In this article, we will study what is web development and the need to practice projects while being a web developer. Further, we will study the ten best beginners project to apply your basic skills of web technologies along with the technologies used in it. And lastly, we will learn which are the best projects to go for any new web developer at the beginning of their journey. So, let’s get started!

What Is Web Development and Why Practising Projects are Important?

With the emerging technological world, it is almost impossible to run a society without web developers. Web developers are the process of building and maintaining a website. It involves the work that happens behind the website to make it look good and have a great user experience. The web developers work in various languages to code for creating the website. Note that web development does not involve designing a website but it is the coding and programming involved in the creating and maintaining of the website.

Therefore, web development has been the most promising and attractive field to work with for students as well as for professionals as each day passing. Everyone in the emerging field of technology looks forward to being a web developer and the best way to do that is to do the hands-on practice of developing the websites and projects. The more you practice programming and coding, the better you get in the field of web development. You can also take 1:1 live coding help from expert tutors online to clear your coding and programming-related doubts. Project-based learning helps to learn and understand the topics which theory-based learning can barely provide. Being a web developer comes with applying various concepts and ideas while developing the website and that is only possible by practicing the projects and programs. Therefore, below we have mentioned the best web development projects to work with and upgrade your skills with.

Web Development Projects for Beginners

Random Number Generator: There are many such cases where there is a need to generate a random number. One such example is while playing snack and ladders or ludo. Therefore, creating a web page that generates the random number is the best beginner’s project to work with. So, here we will create the dice roll simulator which will generate the random number on the action of the user. Further, we can add the functionality of asking the user the number of times he needs to generate the random number and run the loop for the result. To work with this project developer should use JavaScript to implement the idea of a rolling dice simulator and use HTML and CSS technologies to create an amazing user interface to display the rolling dice.

Building Portfolio

This project has its own importance in every developer’s life. When you are working in the field of development, the first thing people notice is how you apply your skills in your own work. At every stage of a student’s life, we have to build a portfolio website to show off our skills and strengths. At the beginner’s level, you can create a static page showing your personal details, education, and your skills. The most important thing to remember while creating a portfolio is to create the best designs and structure using CSS and Bootstrap which will further help you to clear the concepts of it. Also, the advantage of creating a portfolio as a beginner’s project is that we can attach it with all our other social media profiles like GitHub or LinkedIn and also use it while we are on our job hunt.

Countdown Timer

The most simple and easy project to work on is the countdown timer. The project involves the clock that counts in reverse order from a certain date to display the beginning or end of any event. Therefore, the developer has to apply his JavaScript skills to create a webpage that can continuously decrease the seconds, minutes, hours, and days to reach a specific date and time. Also, the developer can add the feature of start and stop the counter or the notification alert when the end time is reached. To make the projects more interesting developers can also add the feature of adding more than one event at a time.

Word Counter

There is always a need to stick to the number of words to display while writing any blog, documentation, or essay and in this case, the word count is the handiest tool. Creating the word counter is the easiest and amazing web project any developer should start with. This is a very simple project where the developer has to build a program where it can traverse the text input by the user and count the number of words and characters that have come across the pointer in the program. Also in addition the feature of counting the number of sentences and finding the grammar mistake and correcting them can be added to the web page to raise the difficulty level of the project.

Quiz Game

Building a quiz website in which the user can test his knowledge on the specific topic of his choice turns out to be the best beginner’s project for a developer. Here, the developer applies their skills in JavaScript to create the system that displays the option available to take the quiz. Further, he can add the question on the same field and options to choose to answer the question. Further, we can add the feature of displaying the marks at the end of the quiz along with the summary of the entire quiz. For this project, the developer should learn the topics of Dom manipulation and database system to store and retrieve the questions and respective answers for the quiz.

To-Do List

Every passing day it has become difficult for everyone to organize and maintain their work and time. In this situation, a to-do list comes very handily. As a beginner creating a to-do list project can not only organize the work schedule but also help to upgrade the knowledge on the skills like HTML and CSS. Apart from these skills, it is also recommended to use JavaScript while working with this project to make the project dynamic in nature where the user can add, update and delete the list of items. To make the project more interesting and difficult, the developer can add the feature of reminders and alarms which is useful to the user while using the website.

Login Authentication

In today’s era of fraud and hacking, every website needs to have login authentication before letting the user use the website. There is no website on the internet nowadays which does not have a login page to let the user access the website itself. This project will enhance the JavaScript skills of the developer and also help in the future for more web application development. The login authentication page will take the information of user name, email, phone number, and other such personal details and store it in the database system. Further, when the user again returns to access the website, the database will fetch the details of the user and let the user inside the website. By this, the non-registered user will not be given access to the website and it can be secured from malware and hackers.

Creating a Survey Form

Companies nowadays focus on creating and updating the product according to their needs by taking feedback and reviews from the customers. Hence, building a feedback form can be the best beginner’s project. To create a survey form, developers need a good knowledge of HTML and DBMS for creating the form layout and adding the details to the database. Basically, the form can include questions like name, email, product details, review, and feedback but also this questionnaire mainly depends on the type of organization for which you are creating the form.

Customizing the Google Map Theme

Google map is the most useful and most recommended application to use while traveling. But ever got an idea of creating your own customized google map? Well, this is possible. Using some implementation of your skills on javascript you’ll be then able to style the Google Map with a totally new theme of your choice. For working on this project you can use the Google Cloud Platform for creating the map and also JavaScript API to load the actual Google Map on your customized website. Therefore, by using this and few lines of JavaScript you are great to go with creating your own customized theme Google Map.

Social Buttons

Nowadays we see that the website has social media share buttons for sharing the piece of content to others via social media platforms. Therefore, creating such websites that have share buttons is a challenging project for any developer to work with. Here the developer tends to make the dynamic page by using JavaScript coding which includes the social media share button. Apart from JavaScript, we can use HTML for adding amazing images for creating a better effective template for the website.

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Which Project is Best for a Developer?

There are hundreds of projects to work with when you enter the field of web development. So, there is not any specific project that any programmer should pursue unless you begin with some hands-on projects. But it is always recommended to start with easy projects like random number generator, building a portfolio, or countdown timer and then further move to intermediate and advance level projects. The reason for choosing these projects above others is that these projects are slightly more easy to work with in comparison to others. Hence, once you are successful in developing these basic projects you can move on the intermediate projects like quiz games, login authentication, or to-do list to upgrade your skills. Lastly, after developing the intermediate projects then it’s time to jump on some advanced projects like customizing the google map or creating the creating social share buttons which involve more technology and you can finally put your skills to use.


It is not the learning but the practice that makes you the perfect developer. If you know the concepts of technologies but don’t know how to solve the problem statement, it is useless to have a tag of a developer. Hence, the only solution is to get started with the above-mentioned beginner’s project and upgrade your skills by putting them to some use. These projects will help you to be a good developer in the most demanding field of web development and help you raise one step in the success ladder of being a web developer.

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