The beta release of Adobe Commerce has rolled out today 17 June 2023. As mentioned on Adobe’s page, this version may crop up with defects and is offered “AS IS” with no sort of warranty. Without any obligation, Adobe will correct, maintain, modify, update, change, or support (via Adobe Support Services or otherwise) this beta version. It advises customers to follow caution and not rely on accurate performance and functioning. Of the beta releases and/or any provided materials or documentation. Consequently, any use of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 release is completely at the customer’s risk. 

This post will uncover the top highlights of this beta version of Adobe Commerce, with its different types of enhancements, issues, and a lot more that you should learn to be set to deal with the latest version seamlessly. 

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Adobe Commerce

Noticeable Upgrades of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1

  • Includes 200+ quality fixes and enhancements. 
  • Composer 2.5 support has been appended.
  • Composer 2.2x support remains the same. 
  • Improved GraphQL caching abilities.
  • Increase GraphQL coverage 

This Release Note Is Tested Against the Below Component Versions:

  • Varnish 7.3
  • RabbitMQ 3.11
  • OpenSearch 2.5
  • MariaDB 10.6
  • Composer 2.5
  • Redis 7.0
  • PHP 8.2 and 8.1
  • MySQL 8.0
  • Elasticsearch 8.5

Top Highlights of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1

1. Platform Enhancements

The platform updates for Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 version advances compliance with the newest security practices. Let’s check what Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 includes:

  • RabbitMQ 3.11 support: Compatibility with RabbitMQ 3.9 remains the same, and support for RabbitMQ 3.11 has been offered. 
  • Varnish cache 7.3 support: Compatibility with Varnish cache 6.0.x and 7.2.x versions stays the same and offers for 6.0.x and 7.2.x versions.
  • Composer 2.5.x: Compatibility for Composer 2.2.x remains same, and provides for Composer 2.5.x.

Other Replacements & Upgrades

JavaScript libraries that have already reached their end of life have been advanced to their latest versions:

  • jQuery UI library (v1.13.2)
  • moment.js library (v2.29.4)
  • jQuery validation plugin library (v1.19.5)

2. Magento/Adobe Commerce Security Enhancements

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7 release includes around thirteen platform security improvements and security fixes. Until now, attacks relevant to these issues haven’t been confirmed. Although, specific vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited to access customer details or take control of administrator sessions. Per some issues, access to Admin should be obtained initially from an attacker. Resultantly, the Adobe team will make the user remind about all the essential steps to be taken that may safeguard their Admin, including the below and even more than these:

  • Good password hygiene
  • IP allowlisting
  • Use of a VPN
  • Use of a unique location rather than /admin
  • Two-factor authentication

More Security Enhancements

For this release, the security advancements enhance compliance with the recent security practices, including this modification, which executes a change in the default behavior of a current REST endpoint:

Native rate limiting for the payment details transmitted through GraphQL and REST APIs – This extra layer of protection supports the prevention of carding attacks. It potentially diminishes the volume that tests various credit card numbers for once. 

3. Performance and Scalability Enhancements

This new beta version from Adobe emerges with significant modifications in the processing speed of the save operations for the large deployment configurations. 

  • Rapid generation of the config cache for large configurations: This diminishes the downtime needed to generate the config cache for large configurations. 
  • Quickly save operations of store-level configurations for deployments with various stores: Well, in deployments with 500+ stores, saving configuration may take time. This new module Async Config allows asynchronous configuration to save the operations by executing a cron job that leverages a consumer to process the save operation in a message queue. By default, AsyncConfig is disabled

4. Adobe Commerce Extension Metapackage

Adobe Commerce Extension metapackage v2.0.0-beta1 will come up with this version that automatically stacks Adobe Commerce extensions with this release. The versions of such extensions are included in this metapackage install when the composer update runs, easing such extensions’ upgrading to the newest core release. 

This metapackage incorporates the below three extensions:

  • Adobe I/O Events for Adobe Commerce
  • Bolt Quick Checkout
  • Payment Services

The upcoming versions of this extension metapackage with evolve with additional extensions. 


5. PWA Studio

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 supports PWA Studio v.13.2.x and includes various enhancements to advance accessibility. 

6. Page Builder

Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1 supports Page Builder v.1.7.4.

7. GraphQL

This new release appends improved GraphQL caching potency and support to the GraphQL schema for the custom attributes, including:

  • Improved GraphQL caching abilities advance page load speed.
  • Improved support for custom attributes.

8. B2B

The new enhancements and capabilities of this release are for B2B negotiable quotes, multiple bug fixes, and REST API updates. 

  • Line item discounts
  • Enhanced Quote Detail view
  • Seller initiated quotes
  • Notes exchanged on the quote
  • Updates to the REST API

9. Fixed Issues

In the core code of Adobe Commerce 2.4.7-beta1, Adobe has fixed various issues. Let’s check out the subset of these fixed issues:

  • Installation, upgrade, and deployment
  • Cache
  • Bundle products
  • Cart and checkout
  • Catalog
  • Cart price rule
  • Coupons
  • Catalog rules
  • Customer
  • cron
  • Frameworks
  • Customer
  • Frameworks
  • Email
  • Gift cards and wrapping
  • General fixes
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Image
  • GraphQL
  • Import/export
  • Infrastructure
  • Index
  • Login
  • Logging
  • Orders
  • Payment
  • Page Builder
  • Reports
  • Promotion
  • Search
  • Rewards
  • Shipping
  • RMA
  • Target rules
  • Staging
  • Test
  • Tax
  • UI
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • URL rewrites
  • Web API framework

Known Issues

In the latest beta version of Adobe, the below-known issues will be fixed:

  • On June 5, 2023, the UPS XML API was deprecated by UPS, which was affecting merchants.
  • Costs of fixed bundle products didn’t incorporate the assigned and special prices as they should.
  • On the storefront, the configurable products are incorrectly listed as out of stock when one or more child products are disabled via a scheduled update. 
  • On the storefront login page, clicking the Show Password button doesn’t showcase the password as it should. 


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