Have you started your ecommerce website on Shopify? Or going to start it soon? Well, congratulations on that. But reaching your audience and getting traffic to the website is a bit tricky in the initial stage of your website building. Especially, platforms like Shopify where millions of people sell their products, it’s more difficult to make the first sale and engage users to revisit websites.

Don’t worry. Here is some good news…

Shopify has a free and paid version of apps that help you increase business sales by various analysis metrics. These are the top 25 apps for the Shopify website to reach the target audience and improve website rankings.

Want to know more? Let’s. Dive in.

What Are Shopify Apps?

Before diving deep into the best Shopify apps, it’s crucial to know what exactly Shopify is. Shopify apps are part of the Shopify platform service. These apps help you to offer better services for the customers and improve customer satisfaction. Also, if you want to develop your website, rank higher, and improve marketing sales, then Shopify apps are the foremost tools to consider.

There are innumerable apps available. But not all apps work efficiently. So, choose the apps based on your e-commerce website requirements.

Benefits Of Using Shopify Apps For An eCommerce Store

  • Shopify apps help you grow your business using various marketing methods and track your customers with ease. This helps you to improve your business. Here are a few benefits of Shopify apps.
  • Shopify apps collect and store customer information and their interaction on your website. Thus, you can track the buyer’s journey effortlessly.
  • These apps make each task that a shopkeeper does and be the best business partner.
  • A few Shopify apps market your website through ads and automated social shares.
  • The various advanced features of the apps help you improve customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and sales.

In a nutshell, the Shopify apps help to create your branded website soon. To make your selection process easier, here are the best apps that you should not miss out on.

HubSpot CRM

hubspot for shopifyWant to track and organize your leads? If yes, then do not miss out on this best tool. This app helps to track customers and automate marketing campaigns that promote your store products. If you are looking to establish great communication with your customers, then this is your best app. Hubspot CRM tracks interactions of your customer switch the store and saves it automatically in the timeline. This leads to a better approach to improve conversion rates.


Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping for Shopify storesThis free is best for drop shipping US and European products. If you want to add new products or start a branded new store then this app is perfect for you. To flourish your sales, connect the Spocket app with the eCommerce store and supply the best products to your customers. This app is 1005 safe and considers all the safety precautions to ensure the best app experience.

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

beprofit trackingOne of the biggest challenges among ecommerce store owners is tracking profits accurately. With so many business parameters to take into account and especially under the pressure of running a business, knowing your true profits gets extra tricky.

The BeProfit Shopify profit calculator gives you an intuitive analytics dashboard to help you track all your expenses in one place. It shows your data in friendly charts and graphs so you really understand your numbers and gain valuable insights that actually translate into profits. The app integrates with your ad platforms to give you a clear picture of your ads’ performance so you can optimize your ad spend. It lets you build, share and export custom reports or use predefined report templates. The app is rich in many more features to help you optimize your store and increase your bottom line.

  • Discover your true business profits
  • Build, share and export custom reports
  • Easily integrate your advertising channels, including Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok and more
  • Track your ads’ performance and gain valuable marketing insights
  • Make data-driven decisions to increase your profits

Order Printer

order printer Shopify appOrder Printer allows customers to download or print invoices within a few seconds. To ensure safe and secure purchases online, invoices play a crucial role. A good eCommerce website allows customers to print invoices without any hitch. Do you also want to ensure a safe shopping experience for customers? Then, this is your best choice.


Sendinblue Email Marketing shopify appThis free Shopify app is another splendid app for email marketing. This powerful and easy-to-use app comes with the free version as well as premium version allowing full flexibility to shoppers. SendinBlue app is best for campaigns, metric analyses, and improving business growth. The best part of this app is that it holds various marketing and transactional messages. It also helps you understand your customers and deal with them accordingly through email marketing. This site is the best app to improve the conversion rate of the store.


Klaviyo marketing automation software for ShopifyIf you want to build automatic sequential emails, campaigns, and work on the best marketing strategies, this app is for you. It’s a complete marketing software that connects to your Shopify. The best part of Klaviyo app is that it’s free for up to the first 200 subscribers and 500 emails. If you are just starting your eCommerce business, then do not miss it out.

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Omnisend Email Marketing app for ShopifyThis is also another powerful tool for email marketing. If you want to start small and basic email marketing, then this is for you. If you want to switch to advanced email marketing campaigns to engage your customers, then a premium plan of Omnisend is best for you. The best feature of this app is that it allows various channels in the same automatization list.


Covert Site Vistors To Customers on Shopify with SitekitGetting a lot of traffic to the website isn’t your final goal. But turning visitors to customers is a great deal and you should thrive to achieve it. It is a free conversion app that pop-out various messages including free shipping bars, coupon pop-outs, and many other lead magnets. With this app, it’s now easier to promote campaigns and increase sales. Upgrading to Sitekit premium features even unlocks more features such as email integrations, exit-intent technology, and gamification that drive sales.

Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping bar app ShopifyDo you know about 34% of the customers prefer online purchases if no shipping charges are included? So, this app is a great deal for you to attract more customers. As it displays free shipping offers in the slide bar, people can easily notice and get attracted to it. Free Shipping Bar even displays progressive messages for shopkeepers and congratulation slips for customers for positive impact.

Privy: Free E-mail Popups

Privy_ Free E-mail Popups app ShopifyPrivy helps to build a subscriber list and promote your store through email marketing. This app is a great tool to manage email subscriptions, campaigns, and pop-ups. If you want to grow your business and engage the customer to rebuy items, then this tool is for you. For more appealing looks, you can completely customize the forms based on your requirements and sync them to your MailChimp or Klavia account.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing app ShopifyFacebook Messenger has over 80% of open rate and boosts sales. So, most of the entrepreneurs are using the tools that connect Facebook messenger in their eCommerce stores. However, if you are running your store on Shopify, here is some good news. Without spending a single penny, you can connect your store to Facebook messenger using the Facebook Messenger Marketing app. It sends all sorts of messages to the customers from billing to shipping updates to marketing. So, install the app right now to see the results soon.


kit run Facebook ads app ShopifyThis is your digital marketing partner to run Facebook ads, email marketing, campaigns, and ensure regular marketing updates. Did you just start your eCommerce website? Want to drive traffic to the site? Yup. The Kit is here to take your marketing burden which runs based on artificial intelligence. Helps you find ideal prospects through Facebook and Instagram ads. It works 24/7 ensuring the best promotional ads.

Product Reviews

product review app ShopifyThis app helps customers to leave valuable feedback. For beginner website owners, this app plays a crucial role to gain trust from consumers. It is also a well-known fact that most people don’t dare to buy a product with zero reviews or ratings. So, to improve sales and trust among the customers, this product review app is your sword to win the race.


Trust badges app ShopifyTrust plays an important role while making online purchases. So, most of the new brands and companies attract customers and gain trust through money-back guarantees. So, if you want to display a money-back guarantee seal, free seals, or secure architectural seals, then this is your perfect partner. Do not miss out to gain trust from your prospects.

Improved Contact Form

improved contact form app ShopifyThis Improved Contact Form helps the customer to reach stores and welcome them to leave their feedback. Encourage to send complaints or issues with the store. If you want to improve customer engagement with you, this is the best choice. It’s a pop-up form. So, users can access the stores regardless of which page they are on. The advanced features of this app help you understand from which page they sent you messages, their previous interaction on the site, and other relevant information. These features of the app help to improve customer conversion strategy.


Reward programs app Smilie.io ShopifyReward programs bring a lot of traffic and make the customers revisit and rebuy items. It’s the best way to interact and engage your customers. If you are looking to run and set up your referral or rewards program, then this Smile app is for you. Do not miss it out. It engages customers, motivates customers, and ensures fun for the customers. This app is used to create unique referral and rewards programs for purchases, referrals, registrations, social shares, and many more.

Shopify POS

shopify pos app ShopifyDo you own a physical store along with Shopify online store? Want to track everything from orders to customers? If yes, then this app is for you. The app sends emails, tracks orders, customer interaction, and payments. The best feature of this app is that it provides a high user-experienced mobile app and free card reader.

Shopify POS has both free and paid plans. So, choose based on the various features of the app. If you are a beginner, then it’s better to choose a free plan.


PushOwl cart abandonment app ShopifyDo you know that over 68% of online shopping carts are declined in Baymard Institute? So, if you are worried about few sales but huge traffic, then this PushOwl is your solution. It sends notifications to your customers. Make them re-visit your store. And help you increase sales.


whatshare free sharing tool app ShopifyThis app is a free sharing tool and helps your website reach more people through social sharing. WhatShare is your business partner if you are looking for the highest open rate social share app. This app integrates the Shopify store with Whatsapp and makes sharing easier than before.

Moreover, the app also provides you with complete analytics on how your customers are reacting to the share. This is the best tracking tool without costing a single penny.


instafeed app ShopifyInstafeed is a cool app that integrates your Instagram to your Shopify store. It helps your customers engage through social media platforms and hook the customers. To set up this app, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. The easy integration process and 0 pricing are major attractions of this app.

Quickbooks Sync by Bold

Quickbooks Sync by Bold app ShopifyThis app has both free and paid plans. Basically, QuickBooks exports the orders directly into this app notes and makes tracking easier about each order. If you are looking for a perfect order tracking and managing app, this Quickbook is your choice. Get your full order details from the name of the product to shipping charges to taxes. The best part of this app is that it imports data automatically. So, do not miss out on this app for e-commerce website organization and planning.


Moosend email marketing automation app ShopifyThis is a free Moosend email marketing automation tool that helps you target your customers effectively. Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to understand and track your buyer’s journey. Isn’t it? In those tough situations, you like to take assistance from others. Here is a piece of good news…From today, you no need to spend a lot of bucks from your pockets on marketing agencies. Instead, Moosend is the perfect partner to help you out and understand the buyer’s journey. This app allows you to send unlimited emails for up to 1000 subscribers per month. It also has upgrading features that help you even more.

ShipMonk, Order Fulfillment

ShipMonk, Order Fulfillment app ShopifyShipmonk helps in accomplishing the best shipping experience for the customer. Integrate all your channels into Shipmonk and track your orders here. All the orders directly fall into this Shipmonk dashboard. Once a product is ordered by your customer, it sends a message through email and ensures complete product tracking. This is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction with safe tracking guidelines.

Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist, + by Growave

Reviews, Loyalty, Wishlist by Growave app ShopifyGrowave is a pack of complete marketing tools that helps brands to reach customers, engage users, and increase conversion rates. It encourages users to social shares through email or social media platforms and reaches more visitors and customers. As it reaches more customers, it attracts more people if your store has good reviews and user-generated content before.


Compass app ShopifyRunning an eCommerce store is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of analysis, understanding sales metrics, and customer buyer’s journey. However, thanks to Compass for ensuring over 30 eCommerce metrics to improve sales and website growth. The app analyses critical to minute issues and compares them with your competitors. So that you can cope-up with the issues with ease. The personalized recommendations in front of the app help your store to rank higher and improve sales.


Hope you got clarity about various Shopify apps. Now it’s your time to choose the best apps for your online store considering business requirements. Visit the Shopify app store and submit your Shopify app to unlock the innumerable benefits to grow your business faster. If you have any requirements for custom Shopify app development then hiring professional Shopify developers is a must.

What do you say? So you use any other apps other than the above-mentioned apps? If yes, feel free to comment below. Cheers

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