In recent years, Shopify has been a helping hand for merchants running online businesses. From developing online stores to purchasing and checkout processes, this eCommerce platform has improved a lot, which has aided in boosting conversions. 

Every relevant aspect is applauded, except for Shopify Checkout customization, which confused brands and Shopify Partners about whether to adapt Shopify Checkout. Being an online retailer, you should ensure that the checkout process of your online store should ensure customer satisfaction with their purchases to make them visit repeatedly. 

But, this was a big concern until the Shopify Checkout extensibility feature emerged. To meet the demand for advanced customization of checkouts on the Shopify platform, merchants are opting for this unique ability of Shopify, which makes the checkout process flawless and reduces cart abandonment. 

This post will unveil everything about this new Shopify feature, its benefits, working, and a lot more. 

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Difference Between The Old & New Ways of Customizing Shopify Checkout

Before we start, first, let’s turn back the pages to know what made Shopify experts release this new checkout extensibility feature. We will consider both ways to get it better. 

1. Traditional Way to Customize Shopify Checkout

Shopify Checkout was developed to pace the checkout process and conversion, including in-built features for adding loyal payment methods, tipping options, and much more. But, with the business growth, a need for advanced customizations to checkout arose. 

Traditionally, Shopify Plus Brands were allowed to perform advanced customization to checkout’s look and functionality by requesting access to their checkout. Liquid theme file to directly edit the code. On the other hand, Checkout. Liquid didn’t offer direct APIs for customizing Shopify Checkout, which leads to poor performance, thereby, worse buyer experience. For that, the merchants needed to connect with a developer to customize or perform the burdensome job of installing partner customizations. Even developers were required to carry out regular upgrades for checkout customization to access new features. 

Undoubtedly, this way of Shopify Checkout customizations was time-consuming and, at the same time, expensive. Therefore, the Shopify professionals invested their time in rolling out an upgrade-safe and faster method for brands for checkout customization. 

2. Latest Way to Customize Shopify Checkout

Shopify released an easier and faster mode of customizing checkout for Shopify Plus brands while letting developers come out with creative solutions for Shopify Checkout. So, despite editing code, brands can customize their checkout using robust apps and branding tools. 

Checkout extensibility is an ability that integrates with Shop Pay (an online checkout service by Shopify) and permits Shopify Plus merchants to customize their checkout. It’s upgrade-safe, app-based, and higher-converting. Besides, it facilitates the brands to use apps and a collection of APIs and components to perform code-free checkout customization and develop custom apps for their expected customizations. This means, for the first time, Shopify permits developers to deploy checkout customizations using a custom or public app on the Shopify App Store.

How Checkout Extensibility Works With Shopify Scripts?

Shopify Scripts facilitates merchants to write custom code that runs during the checkout process to enable checkout extensibility. Shopify Scripts lets store owners add custom fields, create custom shipping methods, change the checkout page layout, and more. 

Merchants can customize the checkout process by making rules that tell what happens during the checkout per certain conditions using Shopify Scripts. For example, for applying a discount code on the addition of a specific item in the cart, merchants can create a rule for that. 

Additionally, during the checkout process, Shopify Scripts facilitates real-time updates, diminishing the chances of cart abandonment and offering customers a better shopping experience. Also, merchants can craft a checkout process aligning with their customer preferences and unique business needs. Ultimately, this drives a better customer experience and higher conversion rates

Why We Need Shopify Checkout Extensibility – Benefits Of Customizing The Checkout Process

Online retailers can welcome a plethora of benefits by customizing their checkout process. They can reap the advantage of increased conversion and develop brand loyalty. This is not enough; let’s get deeper to pull out more:

1. Reduce Cart Abandonment

When you make your checkout process user-friendly and intuitive, it will diminish the chances of cart abandonment. 

2. Improve Customer Experience

Tailoring the checkout process can boost brand loyalty and enhance customer experience. For example, by offering real-time updates, appending a progress bar, and easing the payment process, you can let your customers witness an improved checkout experience. 

3. Increase Conversions

You can increase your conversion rates and generate more sales by making your checkout process more streamlined and seamless. Customers will love to become repeat customers, which will ahead increase your ROI. 

4. Build Brand Identity

You can improve the look and feel of your checkout process, aligning your business branding. This will root up your brand identity, making your business well-recognized by your customers. 

How Can You Customize Your Checkout Experience with Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

With checkout extensibility, merchants get control and flexibility for tailoring the checkout experience. Below are some ways to customize your checkout experience with Shopify’s new feature. 

Earlier, we were required to perform direct coding to customize the checkout page. Obviously, various merchants were not appreciating this method of customizing Shopify Checkout. 

1. Custom Fields To Get Additional Customers Information

With checkout extensibility, merchants can add custom fields to their checkout process to accumulate extra customer details. It can include fields for delivery instructions, gift messages, or specific business needs. 

2. Checkout Pages Customization to Boost Customer Engagement

Merchants can use this capability of Shopify to enhance checkout pages to engage more and more customers; they can modify the design and layout of checkout pages and add more custom images, text, and branding elements to build their brand identity. 

3. Custom Shipping & Payment Options to Meet Customers’ & Business Needs

With checkout extensibility, merchants can set the shipping rates based on the location of customers and the product weight they want to purchase, and even let customers choose from buy now or later choices by offering different payment modes. 

4. Real-Time Updates for Customers to Reduce the Chances of Cart Abandonment

By offering customers real-time updates during their checkout process, merchants can ease their checkout journey with immediate feedback, improving their checkout experience. This way, they can diminish the cart abandonment rate, motivating the customers to visit repeatedly. 

5. Rule-Based Checkout Easing Checkout Experience for Customers

Using Shopify Scripts, business owners can create specific rules for their checkout process based on certain conditions. For example, creating a shipping-free rule on a certain cart value will automatically be applied the moment the customer makes its cart value equal to or more than that. 

6. Customizing Checkout Flow to Streamline Its Process

Obviously, a flawless checkout process will motivate customers to repeat business. So, we can streamline the checkout process by removing unnecessary steps and freeing customers from entering redundant details repeatedly. This way, your customers are more likely to complete their purchases. 

7. Variety of Payment Options for Customers Per Their Preferences

With Shopify Checkout Extensibility, business owners can let customers choose their most-preferred payment option offering them varied payment modes, like Google Pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Your conversion will increase unexpectedly by availing them of their payment method choices. 

8. Allow Easy Guest Checkout Without Asking Them to Create An Account

Usually, customers need to create an account on an online store to buy something. But, merchants should allow guests also to check-in without creating an account and checkout easily to complete their purchases. For that, they can use shopify checkout extensibility, which allows guests to checkout with no need for creating an account. 

9. Varied Choices of Shipping Carriers Integration with the Checkout Process 

With Shopify Checkout Extensibility, business owners can integrate varied shipping carriers with their store’s checkout process to let their customers pick any per their preferences. This will ease the checkout experience for customers with automated shipping cost calculation. 

10. Post-Purchase Page Creation for Last-Minute Product Offers

You can add new content like product offers or additional information to the post-purchase page using the post-purchase extensions. This way, you can make the customers remind about the items they can purchase along or inform them about ending-soon offers. This will be a win-win situation for both parties. Customers will buy the products they want to buy but forget; at the same time, merchants can increase the last-minute cart value. But they can reap these benefits before they move onto the order confirmation page. 

11. Install Buying Behavior Tracker to Improve Marketing Efforts

The merchants can append a tracking pixel to their checkout process using Web Pixel API to accumulate buyers’ behavioral data. Ahead, they can use this data to optimize their marketing campaigns and boost conversions. 

Expand Your Checkout Experience and Streamline Your Customer’s Purchasing Journey.

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How Emizentech Can Help You?

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Why choose us? Allow us to put forth the ultimate grounds:

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  • On-going Support & Maintenance: On request, we also provide post-development support service that includes regular updates, bug-free, and best-performing solutions. Our team makes sure your business is running flawlessly. 

Final Note

Being a merchant, you can catch up with new opportunities to customize your checkout process and make it seamless using Shopify Checkout Extensibility. This leads to an improved shopping experience, simplified payment options, and easy guest checkout. Merchants can meet customers’ needs by optimizing their checkout process. Also, third-party integration and feature implementation will be an add-on for the checkout process, making it more user-friendly. 

As a trusted Shopify partner, we design, develop, and optimize engaging eCommerce solutions that can boost customer retention and ROI and let your business grow swiftly. 

Know more about our expert Shopify development services, and turn inside-out our portfolio to get a sense of our performance even better. Or, connect with our project management team and let us know more about your ideas. We would be more than happy to help! 

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