Are you running a local business and devising to join the online track to expand your customer base? If yes, then it’s the right time to get there. No, we are not recommending you register on giant eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart paying a huge amount in the commission’s name. 

Instead, you can choose Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an open-protocol network that lets local commerce across varied industry verticals get more discovered and engaged. This network provides interoperability between varied sellers, technology providers, and delivery startups. It’s an Indian government initiative that brings the best of both worlds, businesses and customers. Even pre-runners of online storefronts can reap the benefits of ONDC by integrating this network into your store. In this post, we will unveil easy steps to integrate your WooCommerce store with the ONDC network using Mystore. 


ONDC helps accelerate your business growth regardless of what type of business you run. It crops up with benefits for all its users:

SellersThey get a chance to compete with the giants and get improved online exposure. 
BuyersWith Online Network Digital Commerce, buyers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience and get a wide option of products across varied categories in a sole checkout experience. 
FinTechThis eCommerce landscape offers credit and financial solutions to all the entities taking part in eCommerce. 

Tips To Optimize Speed Of Your WooCommerce Store

Benefits of Joining ONDC Network

Whether you are a newbie or already running your online store, you can join this open network and get rewarded with a plethora of benefits. Let’s check out a few below:

1. Get Discoverable Instantly

WooCommerce store to ONDC migration helps you expand your customer base. In India, your store can gain instant visibility in around 75% of PIN codes. 

2. No Need to Add a Digital Sales Channel

Obviously, to reach more customers and boost your sales, a multi-channel sales approach is crucial. With Mystore WooCommerce Connect, you don’t need to add a new digital sales channel and rely on only a single source of revenue. 

3. Order Management/Quick Catalog

ONDC-compliant software, Mystore, lets you seamlessly and instantly migrate your product catalog from WooCommerce to this open-source network. 

4. No Upfront Cost 

As ONDC is an open-source network, there’s no subscription charged for registering on it. Start your free-of-cost selling journey today. 

5. Logistics Support

On ONDC, the WooCommerce sellers get a chance to pick from a wide option of on-network logistics providers. This way, the sellers can easily spread their target markets and mark their presence in multiple PIN codes. 

6. Reputation Management

The best part about ONDC is that previous reviews and ratings of the sellers stay intact here. Vendors don’t have to start from scratch while continuing their selling venture on different digital platforms. 


Steps to Integrate WooCommerce Store With ONDC via Mystore

  • Log in to your WooCommerce login panel.
  • On the left side of the screen, click ‘WooCommerce.’
  • Then, select ‘Settings,’ and a dialogue box will open. 
  • Select ‘Advanced’ settings.
  • Click the REST API tab (below the Products tab).
  • Select ‘Add Key’ and enter the key details, like channel description, user ID, and permissions). 
  • Click the “Generate API Key” button. {You will see the ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’ will be generated, which you need to configure to import products on your Mystore account}. 

Move to Mystore Seller backend Admin.  

  • On the left side, click on Channels.
  • Select ‘WooCommerce’ from the available channels. 
  • Fill in the required fields, like the Base URL of your WooCommerce store, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.
  • Enable ‘Import Products.’
  • Click on the ‘Add Channel’ button, and the system will automatically fetch the catalog from WooCommerce and add them to the ‘Products’ section on Mystore. 

You can view the Channel Stats and Channel Records (integrated ones) in the channel section. 

Why Choose Mystore?

1. Network Compliant

You will get the standard protocols-compliant and most-advanced technical solutions developed following all the guidelines and needs of ONDC. 

2. Zero Subscription Cost

With Mystore, you are not required to pay any upfront subscription cost to initiate selling on ODC. You only have to pay a per-order value as you get orders via ONDC. 

3. Faster Time To Market

You can start selling on ONDC in no time using the turnkey and easy-to-understand and use eCommerce solutions. 

4. Automated Logistics

Using Mystore, you can automate, streamline, and pace-up deliveries by optimizing the shipping costs with real-time pricing quotes and detecting the GPS locations of customers to ensure quick and more accurate deliveries. 

5. Bug-Free

You will get future-ready, bug-free, secure digital commerce solutions that boost business growth.

6. Marketing Tools

Besides, this store arrives with varied in-built marketing tools, or you can integrate others to improve marketing and let your business grow. 

7. Connect Your Domain

On Mystore, you can connect your domain with your storefront, an ONDC-connected marketplace. This will improve brand discoverability and recognition by getting a QR code and a sharable permanent link. 

Can ONDC Be Integrated with Other eCommerce Platforms?

Yes, you can integrate ONDC with storefronts developed on multiple other eCommerce platforms like:

  • Amazon 
  • Magento 
  • Shopify 

How Can Emizentech Help You?


Looking for a WooCommerce development company to integrate your store with the ONDC network? Turn your head to Emizentech! The company has teams of experienced developers who can help you with seamless integration within your budget and timeline. 

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Final Note

By offering an exceptional online trading route for India, ONDC is transforming its digital commerce front and setting an example for the world, as India showcased when UPI got introduced. By 2030, you will witness ONDC pacing up the expansion 5 times in digital consumption of products and services. 

Holding much for the buyer as well as seller ecosystem, ONDC is acknowledged as a tech-ade opportunity. So, whether you are an industry player, the government, or a consumer, you can determine how to capture this eCommerce landscape, unveiling your most innovative selves to standardize digital commerce for everyone. 

So, hire a WooCommerce development company and increase your business exposure worldwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. How can I sell on ONDC?

You need below prerequisites:
• Log in to the platform.
• Enter your business GSTIN.
• Contact details of authorized business personnel.
• Your bank account details ( where you will get payment from the buyers).
• Onboarding agreement.

Q. Who can join ONDC?

Well, everyone is welcome to join ONDC, whether you are a small or large eCommerce brand. Besides, logistic providers and other aggregators can also join this network. 

Q. Is ONDC government or private?

The ONDC is a government-owned open network for digital commerce. All-scale eCommerce sellers can integrate with collaborators to offer consumers varied buying options.

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