Do you know that Shopify has contributed 319 billion USD to global economic activity? It is a popular Canadian e-commerce company allowing merchants to create e-commerce stores. Multiple businesses are leveraging the benefits of selling online products and creating an improved user experience.

Shipping forms a crucial step in the overall e-commerce of any business. Let us understand the top shipping apps for Shopify to increase the e-commerce business. First, we’ll cover the core functions, prices, and reviews about these apps, followed by a detailed list of the top rankers. We’ll also include a quick list of the frequently asked questions to understand all about these apps. Let us start with a quick homework on the Shopify shopping app.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Shopify Shipping App

Are you new to the e-commerce business? Understanding key points about the Shopify shipping app is essential before selecting one. Hence, to improve the communication with customers, print the shipping labels, and select the best shipping rates, here are the main points which can help you make the right decision:

What are its core functions?

To start with, it is essential to have a detailed list of the expected features in any Shopify shopping app. Further, all these features must complement the shipping app, optimize the shipping process, and fit these features in the store. Finally, it is important to go for a shipping app that minimizes the shipping time and helps businesses improve customer service.

Some of the core functions in any Shopify shipping app are the supported mailing accounts of the app, number of users, shipping label types, order tracking, etc. Therefore, all you can do is create a list of the core functions in the Shopify shipping app.

What’s the price you pay?

The second most important point in the list is to know all about the pricing plans of the Shopify shipping app. Every small or big business has a definite budget for shipping apps, so it remains crucial to stick to the same. It is essential to find the app offering the best shipping prices to the customers, saving time, improving task automation, etc.

Businesses can use the free Shopify shipping apps, which makes the online portal a bit light on the pockets. All you need to do is to check the amount of manual work required and the top-rated app offers in selecting the affordable Shopify shipping apps.

What are people saying about the app?

Last but not least is the first-hand review of the existing app customers. You may have completed dedicated research, but it comes down to the app’s customer reviews to make or break the decision. These reviews can guide you to select or reject any Shopify shipping apps.

All you need to do is review the detailed reviews mentioned on the description page. Going through these reviews will help you understand the key purposes served by the app, possible improvement areas, the type of customers handled by the app, etc.

Best Shipping Apps for Shopify eCommerce Store

1. Shipping Rates – Shipeasy

It is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology offering a dedicated shipping experience to customers. Shipeasy allows businesses to offer discounted shipping prices, record shipping information, print labels, order tracking, etc. It offers quick integration with the leading e-commerce stores like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc.

Shipping Rates ‑ Shipeasy
Launch dateJanuary 1st2014
PriceBasic version is free. $9.99/month in starter pack, $14.99/month in smart & $19.99/month in advanced.
Suitable for businesses likeToys, sports, grocery, restaurants, furniture, electronics, clothing, beauty, drop shipping, etc.
Ratings5.0 stars
PublisherShipping Easy
App highlightsDifferent rates based on different products and orders
Offers shipping price per item or product
Offers multi-origin shipping rates
Available in all countries supported by Shopify in the currency of choice
Special rates by customers
FeaturesRates based on distance, postcode, zip code, etc
Rates based on product dimensions
Different rule sets combined at checkout based on rate blending
Multi supplier rates for drop shipping
No need for code setup
BenefitsReduced shipping costs
Ideal for monitoring shipping costs
Smooth shipping with real-time tracking information
Seamless integration with different shipping carriers and e-commerce stores
Automated process with hassle-free use

2. Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

It is a professional shipping platform offering an automated shipping process. It doesn’t have any minimum shipment volume and is used widely by businesses. It is the multicarrier shipping solution for marketplaces and e-commerce. Packlink PRO shipping platform has successfully delivered more than six million parcels globally.

Launch dateApril 7 2020
Suitable for businesses likeFashion, retail, mobile, accessories, electronics, other accessories, etc.
Ratings4.7 stars
App highlightsEasy to use directly in Shopify admin
It offers a seamless workflow
It is speed tested to low impact the online store
Allows access to 350 carrier services
Saves time on every order
FeaturesSingle point-of-contact for different shipping needs
Dedicated phone support around the clock
Offers automation tools like pricing rules, bulk printing, etc.
Quick configuration of pricing rules for shipping
Dedicated tracking of different orders
BenefitsOffers real-time import of different Shopify orders
Offers automated process tracking
Helps businesses wide choices in the top carriers
Label printing from the back office
Improved conversion with optimized checkout

3. Shipping Rates & Delivery date

It is a dedicated app offering different shipping solutions in one place only. It has shipping rules based on products, order delivery date, Zip codes or postcodes, etc. It allows businesses to select the delivery date and time accordingly. Further, it is easy to add cut-off time daily with shipping rate modification based on days selected by customers.

Launch dateJuly 30 2020
Price30 days free trial, different pricing plans like 9.99 USD monthly, 14.99 USD monthly, 19.99 USD monthly, etc.
Suitable for businesses likeFashion, jewelry, smart home appliances, accessories, AR/VR headsets, online learning platforms, etc.
Ratings5 stars
App highlightsSpeed tested for quick use
Uses the latest technology
Works with the latest themes
Seamless workflow
Ideal to use directly in Shopify admin
FeaturesOffers carrier-calculated shipping (CCS) defined by Shopify
Supports different countries like Australia, Spain, Canada, France, the UK, the US, etc.
Helps avoid multiple charges by multiple location shipping or multiple origin shipping
Different supplier rates to manage drop shipping
Dedicated shipping calculator
BenefitsAllows three different modes for postcode input
Offers product-based shipping, blended rate, mix cart shipping, etc.
Uses Google map API for distance-based delivery charges
Offers different shipping rates by different vendors
Easy to combine or manually blend different shipping rates

4. Advanced Cash on Delivery

It is the dedicated shipping app for Shopify, which is available for Indian merchants or businesses using Indian rupees (INR) only. It is easy to set up advanced cash on delivery eligibility by price range and postal code. It offers businesses to use the customized thank you message, quick to activate the cash-on-delivery payment method, etc.

Advanced Cash on Delivery
Launch date10 July 2017
Suitable for businesses likeRetail, fashion, electronics, appliances, accessories, home appliances, textiles, etc.
Ratings3.6 stars
App highlightsSpeed tested for seamless working
Seamless workflow from Shopify admin
Allows extra shipping charges for cash on delivery orders
Allows buyers to check if cash on delivery is available within the specific price range
The perfect app for Indian merchants
FeaturesQuick setting of the price range for cash on delivery
Quick specification for postal codes to offer cash on delivery
Offers to add an availability checker to the store’s theme
Offers customized thank you messages
Allows customer shipping rates
BenefitsOffers a predictable revenue stream
Helps businesses create improved customer relations
Subscription-based resource management
Offers correlation with the on-demand economy
Offer high lifetime value to the business

5. Colissimo Official

It is the official La Poste Colissimo app ideal to increase the e-commerce business of different companies. It allows the businesses to get the labels printed in DPL, ZPL, PDF, etc. It allows dedicated location management, pick-up, etc. Not to miss is the modification of pick up and go location by the users.

colissimo officiel
Launch dateNovember29  2019
Price7 days free trial, 15 USD monthly, etc.
Suitable for businesses likeToys, games, content writing, ebooks selling, online educational courses, smart home products, smart watches, etc.
Ratings5 stars
PublisherColissimo Sync
App highlightsAllows transfer pickup with multiple hand-off pickups in Europe and France
Professional and automated update of the process
Easy to print Colissimo marks from Shopify admin
Omnichannel helpdesk
Whatsapp marketing features
FeaturesFree green tick application
Abandoned cart recovery, official API, etc.
Platform to manage Live Chat, emails, FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
Label printing from different sources
Pickup modifications
BenefitsIt can be quickly integrated with Coliship integration
Allows different filters like parcel filter, shipment date, shipment status, delivery country, etc.
Allows quick onboarded support
Enables multiple and international shipping
Allows shipping notes and product returns

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6. Envia Shipping and Fulfillment

Envia Shipping and Fulfillment

It is a dedicated app offeringvarious shipping solutions for different e-commerce businesses. Businesses prefer to connect with the top carriers at the best affordable prices on Envia Shipping and Fulfillment app. It offers various services, including Envia Shipping, Envia Logistics, Envia app, WMS by, Fulfillment by enviashipping, Envia Supplies, etc.

Launch date29 September 2017
Suitable for businesses likeMobiles, electronic devices, fashion, beauty, groceries, pet supplies, health, personal care, home furniture, appliances, etc.
Ratings4.7 stars
PublisherEnvia Shipping Worldwide
App highlightsAllows discounted rates
Connects to more than 100 carriers
Dedicated shipping administration
Easy and quick shipping
Includes pick up
FeaturesOptimizes the shipments with leading carriers
Envia Supplies offer various packaging solutions
Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps streamline inventory
Works seamlessly on iOS and Android devices
Easy to create shipping labels for international, domestic, and local carriers.
BenefitsAllows the best prices for businesses
Shipping the packaging is easy and quick with Envia Shipping and Fulfillment
Has a database of all leading carriers
Offers quick shipment tracking 
Helps create batch labels, free pickups, etc.

7. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

It is a shipping rate calculator with geolocation on the cart page. It aims to minimize the cart abandonment issues by showcasing the exact shipping rate information. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus helps customers save time and comes with one-click easy configuration for different businesses. Not to miss is the efficient, quick, and knowledgeable support.

Launch dateMarch 8 2017
Price30 days free trial, 7.99 USD monthly, etc.
Suitable for businesses likeRetail, accessories, fashion, jewelry, footwear, gadgets, appliances, etc.
Ratings4.9 stars
PublisherShop Circle
App highlightsWorks quickly on different themes
Estimates shipping rates with customers’ location
Has multiple warehouse database
Works with different popup carts
Shows shipping rates for different carriers
FeaturesWorks seamlessly with different pop-up carts
Compatible with third-party apps and real-time carriers
App’s style can be quickly configured
Shows estimated delivery dates with real-time carriers configuration
Works easily for different warehouse locations
BenefitsDisplays estimated delivery rates and shipping to customers
Helps increase the conversion rate
Improves the cart abandoned rate
It is a highly customized rate calculator based on business needs.
It doesn’t require dedicated maintenance or configuration.

8. Advanced Shipping Rules

It is the dedicated shipping app for Shopify, which aims to simplify the complex shipping requirements. It doesn’t need detailed programming or coding knowledge as all the development and settings can be effectively handled. It allows different shipping rates for different vendors while excluding certain products from free shipping.

Advanced Shipping Rules
Launch dateFebruary 3 2016
Price7 days free trial, Lite pack at 9USD monthly, Standard at 29 USD monthly, Pro at 59 USD monthly, Unlimited at 99 USD monthly, etc.
Suitable for businesses likeFootwear, social media, retail, IT companies, beauty, personal care, entertainment, household goods, electronics, etc.
Ratings4.8 stars
App highlightsQuick integration with third-party applications
Allows different shipping methods
Allows creation of shipping zones
Uses carrier rates for regular items
Uses flat rates for heavy items
FeaturesCan integrate with Pixels, Printify, Printful, etc.
Uses dedicated API for flat rates on on-demand fulfillment providers
Helps combine rate sets for different products
Restricts shipping zone to prevent recurring charges
Offers dedicated support
BenefitsAllows users to create and set custom rates
Allows advanced package dimensions settings
Uses robust free shipping conditions
Uses local delivery rates based on postal codes
Customizes shipping rate subtitles and titles

9. ShipStation

It is the SaaS-based shipping app for Shopify, which can manage LTL shipping and small parcel shipping on one platform. It has a bundle of tools to manage shipping workflow, track processes to reduce mistakes or confusion, use powerful automation to reduce manual work, etc. ShipStation uses dedicated notifications to the customers and the selling channel of the shipments. Businesses can quickly import the order from a dedicated order source, set the carrier and shipping service, get postage rates, and print labels using ShipStation.

Launch date14 November 2011
PriceStarter plan 9.99 USD monthly, Bronze plan 29.99 USD monthly, Gold plan 69.99 USD monthly
Suitable for businesses likeApparels, textiles, retail, grocery, appliances, gadgets, mobile accessories, smartphones, etc.
Ratings4.1 stars
App highlightsAllows order import from more than 100 selling channels
Use scan-based workflows
Allows access to exclusive shipping discounts
Instantly updates tracking information
Help find the lowest shipping rate
FeaturesDedicated support with experts
Offers a selection of the delivery method to customers
Helps in branding the delivery experience
Organizes, streamlines, and automates the order fulfillment
Quick integration at one platform
BenefitsOffers access to the top global carriers
Keeps track of shipments and orders
Integrate products selling, orders management, company resources planning, etc., in one place
Automated shipping and order fulfillment process
Excellent customer experience for dedicated shipping branding

10. Order Printer: PDF Invoice Pro

It is a leading shipping app offering advanced features for order printing. It includes different tools like alternative packing slips, tracking information, tax invoices, etc. Order Printer: PDF Invoice Pro has a user-friendly interface and offers affordable solutions to small and medium businesses. The multi-currency and multi-language platform makes it easy to use this tool globally.

Launch date8 January 2021
Price14 days free trial, Starter at 6.99 USD monthly, Premium at 19.99 USD monthly, 
Suitable for businesses likePublishing, hotels, restaurants, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, fitness and health, etc.
Ratings5 stars
App highlightsIdeal for non-tech users
More than 11 different invoice templates by default
One-by-one or multiple orders printing
Email automation
Multiple language support
FeaturesPrint order
Print receipts
Refund management
Invoice generation
Packing slips generation
BenefitsEasy to create wholesale invoices and international orders
Easy to customize the invoice number
Allows viewing draft orders on the app
It can automatically capture a customer’s VAT number
The perfect alternative to the traditional shipping labels


With more than 2.1 million daily active users, Shopify is all you need to boost your e-commerce revenue. There is a lot to choose from regarding the top shipping apps for Shopify. The dedicated list of the top ten apps ensures that you can select one based on your immediate business needs.

Before selecting the ideal shipping apps for Shopify, we’ve incorporated the main points to know. If you ever need professional developers for Shopify development then we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify Shipping Apps

  1. How do I get the best shipping rates on Shopify?

    It is easy to reduce the shipping rates on Shopify by reducing the weight of the packages. It can be ensured by selecting the right-sized packaging and offering a flat-rate shipping price whenever possible. Furthermore, adding local pickup, local delivery, and Shopify Shipping can cut the carrier costs. Hence, if you want the best shipping rates on Shopify, you can keep track of the changing rates.

  2. Do I need ShipStation with Shopify?

    ShipStation is a third-party shipping platform offering scalable shipping solutions. It is an easy-to-use platform offering discounted and real-time in-cart shipping rates. ShipStation can be integrated with Shopify for additional CRM or ERP platforms. Any business looking for multichannel order completion can go for ShipStation, while all other options are available on Shopify.

  3. What is the cheapest way to ship for a small business?

    Small businesses can ship affordably by implementing a shipping solution to offer users discounted shipping rates, considering the package’s shape and size, etc. In addition, it is essential to consider shipping insurance. All you need to do is consider an overall shipping solution for small businesses covering all these points.

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