Stardust, a period tracking app well-known for placing privacy first, has asserted itself to be the first in this domain to provide end-to-end encryption to its users. 

As per the announcement by Stardust on the company’s TikTok page, the app’s encryption will catch up with a life on June 28, together with the new iOS update and the Android version release. 

Lately, on June 24, via the app’s TikTok page, the founder of Stardust, Rachel Moranis, spelled out that post the initial concerns raised last month concerning data protection, the new, end-to-end encryption update was set to be rolled out. 

Stardust on iOS
Stardust on iOS

Formerly, Stardust’s online post showcased its affirmation to never sell user data, with the surety of extra care for user privacy. 

Rachel Moranis added,

What [encryption] means is that if we get subpoenaed by the government, we will not be able to hand over any of your period tracking data,”

she says in the video.

It is completely anonymized from your login data. We can’t view it. You are the only person that can see this.

Stardust’s new end-to-end encryption trait will guarantee the protection of the sender’s data during transmission from the user’s device or system. Furthermore, it confirms that other than the intended recipient, every anonymous user will fail to decrypt the user’s data. 

Well, right now, no such period tracking app is being accused of handing off their users’ data to the authorities to be taken on for sensitive cases or criminal investigations. 

But, during such a discussion, a name may knock our heads; Flo, one of the top period tracking apps, was caught up with an FTC complaint about sharing users’ health data and misleading them. 


Besides, Stardust has appended a not-so-long list including “safer” period tracking options, incorporating various apps, like Drip (a menstrual cycle tracking app) for Android, Euki (sexual health info and tracker), and a European app, Clue (a periods and cycle tracker). 

Let’s just wait and keep an eye on whether the app stays true to what it has pledged.

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