ONDC, an initiative by the Indian government, helps to boost eCommerce penetration in India. Since its commencement, this open-source network has been buzzing in the media. Per the recent reports about the one-year milestone of ONDC, this network will expand to around 236 cities with over 45 network participants, 36,000 sellers, and 8+ categories

Whether you are a seller or customer, you will experience ease in conducting online transactions. Besides, there are more reasons to opt for this open-source network. With ONDC, you can start your online trading venture right away, or if you are already running your business on an eCommerce platform. Yes, you read it right. 

Pramod Prasad, COO of Gourmet Garden, said, “Deductions are about 5% on ONDC. Other apps take up to 30% in commissions”. 

In this post, we will help you integrate your Shopify store with the ONDC network and will unveil some unknown facts about this network. Time to explore more and sketch a pathway toward improved sales and revenue. 

What is ONDC?

Now you can break the silos in digital commerce by connecting and operating your platforms seamlessly with Open Network Digital Commerce. With this network, the eCommerce landscape will again experience a shift. The vision is to equalize the competition and put forth numerous options for consumers. With ONDC, online retailers will experience an immense impact with improved exposure and returns. 

When it comes to online retailing and eCommerce, ONDC is recognized as a revolutionary network that has been crafted to transform the commerce industry. Blockchain-based network ONDC allows secured and transparent transactions between buyers and sellers with no inclusion of any third party. 

The chief objective of ONDC is decentralization and democratization of eCommerce, access and inclusivity for sellers, increased independence and choices for consumers, and availing goods and services at low prices. 

Besides being an eCommerce service network, this open-source network is a complete ecosystem that provides a reliable, efficient, and secure platform to conduct online transactions. 

On other apps, we are forced to participate in discounts from time to time, and the cuts can go up to 42%.

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Let’s take an example to understand ONDC works. 

Suppose you want to buy a product online, let’s say a smart TV. You are already registered on Amazon but find that Flipkart is offering a better deal for the same product. With the existing system, you can’t purchase the product from Flipkart as you are not registered on it. 

Here, ONDC appears as a savior. It’s a big network that lets you connect varied eCommerce platforms together. So, with ONDC, there’s no need to be restricted to only one platform, even if you are registered just on it. You can buy from other platforms, also. 

Benefits of ONDC Network
Improved digital market access for traders and MSMEs. 
Well-regulated and neutral platform.
Boost accountability and transparency.
Attracts innovation and competition in different sectors.
Level Playing Field for e-commerce Operators.
Gives way to interoperability, openness, and innovation. 
Increases choices for consumers.

Steps to Integrate Shopify Store With ONDC via Mystore

  • Login to Shopify Admin Panel.
  • Go to the App section at the left-bottom of the window.
  • Click on “App and sales channel settings.” 
  • Click on “Develop an app for your store,” and the app development section will open up. 
  • On the right, click on “Create an app.”
  • Enter the name of the app and click on “Create app.” This will create an app with the name you entered. 
  • Click on “Configure Admin API scopes,” which will enable access scopes to migrate products. 
  • Filter access scopes related to products, like products and product listings.
  • On the top-right, click on the “save” button. 
  • Again, on the top-right, click on the “Install app” button, which will open a dialog box.
  • Click “Install” (on that dialog box) to confirm the installation. This will create an Admin API access token. 
  • Click on “Reveal token once” and copy the token. 

Move to Store Seller Backend Admin. 

  • On the  Mystore Admin, on the left, click on “Channels.” 
  • In the available channels, click on “Shopify.” 
  • Fill in the required fields, like Shop name and Access token, and then enable “Import Products” and click the “Add Channel” button. This will help fetch the catalog automatically and add them to the “Products” section. 

You can view the Channel Stats and Channel Records (ones integrated ) in the channel section. 

How Can Emizentech Help You?

The users of ONDC need to be experts at efficient AI implementation and adoption of related strategies and tools. Additionally, if you are a small merchant or vendor, you should be well-educated about this digital commerce landscape. 

For that, you need significant effort and time, and patience to get knowledge about ONDC to increase your customer base. While running a business, you might be unable to spare some time for this. So, here you can get the assistance of an eCommerce development company that will perform the crucial things for you to let you onboard seamlessly. 

Well, do not fret or get confused about hiring a leading Shopify development agency, as you can rely on Emizentech. The company holds years of experience in developing eCommerce stores and can also help you with ONDC network adoption and let your business cover more PIN codes. 

Future Outlook of ONDC

Current Scenario: Today, ONDC is a platform-centric model that has the same platform or app for buyers and sellers to conduct business transactions, including below platforms for each:

  • Mobility platforms
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Delivery platforms 

Future Scenario: Ahead, ONDC will likely be upgraded to a network-centric model where sellers and buyers can conduct transactions on whichever platform or app they want. 

Final Note 

The inclusion of advanced technologies, like AI and ML, will give a new face to eCommerce. Also, matching the steps of the latest development in science and technology will help the ONDC in attaining a competitive edge. 

Besides, the platform arrives with AI-powered marketing tools that help users boost their revenue by converting increased customer inquiries into sales. The consistent advancement in AI is likely to result in a significant enhancement in demand prediction, logistics management, and product catalog curation across different regions. 

So, to reap the advantage of this digital commerce network, hire a Shopify development company and get help in ONDC implementation or Shopify to ONDC migration services. 

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