COVID-19 and pandemic, it’s appearing like a never-ending tale. Resultantly, people are left with no other options despite working from home and living their lives in boredom. 

Well, various ways exist that can help you get rid of this boredom and instill energy in you. Surfing social media websites is one such way. But, going a long way, the repetitive things will again make you dull. 

What Else Can You Do When You Are Bored? 

Have you caught up with any other ideas? No? 

Not to fret. This post will put forward some crazy fun and cool websites that you can choose to waste your time when you are bored and make your life happening and active again. 

We can bet all these websites will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. 

Crazy Websites To Waste Time

List of 90 Crazy Websites To Waste Time When You’re Bored 

1. Find the Invisible Cow

You just need to drag your mouse all over the screen to find the hidden cow. Also, you should make sure that you turn on your devices’ audio before playing as the cow is hiding behind the noise only. 

2. MapCrunch

It’s a website that permits users to get transported virtually to random places worldwide. The player just needs to click the button “Go” to get a random Street View from an arbitrary spot on the globe. You can choose the countries you want from the list given in the ‘Options’ panel.

3. The Useless Web

It’s a curated cluster of some of the top pointless websites worldwide. You will see a big button on the site that you just need to click. Next, you will land on one of the various websites, a few that you will love and a few that might be new to you. 

4. Hacker Typer

If you wish to be like the stereotypical hackers you see in pop culture and movies, you can catch up with that on this website. With just a few clicks on the keyboard, you will get transformed into a temporary hacker. 

5. Paper Toilet

It’s a single-serving site that illustrates a toilet paper roll that wraps and undoes as the visitor scrolls up and down. 

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6. Giphy

It offers messaging and social media platforms with animated GIFs images that one can embed in his messages and posts. 

7. Pointer Pointer 

The visitor just needs to move his cursor to a point on a screen (wherever he wants). Once the pointer becomes still, an image of a person appears pointing at the pointer (visitor’s chosen). 

8. Bees Bees Bees! 

It’s a gif of Oprah shouting and cheering while the bees fly into her audience. It’s a kind of website which is best at wasting time. 

9. Staggering Beauty

A timepass website, staggering beauty is best for visitors who are not prone to epileptic seizures. It includes a wiggly worm that shakes when you give a good shake to your mouse. 

10. Scream Into the Void

Here you can type your feeling and hit the “scream” button, and see your words being zoomed in along with a screaming voice. 

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11. Shady URL

It’s a free online website that shortens your URL into a shady and suspicious one. Your URL will look like it will lead to a scam website or a virus. 

12. Wayback Machine

You can sneak peek at some of the websites you like from their first face (at the launching time) till their last makeover (how it appears today). You just need to input a URL and pick a date, and this website will reveal some screenshots of that website from that specific date. 

13. Don’t Even Reply

It showcases a collection of emails sent to people in response to their posted classified ads. Their target is to confuse them, mess with them, etc. You will catch up with hilarious emails.

14. Stellarium

It’s an online planetarium running on your web browser based on the open-source Stellarium web project. You will catch up with the night sky display, and you can set your viewing date, location, and time. 

15. Shut Up and Take My Money

It’s an Amazon partner, which offers the best quality products online. It sells varied product categories like kitchen, gaming, clothing, geeky, wine, and more. 

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16. 2048

A single-player, block sliding puzzle game, 2048 combines the numbered tile to create a tile with the ‘2048’ number. 

17. Wikipedia’s List of Individual Dogs

Scrolling down the website listing famous individual dogs is not a bad idea. You can check out the list of working dogs, faithful dogs, dogs of unusual size, long-lived dogs, and a lot more.

18. Zoom Quilt

This project was born from scenes created by people in their collaborative artworks. It’s an infinitely zooming image and website which weaves a patchwork of distinct fantasy paintings together into a single endless shot. 

19. Drive Me Insane

This website permits visitors to use home automation to enjoy at someone else’s expense. You just need to turn your lights on, play with the sign, and receive visual feedback. 

20. Freerice

A website and a mobile app, Freerice, permits players to donate rice to needy families by playing an MCQ game. 

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21. Astronomy Picture of the Day

It is a website where you can discover the cosmos. Every day it displays different photographs or images of the universe with a brief explanation crafted by a professional astronomer. The visitors get to learn something every day about the universe. 22. MuscleWIki

With this fun website, you can fine-tune your workout. Apart from giving you a complete muscles diagram, it lets you know how to stretch and work out.

23. Duolingo

You can become fluent in distinct languages by accessing the website Duolingo. It’s a free app available for your phone also. 

24. Internet Live Stats 

A part of the Real-Time Statistics Project, Internet Live Stats’ target is to avail statistics in a dynamic and time-related format to a broader audience worldwide. 

25. Hubski

A web community for thoughtful conversation, Hubski allows users to follow one another and share stories. 

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26. This Is Sand

It’s an app for crafting and sharing pictures using sand. You can watch and even listen to the sand shaping into appealing layers of sand at your screen’s end. 

27. Lizard Point 

A free, fun, and interactive map quiz, Lizard Point assists the users in learning about the surrounding world. Many map-based quizzes will help you learn states, countries, physical features, cities, and more. 

28. Radio Garden

It permits its visitors to listen to thousands of live radio stations all over the globe by just rotating the globe. The green dot showcases a town or city, and you just need to tap on it to tune in to the radio stations broadcasting from that city. 

29. Music Theory 

It’s the best website to let your boredom go away. It offers immediate and introductory music theory lessons, ear trainers, exercises, and calculators.  

30. Radiooooo

A collaborative website is a fun website to discover great music. You can listen to the radio here by clicking a country you want, your mood, and your decade and the music will start playing right away.


31. Sleepytime

This fun site calculates when you need to go to bed and wake up to get enough sound sleep. 

32. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

PaP, a neat and fun website, will let you know the strength of your password. You just need to type your password into this machine and allow it to work on it. 

33. Code Academy 

An online learning website targeting coding, Code Academy effectively teaches programming. 


It’s a fun way to paint colorful cosmos, choose any color you want, and feel relaxed. 

35. Live Kitten Cam

This website streams straight from Kitten Rescue Sanctuary in Los Angeles through a webcam. They have cute kittens playing, snuggling, and being adorable.  

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36. What Should I Read Next? 

This site will take your preferences and offer you all the book recommendations you would like. You need to register for free to develop your book lists.

37. My Fridge Food 

A recipe-based search engine, MyFridgeFood, showcases two options for opening the website, Quick Kitchen and Detailed Kitchen. You just need to select ingredients you have, and the site will find recipes including those ingredients. 

38. OnRead

This website is developed for educational purposes. Here you will get quick and easy access to read and checkout OnRead’s library, including free ebooks. 


This fun website exhibits a sequence of an infinite loop of running dogs from left to right with a fantastic background soundtrack. 

40. Weave Silk 

Also known as Silk, this site permits users to craft colorful digital images on a background. You can use it for various purposes, like just for playing, relieving your anxiety, and more. 

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41. Eyebleach

A popular site website, Eyebleach, will help soothe and relax your mind from an unexpected visual stimulus. You can choose any category you want to see. 

42. List of Conspiracy Theories

You can catch up with various conspiracy theories relevant to clandestine government plans and details of murder plots. 

43. The Oregon Trail

It’s best for the one who enjoys playing computer games. This game includes simulation elements and plans for the head, along with adventures and more. 

44. Pokémon Showdown

It’s a Pokemon battle simulator that you can play online with randomly generated teams or make yours. It’s one of the best ways to recall your childhood nostalgic memories. 

45. Sporcle

Sporcle’s trivia site allows users to conduct quizzes on various subjects utilizing mobile devices or the web. 

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46. Poptropica

It’s a virtual world for kids to play games, travel, communicate safely, and compete in competitions. Kids can create a “Poptropican” character to travel to various game islands and more. 

47. TagPro

It’s a free-to-play online multiplayer video game of capturing flags. It’s a fantastic game to get rid of boredom. 

48. CookieClicker

Mainly supported by ads, Cookie Clicker is an idle clicker game that allows clickers to bake millions of cookies by clicking on a giant cookie. 

49. Habitica

A free habit and productivity app, Habitica makes you treat your real life like a game, and it also assists you in attaining your goals to become happy and healthy. 

50. Foddy

It’s a simple game about running on a 100-meter track, and the player needs to run faster and play using the keyboard.

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51. Flash By Night

It arrives with a plethora of game options that the users can click on and start playing. 

52. Xkcd

It’s a webcomic of sarcasm, romance, language, and math. Its title is a word with no phonetic pronunciation. 

53. You Are Listening To

This website integrates police scanner audio and mixes it with lofi and other music in the background to craft a similar sort of experience. 

54. Incredibox

A music app, Incredibox, permits users to create their music using a merry crew of beatboxers. They can pick musical styles also among the available eight exceptional atmospheres.

55. A Soft Murmur

An online background noise creator, A Soft Murmur, helps users relax, focus, and generate annoying sounds from their environment. The noise can be calming and distracting depending on the sound type. 

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56. Rainy Mood

The most popular rain experience of the Internet, rainy mood, helps people study, sleep, and relax by using HD/48kHz 3D audio and algorithmic randomizer. 

57. Drench

It’s the best time pass game which allows the players to use buttons to change colors and make the board appear in a single color to win. 

58. Quick Draw

It helps you learn how to doodle and allows you to share your drawings with the world. It gives just twenty seconds to scribble a sketch of something it asks you. 

59. Da Font

It allows users to download primary, display, script, fancy, and more fonts to add a unique look to their document. 

60. Space Jam

Here you can catch up with fun games and get a big dose of nostalgia. 


61. Retail Me Not

You can use its website or mobile app to get the best promo codes, coupons, and cashback offers to save on your travel, rent, food, and more. 

62. Mint

A popular, free online personal finance app, Mint, offers a wide variety of easy financial planning and financial tools. 

63. Taste Dive

It’s an entertainment recommendation engine for TV shows, films, video games, music, and books. IT also holds elements of a social media website. Here you can enjoy discovering new movies, music, games, podcasts, and more.

64. Addictive Tips

It’s a tech blog that targets assisting users find easy solutions to their routine issues. It reviews the top mobile and desktop apps and services worldwide. 

65. Google Maps Street View

It’s a virtual representation of places surrounding us on Google Maps, including millions of panoramic images. 

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66. Instructables

A site that specializes in user-crafted and uploaded DIY projects. It’s a community for people who love to make things. 

67. Snopes 

Earlier known as the Urban Legends Reference Pages, Snopes is a fact-checking site that is widely known as a “well-regarded reference for sorting out myths and rumors” on the net. 

68. The Magic iPod

It permits users to create mashups of pop/rock and hip-hop favorites. It’s a web-based app that is growing faster. 

69. The Onion

This website publishes satirical articles on national, international, and local news. It brings the visitors all the latest stories, news, videos, photos, and more. 

70. Lifehacker

A weblog about software and life hacks, Lifehacker holds lots of articles and YouTube videos that teach the tricks for lifehacking. 

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71. Mix

Mix permits the visitors to curate and share the best of the internet. It learns about the browsing you love and searches you prefer across the web to reveal more about their interest. 

72. Pottermore

This site is best for people obsessed with Harry Potter and the gang of Hogwarts. It’s a fun website where visitors can achieve an ultimate digital experience. 

73. Gravity Points 

A fun website is best for killing boring time. Whenever you point on the screen, it simulates the gravity effect and permits the users to craft small gravity centers across the screen with a simple click. 

74. LEGO Videos

It allows visitors to watch free, fun videos online for kids with familiar LEGO characters. You can watch designer videos, episodes, mini-movies, trailers and can sneak at new playsets. 

75. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

It’s a global non-profit organization that conducts matchless research on oceans to assist scientists in collecting previously unattainable data. 

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76. Wait But Why

It’s the best spot for spending time on the internet. Tim Urban regularly appears with a long and awesome write-up, and his articles are always deep, fascinating, and well crafted. 

77. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal’s webcomic and humor website showcases quizzes, original comics, and occasional articles. It’s entirely composed of graphics, and it holds a sort of stuff that one can read repeatedly. 

78. Supercook

One of the best ways to lower food waste in homes, Supercook is the best spot to find recipes that use as many ingredients you have as possible so that nothing can go waste. This site helps prevent food waste in a fun and easy way. 

79. Zillow

At this site, it’s fun to find real estate in areas you may like to live in. It may emerge with the places you might never live there, but they appear to be a dream world. 

80. Apartment Therapy

This site is best for home decor or DIY project fans. One can spend hours and hours on this site, and it holds various fascinating visual and written content.

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81. Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cams

This site is famous for checking out a live stream from animal shelters in the US to see the adorable adopted animals in action. 

82. Imgur

It holds a collection of the most viral images that visitors enjoy scrolling. You can also introduce it to your friends who want to try the funniest stuff online.


This site reports on astronomical trends and news through easy-to-digest and friendly content. It always has something for all. 

84. HowStuffWorks

This site is dedicated to how things work, and here things are everything. Plus, it has a cluster of fantastic podcasts that branch off the main website. 

85. The Toast

One who gets attracted to fiction writing can bookmark this website. This daily blog publishes features on everything. 

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86. BuzzFeed “Comments” Sections

As we know, BuzzFeed is already a fantastic spot to get rid of your boredom. You need to scroll to the comments section for more, which will exhibit some stuff from crazy people about every article. 

87. Cracked

Akin to The Onion, Cracked is the best place to catch up with something you think about but become afraid of saying it aloud. 

88. Mental Floss

A super addicting magazine online, Mental Floss holds articles covering a wide range of topics. They are well researched and crafted on issues that don’t catch up with a lot of airtime. 

89. Eel Slap

This spot is best for those who want to slap someone but can’t. When the user moves his mouse towards the left side, he hits a man with eel fish. 

90. Flightradar24

On this site, you can get commercial aircraft flight tracking details in real-time on a map. You need to click the flight on the map; the related information will appear on the screen.


Why Do You Need Websites To Waste Time? 

Waste Time

When we get bored and have nothing fruitful, we look for ways to pass such a dull time. Here, the fun websites appear as a savior, especially in pandemic worldwide lockdown when we were left with just a work-from-home option. 

Is It Profitable To Make Such Time-Wasting Websites?


Yes, of course! While working constantly, people look for breaks that make them more productive. Checking social media accounts, emails, and more will again make them bored because of repetitive scrolling and stuff. 

That’s why people usually look for better and more entertaining ways to enjoy their work breaks. Even most visitors love to spend hours and hours surfing such time-wasting websites. 

So, it would be indeed profitable to make such websites. 

How/Who Can You Develop Websites Like These & Earn Some Profits?

Develop Websites

Well, developing such time-wasting websites may let you earn low profits, but you can catch up with most of these by monetizing them with various ads, affiliate marketing, and more.

Cost For Developing Such Funny Websites?

How Much Does It Cost To Start An eCommerce Business

The average cost of developing a website often ranges from $500 (for a small business site) to $5,000 and more (for a complex custom site).

Various factors affect the cost of time-wasting websites, like: 

  • Design
  • Categories and Genres
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Marketing

The cost varies with the need and different factors affecting the price. 

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So Did You Found a Few Websites to Cure Your Boredom?

We hope you find this post valuable and informative for you. If you have any queries relevant to creating a fun website, feel free to connect with us. We hold a vast team of designers, developers, testers, and every person who can help you out in web design, web-development and game development.

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