E-commerce is a huge market with multiple opportunities for new businesses. This is why most people think it can be an easy option to start with, but most of them do not know the catch behind it. Managing orders, understanding individual preferences, on-time delivery, good product descriptions, and staying ahead of the competition feels like a real struggle. 

But don’t worry; we will introduce a game-changer tool that can transform your ecommerce business, “Shopify Magic.” It is a suite of free AI-enabled features that are integrated across Shopify’s products and workflows to make it easier for you to run, grow, and start your business. It is an AI-powered tool that has all the power of Shopify, providing multiple benefits to marketing, customer support, and back office management, such as personalized and contextually relevant support.

Let’s have a look at the journey where your e-commerce business can be enhanced with the help of Shopify Magic. Let’s get started. 

What is Shopify Magic? An Overview

Shopify Magic Dashboard

Shopify Magic is a tool kit that comprises different AIs and enables features that work across Shopify’s products and workflows, making it easier for any e-commerce merchant to start running and growing their business. Along with it, Shopify Magic also provides personalized and contextually relevant support for a variety of tasks, including marketing, back office management, customer support, and store building. Let’s dip deeper and have a look at features.

  • Instantly generated blog posts
  • Instant emails for ecommerce
  • Instant product description 
  • Sidekick 
  • Response recommendation/FAqs 
  • App review summaries 

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Shopify Magic AI Tool Kit Businesses can use

So, let’s have a look at the tools that can help you save time and money so you can run your online store more efficiently. 

1. Automatic Text Generation

Generative AI is one of the best inventions for businesses like ChatGPT. This is the baseline from where Shopify also created Shopify Magic to help merchants speed up their writing process. And like any other tool, Shopify does not do magic as the name presents, but you have to feed data to generate suggestions for content. So here are some ways you can use Shopify Magic for content generation. 

Write Product Descriptions

Product description is one of the most important factors, especially ones that convert customers to product buying. With the help of Shopify Magic tools, you can speed up the process by providing prompts, suggesting tips, providing feedback, and choosing a tone. 

So, as we know, Shopify Magic still requires your input, like your product title, the word that is best to describe it, and keywords associated with your product. From the tone voice dropdown menu, you can customize the tone of the writing, and you can also set the writing tone to be supportive, persuasive, playful, daring, and sophisticated. The merchant can also include special instructions such as how many words the description has to be written using any emoji or not. 

Now, when you are ready, just click on generate text, and the tool will generate a few descriptions you can use.  If you do not like the output generated, just click on the Generate text button again, or you can change your instructions. 

Write Emails to Your Customers

Email marketing is considered a challenge for many business owners. They see it as a necessary marketing tool, but few are able to use it for their business. If the business uses Shopify Email, the company can enlist the help of Shopify Magic to generate e-mail for customers.

The process is the same as you work with the product description part. Simply look for the Shopify Magic icon, put the keyword, set the tone, and generate the text. Now, Shopify Magic will start showing plenty of titles for an email header. To improve email generation, you can feed information such as email campaign type and product keywords to get accurate results. 

Generate Instant Answers

Shopify Magic’s AI tool can also help generate answers to customers’ frequently asked questions. If you use Shopify Inbox, Shopify’s “mailbox” lets customers message you from your online store, and in the Shop app, you can generate instant answers that help customers. This can also be turned into an FAQ.

To do this, go to Shopify Inbox in the Apps section of your Shopify admin. You will see a section called Get more out of Inbox. Click on Manage Instant Answers. From there, you will get Instant answers and even suggestions for common questions like the one below. Simply click on the Shopify Magic icon and proceed as usual to generate instant responses. Don’t forget to click on Save and turn on your Instant Answer for it to be included in your Inbox message replies.

Shopify Magic’s generated suggestions for instant answers will heavily rely on your store policies and conversation history with customers. If there’s not enough information, then the suggested answers are based on common questions that most stores receive. You can choose those questions and add an appropriate answer for your online store.

Manage Incoming Chats With AI-generated Responses

Aside from managing instant answers for Shopify Inbox, you can also quickly reply to live chat inquiries with AI-generated responses from Shopify Magic. You can review the suggested text, edit, and respond to chats this way. As of this writing, this feature is available for early access. 

Generate Content for Blog Posts, Pages, and Theme Editor

You can also generate content for your blog posts, website pages, and theme editor. It works the same way as creating product descriptions and emails. Every time you see the Shopify Magic icon, it means you can generate content for that space. For the theme editor, the content box should be set to Text to generate the Shopify Magic icon. Similar to how writing product descriptions and emails works, be as specific as possible to be able to generate content that will exceed your expectations.

2. Check App Review Summaries

With Shopify Magic, you can easily filter which Shopify Apps to add to your online store by reading app review summaries powered by AI. This is available to select apps in the App Store for now.

3. Have an AI-enabled Virtual Assistant

What if you could have your very own assistant to help you navigate, set up, manage, and scale your store? Shopify definitely hit the jackpot by developing an AI-enabled commerce assistant purpose-built to make it easier for you to start, run, and grow your business.

This AI assistant, Sidekick, takes front and center in Shopify Magic’s suite of tools. It has not rolled out to every Shopify merchant just yet, but like all of Shopify Magic’s features, Sidekick will be available for free across all subscription plans.

Sidekick is developed and trained to know all of Shopify and access the context, data, and expertise to generate highly personalized support for various tasks. You don’t even have to use formal language (or type properly) for Sidekick to understand what you mean.

You can prompt Sidekick to create a new product for you, not just a product description, mind you, and it will do it based on your instructions. You can ask Sidekick to set up discounts, ask for your current bestselling items, and even redesign your store.

Sidekick is not constrained to do assistant tasks. It can also teach you how to set up things in your Shopify store. For example, if you want to know how to use Shopify Flow, Shopify’s automation tool, with Shopify Email, Shopify’s email marketing feature, you can simply ask Sidekick to walk you through the process.

Sidekick functions like a chatbot and can be seen on the bottom side of your Shopify admin. Simply launch the window and do everything from there.

What are the limitations of Shopify Magic?

Shopify Magic is a powerful tool, but it does have some limitations. For example, Shopify Magic is not perfect. It can sometimes generate text that is not accurate or relevant. Additionally, Shopify Magic is not always able to understand the specific needs of your business.

However, Shopify Magic is a great tool for saving time and improving the quality of your content. If you are a Shopify merchant, you definitely need to try Shopify Magic. It is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business.

How EmizenTech Can Help You with the Integration of Shopify Magic?

EmizenTech, a Shopify development company, our knowledge compliments Shopify Magic’s capabilities. Our skilled developers understand the complexities of the Shopify Platform and use AI technologies to improve clients’ online stores. By incorporating Shopify Magic into our service offerings, we can improve your ecommerce store as per the market trend. So, are you planning to integrate Shopify Magic? Contact us to learn how EmizenTech can use Shopify Magic to help you reach your e-commerce goals.

Key Takeaways 

So, to conclude, let’s discuss some key points that you need to consider when using Shopify Magic for your online store. 

  • Just make sure to add plenty of details: when using a text generator, it takes you as the source of information thus, if it is incorrect and not put accurately, it will affect the quality of the content. 
  • Try to avoid copying and pasting the same text for each and every product. 
  • After getting the content, read it carefully and optimize it according to your requirements. Though AI content is improving, it is not yet perfect. 

Just make sure to consider all these things, and you can top the e-commerce market. 

Ajit Jain

Ajit Jain has been working as a Magento specialist for quite some time now, and he has all the credentials to back up his claim to the title. In addition, he has extensive experience in designing and implementing high-performance, integrated, and complicated eCommerce systems. He has evidently used his talent to great effect at Emizentech in the Adobe e-Commerce development solutions.