master a new skill, the app will constantly adapt the difficulty levels based on their progress until they finally get the concept.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality refers to a 3D simulated environment that creates an immersive impact. It lets the users interact with it and feel as if they are part of a 3D world.

This technology also shows immense promise in the mLearning industry. With mobile apps built with VR technology, the users can interact with the learning material, such as text, images, etc., and intensify the engagement.

Education mLearning Mobile App Types

E2C Education Mobile App

E2C stands for Education to Consumers. And the consumers are typically students who are looking to obtain educational information from the platform.

This is a common type of mLearning app that has gained immense popularity nowadays. An increasing number of students have depicted interest in learning about different topics through these applications. Famous E2C apps have successfully collaborated with universities and colleges to offer online courses to as many students as possible. Consequently, the apps have assisted millions of students in educating themselves from the comfort of their homes.

E2B Education Mobile App

E2B stands for Education to Business. These apps are essentially a type of corporate training apps that helps businesses across the world train their workforce through effective mobility solutions.

Thousands of business enterprises today are opting for E2B apps for e-learning while avoiding monotonous face-to-face sessions. These apps offer the users complete access to audio and video lessons in a fun and interactive way. This, in turn, improves employee performance and productivity at work while reducing costs. Increased use of such apps has also been associated with a high employee retention rate.

E2E Education Mobile App

E2E stands for Education to Educators. As the name suggests, these apps are meant for students and educators under their consideration.

With the sophistication in technology, even teachers need to keep pace with newer teaching methodologies. These apps help teachers grow by leaps and bounds and improve their educational offerings. They also help educators to brush up on their skills and stay relevant in the rapidly changing scenario.

Wrapping Up

With the inception of newer technologies, the education sector has witnessed a paradigm shift. It sees a new era of intelligent eLearning and mLearning apps. And these apps are truly incredible in enhancing students’ knowledge base across the globe and bridging awareness gaps.

If you are interested in building an educational app, the time is now. The industry has promising chances for holding investments and offering high returns. So get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company today and turn your idea into reality.

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