WordPress is one of the most flexible, easy to deploy, and easy to manage CMS on which most of the websites are built upon. It has been more than 15  years since WordPress is in use, and now it is all set with its new trends for 2023. WooCommerce, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the most popular plugin on WordPress, which make turns your simple WordPress website into an ecommerce store. WooCommerce also has its own set of updates for the upcoming year. Stores built on WooCommerce have very complex dynamics and keep evolving every year with new updates such as themes, plugins, and different types of visual editors.

We have reached 2023, and for this year, we must know the new updates and trends in the ecommerce industry and keep improving for the users’ better buying experience. This article will go through the WordPress and WooCommerce trends for the year 2022 and beyond.

Top WordPress Trends For 2023

The design and the development of the website in this CMS change pretty quickly and quite drastically for us to keep up with the latest trends.

As an ecommerce store owner, you must know all the latest updates by which you can improve or grow your online store. It will increase sales and customer service. Let us know about these trends:

1. Augmented Reality Usage

Augmented Reality gained a lot of popularity during the coronavirus outbreak, and it is still on the rise. AR is helping the ecommerce industry widen its horizons and better UX. Using AR, you can create a real-life experience for the users, driving a lot of sales. Augmented Reality lets the users try the products from the applications, i.e., they don’t need the physical product to analyze whether it would be suitable for them or not.

Using it, the buyers can place the products on their bodies or in their homes or see the effects of their use. It results from using technology to superimpose information such as sounds, images, or text – in the real world where we can see and feel. One of the best examples is IKEA that uses AR in all its products so that you can select a sofa and check whether it is a good fit in your drawing room or not.

2. Voice Search

Voice search was a massive trend in 2021, and in 2022 the slope will only increase. Many users like to search for their voices instead of manually typing. As per a survey, it was found that 42% of online users prefer using voice searches instead of manually typing the query.

There are a lot of voice assistance devices that are hitting the market, and voice tech is getting more advanced and natural. The current Google voice search is 95% accurate. You must have heard the popular voice assistance names like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, but many others such as Windows 10 Cortana, Apple Siri, etc.

This trend will let you stay ahead of your competitors, so keep a close eye on this particular trend.

3. Performance Improvements

Year by year, the speed of the devices and the internet is increasing, and that’s why today’s customers have no patience for a slow-running website.  Thus, speed or performance is one of the most critical trends for increasing the conversion rate on your website. Mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly is another crucial aspect to consider. Thumb-scrolling has gained popularity amongst millennials. All the themes of WordPress are mobile-friendly and easily accessible.

Smart content loads enable the website to load only the required content for better performance. Do you know if it takes more than 3 seconds for your website to load, more than half of the users will abandon your site? You can’t allow your performance to thrash away your traffic. Thus, it is advisable to regularly check your site’s performance and improve it whenever required. This trend will never fade away in the future.

4. Personalized Content

Posting generic data on your website is quite mainstream, and it will not entertain the incoming traffic on your site nor help your site come in top Google search results. But if you use personalized content for the user based on its geolocation and browsing history, they will feel a personal welcome whenever they visit your store. As a business owner, it will increase the likelihood of conversion, which will increase your revenue.

Personalized content is another trend that is always required, and it is a win-win trend for both the online retailers and users visiting your site.

5. Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Whether you call it a revolution or an intrusion, chatbots have gained a significant place in ecommerce practices. From the top giant companies like Google or Amazon to medium and small-scale ecommerce stores, all are actively using chatbots for their business operations. Whether it is a customer support task or team communication work, chatbots can handle it all.

The ecommerce chatbots are revolutionizing how companies interact with their customers to resolve their queries. They give a highly personalized experience with a faster and accurate response. Also, chatbots can be deployed to many different platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and others.

6. Drag & Drop Page Builders

A captivating UI and good design layout backbone every ecommerce store. There are times when the site owners want to make a small change in UI but are unable to do that as they have no coding knowledge. How can they make changes or add new elements to the design? The answer is simple, by using drag and drop page builders. Drag-and-drop page builders have become popular as they allow non-technical users to create pages according to their preferences.

With more than eight layouts and 1000 design options. This trend is all set to rule 2022!

Top WooCommerce Trends For 2022

In today’s time, WooCommerce is powering more than 25% of the ecommerce stores in the top 1 million sites worldwide vis à vis other ecommerce platforms. After the global coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the numbers have only increased.  In 2022, this platform will also hold the position of no.1 ecommerce platform or CMS powering online stores.

WooCommerce gives utmost flexibility to the website owners with various options that make online business easy for them. 2022 is filled with many new WooCommerce trends and updates, and here are some of them.

1. Better Mobile Experience

Nearly one-third of the users browse ecommerce stores through their mobile devices, although a significant portion of these consumers makes the final purchase through desktop devices. The mobile experience has become highly critical for online retailers, and they are leaving no stone unturned to enhance the mobile shopping experience. UX plays a significant role in the mobile background. Fortunately, many WooCommerce themes are available that are highly optimized for mobile devices. Currently, we will know about three essential themes.

  • Flatsome – This theme has a very user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder feature that lets you create beautiful pages smoothly. eCommerce retailers can use this theme to make responsive ecommerce stores that work well on mobile devices.
  • Woostroid – This theme is highly focused on making web pages responsive for mobile devices. It is a fast-loading theme that is the perfect solution for increasing the traffic on your website.
  • Kallyas – This theme allows you to make responsive web pages with complete ease.

2. Improved Product Pages

The product detail page is when the user decides whether he should buy this product or not. AR is already playing a significant role in improving the UX of this page, and WooCommerce is also giving 360-degree images on all the listed products.

This is one of the start features, and you can expect more of these in 2022!

3. Customizable Buying Experience

Along with AR & VR, customizable shopping experiences are also in popularity. A customized buying experience is not just limited to calling your customers by their names but to knowing their preferences, gender, location, language, etc. You can accumulate and use this information to serve them better.

There are specialized themes offered by WooCommerce that would allow you to do this. Some of them are:

4. WooCommerce Extra Product

WooCommerce Extra Product allows you to make customizations to their purchased products. You can customize the products as per the requirements.

5. Multilingual Press

Serving the content in the native language of your customers is highly important. This extension allows you to translate product descriptions and other content on your page quickly.

6. WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

You can add geo-targeted coupons and tracking codes to your products by using the WooCommerce Darwin pricing integration theme.


In this article, we have gone through the trends that will rise in 2022. To stay ahead in the ecommerce competition, you must follow the directions by hiring an expert team. Hire the best WooCommerce development company that has expertise in developing ecommerce stores from scratch.

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